"If Zhuang swallowed all the equipment, it would be good. It’s obviously not safe." After hearing this, Wu Chi, otherwise the casino would be a shell company, and it would be built on the basis of trust if it could be actually carried out.

"At that time, money and equipment were not circulating in the virtual goods trading market, so everyone didn’t pay much attention to it, and the account numbers of the forum game were consistent. It was clear who was who, who was who, and it was very angry, so it was difficult to move in the game. At that time, gambling was still ok."
"What about now?" Wu Chi, if you think about it, it’s a bit stupid for the white wolf to play with gloves when measuring. He took those measuring equipment, but there is a place where the game will be officially put into operation, and all the equipment will be cleared and he will have to do dirty things.
"Now that the game is officially running, many members of the forum have established new numbers, and the gambling in the forum has also dispersed. The strongmen in each forum are now trying to upgrade their own strength, such as the casino, which also needs strong military backing." Feng General replied.
"But I saw members gambling here the other day." Wu Chi asked when he remembered the first time he went to the sword platform.
"This small casino is an idiot, gambling is all new people, and they will suffer." Feng General laughed. "You don’t have to participate. If the forum gambles again, I’ll let you know. Hey, hey, if you bet correctly, maybe you can win great equipment, which is much easier than killing monsters and getting equipment in the game."
"Well, after you know the situation of the forum base, ask me again if you don’t understand it. Now, let’s stimulate Kai Jian Zhai and pat the stone tablet in the past." Wu Chi walked over and slapped the unified stone tablet in accordance with the words.
"Squeak ~" A deep hole appeared in the ground of Fei Liu Fei Jin Fei Shi, and the bluestone steps extended obliquely at the entrance, and the fire was visible. Obviously, there was a fire in it.
"Go in and have a look. Let me see that there is something special about the sword-testing Zhai with a value of 100,000 yuan. Haha" The wind generally makes a man walk into Wu Chi and then mutter to himself what is worth 100,000 yuan. I didn’t see you spend money. There is no virtual coin in this forum.
The twelfth time Xingyunzhai Kendo Flag
The stone steps are winding and deep, and the stone walls on both sides are smooth and can be seen. Every ten steps, a bronze dragon head is inlaid. The dragon mouth is burning in the sky, and the blue and blue flame fireworks wind shakes and shines in the passage.
After walking for a few minutes, the two men reached the end of the passage. In front of them were two huge stone gates. The closed seam was as wide as seven feet and as high as three feet. It seems that it is not human power to start the wind. When the male blue mans waved, they saw a pattern engraved on the top of the stone gate, which is a rotating nebula.
The wind general male "tut tut ~" praised and said, "You earned the obscene song. This is the nebula-level sword-testing Zhai, which can inspire the highest-level goods in the new members. I have spent 100,000 experience well."
"What is Brother Feng’s experience?" Just now I heard him chanting 100 thousand, and now it’s natural to ask Wu Chi clearly.
"Oh, did you get 10,000 experience just now after the sword fight?" The wind general man turned back and said, "Yes, I really appreciated the wind just now." Wu Chi replied and took the opportunity to thank him.
"You’re welcome. If you gain 10,000 experience, I lose 100,000 experience. In the forum, members’ experience is gained from the defeated opponent by comparing swords. If I lose 100,000 experience, you should gain 10,000 experience." Feng Pingnan replied with a smile.
"Ah ~ Brother Feng also made you lose 100,000 experiences. I’m really sorry." Wu Chi suddenly couldn’t help but say sorry. The wind man waved and stopped him. "Don’t be polite to me about obscene songs. Since I brought you to this forum, I have to take some responsibility for you. Don’t say that this 100,000 experience is nothing more than 100,000."
"And you helped me kill the Millennium tiger shark in the game. Those four shark eyes have been very helpful to me. I have twenty-four strange swordsmanship. This swordsmanship has helped me a lot in the early stage of the game. It’s clear which equipment is lighter or heavier in the forum experience game. I owe you some feelings and need experience."
When it comes to this copy of Wu Chi, it is said by Nuo Nuo that I thought that if I had blown the thunder to him at the beginning, I probably wouldn’t even know the forum now, let alone get help from it, and I got a senior product. Well, by mistake, it is also God’s arrangement that God can’t violate the bird.
