"Let’s do it ourselves without telling the owner? Not good. "

Lao Bang is a loyal servant.
"What’s wrong? Don’t you think Brother Zhao Bo and others are busy with themselves and go to the landlord for everything? What else do we need? " Xiao Weidao: "Now that the manor is big, the owner of the manor can’t be hands-on. When forging is upgraded to a blacksmith’s shop, it will be directly upgraded to a forging gold shop. You are also a big official of the manor, so you always have to make your own decisions."
"Besides, you don’t want Laura sister to earn some dowry? In the future, Luo Luo’s sister will really become the owner’s wife. I don’t want to be looked down upon as a big brother! Let’s bring a thick dowry to Luo Luomei so that the landlord can’t bully Luo Luomei! "
Xiao Wei, a good friend of the former villa owner, winked and replaced himself as a big uncle.
When something is pulled, Laura’s ears go soft at once.
He immediately moved.
Just do it! A dowry for Lola!
Chapter 4 Magic Mountain Tunnel is working again
"Manager Feng, I know I let you down, but I hope you can believe my judgment that industrial flowers are not a good match."
Xu Nianwu is talking in an office on the sixth floor of Yancheng Huanjie Construction.
"I’m not disappointed that I didn’t get along with the industrial flowers, and I’m not jealous of Mr. Gao and Mr. Feng. I’m the one who pulled it up. I always hope that our state league can develop better."
"I have been holding up the combination of industrial flowers and our state construction group. Although it is big, industrial flowers are backed by industrial doors. The real influence is much greater than ours. This combination is a thief. The state construction group is your half-life effort. I don’t want the state construction group to become a vassal of others …"
"I know I know I’m not alarmist, but I want to ask you to give me a chance to prove that we have a better choice."
"Give me another chance. If I am wrong, I will resign automatically …"
"I’m not threatening you with resignation … I …"
"Thank you, Mr. Feng. I’ll wait for you …"
Xu Nianwu hung up and sighed deeply.
At the other end of the sentence, he used to be a mentor and chairman of the State Construction Group, Mr. Feng.
Just as many kings in history have become fatuous after all.
Once SHEN WOO Feng lost his original spirit and wisdom when he got older, and became a suspicious, conservative and partial person, who favored some sycophants.
Time is so irresistible that it can make a person or destroy a person.
Finally, Mr. Feng said that he wanted to consider giving Xu Nianwu an answer again and again. Xu Nianwu could do it, and he could wait with these left.
But Xu Nianwu believes that Feng always hopes that the state will build a league.
Their generation still has some backbone and some obsession, and I believe they will make the right choice.
On the other end, Mr. Feng hung up and sat silently for a while.
In the words, Xu Nianwu said that he hoped to be combined with the virtual city tunnel instead of the industrial flower.
Virtual city tunnel construction?
To tell the truth, the construction of virtual city tunnel is a little unique, and the project management and process also have their own characteristics, but that’s all.
In this large-scale project, the virtual city tunnel construction is a junior.
A fool will choose a virtual city tunnel construction if people choose a suitable one for virtual city tunnel construction and industrial flowers!
What if such a small company is swallowed up?
And you said that a small company can be better than industrial flower technology?
If Xu Nianwu isn’t, the other Feng always wants to slap him.
It seems to him that Xu Nianwu made more excuses for his stupid failure than for covering up his stupidity. He made more stupid reasons and made more stupid mistakes.
Read martial arts … After all, you are not worthy of my trust?
Manager Feng is a little sad.
If you let me hand over the company to you …
People’s hearts are like this, whether they have changed or others have changed, they will always change.
No one can always be the same as others expect.
When manager Feng leaned back and sighed, the office door was gently knocked.
"Feng Zong Association sent an invitation"
As their name suggests, the state construction group also plays an important role in the state construction industry association, and Feng Zongshen is also the vice president of the association
"Let’s go." Manager Feng ordered a little table with his hands. More than a dozen invitations have been placed at the corner of the table.
Every day, several projects are completed in the state, and wherever the projects are completed, we hope to invite some important people to attend the ceremony to leave this glorious moment.
Mr. Feng, vice president of the Association, is naturally a VIP, and people will welcome him everywhere.
However, manager Feng is very busy, and most of them have been pushed, and some of them can’t be pushed to send a representative there.
Most of the time, these secrets are arranged for manager Feng not to even look at them.
But today, Mr. Feng casually asked, "Where was the invitation?"
"The virtual city magic mountain tunnel is going to work."
"Is this work?" Manager Feng is one leng.
This kind of large-scale project is a world-class problem, and the terrain is particularly complex. Usually, optical geological exploration and preliminary engineering design take years, and this super-large project has been repaired and stopped for decades.
How long has it been since the project was negotiated? It’s been two months. Just work?
This is not too urgent, is it?
The secret don’t talk silently watching feng.
Manager Feng’s heart is really mixed.
On the one hand, they brought the project, but it was taken away by others, which was both a success and a failure.
However, if they also have shares, the success or failure of the construction will affect the interests of the state.
Can’t help but note.
"Anyway, we also have shares …" Like talking about himself, Mr. Feng whispered and ordered the secret, "You arrange for me to attend!"

Song anqiao sat on the ground and said nothing.

