That’s their salary for a hundred years, and their salary will be tenfold in the future. The biggest temptation is to pay dividends. Their six qualifications are only average, and their achievements in this life are extremely limited. They don’t cherish such an opportunity unless their heads are caught by the door.

Immortals with average qualifications account for the vast majority in the celestial world. These people are usually mediocre all their lives, and their talents have long determined their future.
Immortals have the pride of immortals, and their mediocre qualifications do not mean that they are all willing to be loyal to others. The key depends on who they are loyal to.
Obviously, this water cloud building will be very different in the future, and the future is bright. Loyalty to the future now is the veteran advertised by meritorious service.
The six guys became confidants completely, and the second condition was that Qu Zhe must make an oath to Chen Han to form a brotherhood pact and never betray him. In Chen Han’s words: I don’t want to teach you my unique skills and then be stabbed from behind. Before I have an absolute understanding, it is safer to swear by blood.
Never betray?
Qu Zhen was afraid that Chen Han would not cooperate with him, and this kind of non-betrayal was two-way. He naturally made a blood oath of heaven without hesitation.
Chapter 569 whereabouts exposure
Then there was a long talk all night. This talk was not only aimed at restaurants, but also a systematic practical course on business operation.
The celestial world is more important than personal strength and the strength of its subordinate forces, and business still stays at a relatively primitive level, which is simply heaven and earth compared with the high-tech modern earth. Those marketing packages, group-like management, hierarchical development, assembly line, promotion methods, etc., were heard screaming with excitement again and again.
He finally understood what Chen Han meant by’ you are also called business’. Compared with his business operation system, he used to play house with kids at all.
"Surprise to seize the opportunity, this is the way for businesses to win, but also to grasp the mentality of guests, what they want most."
Chen Han glanced at the song that he listened attentively like a primary school student and sneered: "Do you think these guests come to the restaurant just to drink and eat meat? No! They come here to enjoy, and the root of enjoyment is to show their identity, so what they want most is not wine and food, but vanity and a feeling of being above others. "
It is nothing more than waking up the dreamer in one word. Qu Yi nodded again and again: "So, we have to satisfy their vanity, so only the rich can come in, so it is easy to attract the top guests, and these talents have the strongest spending power."
"That’s right!"
I am very pleased for the students who are like this. Chen Han said with a smile: "Take out all your savings and expand, decorate and enlarge the Shuiyun Building. Who stipulates that restaurants can only eat and drink?" Just like the group industrial chain I told you before, you can get a song and dance performance for free, but you have to collect money if you want to order songs and dance. If you want to go to a private room to dance and sing for someone, the fee will naturally increase tenfold. The so-called eating, drinking, gambling and smoking, you can slowly ponder it. In short, you should turn Shuiyunlou into an industrialized commercial chain. "
It first extended from catering to surrounding industries, and then expanded from surrounding industries to other industries, and finally formed an unprecedented commercial carrier.
Qu Zhe heard his blood boiling, and in his heart, in addition to the initial worship of Chen Han, he also became more abstruse.
With his magical skills and abilities, his plan is completely possible to be realized. What a brilliant future it will be?
"Remember, keep your eyes as wide as possible. You don’t want to be a leader in a certain industry, but you want to be the overlord of all the business industries in the celestial world!"
"Is that okay?"
"If you don’t dare to think, you can never. If you dare to think, you have half hope. What do you think?"
"I can!"
"Yes, you can!"
Chen Han stood up and smiled gently, put his right hand on his shoulder, and said slowly, "I don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money to get through official relations, I don’t hesitate to hire absolutely loyal men, and I have to pay a lot of money to collect treasures and improve myself." The huge commercial carrier needs absolute power to protect it, so you must have experts, but no matter how strong the experts are, they are not as important as their own strength, so personal promotion is the most important thing. Finally, when that day comes, you will find that the whole celestial world is full of flags of Shuiyunlou. At that time, you don’t need to curry favor with anyone, even the most powerful super power, the Emperor, will give you seven points of face when he sees you! "
Commercial carriers need powerful escort, and they will bring huge resources at the same time, which will become the premise of attracting experts.
The two complement each other, and they will continue to develop in this cycle, which will create unique strength at that time.
Qu Zhe was completely shocked by this future. His eyes sparkled with excitement and he murmured, "Brother Duanmu, thank you for choosing me."
"You should thank yourself for making the right choice. What I have given you is only the overall planning, and the rest can only be explored by analogy."