"There are still good points and bad points in the sword test?" Wu chi changed the subject and asked
"It’s a natural sword-testing studio. It’s a small intelligent brain. The function of the main chip directly affects the whole program system. It’s the most important facility in the forum to analyze and judge the attack range of swordsmanship by reasonably splitting and eliminating the combination of moves and new swordsmanship."
His answer made Wu Chi dizzy for a while. "It’s so fucking complicated that this sword-testing studio is like entering?" There are no buttons or machines around the closed shek mun, which make it impossible for people to enter the list.
"Well, it’s simple. Just kick it." "Ah ~" Wu Chi’s heart bird forum is really abnormal. Is it kicking …
"This design is really a bit tricky. At the beginning, a strongman of the time-measuring game forum was approved by the forum manager. Well, it’s a super fate. There’s no other way to kick the door." The wind general man looked at Wu Chi’s face and knew his mind, so he explained.
"Poop, poop, poop ~" Three dull impacts, that is, flesh and blood, cold rocks, intimate contact, rolling and rolling, huge and thick stone gates slowly shrink into a deep silence on both sides and appear in front of them.
Above them is a vast expanse, a spinning nebula hanging in the dark and empty space, faintly radiating lonely starlight wind. The general man explained that "the classification standard of nebula Zhai is to see how many nebulae there are. You have a nebula at the primary level."
The star is a three-foot square boulder on the cyan ground, and four white jade channels pass through it. At the center of the room, there is a high platform, all of which are black megalithic platforms with stone steps extending more than ten feet high.
"That’s the sword platform. You can practice swordsmanship on the surface." The wind generally pointed to the high platform road and then asked Wu Chi to look around. He looked around and saw a white light band around the surrounding wall. He looked carefully and found that it was actually several smooth white screens.
"That’s the analysis and disassembly of swordsmanship after the demonstration interface. You can just follow the example in the surface." Feng General explained many functions in great detail and then left. Before he left, he said to Wu Chi that the stone gate outside the sword-testing Zhai could be inscribed. If you want to kick seven feet again, you can engrave the sword-testing Zhai and name it.
After the windy man left, Wu Chi’s royal sword flew to the sword altar and saw that the table was unusually spacious. Black and white flags were inserted at the corners of the railings on all sides, and a "sword" was written on the front and a "Dao" was written on the back, which together was the "Kendo flag"
At the four corners of the platform, there is a giant tripod burning with red flame and the flame of the soaring star shines in each other, which makes the whole sword-testing room look magnificent. Wu Chi, who is burning with red flags and hunting with flaming light, instigated the sword-mans in Taichung and sent out a recruit "Blood Trace Wan Li". Immediately, the white screen around him showed many data, graphics and characters.
Wu Chi looked at it with a smile after a long time. "So that’s it. It will take a lot of time. I’ll go out and put the name first." Jian Mang swept chi to Shimen and even kicked the seven-legged forum. Please try to name Jian Zhai.
What’s the title? Wu Mou people have their own ideas
Back to the thirteenth old enemy blood river sword style
A philosopher in the ancient west once said, "The more I think, the more amazing I feel, and the more awe I have in my heart. That is the moral law in my heart." Oriental talent used it to modify the Chinese language description and became "Don’t be afraid except the morality in the head and the heart."
Morality is a matter of form, but it can be ignored and forgotten. Now that the stars are all in their own rooms, what is there to be afraid of? So-old enemy! Wu Chijian’s finger has carved five official characters "Old Enemy Zhai" in Shimen.
With the name of the room, you have to have a room association, so the two can complement each other. What is your purpose in the game? What is the essence of recruiting beautiful women in the virtual world? Equipment can be measured by coins, and the room association is also available.
"Gold, silver, and copper coins belong to my mature women, young girls, and women of the same age." Although it is a little difficult to recruit women of the same age, there are many such women, and beautiful women must also be included in their arms. Two lines of words appeared at the left and right stone gates, each of which has a big bucket of gold and looks very imposing.
Wu Chi enjoyed it for a moment and was very satisfied. He went back to the room to continue to study the improved swordsmanship. He displayed the twenty-four strange swords of Tianyu one by one in the sword sacrifice platform, and then analyzed and studied each swordsmanship, listed various formula data, and showed the swordsmanship curves one after another, which made Wu Chi dizzy.
Sword notation is the basic point of human body. Nowadays, there are many disadvantages in the display of sword awn. Some sword moves are like turning and chopping in circles, which is equivalent to self-mutilation. If you want to chop the sword awn back in the game, you will cut yourself in the waist. All the moves must be eliminated or changed. The numbers on the sword road demonstration screen frequently jump. This is the calculation of wisdom and brain at full horsepower.
