I shook my head and smiled reluctantly. "I’m fine."

Feng Shicheng glanced at me and said to me, "Now everyone is not allowed to go and ask about the situation first."
Feng Shicheng walked beside Ai Shi and asked about the previous situation.
Ai Shi told Wei Xu clearly when to bring someone here, when to hit Yumu, when to hit me and when to hit her.
The more Wei Xuyue listened to his frown, the more he heard that Brother Lung slapped her and threatened to slap her on the spot. When Feng Shicheng hammered a table, everyone was frightened.
"Thanks to Wang Tong’s abuse of them at that time, they attracted their attention. Fortunately, my brother came when they wanted to hit Wang Tong." Ai Shi said to Feng Shicheng.
Feng Shicheng nodded and said, "That is to say, there are three people and two gangsters plus this leader?"
Aishi nodded and said, "Uh-huh, there are five people who stopped us before."
Feng Shicheng got up and said to the crowd, "I just moved my hand and left others with nothing to go. If anyone dares to run away and chop down his house!"
Those lucky punks who didn’t start work would have been terrified. When they heard this, they were so close to amnesty that they didn’t care if the brothers ran away anyway.
At this time, no one dared to fish in troubled waters. As expected, there were four people left in the fish farm, and Longge, who had been dragged into the bedroom before, added up to just five.
Mom, it’s okay. Get ready.
After being cheated by Wei Xu once, I left my mind’s eye. I know that Yu Mu is unreliable and he can’t guard against Wei Xu’s goods. The insidious degree of IQ of two people is not at the same level. I privately asked Ai Shilian to join her brother, and then after my hand was broken, the game could not be played every day anyway. I visited a letter when Shicheng chatted and drank wine for a few days. This perSOLOn is also very hearty and generous. He never haggles over every ounce, so he easily made friends with people like me. He didn’t retaliate against me.
Chapter 17 A Buddha ascended to heaven
I told Feng Shicheng why I broke my hand, and Feng Shicheng was also very sympathetic to me. He threatened to find Wei Xu and give me a hard breath, so I politely refused and accepted it gladly.
Finally, I always told Ai Shi to directly defend with Feng Shicheng in case of any situation. After all, I am definitely not as fast as Ai Shi in texting.
Today, I finally sent a show. Mom always stays in the same place twice?
"Wang Tong this a few people you to deal with" Feng Shicheng you’re welcome to take a table of red wine poured himself a cup of shallow drink slowly.
I struggled to sit on the sofa, and the blood was a little dry. I grinned and said to Feng Shicheng, "Good Brother Feng."
"The two men actually didn’t do anything, but they were just stopped by an order. I think it’s ok." I laughed.
Feng Shicheng put a red glass with a hearty smile. "That’s it! You two go. "
Those two gangsters were scared to pee their pants. As soon as they heard this, they just kowtowed and thanked them and ran towards the door.
Feng Shicheng made a wink at the short red-haired Huang Wenjun at this time. Huang Wenjun knowingly took about three people out of the room, and there were three of them left, including Feng Shicheng, who brought seven people with him.
"Brother Feng let me go, I was wrong!"
The gangster named Tiger knelt down at once, and his nose and tears ran down his face, knocking at Feng Shicheng’s head.
Feng Shicheng said without looking at him, "Don’t beg me for the one who made you stupid. Now he is in charge."
The tiger immediately kowtowed and turned to a position to knock at me. "This brother Wang Tong was blinded by this Wei Xuren before, and I can’t help it. Give me a break, please!"
This tiger is really quite a critic. It’s all bloody and printed, and the floor is pounding.
I sat on the sofa for a long time before I recovered my breath. I looked at the tiger thoughtfully and said, "Do you want to go?"
Tiger’s eyes are full of eagerness "Brother Tong! I think I want to! "
I said with a sigh, "Now there is a way to let you go."
The tiger said, "Brother Tong, you say! I will do it if I can! "
I smiled coldly and said, "It’s not difficult. Didn’t you just say that you were bewitched by Wei Xu? Now I’ll give you a chance to beat him like me or worse, and I’ll let you go when I’m in a good mood. "
I suspect that this is like a blockbuster field falling into silence. At this time, the door just happened to be beaten. The gangster named Longge has passed out and was dragged out of the door by two gangsters brought by Feng Shicheng, and a series of shocking blood was dragged out.