Shame on you. She’s a good girl, not a crazy girl.
"Are you going to keep covering the sheets like this?" Chu Fei’s distant sound is clear and harmonious
An Sok shook his head and said softly, "Go out first and wait for me to pack before you come in."
"I said no?" Chufei teased her far away.
"Ah?" Song Anqiao sends out a pitiful audio-visual kitten like "Please get out"
It’s too humiliating to face him.
Chu Fei didn’t move his Adam’s apple. She said, please, that soft, poor little voice stimulated his nerves.
The man smiled gently and clapped his hands on the back of her head and leaned over to press her against the carpet, tearing the sheets and getting in.
In the gray line of sight, Song Anqiao looked at him with a face of staying cute and a pair of clear eyes in shock.
White sheets cover two people ChuFei far gently exhale slowly hot air spray in her face Song Anqiao licked his lips hot and dry.
His whole body was half suspended and pressed against her body, and his slender fingers caressed her, showing her eyebrows, moving her eyes and nose slowly and carefully, and finally staying in her mouth with her mouth slightly open and gently rubbing.
Song Anqiao’s lips moved, and his long fingers gently pinched his thin lips across her white cheeks and came to the corner of his mouth, touching her lips gently …
Song anqiao blinked and looked at his eyes. He was so stupid that he didn’t dare to move after being bewitched.
The big palm supported the back of her head, and her fingers stretched out and ripped off. She wore a ponytail rope, and her long hair was scattered and fragrant and fresh.
"Qiao Mei An Qiao Song An Qiao …" He sang her name in his magnetic voice.
Song anqiao watched him swallow saliva and his lips were slightly dry.
Bow your head and hold a deep kiss again.
The sheets covered the big hands and came to her waist, slowly staying and gently stroking through the sweater.
"Well …"
Song anqiao surprised a low soft call.
When the hand is loose, it soothes her mood for a moment, and then the hand comes to the thigh slowly, slowly and slowly, and the fingers along the edge of the clothes are explored bit by bit.
In the lost world, Song Anqiao suddenly woke up with a small hand and pressed his big hand tightly to stop him from moving on.
Chu Fei is far from forcing her because she is 100% confident that one day she will beg him.
White sheets are far from being hard, and today they are still wrapped in gauze, so there is no dense sweat on their foreheads.
He pulled out and was stopped by Song Anqiao. He held her with one hand and let her close to himself. He zipped his trousers with the other hand …
Song anqiao didn’t dare to move the tip of his nose, and his body moved his eyes again, which was painful.
"Qiao Mei … close your eyes …"
He relieved himself of the pain and his voice rustled.
Song anqiao couldn’t bear to help him when he saw his pain for a moment, but …
I can’t get past my own psychology.
Listen to him, close your eyes, and there is his wheezing sound in your ear. Song Anqiao listens, and his heart beats faster inexplicably.
After waiting for a long time, she was suddenly blindfolded and the sheets were suddenly pulled by manpower. She could open her eyes.
"Don’t open! Close! "
Men seem to ease the sound without pain.
Song anqiao closed his eyes and heard the zipper sound of Sita Suola, and then the sheets were taken away.

"Report the trip to Cheng County, and he … he said that everything was left to Gao Lvwei to dispose of his house, but the four doors were closed and the family was closely guarded."

Gao Chu snorted and sneered, "What a fool is still hiding in his shell at this time. Will the pseudo-Yan army let him get married after his city is broken?"
"There is a hundreds of armored riders in the south of the city with high travel rate!"
"reinforcements?" Gao Chu paused and shook his head. What reinforcements are there at this time?
Guo Xuanzheng, the commander of Zhuojun Cheng Hedong, led an army to fight against the rogue Gao Shida and Dou Jiande, while Shang Gaizheng, the left-behind Li Yuanming’s department in Taiyuan, led an army to fight against the rogue Jiang County to worship Pantuo Chai Baochang.
Zhuojun county and Taiyuan county all hope that there is no other way to get into the horse
Gao Chu suddenly bit his teeth and swore, "His mother must be a rogue to cheat the city gate. These rogue thieves even got loyalist armour."
City was shut out.
Frontal anger angered his horse and came to Li Chongjiu’s side and said, "General, it’s such a broken city. Let’s attack directly. It doesn’t take much effort."
Li Chongjiu glanced at his forehead and felt that he had fallen into the face these times.
Open a county statue was shut out by himself. Behind him, the first mate’s flag’ Big Sui Valley defends Li’ was invisible.
At this time, Li Chongjiu also saw that the dust was far away, and it was obvious that at least ten thousand thieves attacked the city.
But Li Chongjiu, they are not afraid of Se 200 armor riding into Sanma. How is it enough for them to evacuate before the city is surrounded?
I’m afraid this broken flying fox county can’t withstand the impact of thieves when they leave.
Li Chongjiu saw that these rogue thieves came from afar. Although they entered many places, they had no discipline at all.
Now this group of rogue is flocking to cross the river.
Seeing that the tributary of Juma River has not been frozen, but it is winter, so the water quantity is not abundant, so you can set foot in it.
Thieves in grey se linen trudged across the river with crude weapons.
The thieves crossing the river are obviously from afar, and they are thirsty and disciplined. They squat by the river and gulp water and wipe their faces.
I really don’t understand the art of war. Don’t these rogue thieves know what it means to strike halfway?
Li Chongjiu took one look at these thieves crossing the river from a distance, and they didn’t have any armor. They simply wore headscarves and took bamboo guns and sticks, which were very crude. Obviously, they couldn’t be more United.
To the forehead, I said, "You can take a brigade to fight against the first-class thief. It’s also a warlords!"
Eto said "Yes" when Se moved her fuels.
When Eto’s command department wears light armor, he whistles and kills the rogue.
Li Chongjiu decided to watch the battle, and Eto led this hundred-riding cavalry regiment to kill the rogue army directly.
The cavalry came quickly.
And seeing the forehead lead the army to kill thousands of thieves who just crossed the river is obviously unprepared, and the noise is a mess.
When thousands of thieves are brave and strong, they are reluctant to move forward, while others are timid and reluctantly deployed.
Seeing the sudden cavalry regiment approaching the flow, the thieves drank and dared to pick up the short bow and hunt together.
This short bow hunting bow is not only short, but also has no penetrating power. It is conceivable that the aim of thieves is extremely poor.
Hundreds of riders are armed to the teeth, and there is no one riding a horse.
Eto laughed, and when the hundred riders rushed to the nearby place, they all rode a bow.
Hundreds of armour riders entered the Han Dynasty, all of them were skilled in riding, and the configuration was unified. Although the bow force was very weak, it was better than the short bow hunting bow.
Riding a hundred arrows at the same time, she
If a thief dressed in coarse linen can resist this arrow, she will scream in succession.
In this way, the current layout of the rogue is brave and strong, and the momentum of the rogue will naturally decline.
After being hit by this round of arrows and rain, the thieves fled when they ran away.
They asked their cavalry to raise Sui Dao and rush into the array like a tiger into a flock to cut down the bandits.
"Is the fan into! It’ s a fan! "
But after a moment, the thief was defeated and killed by the front cavalry.
Soon, only a few hundred thieves surrendered by the river bank, while more than ten thousand thieves watched the sudden appearance of armor and horses on the river bank in fear, but dared to cross the river.
It’s really vulnerable. Another hundred sudden riders who haven’t played yet can’t help but think so.
Li Chongjiu rode his horse forward a dozen paces and shouted at the city head, "I’m the commander of the big Sui Valley County, and I’m coming to help you. Open the city gate soon!"
Listen to Li Chongjiu yelling at Chengtou for a sā movement.
At this moment, a general appeared and shouted, "This general, we didn’t hear the imperial edict that there was a general coming."
Li Chongjiu shouted, "Fool, don’t I just serve the imperial court now?"
Aside Gao Chu obviously knows the situation here, and he just saw that this army defeated the rogue in one breath and entered the bottom of my heart when it was confirmed.
Gao Chu saw that the enemy on the other side of the river was stupid and tried to cross the river again when he shouted, "Open the gate for me."

