Boss, you really need to give me a raise or a bonus.

Zheng Yuan sang on his mobile phone in his trouser pocket. When he saw the name and face of the bearer, he ran clean at once.
Yi Han Xiao Jie
"Hello, Miss Yi Han, what can I do for you?" Sticking to my trouser leg, I couldn’t help shaking Zheng Yuan’s hand. It was a little nervous.
"Assistant Zheng, where’s my brother? Why did he call his cell phone and no one answered?"
It turned out that I would look for boss only if I couldn’t find him, but it wasn’t because of this. What could it be like?
"boss went to a friend’s appointment, maybe he didn’t pay attention or turned his mobile phone on mute." He patiently explained that Zhou Zichen went to dinner rather than to talk about it, but he never looked at his mobile phone at work.
"Who about" words that Zhou Yihan asked.
"Mr. Giovanni of Group I, our Zhou’s overseas investment bases are all based on I-ion and the abbreviation of opportunity E represents the initial operating concept of this old European chaebol.
In fact, I shouldn’t tell Miss Yi Han about the whereabouts of boss, but on second thought, Zheng Yuan felt that it was actually no big deal.
Miss yihan is a cousin of boss. Isn’t it normal to be a boss?
"That Yan Tang sister-in-law also went together." Zhou family members even if they don’t care about Zhou’s development, Zhou Yihan has also heard the name of the I group
Who let Zhou’s rapid growth in Europe in recent years is inextricably linked with that I group?
"No young lady, she’s in the hotel because"
"True" is hard to hide. I’m overjoyed. Zhou Yihan’s call to Zheng Huan is just a chance. She just wants to know what elder brother and Yanxi are doing and see if she can find a chance for Yu Ran.
I went to see Giovanni, but I left Yanxi in the hotel. What did this say? Yanxi had no place in my heart, and he was too lazy to take that woman with him if it was not necessary.
"My brother is really how can I let my cousin stay alone in the hotel?" Zhou Yihan hurried to remedy the problem because he was worried about being recognized by Zheng Yuan.
Mrs. yin Shao, she’s not feeling well
This is what Zheng Huan wanted to say just now, but he couldn’t finish his words.
"Actually, I didn’t ask my brother anything, just to ask him how he was playing in Italy, and don’t forget to bring me a present when he comes back."
"Then when the boss comes back, I will convey your meaning to Miss Yi Han."
"No, no, no" What do you mean, shooting yourself in the foot? When Zhou Yihan heard each other’s enthusiasm, he understood that "in fact, it was my brother who was still angry with me that deliberately didn’t answer the words."
Yan Xi and Zhou Zichen let Ji Yuran in at their wedding, and Zhou Yihan was looked down upon by a large family.
"But I’m relieved to hear that he didn’t pick me up because he was busy." Zhou Yihan didn’t forget to add that "I’ll call him in a few hours. It’s estimated that he should be back by then." Always put an end to Zheng Yuan’s big mouth.
Shame smoke lip corner Zheng Yuan want to refute words to the mouth to swallow back.
Miss yihan, have you listened carefully or not?
I said boss may not have noticed.
It is possible
He’s also guessing, but
"Good" since it can make Miss Yi Han happy, why doesn’t he show it? Maybe the boss deliberately ignored her words because he was still angry with Miss Yi Han.
"Yu Ran, I told you that my brother left Yanxi at the hotel and went to the I group to make an appointment with Dong Shao." The first thing Zhou Yihan did with Zheng Yuan was to tell Ji Yuran.
Cars are coming, cars are going to the road, and a red Porsche cayenne is driving at a steady speed.
"Well," said Ji Yuran, smiling meaningfully at the growing S City International Airport through the window.
Get up early, loofah has cucumbers to eat. Do you believe it or not?
5 ambiguous misunderstanding
Please visit the western restaurant filled with elegance.
Zhou Zichen sat opposite a well-dressed blond man.