"well done!" Money said to Lu Zhan

"There are two hands!" River also praised all that just now. They both watched them go back to the city in the middle of the road, and they were blind and already squatting on the road.
They want to go back to the city, but they are harassed by dead songs. When they can go back, Akali will be dying. In that case, two people have decided that Akali will not live, so they decided to finish the equipment first and then go to support.
Now Akali not only killed the piano girl, but also successfully sent the wild monster to escape, which made River look up.
River turned and glanced at Lu Zhan, and saw Lu Zhan carefully observe the screen sample and his monograph expression. River felt that he was completely different from when he saw him in the hospital before when he played games less.
You know, ten days ago, the land show was still unclear about what ranking and matching were.
In fact, until just now, there was still a shadow in River’s heart that this game might not be won, but Lu Zhan’s calm response made him full of confidence for the first time.
Play this game well, and he will also play his own style. This game must be won!
"How to call?" River asked about the accumulation of RG players in two games. Although they still don’t believe in Lu Zhan’s personal skills, they have become more and more convinced of Lu Zhan’s conductor.
"Return to normal, the other party will do the same." Lu Zhan wanted to mean to say.
Now it’s almost time to entangle the Little Dragon Regiment. It’s better for two people to be on the road at this time of the war. Lu Zhan guessed that the other party should also take this opportunity to change the double road to the circuit.
Lu Zhan, they still have an advantage in playing Xiaolong on the purple side because of the terrain. At this time, it is very necessary for RG to defend Xiaolong by changing their own double road to the road to ensure the vision and support.
In this way, the dragon girl can return to Luyin Road, and the tower is gone. It is more dangerous for Akali to stay at the side, which is no longer suitable.
Yu Luzhan naturally came to the middle road and once again took a head for 3 yuan, which is equivalent to Akali filling more than a dozen soldiers. Although the development is not too good, it is always impossible to afford any equipment.
"This time, the other party should bring 4," Qian said.
Lu Zhan nodded and said white.
4 is what people call the Prophet’s potion. When the hero is on the top of his head, he can see the invisible units around him, so that he can not only exclude the other person’s eyes, but also detect stealth skills like Akali, so he is also called true vision by people.
Although this item has been deleted in S4 period, it is very important in S3 season, especially after it has been changed to death and will not lose the reconnaissance effect, this prop has become a must-see item.
At the beginning of this game, the other side didn’t have the money to buy a real eye or 4, but just now, the column of exercises by Lu Zhan should have made the other side realize that it is impossible to continue the show like Lu Zhan and find someone to take 4. It is definitely necessary to do homework. It is very likely that people who are financially satisfied will bring a real eye to target Akali.
In this game, the blind monk is the first one in the normal development institute. It is naturally from him, and because the blind monk always walks around, the efficiency of eye arrangement is also higher. The top 4 is stronger than the auxiliary.
In fact, many times, although the development of wild play in the competition bureau is very hard, it is always the first top four because of the row of eyes.
I also took an eye with me when I went out for the land exhibition. Although it is a false eye, it can prevent the other party from gank.
Fortunately, in the middle of the road, his alignment is a dead song. This hero needs to push the line necessary for development, which greatly reduces the chance of Akali being gank.
When the game went on for more than minutes, the dead song made up more than five soldiers. Lu Zhan knew that a player like Wang Ji made up for one minute in the normal middle road, and one was the bottom line. Now he is so far from one, so it can be said that his countermeasures have helped the double middle road tactics to successfully suppress the development of the dead song.
However, Lu Zhan’s own recruitment is also very miserable. There are only 29 players in minutes, which is not up to the level of level 3 players. Fortunately, it is not too bad to have two heads in hand.
Because of the two heads and one blood, in fact, Akali’s economy is similar to that of the dead song, which is also thanks to the fact that the dead song didn’t make a big move just now. If it had been big, I’m afraid it wouldn’t have escaped just now
Lu Zhan clearly remembers that the first-level trick D of the dead song has a full 2 seconds, which can be regarded as the longest skill in the game. It is no wonder that the other party chose not to enlarge the trick when he decided that he could easily kill Akali.
"Hello again," Lu Zhan Akali said with a smile when he came to the tower to see Wang Ji’s dead song.
Yesterday, I forgot to say Happy New Year to all of you. Come on in the New Year.
Chapter 97 Glory Knife
Zhongsan Road has finally returned to normal alignment.
What are Akali’s chances of winning against dead songs on the line? It is estimated that everyone can guess that Akali was almost certainly suppressed in the early stage.
Akali’s life-saving skills in dealing with dead songs are slightly insufficient, because even if she is hidden in a smoke bomb, the dead songs are red and radiant, and Akali will lose blood even if she is invisible.
In addition, because of the short blue consumption of dead song Qd, it is very powerful, and now dead song, like Akali, has just come out of the house, and the blue amount is obvious.
For various reasons, Akali’s alignment with him will be suppressed.
However, that was before level 6, and now Akali has made a qualitative leap in her mobility after she rose to level 6.
Now Lu Zhan has his own ideas. Since the consumption can’t beat it, I will fight recklessly.
“!” Akali has a Q skill hanging on the dead body.
When Akali has a big move, he will usually rush to Wang Ji when he reaches the other side in nine cases out of ten. Naturally, he is very experienced and doesn’t want to fight with Akali when he sees that he has been q-arrived. He took two steps back, dropped his E-skill circle and made up for his Q skills.
In this way, Lu Zhan did not succeed desperately, but he had some reinforcements. He beat each soldier several times in turn and attacked and collected one E skill group.
The two men were deadlocked for a while, and the line of soldiers was still gradually moving closer to the land exhibition tower.
When Lu Zhan made up the soldiers, the dead song Li Q harassed him many times, but Lu Zhan walked around and chopped several Q’s, and all of them were hidden. Once, he made up the knife and a cannon was won by Q.
Similarly, Akali wants to consume dead songs, but as soon as he leans forward against dead songs, he retreats. Fortunately, Akali Q is a directional skill, and it is still easy to hit dead songs.
Q injury alone may not be enough to fight for the consumption of dead songs in Akali, but at this time, the basic skills that Akali has practiced in hundreds of fights have finally been demonstrated.
Dead song q, if it is blue enough for one second, it is equal to the limit of release. However, after release, there will be an obvious delay. It is enough to avoid this delay.
On how Q Akali sees him raise his hand, he will run in a direction he can’t guess. All kinds of irregular movements on the left, right, side and side make the root method of dead songs predict.
On the contrary, dead songs consume a lot of blue, because of poor development in the early stage, dead songs don’t have enough money, and now he has run out of supplies with him.
In this issue, Lu Zhan has been trying not to rush into the dead body. One is because he has to wait for three shadow essences, and the other is because he is blind and uncertain. They all disappeared after they appeared in their field of vision.
Lu Zhan stole an eye near his F4 river, because they are in the purple side, F4 will be the key protected wild monster line, and this eye can be inserted here to prevent blind or dead songs from being stolen.