There are more and more reporter coming outside Partner Sports City to try to interview Changsheng.

After each training class, the largest number of reporters is not Ibrahimovic, Vicente, albelda or canizares, but … winning.
Everyone is very interested in this mysterious oriental coach.
In addition, the media who have been staying in China have also found that they can interview the winners, which makes them very happy.
Many people interview Chang Sheng and want to know why he achieved so much at such a young age.
The standard answer to winning is that his many years of study experience in Europe has given him a lot of accumulation, and at the same time, he has an excellent team, Rudy Gonzalez and Guardiola … These people have given him a lot of help and support.
This is Chang Sheng’s answer when accepting the cold season, and now it has become his standard answer to deal with those reporters.
It’s also convenient to say so, because it’s reasonable and picky
Even if you ask questions, the reporter can’t find out what the problem is. All the experiences are true and well documented, but who would have thought that in this person’s body is a soul from 212 years?
Besides, what he said can also attract many people to think that he is a modest and good coach who attaches great importance to his team without taking all the credit to himself.
Changsheng’s name and photos frequently appear in mainstream European media.
As these media broadcast reports, more and more people know about Chang Sheng.
Changsheng’s popularity has increased greatly.
After the game against Basel, Valencia played Certa at home in the fifth round of the league.
In this game, the team insisted on a large rotation because of its constant victory, and finally shook hands with Certa at home 11.
Three wins, two draws and eleven points in five rounds of league matches.
Valencia dropped one place in the league table from third to fourth.
Because Real Madrid have performed very well in these rounds of the league, they have the same three wins and two draws with eleven points as Valencia, but their goal difference is more than Valencia’s, and they have forced Valencia to sit in the third place in the league.
When this scene appeared, the Madrid media excitedly said that Real Madrid finally completed the reversal in the league standings in Valencia.
This is something that has never happened in the season-Real Madrid’s league ranking is even better than Valencia’s!
However, in the face of high spirits, Madrid people always win, and the answer is simple, but there is definitely a burst of blood.
He said.
Valencia’s performance in the season is actually excellent, so far unbeaten, but their league ranking is not very high.
This is because many teams in Yiduo have performed well in the new season, and everyone has a tight score.
After the second round of the league, the teams that won two consecutive victories, big or small, can temporarily distinguish the high and low by goal difference in the standings.
With the progress of the league, the level has been gradually pulled, but there are also some teams whose points have always been very close.
For example, after three rounds, the first place turned out to be Certa, and their three victories accumulated nine points.
Valencia can rank third with seven points, and there are as many as five teams with seven points on goal difference.
Now Valencia ranks fourth after five rounds of war, and they have accumulated eleven points.
Certa have fallen from the top of the league because they have come to a two-game draw.
At present, the first place in the league is not Valencia, nor La Coruna, nor Real Madrid and Barcelona, but Real Society.
After five rounds, they topped the list with four wins, one draw and thirteen points.
This surprised many people.
You know, in the past few seasons, the Royal Society ranking has been in the middle of the stream and almost downgraded.
Now the unbeaten record ranks first in the league, surpassing the defending champion Valencia and the giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Many people believe that Real Sociedad will be a strong contender for the La Liga title this season.
Real Sociedad has proved how difficult it is to defend the title-did Valencia perform well enough? Three wins and two draws remain unbeaten, but this performance can also rank fourth in the league!
Royal Society’s outstanding performance is due to the outstanding performance of a young player.
He is xabi alonso.
Xabi alonso is the kind of player who wants to be on the court so that his teammates will behave better than usual.
To put it bluntly, it is the team engine.
In the historical season, the real society also performed very well, and finally won the runner-up in the league, second only to the champion Real Madrid.
Real Madrid is the arch-rival in the season, but Valencia’s competitor is not Real Madrid, but La Coruna, which has been ranked second in the league.
The situation of the season is very similar to that of the season. Valencia is going to die with Real Society.
Valencia away to Atletico Madrid in the sixth round of the league after the national team match.
In the second division of the season, Atletico Madrid led a successful upgrade in Aragons, and it was a huge advantage upgrade
Although they have been upgraded, Atletico Madrid will never forget that they stayed in Serie B for an extra season.
That is constant victory.
Ever-victorious Hertha kicked Atletico Madrid back to Serie B after they had upgraded, causing Atletico Madrid to wave in Serie B for another season.
This time, I finally got promoted to Atletico Madrid. The first thing I did was to find revenge for winning.
It’s only six rounds in the league, and this scene is coming.