Wu Chi waited for a long time for the screen scene to stop slowly. Finally, nine swordsmanship graphics were decomposed and the dynamic system was finally analyzed. The twenty-four strange swords of Tianyu were dismantled and could not be called Tianyu swordsmanship. The forum system asked Wu Chi to name himself "Nine Sword Styles of Blood River". He gave a more fashionable name.
The demo screen shows the font. The members dismantled the swordsmanship successfully, and the first set of swordsmanship was born. A sword flag on the side of the sword platform suddenly burst into smoke, and the sword flag has changed its appearance. The original black and white flag has turned crimson, and four fonts are impressive-the sword flag of the blood river.
Wu Chi thought a set of swordsmanship and a flag. I can count the flags on the four sides of the sword platform. After I am busy, I seem to have to collect more swordsmanship and disassemble more swordsmanship, which is of great benefit to me. Each of the nine swordsmanship styles of Xuehe also needs to be named. Wu Chi didn’t bother to choose the names of nine swordsmanship moves directly from Tianyu’s 24 strange swordsmanship moves.
Since swordsmanship was born, it is impossible to learn it. When Wu Chi practiced every move according to the decomposition diagram of the moves on the screen, the screen showed that the angle, direction and height of various data were slightly different, which would wake him up with wrong fingering.
Wu Chi’s fingers frequently play the forearm circle, his arms move, his arms swing and he leans over to practice. He is busy with swordsmanship, but it takes a lot of work to practice it correctly. It has been three hours since he was able to practice swordsmanship. Wu Chi thought that he was not profitable when he was demon today, so he decided to go to the game to brush some experience for the demon raccoon.
He looked at the three flying swords in the flying sword column. When the descendants compared swords, they still flashed Jin Hongjian first. When the master was cut off, the flying sword had to apply for data transfer again. Now, in the game, he only lost three flying swords, one of which was a rare luxury wave.
Earlier, when he was talking about selecting weapons on the sword platform, the forum system had given the principle of flying swords. According to the first data transfer of members, there were several flying swords in the forum. Once the flying swords were completely damaged, they would be scrapped. You must apply again for transferring data to the other flying sword data in the game before you can have any weapons. But if the flying sword department of members is damaged and the data is not transferred again, then you can’t compete with swords in the forum.
Wu Chi withdrew from the forum and immediately entered the game. The green sword and fern swept across and quickly went out of the Xuandu view and galloped towards the water. "Bang ~" A fat demon raccoon on the bank of the water slammed into the water, causing waves all over the sky. The first thing behind Wu Chi’s demon was to go to the fairy raccoon nest to find her little slave girl.
Demons and raccoons are extremely fast in the water, and they will arrive at the edge of the fallen den in a few minutes. They are just about to jump into the cave to show that the original owner of the den is dead. The relative players of the den are the first inheritors. Please choose to accept or give up.
Wu Chi couldn’t help laughing. It’s really unexpected that the two raccoons left him a legacy. Hey hey, although this legacy looks like a vast cave, there are treasures in it, of course, to accept.
After clicking on the inheritance, the little demon raccoon received a forbidden spell of mysterious yin and true water in the cave. Except for the cave owner, other creatures are not allowed to enter by force. The number of people who can choose their relatives, friends or pet slaves to enter and leave freely is limited to ten. This is also a choice. The demon body has a close creature of its own, that is, a beautiful little slave.
Wuchi Yaoli did not hesitate to fill in the name of the mermaid exquisite, and then announced the handover of the inheritance, giving a list. On the west side of the cave wall of the fifth-order Yaoli Cave, there is a 10,000-year-old Xuanyin true water spring that was sealed by ancient immortals in Qinglan Cave. Only by a certain way can the mountain crack the stone to get the spring. This true spring is also called Tianyi Zhenshui, which has the effect of clearing poison, enriching blood and promoting granulation, and can be refined into Xuanshui Yinlei.
Haha, that’s right. After reading the list, Wu Chi jumped into the nest. The mermaid Linglong was crouching in the corner of the cave and sleeping quietly. The little demon raccoon crawled over. When he was walking, his belly was too big and protruding, he kept hitting the ground and suddenly woke up the little slave girl.