"Are you leaving?"
"I have to leave. I hope there will be some changes in Shuiyun Building when I come back next time."
A storage ring was put into Qu Zhe’s hand, and Chen Han exhorted, "This is the overall layout of the future when I talked to you, and there are some starting tools to provide future development, including the methods and raw materials for brewing that kind of wine. You should handle it yourself."
Fortunately, before he left the earth last time and returned to the realm of fix reality, he collected almost everything in the world from food, clothing, housing and transportation to high-tech products and weapons.
Among them, there are seeds of rice, sorghum, corn and other crops, which will take root and sprout in the fairy world, brew wine that does not belong to this world, and create a miracle completely different from Chen Han’s route.
This miracle is bound to help him develop and even play an incredible role in the future!
Another chess piece was buried, and Chen Han and Kirin left the Shuiyunlou.
Now there are thousands of best fairy stones on me, so don’t worry about having no money to take the boat, but it will take another five days for the next boat to reach the hanging moon star.
They didn’t stay in Shuiyunlou more. Once their identities are exposed, they are likely to bring trouble to Qu Zhe. Before this dark game is mature, no one can find it.
Therefore, the two men once again came to the largest city in Hanging Moon City, where the Star Boat docked.
"Five days … should not be an accident?"
Stay in an inn and stay indoors. Chen Han and Kirin are practicing with great concentration. As long as they get on the star boat five days later, even if Lin Xu Xian Zun means heaven, they can’t help them.
Purple star.
Lin Xu is fidgeting in her own mansion. Since the target is set to enter the hanging moon star, she is always worried that Chen Han will find the military.
A large number of non-military troops use all means and relationships to enter the list of hanging moon stars on the same day, and then investigate the most detailed time.
Because the two planets of heaven and earth are not open to the outside world, the yellow planet is a military planet only below the Xuan planet, so there are many immortals coming and going. There are thousands of immortals coming and going in a single period of time, which makes the investigation speed very slow. It is necessary to determine the identities of these immortals one by one without alarming them.
In other places, you can still hold the mentality of killing by mistake, but here foreigners can’t enter the field military base, and it is easy to be found if they kill someone in the city, so it is easy to expose the action, and killing the wrong person will disturb the target.
The investigation is very slow, and it has been more than five days since the target entered the hanging moon star.
There was a rapid fluctuation in the summons fairy symbol, and she quickly took it out. The next moment, she showed a very strange look: "Found it? How can … "
Accurate news came from the hanging moon star. At that time, there were a total of 2,300 immortals who entered the planet. After screening and denying them one by one, they finally targeted two strange men. I’m not sure their breath is right, but all kinds of behavioral characteristics are similar. The key is that others are not the target.
The two men first entered a restaurant in Tianxu City, where they stayed for a day and then left, and went to Tianhao City, the largest city on the hanging moon.
The summons was still open, but Lin Xu frowned and muttered: "All kinds of signs show that his mind is extremely high. He should be very aware that he is in danger. Since he broke through the siege and had the opportunity, he should go to the military at the first time. There, even this seat can’t help him, so there is no need to worry about safety, but why didn’t he ask the military for help, but went to Tianhao City? "
"Please show me how to handle this matter?" After a few minutes, there was a respectful inquiry from the other end that did not receive the instruction.
"Murphy …"
She thought of some possibility, and thought that the other party deliberately created opportunities for him, but in fact she was setting traps to lure her to take the bait, in order to seize her evidence against herself: "No! If he catches hold of it, the young master will not be able to explain it. It’s impossible to get away with it, but … "
On the one hand, I am afraid of being fooled by him and revealing the evidence of murder. On the one hand, this opportunity is only once, and there will be very few opportunities to try again in the future.
Hesitated for a long time, she pressed her hand on the jade table in front of her, and the whole table turned into dust on the spot.
Huo Ran got up as if she had made a difficult decision. She said slowly, "Want to seize the evidence of this seat? Ridiculous! Command, immediately to ambush slay all insiders, and then send those who are controlled … "
In an area in the southwest direction of Wangshu Cluster, a small number of insiders were shot out by Lin Xu, and the same number stayed on other planets for various reasons, all of which were killed without leaving any evidence, including Qiyuan Dongtian Luyaochuan.
After all, only those who know are instructed by Lin Xu, the local sects of some planets, and those masters are just obeying orders.
When all the planets are performing the drama of destroying evidence, dark clouds are surging in Tianhao City, the largest city on the moon.