"It’s a pity …"

He looked at LiuMengYan way
"The horse is coming to your wedding day, and the big lady will let you take risks?"
If Lin Yun Ryukyu knew about it, it would definitely not agree or be forced to jointly get rid of Yang Shensi by Nai Wenshanjing.
This is the Wenshanjing Plan.
Tie Liu Mengyan to his chariot is equivalent to pulling Lin Yun Ryukyu and having Lin Yun Ryukyu and Lins to stay out of it?
"I won’t tell her."
Liu Mengyan looked gloomy.
"This matter will be settled before marriage."
Zhou Yi gently shook his head.
My friend is still naive, and some things are not what you think.
Guihu tong
Kunshan City Slaughterhouse soon came back to life.
Perhaps it is because people here are more accustomed to the chaos in the massacre and there are always people who need to trade.
Zhou Yi, wearing a cloak and lifting a black curtain, went into a sales shop and flipped through it to look at the store.
"Do I want something or not?"
"guest officer"
Shopkeepers clearly know the regulars smell speech replied.
"Yes, but you always say it’s false."
"I’ve never wronged you, even if I’m fake." Zhou Yi was silent.
"Is there something new?"
"Well," the shopkeeper took out a book from the counter and handed it over at random, shaking his head at the same time.
"Guest, do you think that thing is true?"
"The fairy said that maybe it was a rumor that I had been doing business for 30 years, and I heard many strange things, but I have never seen anything."
"Me neither." Zhou Yi took the book and flipped through it.
"But in case any fairy says that even if it doesn’t exist, it can be regarded as fun, which is always more interesting than your classic poems."
"Say yes."
Shopkeepers nodded and wanted to think the way
"Some time ago, someone came to sell a book called Thousand Spirits, but it costs one hundred and twenty pieces of silver to open your mouth."
"I think he is crazy about silver!"
"The Thousand Spirits Book?" Black robe Zhou Yi’s eyes shrank, and Boeing brought out some subtle ripples.
"Has that man ever been here again?"
If he remembers correctly, hublot’s move towards him was because he recognized the necromancer mushroom from the thousand souls book.
I wonder if it’s the same?

Pa a big iron hand landed heavily on the mecha’s head.

Mecha waved the will fall to the ground.
Lei Sheng remembered that the type iron number went in from the chest of the mecha, so he quickly came to the chest position of the mecha and studied it for a while, then punched it at the probably heart position.
Mecha chest was dented.
Leisheng exultation mecha weakness indeed as expected in other places here are solid, because here to hold the driver is all the mecha thickness is naturally weak.
But even if it is not as thick as other places, it is not something that ordinary people can break.
It took Lei Sheng three punches to make a big hole.
He went in and the mecha also fell to the ground with HuTong.
Leisheng looked at the fainted iron number and ignored him in the cockpit. After a little research, he found that he mastered scientific and technological knowledge on the earth and could not study the mecha control structure
The mecha cockpit is too complicated. Lei Sheng said to himself, "Forget it. If you can’t study it thoroughly, you won’t study it. Now you know where the mecha’s weakness is."
He walked beside the type iron number and woke him up. The type iron number waved its head and fainted, and the mecha followed.
Type war number inadvertently pressed an arm controller, and when he was good, he suddenly kicked Lei Sheng out with a sharp foot.
Outside the mecha didn’t move.
Leisheng sensed the abnormality. He leaned out in situ and caught the Type Iron. He kicked it out and sneered, "You are driving a mecha, but it is not my opponent."
Leisheng hand type iron stuffy hum a head of instantaneous was full of sweat.
"It was a Chinese leg bone that I crushed, but I couldn’t help shouting."
LeiShengSong hand iron number one leg touchdown coldly stared at LeiShengSong face muscles kept twitching because of pain.
"Who the hell are you?" Type iron number asked after endure pain.
"This mecha seems that you are disconnected. How did you do that?"
"Are you one of the six schools?"
Speaking of it, Leisheng is really a middleman in the Wutong School.
Lei Sheng looked at Type Iron with great interest and asked, "What am I to be a middleman in the six schools?"
T-iron didn’t say, but said, "You’d better kill me."
"Do you think I’ll let you die happily if you don’t tell me this method?"
"No matter what you do, I won’t say you’re dead. Someone will avenge me."
Leisheng eyes slightly cold walked to the front type iron, flash to knead to the type iron, scapula.
The T-shaped iron is painful to eat, and the other hand that is not hurt can bomb Lei Sheng.
Leisheng came to a head and directly punched the iron number.
T-iron felt that his fist was just like the hardest iron, which made his proud fist directly broken.
This time, the iron number failed to hold back and let out a scream.
"No one can avenge you except General Wolf."
T-Iron sat down in pain and growled, "It won’t be long before you six sects will disappear from this world, and General Wolf will avenge me."
After saying this sentence, the iron number bit its tongue and left the world with a miserable smile.
"Not the kui is a soldier" LeiSheng praise one.
He checked the body of Type I Iron, and there was nothing except the wristband around his arm.
Lei Sheng probably guessed what this wristband was. He wanted to take it, but he couldn’t get it, so he studied it.
The wrist is a display screen, and now it is in a black screen state. Lei Sheng gently touched the screen, and it lit up and made a sound, "Please enter the correct instruction when a stranger intrudes."
Where does Lei Sheng know what the correct instruction is? See the screen. Countdown.
Count backwards, and bam, the controller blew itself up.
Leishengnai chose to give up. He dragged the body of Type Iron out of the cockpit and came to the ground. After that, he dug a hole and buried Type Iron in it.
Lei Sheng wanted to leave, but he had to stay because of the iron number.
At least he wants to get the white iron number. Why are you so sure that he is one of the six factions?
Leisheng looked at the south and said to himself, "I don’t know if the duke of Huitong City will make track for it."
He looked up at the tall mecha waiting quietly.