Tiger took one look and was dragged out. Brother Long immediately panicked and nodded at me and said, "Brother Tong, I promise you I will do it!" "
I smiled at him and nodded, leaning back on the sofa quietly waiting for the next development.
Ai Shi also approached me at this time with a worried face and touched my head. "Wang Tong, it doesn’t matter if you are hurt …"
"It hurts so much that I feel like I’m going to die. I’m full of energy and strength when you touch it. You can touch it more quickly!" I laughed
Ai Shi gave me a look and said, "Stop fooling around! Is there anything … "
I shook my head and smiled at her. "It doesn’t matter. I’ll just go to the hospital and put some bandages on it."
"Well," Aishi nodded, and her eyes were full of anxiety and worry, which made me feel warm.
"Go and see Zhou Ru. She’s scared." I pointed to Zhou Ru’s position and said to Aishi.
Zhou Ru’s eyes are leaning against the wall at the moment and I don’t know what I’m thinking.
Aishi nodded at me, and I patted the back of her hand as a sign for her to go quickly.
Ai Shi got up and came to Zhou Ru to comfort him.
I took another look at Lin Yun Shu in my spare time at this time. She has been sitting in a small corner at the end of the sofa from beginning to end, shivering with a big pillow.
At the same time, the main attention point of the field is still in the tiger’s place, and he is approaching Wei Xu step by step.
"Tiger, what do you want to do? You can’t be fooled by them. They just give you a promise casually, but they won’t let you go after things are over!" Wei Xuchao stepped back towards the kitchen.
"Sorry, I have no choice. I know that if I don’t do what they do, I will definitely die miserably. If I do less, there is still a little hope," said the tiger with a calm face.
Then I didn’t give Wei Xu another chance to defend. The tiger jumped forward and put Wei Xu on the ground. Wei Xu didn’t have a chance to struggle in front of the tiger. The tiger had a miserable and humane violence against Wei Xu for 20 minutes. Wei Xu’s face was already in a bad shape. The tiger really didn’t leave a hand to play, and the room was depressed from time to time.
"All right, all right," I waved at the tiger, and if he continued to fight at this level, he would die.
I got up and walked slowly to Wei Xu’s side and squatted down and said with a smile, "Wei Xu, you told me earlier that villains can’t fight you. Now I ask you, can you fight?"
Wei Xu’s eyes are purple, his whole face is almost swollen, and his teeth are broken. See him spit, mixed with blood and a few broken teeth.
"Let me go, please, let me go, let me go." Wei Xu was so weak.
"Ha ha ha ha! Let you go? What are you, M? Can I let you go today? " I stepped on the palm of Wei Xu’s hand with one foot and spun it several times.
Poor Wei Xu was beaten so badly that he couldn’t even shout. I still stepped on the whine in his mouth.
"Why didn’t you leave us alone just now when you forced Zhou Ru?"
"Why didn’t you cut us some slack when you hit Yu Mu just now?"
"Why didn’t you cut me some slack when you hit me with a bowl just now?"
"Just now you bring people to Yin old time don’t have thought about to cut us some slack? !” I raised my foot and pushed it hard toward his palm.
My face flushed and I was breathing hard. I picked up the iron bars thrown by the fleeing gangsters from the ground and came to Wei Xu.
"You scum are always going to waste you even if you sprain your other hand today!" I raised my iron bar and smashed it at his elbow joint.
Wei Xu almost fainted when his eyes were white. I interrupted his hands and arrested him from the ground. He held his collar with one hand and said, "Is it cool? Tell me if it’s cool? "
Wei Xu doesn’t even have a tone of voice now. I heard him groaning weakly.
I spit in his face and threw him to the floor again.
I’m thinking about giving this guy a few sticks in the head to get a concussion, but I’m afraid I can’t control my strength and give the whole thing an accident
Forget it. I’m not strong enough now. I just ran out. It won’t be a big problem for my head, will it
I stepped on Wei Xu’s face and planned to give him a few fatal blows to the head.