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      Chacur Design & Interiors
      Building Design
      Hotel Interior Design
      Restaurant Nightclub Interior Design
      Lounge Design
      Commercial Interior Design
      Residential Interior Design
      Virtual Gallery Chacur

      C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S is an internationally recognized multi-disciplinary design firm with over 25 years experience in Brazil, Unites Sates, France and United Arab Emirates. C H A C U R has become known as a trend-setting force in the field of design and decorating services.

      C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S is well versed in a number of different design vernaculars. The projects have encompassed design for the hospitality industry as, hotels, restaurants, nightclub, lounges, as well for corporate, residential and commercial buildings, including retail stores, showrooms, institutional facilities and a wide range of public spaces. Building design and planning are the core disciplines.

      C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S has received international acclaim for its highest design and planning solutions. The company's President and Chief Designer Julio Chacur demonstrates an extraordinary ability to translate strong conceptual approaches into equally compelling architectural forms.