This is the end of such a big empire. If the queens and Su Long and others don’t cheer up, who will continue to lead the Chinese Empire?

When the officials were most desperate, the night empire announced its submission to the Xiandian Gate, and helped the Xiandian Gate to start mining veins in the East China, collect drudgery, select Tianjiao’s new brother, and look for the mysterious thing at the same time.
At this moment, the whole fairy temple door appeared for the first time in the four continents. They were arrogant, wild and arrogant. All enemies could destroy and destroy people, and they were the opponents of the practitioners.
Gradually, they set their sights on the Yanhuang Empire. They tried to levy the Yanhuang Empire and destroy the indigenous emperor to build a country!
Some people who fix the truth proudly say, "That surname Su was beheaded by our door. He doesn’t respect the life of the head and the world. He deserves to be killed by Zhu Xianjian. Even his soul can’t be lucky!"
"You don’t know, that Sue was terrified before she died, but she was still killed by the owner, so she didn’t respect the door. He deserved to be killed! !”
"And you Chinese empire should surrender all over the country. Don’t do that stupid thing like your emperor!"
It’s a shame that this immortal temple door was exhausted by fighting. How did Su Yu become a villain killed by Zhu Xianjian? They really blow up cowhide and make a loud noise!
"People can become enemies and give you seven days. If we don’t surrender the whole country, we will surely slaughter the country!"
This is the personal speech of the head of the Immortal Hall, which contains anger. He wants the Chinese Empire to find a sense of balance and make up for his mistake in the abyss plane. You know, the abyss plane was almost slapped to death by Bai’s predecessor that time.
Tu Guo? !
The higher plane forces want to slaughter the country!
The eastern continent has panicked, and many races and countries have been slaughtered on the spot by violent and bloody means, and the strength of this group of higher-level personnel is very strong, even the master of the territory is not an enemy in front of them!
In an instant, many races and countries began to show their kindness to the door of the fairy temple, and they dared not offend them in the face of the power of the law.
The Yanhuang Alliance suddenly shook and shook, and a large number of countries and races began to announce their withdrawal from the Yanhuang Alliance.
In just five days, the prototype of the largest economy in the eastern continent was destroyed by Su Yu, a member of Nuoda Yanhuang Alliance!
Except Andrew, who led the Orc Empire, the whole Yanhuang Empire became a target of criticism in the East China.
In order to please the immortal temple, several races and countries began to come out one after another to impose sanctions on the Yanhuang Empire in economic, military and political fields! Terran in the most tragic situation!
The situation in the East China led by the Night Alliance has gradually evolved into a "killing by heaven"!
The whole eastern continent is shouting and killing to kill the Terran of the Chinese Empire!
There are dangers, and foreign invasion is coming!
On the fifth day, Zhuge Liang and Chen Qun couldn’t sit still. They led Wu Baiguan to kneel outside the palace and bowed before the 99 steps of the palace.
"Who will help me to resist the enemy of the empire!"
The bleak sound was crushed outside the palace, and thousands of officials were silent and tearful. At this moment, they longed for the emperor to fly back to life like a fairy, once again to turn the tide and stop the enemy from going abroad, and once again to show the majesty of the Terran!
However, everything is impossible.
There are several imperial city people kneeling in front of the palace, including soldiers of the core corps of the Chinese people, street vendors and shopkeepers, some people and Tianjiao fighters, nobles and retired generals in northern Xinjiang. They are all eager for Su Long to cheer up and lead the Terran to stand up against the powerful immortal temple door.
"My Terran is so powerful, and my Chinese people are so powerful! Give it a try, even if you die or lose! Ask the Soviet God of War to leave the house and take revenge on the emperor for killing the Daomen emperor! "
There is a noble arrogance, which is hoarse and growling, and the roar is full of sorrow.
The emperor is dead, but we are not dead yet!
We can still afford knives and guns, and we can take revenge on the emperor!
Destroy the door to pay homage to the emperor and the spirit!
In the midsummer of June, the sun in the imperial capital disappeared unconsciously, and snowflakes began to fall in succession, which was sad and cold.
"It’s snowing"
People are shocked
Snow in June is bitterly cold.
This is the plane will feel all Su Yu, and the mournful atmosphere produces a vision. If the candidate is not here, the plane will be sad.
"God is crying!"
Someone shouted with sorrow.
People knelt down until the morning of the sixth day of the next day, when the gate of Su Wangfu was opened.
A full face of beard, scruffy mess, Su Zhanshen walked out of Su Wangfu, and his eyes were bloodshot, which contained grief and hatred.
Su Long glanced indifferently at the people in front of the kneeling house. "Come and prepare horses for the palace!"
You’re right. Feather is dead, but the general is not dead!
Feather revenge! Kill all the doormen!
There is a beautiful image of a white palace in the nine-nine-step glass tower of the Imperial Palace. Her beautiful face in Dai Xiao is full of pallor, and the beautiful eyes of peach blossoms can open the world. At this time, she calmly overlooks Wu Baiguan.
That’s Queen Su Huiyin! Behind her are Su Mier, Nian Qingyi, Guan Wan’er and other princesses, all of whom are pretty and Dai Xiao’s white forehead is tied with a white cloth.
"sound queen"
Zhuge Liang and others hurriedly shouted to kowtow and salute, regardless of the weakness of their knees, and wanted to report that "the door of the fairy temple and the army of all nationalities have arrived in northern Xinjiang, southern Xinjiang, western Xinjiang and eastern Xinjiang, and one day they will."
"I’m sorry for my family."
Su Huiyin couldn’t hear the faint sigh in a quiet tone. "The mourning family will make Su Da dress tonight and take the head of the enemy chieftain again tomorrow!" Aijia husband pays homage! "
Jun Li Yi Guo takes the enemy chieftain
This is the last sorrow of the Chinese empire and the last stubbornness of the terrans in the East China. We will continue the emperor’s ambition to kill all the enemies!
Baiguan was shocked and shouted "We obey orders!"
At this moment, everyone has an illusion. At this time, Su Huiyin’s tone is like the majesty of the emperor.
4 Chapter 4 Marriage is like fire.
"Zhuge Liang, Chen Qun, Huang Zhongyi and Guo Da were reinstated!"
"Gao Shun, Su Nan, Bai Qi, Zhao Yun, Ling Yu, Yang Mingwei and other officials were reinstated and reorganized!"
Su Huiyin reached two successive wills to re-launch the martial officials of the Yanhuang Empire
Now that her husband is dead, it’s too late to worry about it at this time. She is now bent on revenge for her husband.
However, on the afternoon of the same day, Nian Qingyi told Su Huiyin that when she handed over, she once again announced one thing to the public.
Queen Su Huiyin is pregnant and the emperor has a queen!
"What’s the sound after the queen? !”
"According to the information from the Royal Guards and the doctors in the palace, the Queen has been pregnant for more than three months, and it happened to be the day before the Emperor went to Xintiancheng."
"The secret method test of the blood in the palace has been confirmed to be suspected by the descendants of the emperor!"
"The emperor has a queen!"
A huge storm swept through the imperial city, and then Yang Mingwei was very clever to spread the news to the whole Chinese empire overnight.
The whole Chinese empire was boiling overnight!