The mermaid Linglong has just turned pale green, and her body has been caught in the palm of her hand by Wu Chi’s demon raccoon. She can’t move at all, and she can turn around with a beautiful ducking head. She timidly asks, "Is the master going to kill the fish monster now?"
Well, this little slave is still very conscious? Very conscious. Wu Chi’s little demon raccoon snorted and made an answer. He moved his body toward the west stone wall and climbed to the bluestone edge. When his right paw stretched out, he grabbed it hard. "Ow ~" The little demon raccoon whined in pain. A practice is still not enough. The mountain can’t crack the stone.
In that case, let’s leave the baby’s real water, and then raise the demon’s strength by yourself, and then take the spring to refine Yin Lei, which is a powerful weapon of mass destruction. How can we also replenish ammunition as a method of refining? I don’t know, but God Beavers can practice themselves and should be able to do it. They are all the same blood. There is no problem to say.
The little demon raccoon dog regretted looking at the blue stone wall for a few minutes, and then grabbed the slave girl and went out to brush the beautiful experience. The beautiful woman and the beast group appeared again in the water layer of Mianshui, and the beautiful song sounded, symbolizing the curtain of another bloody massacre.
The fourteenth wind chime in the knife light
In the waters near Canglangzhou, there are about 5 levels of fish monsters, and nearly 100 blue water blades rotate and blaster thousands of water nets all around, but it takes only half an hour. Wuchi has harvested a lot of experience and merits, and now the level has risen to 16 levels, and the attack power of "Thousand Stacked Waves Rotating Blade" has also risen to the second level, and the attack range has been extended by 5 meters.
Wu Chi’s demon raccoon dog roared with joy, and when he was dancing with his paws, he suddenly shouted "What’s the matter? Work hard and don’t be lazy." The outrageous exploiter immediately reprimanded "Report to the fairy master that the skill of the little slave seems to be advanced." The beautiful slave girl shivered and replied.
Have you risen? Let me look at the servant interface of Wuchi Busy Point and check the servant attribute interface. There is a command to kill the soul button. Click this button, and the purple Yuan Soul Dan in the interface will be shattered and disappear, which means that the female slave is exquisite, which means that the God is no longer there because the Yuan Soul Dan is detained by the mermaid with three souls and six souls. This is the master’s life killing and robbing.
In the interface of the slave technique, Wu Chi found that the soul-taking scale has been upgraded to one level, and the scope of trapping fish monsters has been expanded by 200 feet. "Well, after it’s good, you should be more diligent. Every time I call you out, you pull a long face. Is it because you are dissatisfied, listen well and sing well?"
This scared the little slave girl not to be too busy and not too late to tremble. "I dare not dare to try my best to be a fairy Lord." Wu Chi was depressed when he heard this. It’s really hard to show that you really want me to enjoy this set-up career.
While killing and swimming, I unconsciously approached the shore and suddenly heard someone say, "What’s the matter? I can’t help but be dragged to the water’s edge by that song." Wu Chi looked at the bottom of the water and found that there were more than a dozen people on the bank of Mianshui River, and even the river had several royal swordsmen.
Ah, that’s just hanging me to death and getting fat. Are these all players who will meet Yinshan Mountain? Wu Chi’s demon raccoon found an acquaintance from it. It’s a exquisite song that NPC players can charm, and these people are recruited by mermaids.
I’m not your opponent when I think of Wu Chi’s killing heart standing on the ground, but I’m the overlord in this surging water. You just threw yourself into a trap, so Wu Chi ordered Linglong to dive 50 feet, but you couldn’t stop singing. The little slave girl didn’t understand what it meant, but the fairy Lord had an order and naturally had to follow it. She slipped from the broad back of the demon and dived deep into the water.
When a few people at the water’s edge were swearing, the blue water snake came to me and wrapped them in an instant. Even the players of the Chinese imperial sword were trapped by the spell of "Bound by Thousand Waves of Clear Water" by Wu Chi. Players panicked and panicked. The attack wave of Wu Chi has reached nearly a hundred clear waters and condensed into a sharp sword. Immediately, several poor defense guys saw blood.
"Monster!" Royal Sword, a few guys are in a good position, and their eyes are sharp. They suddenly found the lurking underwater Wu Chi demon raccoon monster. Your mother today, I will turn into a monster and kill you. I will display my demon power and thoroughly wash away the shame of being attacked by the gate. Wu Chi’s heart is bold and tunnel