Chen Han conveniently took out a fairy handle, tore off his coat and compared it with the wound on his upper body, and the battle scene suddenly emerged in Feng Yan’s mind.

"That air barrier … did you hurt yourself? !” Feng Yan was surprised that his mouth was enough to plug his next fist.
"What do you think?"
After giving the fairy sword to Feng Yan, Chen Han laughed and said, "I didn’t intend to tell you these things at first, but for the safety of my life, you would rather let me follow that loser Feng Kui. From that moment on, I decided to treat you as a real brother. The golden separation of Du Jie in the middle of the district is not qualified to break my defense even if he gives him a fairy device. I can expose it on the spot without hurting myself. "
Du Jie, who has more than one grade talent increase, can’t break his defense by holding fairy wares. How does this sound like a myth?
For this man who really regards himself as a brother and can give up a lot for his own safety, he has told a lot of things except some things to hide.
Feng Yan’s body kept shaking. He hardly believed his ears and every story he heard.
He actually came from another universe. It took him 150 years to reach the peak of Du Jie’s later period. He is unparalleled in the world on that planet. He led the army to annihilate the inferno, killing the devil who came from unknown space and had a celestial realm. He came here to treat the woman who gave up her life.
"Brother Chen … can I trust you?" Feng Yan finally understands that his identity is not noble, and the other party has a shocking power stronger than your father.
"I don’t know, but from that moment on, I have believed you."
"I believe you!"
Feng Yan looked at the fairy flying sword in his hand and said with a firm face, "Although I am not qualified to be your arm, I can be your most loyal brother!" "
Chen Hanwei stood up with a smile and said, "That’s enough. What I need is a brother. I never thought about getting anything from my brother. However, I have just broken through the early days of Du Jie, and only two products have been seriously injured. My master is a master in the field of repair. "
"Don’t worry, I know all this. What are your plans?"
"For the time being, let’s go to Fantasia Xiancheng first. We must get extremely dazzling heavy iron. It’s not too late to go to Taiyi Xianmen when we break through to the initial stage of Mahayana."
"Then you don’t have to wait any longer. Go directly to your second brother and set off immediately after filing!"
"How do you say I also want to" heal "for two days, or we can’t say the past is not? Hey hey … "
Strange laughter echoed in the secret room, and Feng Yan was bitterly relieved. From this moment on, he really saw a different future, which was an incredible thoroughfare …
Chapter 302 ShiShu horse
Two days later, Chen Han, whose injury slightly improved, went to Jingyang Hall for the record with this wind. In fact, Chen Han’s name was added to the list of virtual cities in the sky, and he had a desire to win over his wind city. The whole process was extremely simple and took less than a minute.
Heard that two people want to leave temporarily, the wind city not stare blankly for a moment, he didn’t want to get along with the wind yan Chen cold for too long, otherwise the difficulty of the outer corner will increase.
Chen chilling know this guy now holds the military forces scheduling in the virtual city, unless you want to attract attention, or don’t let him have other thoughts.
"In fact, I just want to go back and lie down. On that day, Master’s old man tried to save me from being killed by my enemy. I haven’t seen it since I escaped."
With a sad expression on his face, no one could find a problem. Chen Han seemed to be immersed in endless grief and muttered, "I hope Master’s old man is still alive, even if he dies and can find a bone. As a disciple, he should always be buried well. The eldest son doesn’t have to worry about us, and the fourth son and I will be careful. "
I heard that he was investigating Master’s life and death, even if Feng Xi wanted to stay, it would only make Chen Han’s affection for himself disappear.
Of course, this is just his wishful thinking and Chen Han’s fake performance. He never guessed that Chen Han didn’t even have a little affection for him.
"Come in."
"Report to the Second Childe that the State of Zhou and Jinchuan are at war, and Jinchuan is still killing more than 300 million civilians. Please ask the Second Childe to decide as soon as possible."
"Fourth brother, brother Chen Han, then you should be careful and pay attention to safety, because you have something important to do, so you won’t send it."
When they left the Jingyang Hall, Feng Xi flew into a rage and shouted, "Jinchuan country … damn things, they actually slaughtered civilians without rules. If Xianmen knew about this, my imaginary city would be blamed, and Jinchuan country should be presided over by someone else!"
Civilians are like ants in the eyes of practitioners, but it is with trillions of civilians that more geniuses with special physique can be born.
It doesn’t matter if every mortal country under the jurisdiction of a city goes to war, but it must abide by the rules and not slaughter civilians. Jinchuan’s behavior directly violates the interests of Tianxu City and Taiyi Xianmen.
When the news that hundreds of millions of civilians have been killed reaches Xianmen, the ultimate responsibility will be blamed on Tianxu City. At that time, in the process of competition in 36 cities, Tianxu City will be penalized, which will affect Feng Yuqin’s promotion to Chuanchuan disciples. When Feng Xi was in charge of the overall situation, this happened, and Feng Yuqin was bound to severely punish him, even greatly reducing his father’s trust in him.
"Call the soldiers and horses to Jinchuan with this childe, and kill all their royal families, you damn bastards!" Feng Xi became angry and lost her gentle image.
The master at the beginning of Mahayana turned away, and it didn’t take long for thousands of people with the lowest fitness period to assemble, and Feng Xi appeared on the tinker to prepare for Jinchuan.
At most, there are some low-level practitioners in the mortal kingdom. However, even the weakest of these practitioners can destroy the whole country in a very short time.
"Not good!"