"Yeah, I didn’t expect us to have this skill. Marshal Pei is too good."

Everyone looked at Yang Wen’s eyes together and showed strange worship.
They don’t know these cards at all.
Chapter 74 Rolling
The humanoid Titan could not help but clap his chest and roar angrily when he saw that his figure was not equal to that of Lux.
"Oh …"
One by one, the roaring sound made air billow roll up.
Then they came on the rampage like mad cows against Lux.
"hunting array"
Someone in the enemy lux shout at top of voice.
All Lux fast fuels form a defensive circle one by one.
"Boom …"
The humanoid Titan rushed to the defensive circle as if it were hit by an iron plate and its skull was broken.
More and more humanoid titans crashed into each other and fell to the ground.
They’re rushing after each other.
However, it is a mess.
"Kill …"
The first wave of impact did not affect the enemy lux, and they immediately became an attack potential.
"Boom …"
Two lux jumped up and landed firmly beside a humanoid Titan, one raising his hand and the other lifting his foot.
Then there is a roar.
The humanoid Titan uttered a shrill scream and was ripped off by living limbs and turned into a stick and died on the spot.
The whole enemy lux legion two teams together to form a siege.
Two-to-one humanoid titan roots are torn apart one by one without resistance.
Horror scenes were played throughout the battlefield.
The humanoid Titan is much smaller than the enemy lux, and they are all crazy and independent, which is the opponent?
This is a crushing massacre.
In just a few minutes, half of the humanoid Titan died tragically on the spot.
The people in the City Wall Secret Service College don’t stare big when they see this, and their eyes are full of poverty and happiness.
In this world war I, there was no accident. All the humanoid titans were killed, and no one was left.
"Yang Wen, don’t be complacent. Don’t just end this war. I will definitely take it in the small world of the Secret Service Academy."
I don’t want to roar from afar.

"Brother Mayer …" Ling began to cry and tears swirled in her eyes.

