"Yida, didn’t you sleep well last night? How to have dark circles under your eyes? " Ai Shi was full of energy and looked at Yida doubtfully while stretching around.

Yida’s dark circles are really depressed. It’s hard to imagine what his training will be like later.
Yida said, "It’s a pity that I missed an opportunity for Brother Chen Yi to give directions last night. I was so anxious that I couldn’t sleep until six o’clock in the morning."
Yu Mu said, "Why don’t you go to sleep again? There will be no mental training later, and the efficiency is very low. "
Yida shook her head and said, "No, I have serious insomnia now. If I go to sleep now, it will take at least two or three hours to fall asleep again. It is better to train."
I frowned at Yida and said, "All right!"
I have an appointment with the home team of W1 for a training match. W1 is also very bad in this LPL, ranking second from the bottom. We are the last one at present. If we go to the playoffs according to this trend, it will be our two teams that will be eliminated.
Just as I expected
In the training match of Yida, sleepwalking in W1 is very common, and there is nothing to be noted. Occasionally, it will bring a little bright spot to W1, which brings a little surprise, but when we play, Yida’s performance is so good that we feel like a BOSS-like hellhound. We are just a Chihuahua training match and lose three games in three games.
Yi Da is not the only negative person now.
Negative emotions affect everyone.
Li Yuxing also didn’t know how to comfort and communicate with us. At three o’clock in the afternoon, he said to us, "From now on, let’s go to rest immediately, sleep until five o’clock, have a meal and start on time. You are in this state, let alone playing LPL. I doubt that a small third-line team can easily crush you. You must adjust your mentality quickly. Smoke is not so strong. This opportunity must not be missed."
At present, our team’s plan is really a little weaker. Smoke and KANG teams must play a 2-0 record, and then EDJ or M4 teams may have local tyrants to lose to us. Of course, this is a possibility. We don’t know that we can be a little emboldened after winning Somke and KANG teams. EDJ and M4 can fight hard and get a 2-0, and then we can advance directly.
Therefore, we are important to Smoke’s team game. If we lose, there is no chance for us to go home and farm in the playoffs.
Aishi stretched and yawned. It seems that she needs to sleep.
I’m in good spirits. I feel like I’ll go back to my room later. I can customize to shake all ADC’s and familiarize myself with them again, so as to try my best in the competition.
We’ve already figured out the countermeasures against Smoke.
Smoke’s card is also Draven. We plan to take Draven in both games, so that the opposite card will be played, but am I stronger than Draven Crystal?
I am full of confidence in these two games. At present, Zhong Yu-mu and I are the three most stable points in our team. If we lose the game, it may be the middle reason. Ai Shi has always been very stable. She is afraid that whoever she plays is too strong in that skill. In this case, although she is not weak, she can’t play beyond her normal level. If she touches that kind of special strength, she can be blown up. There is no way.
However, in the face of Smoke, they are also not strong in the middle of the road, and they are not worried about the black line technology and Ai Shi’s five-five poems.
After that, Yida is left
Smoke is a strong rookie, and the CARRY point of their team is two roads, Crystal and Shan Shengqiang. I am really worried that Yida will be blown up by Shengqiang. I am most afraid that it is not the opposite AP, because the AP output is high and the explosion is strong, and the blood volume is as fragile as ADC. It is not well documented that I can easily drop the AP by myself.
But a single dad is different. It’s just the biggest threat to ADC. Because an excellent single has both control and output, ADC is not a well-developed single opponent in general. I’m afraid of the gun brother CARRY, so my only output CARRY point in our team will be abolished.
When it comes to the game.
Each of us has dressed up and brought peripherals to meet outside the hotel.
Yida is still suffering from heavy dark circles. It seems that he didn’t fall asleep just now.
"Yida?" I shouted.
"Ah … ah?" It took Yida half a ring to react. I was calling him.
At this time, I feel a little panicked. How can I play the game later in this state?
I anxiously said to Yida, "Didn’t you sleep well just now?"
Yida nodded slowly and said, "Yeah, I can’t sleep and worry about waiting for the game."
I helped my forehead and said, "What are you worried about? You should keep your best. You are the most important point in the whole game later, and the only thing we can lose may be your collapse."
Yida said, "I’ll resist pressure later, Brother Tong. You know my line has always been stable, but I can’t play in a group."
I’m still worried about taking a look at him and saying, "Well, I’ll ask Yu Muduo to help you later. If you want to catch Brother Shengqiang, you must hold on and not collapse."
Yida vowed, "Well, don’t worry, Brother Tong, I won’t collapse."
Chapter 41 I lost again
Late for the game
Our team members shake hands with Smoke team members.
Smoke team is also a good atmosphere, and the team is very United. They are all newcomers and have made great achievements, but they are not arrogant, modest and friendly, and it is easy to attract others’ favor.
This is the first time we have seen a member of the Smoke team, Crystal, wearing a thin and unsmiling eye. In fact, he looks a little fierce.
However, he is very easy-going and kind-hearted. I didn’t think that he was actually a fierce player in the competition field, and his consciousness was very advanced.
I have seen several games in Crystal, and he once admitted that he was most afraid of UZI, but in fact, he was not much worse than UZI in terms of line-up or team-playing, and seemed to be even.
That is to say, he knows how to collect people. The common shortcoming of UZI and IMP, the two top AD, is that they are too arrogant and don’t like to take other AD seriously. I don’t know that many people have driven them away in this competition.
We played two games with the Smoke team.
The result is to surprise everyone.
Two promising dark horse teams are swept by one side and the other.
Sweeping is not only a two-to-one, but also means that both games end in a short time.
Yes, the Smoke team swept us away.
Yida successfully collapsed, and both of them were big roads. The strength of BOSS killed us.
Everyone in our team has entered a downturn, and there are three games left and there is no confidence.
"Let’s break up the team after the preseason." This is the last sentence that Li Yuxing said to us at the competition field, and then he went back to the hotel with Sister Lin, who was full of sorrow.
None of us complained that Yidain Yida looked ugly.
After returning to the hotel, we all went into our rooms one after another. I want to talk to Yida.