"Ling, don’t cry"
Chen cold can’t help but sigh. He is really heartless to this little girl, even if he does have the intention of playing hard to get.
Go to the front of ling patted her little head and smiled. "Well, brother, there are still some things to discuss with your father. Why don’t you go and play with Princess Yun first? When things are done, my brother will come to play with you. "
"Really? Brother Mayer won’t leave secretly, will he? " Ling naively said
"Brother Lazer" Princess Yun quickly corrected it.
"I just want to call brother Mayer. He came to be brother Mayer, although he looks different." Ling stubbornly insisted on calling himself.
"Call it whatever Ling likes."
Chen’s cold face is full of warmth, just like his father’s impurity to his daughter and brother’s impurity to his sister, which warms Princess Yun’s heart but fills Hughes with guilt. Can anyone see that his love for Ling is true?
Hughes coughed lightly and said, "What you saw today must be kept a secret. If anyone dares to reveal it, they will be dealt with according to the clan rules!"
Hughes, a member of the Magic Feather Tenglong, was present. He was not only in charge of the king of the country, but also the head of the clan. His family rules made this statement more deterrent than the king’s order, and everyone solemnly promised.
Wait until a bunch of ladies such as Princess Yun left the look awkward. Hughes pointed to the doctor who was lying on the ground. "Mr. Razer, do you think … can you …"
"All right, let’s go."
The dark osteotome just gently strokes the cold and walks in the direction of the discussion hall.
Hughes originally wanted to say that these people should be cured before leaving, but he found that their skin color returned to normal at an alarming rate, and their quarrelling and breath recovered rapidly. However, it was normal in a blink of an eye, but it was no big deal to leave the conventional injuries. It was only a matter of a few days’ self-cultivation and pranayama.
This time, he was afraid of Chen’s cold for a few minutes, and the teleport in the battle period was so strange that it was impossible to prevent it. I didn’t expect detoxification to be simple and outrageous, and I didn’t see any energy fluctuations with a wave of my hand.
A group of important officials followed with trepidation, but not all of them were cold in the middle of the back. For example, Princess Xu was very upset.
She followed Hughes with her head down, her head almost buried in her chest. She didn’t lose all her face just now when she confessed in front of everyone.
Quietly looked up and took a glance. Walking in front, the back seemed to be afraid of being discovered. I hurriedly bowed my head and my heart almost jumped out of my mouth.
It is a constant law that women worship the strong, and she is no exception.
Just today, after 40 years of separation, she has already felt something. She witnessed the heroic attitude of her beloved man, who was always regarded by the royal family as a guardian. In just one minute, she was cleaned up by him, and even her father was intimidated by him. How many secrets does this man have?
Forty years …
Shocked, she was the only one, and everyone was filled with horror. In just 40 years, did he rise to this level?
More importantly, in addition to his powerful fighting capacity, he still has endless secrets that they have never seen before. It’s just that these strange abilities are amazing in the battle. Otherwise, how dare he threaten to wipe out the whole palace by his personal strength?
"I won’t say much if I don’t. I won’t stay long and I have to solve the problem as soon as possible."
In the discussion hall, I just took a seat, the screen retired, and Chen Han said directly, "The first thing was that Princess Flocculant asked me to do. It took me a long time to finally find those dragon eggs in Longyuan Hall. Now I am not a magic feather Tenglong clan. This credit is naturally a flocculant princess, so I won’t say anything else."
"Dragon eggs?"
They couldn’t help but be frightened. The magic feather Teng Dragon who lost nearly 20,000 dragon eggs didn’t have less time, but today it doesn’t even have a clue.
Chen cold took out a bracelet with a whisking ring floating in front of the flocculant.
Flocculant hurriedly grabbed the spirit into it, and then the breathing became shortness. The little face was red with excitement. "It’s really a dragon egg … almost all of them found their father …"
She quickly presented the bracelet to Hughes, who looked excited. Hughes immediately infiltrated the spirit and counted the number in the shortest time.
"Two Mr. Razer … How did you do it?"
He didn’t expect to recover all the dragon eggs, nearly 20 thousand dragon eggs, and two of them were not recovered, which exceeded his expectation
Chen Han shrugged his shoulders and continued without much explanation. "The second thing is that the Magic Feather Tenglong lacks two things at present. After all, there is a Kangpas cluster. If I guess correctly, the resource problem has greatly limited the development of the Magic Feather Tenglong, right?"
"That’s right!"
Hughes nodded and said with a wry smile, "Campa Empire probably has more than 10,000 clusters, and only one of them is occupied. Although Campas cluster is relatively rich, it is a pity that the resources of a cluster are very limited, which greatly limits the development of the cluster."
Handily put a bracelet to Xu Chen’s cold and said lightly, "It’s not only the resources that you are poor, but also the sacristy and the sacred heart method. I can’t help you for the time being. I can’t practice my own heart method and martial arts. I was ordered to see the situation later."
"Father …"
Flocculent excitement breathing suffering chest ups and downs to see will faint on the spot, fortunately, was held by two kings aside.
After a while, she finally recovered some stammered exclamations, "Magic crystals … are all magic crystals … extremely magic crystals … and hallows!"
"Here is one trillion pieces of magic crystal, which is my initial investment in the magic feather Teng dragon. I hope you can use these magic crystals to speed up the development and cultivate as many masters as possible. With the magic crystal, you can purchase a large number of resources and directly accelerate the ascension of the magic crystal, which indicates more troops."
Chen’s cold seems to be so-called, but after saying this, everyone present was scared to death.
One million magic crystals are a piece of cake. One hundred trillion pieces of magic crystals are a lot of wealth for such a behemoth as Kanpa Empire, but they are not bone-crushing. However, they are a huge number for running a cluster of magic feather dragons, and their annual national treasury income is the highest. Most of the ten trillion magic crystals.
This is not one million nor one hundred trillion, but one trillion. Even if the magic feather Teng Dragon clan doesn’t consume half a piece of magic crystal and the army doesn’t pay, it will take at least twenty thousand years for the treasury revenue department to accumulate such a huge wealth every year.
With this batch of magic crystals, they can purchase a lot of resources, medicinal materials, refine all kinds of healing, recovery, treatment, and speed up the ascension. Dan medicine materials, refining supporting systems, magic weapons, and magic crystals can be cultivated. If the whole army can physically make the magic crystals cultivate ten times faster.
Don’t look at those nobles who often have a banquet. Tens of thousands are hundreds of thousands of magic crystals, but the salary of junior soldiers is very low. There are usually dozens of extremely magic crystals a year.
If you have been practicing magic crystal, even it will be gone in ten days. Now what will happen with this one trillion magic crystal?
Chapter 14 or so difficult
A silver glow rose into the sky and looked at the sword in his hand in a daze///
This is a sacred object!
The whole magic feather Teng dragon doesn’t have a hallows. This thing can’t be bought with money unless it is a massive magic crystal like Chen Han just now, so it is possible to buy a holy treasure.
But do they?

"Brother Luozhe and Xiao Xiong travel all the way, which is estimated to consume a lot. Let’s find a place to adjust a state first." The old man then said.

Xiao Lingyu won’t have any opinions and is well-advised to tunnel, "There’s an island not far away, and the scenery seems good, so I went there."
Xiao Lingyu and his entourage surrounded Luo Zhe again. The old man said seriously, "What is this guy’s position?"
The old man frowned slightly and then said, "The monk who can enter here at most is Luo Tianxian’s late peak, even if it is strong, where can it be strong?" It’s very difficult for our horse to take action, but we can’t take an outsider who doesn’t know the background in case he … "
"One thousand lost? Is Brother Luo trusting him too much? You know what we are going to face is not an ordinary Luo Tianxian. Even if his strength is better than that of Nine Days Xuanxian, it is difficult to ensure that it will be lost. " A fire monk strange smile way
Although Luo Zhe is telling the truth, none of these Luo Tianxian realm elites believe it.
"Ha ha …"
Chapter 435 Strange Islands
? Chapter 435 Strange Islands
Luo Zhe shook his head and said, "You’d better not inquire about these things, and don’t offend him. He is really strong and his origin is mysterious."
The old man frowned slightly and then said, "The monk who can enter here at most is Luo Tianxian’s late peak, even if it is strong, where can it be strong?" Our horses …
Chapter 436 They are not stupid
? Chapter 436 They are not stupid
Luozhe should be a white-haired old man and said to Xiao Lingyu, "Please ask Xiao Xiong later …"
"Ha ha, I don’t need to explain this. I should try my best." Xiao Lingyu smiled generously.
"If there is a conflict with Daozong that day, Xiao Xiong had better be a deterrent not to kill as before" Luo Zhe confessed again …
Chapter 437 Because you care about 1
? Chapter 437 Because you care about 1
The fire monks are also very angry, oblivious to forgetting that they were just thinking about letting others live in heaven and wait for others.
"Don’t panic, everyone. Since they took the initiative to let us take the lead, we will have a chance to stabilize the formation and kill these siren!"
LuoZhe is calm while shouting command big …
Chapter 43 Because you care about 2
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In front of the room with colorful lights, a monk in a dark blue robe is standing at this time. It is the fastest and best in the cat-flapping Chinese website ()
The door of the house is tightly closed, and it seems that the owner does not welcome others to visit it.
"What does Xiao Xiong think?" Luozhe didn’t make a move but asked first.
"A magic weapon? Is it … an artifact? " Luozhe surprised way
Having said that, Xiao Lingyu can be completely sure that this house is an artifact, and it is likely to be an artifact. To put it bluntly, it is a shrine.
"This god mansion should be the core law of law, and it should also play a role in protecting this god mansion, but the law here has been destroyed or lost without enough energy support …"
"What is it? Just go in and see!"
But also in Luozhe palm just touched the door of Shenfu, a circle of colorful light suddenly swept away and pushed the three-person department with a strong momentum.
The color light and the momentum impact didn’t hurt everyone, but the repulsive force contained in it was resisted by everyone.
It is obvious that the colorful light and imposing manner were also issued by the Shenfu. It is estimated that a monk named Tian Daozong touched the Shenfu at that time.
Soon, the brothers of Heaven and Fire once again rushed to the top of the mountain, and Xiao Lingyu Luozhe also came to the door of Shenfu again.
"What is the harvest?" Luozhe to white-haired old man voice asked
The most precious things are either some extremely fairy wares, elixirs or some refined extremely fairy wares and elixir materials, which are nothing for the strong people in the bulk door and have some attraction for Xuanxiandi in the bulk door for nine days. Quasi-artifacts are different. They are not as good as artifacts, but they are far more powerful than the extremely immortal devices. Even the masters of the immortal period will be jealous of them.
"There may be an artifact here," Luo Zhe said to the white-haired old man.
The white-haired old man could not help but exclaim a word, but also let everyone hear it clearly.
Luozhe grumpily stared at the white-haired old man, but he didn’t care too much in his heart. Even if everyone knew there was an artifact here, he had to take it away.
Godsworn Fire has been very familiar with this scene, so he stepped back for a long time.
A colorful ball of light flew out of the bamboo tube and slammed into the gate of the Shenfu.