"By the way, you haven’t told me what you are all doing here?" It seems that these people didn’t come here at the same time, but there was a time gap. Those who came here first will definitely leave first to look for treasures, but now these people are all gathered here, which is unreasonable. The only explanation is that they can’t get out of here.

It’s ash’s turn to shrug his shoulders and say, "Don’t we want to go? I can’t wait to get out of this hellhole, but we can’t get out. Look at where there is an exit here except those nine doors. "
After being said by the ash, Pei Wennuan finally knows what’s strange about this place. There is no other entrance or exit at this level except for nine doors on the second floor. All places are carved with exquisite designs, and there are stone lamps erected around to illuminate the whole hall.
There is a huge night bead above their heads, which also gives off a faint white light at the top.
"There is no machine here?"
"No, we’ve all studied it for more than a day, but we haven’t found it." Gray said it was quite nai.
"Then why don’t you go back the same way?"
"Girl, stop being sarcastic. Why don’t you try to open those Yumen here? I’m telling you, these Yumen can be opened from the other side. Our side can’t open it. Even if it is opened, who wants to go through a narrow escape again?" Ash gave Pei a dirty look, but obviously he was in a good mood at the moment.
So that’s it. Pei took one look at the nine doors and knew it.
Ash suddenly thought of what corners of the mouth a hook said with a smile, "hey, I said girl, if you have more ghosts, maybe you can find the exit here ~"
"Me? How is it possible! " Pei Nuannuan pointed to himself and then sneered with the wave.
"Since you can’t do it either, are we really stuck here forever?"
"All right, I’ll take a look at it first." Pei Wennuan waved his hand. This ash still has a mind to say somewhat ironic.
Said Pei Wennuan and looked at the surrounding stone statues at will, and then the line of sight shifted to the surrounding stone walls.
This look makes my heart tremble …
Do you have any recommendations and collections of tone words? Remember, oh, yeah, yeah ~ ~ ~ Chapter 71 Evil things appear.
"Too bad in Taidian, snakes have appeared all over the place in one day, and all of them are poisonous snakes, and I don’t know how many people have been killed." A Nangong Yinfeng bodyguard rushed to report that his eyes were anxious
"What did you say!" The Nangong silver wind swished up and looked dignified. He was almost bitten by a poisonous snake yesterday. He was still wondering how a poisonous snake appeared in this palace, but now he has got such information. He was eating a roast chicken ball at his side, and his little head was also a curiosity in his eyes.
"There are snake disasters all over the country, and the people suffer. Some snakes have already appeared in the barracks and killed many soldiers." The head of the guards is also a big cold sweat. How can there be so many snakes suddenly? And they are all strange poisons than snakes. If you are not careful, you will be bitten. If you treat them from time to time, it will be directly fatal. The war has already started in the former Three Kingdoms. Now, with snakes coming out, isn’t it necessary to prevent those snakes from being confused?
The nangongshan silver wind swish a directly disappeared in the hall in the group to see this also quickly jumped out.
After a while, the Nangong Silver Wind first appeared in a garden in the palace.
"Swish swish swish ….." A burst of momo rustling in the flowers and plants.
The nangongshan silver wind look a cold one hand every other with a grasp.
A red, black and yellow snake appeared in the hands of Nangong Yinfeng, who was holding the head of the snake for seven inches, and the snake broke free and swung in the middle.
Just then there was another burst of noise among the flowers, and the flower snake in the Nangong Silver Wind’s right hand was directly pinched off and the snake head was thrown in the nearby land.
At the moment when he threw away the flower snake, a black suddenly jumped out of the flowers, and the thunder in Shekou opened and bit the Nangong Silver Wind without speed.
The nangongshan silver wind didn’t panic. The right hand directly grasped the black snake, and then it was pinched for seven inches.
At this time, the regiment also jumped directly to the Nangong Yinfeng shoulder and looked at the poisonous snake and made a "goo goo ……" sound. Finally, it was the bodyguard who was surprised and afraid to see the black snake in the hands of Nangong Yinfeng. This kind of poisonous snake will appear in the palace. "Yes … According to the urgent report, most areas are described as similar black poisonous snakes."
The bodyguard wiped his forehead and found that he was sweating and didn’t know whether he was in a hurry or afraid to come out.
"I know to take anti-snake measures immediately, and I will immediately study the most effective detoxification method."
"Yes!" The guards immediately hurried to worry about whether a snake would come out of the grass and bite themselves.
The nangongshan silver wind looked at the snake in his hand and directly grabbed the snake and turned and walked in the direction of his pharmacy.
"Hissing ….." The group grinned at the snake and the black snake didn’t even dare to move as if it were afraid of the group.
"The group is not angry. Although this kind of snake has appeared in our palace, it will soon be able to have a solution compared with less than expected, and no snake is more poisonous than you. Don’t worry." Nangong Yinfeng smiled and touched the group’s head with his left hand and said that it was the first poison.
"Goo ~" group is dejected and drooping, and its head seems to be a little unhappy. Who said that when it was in the old man’s hand, it saw a snake as powerful as it, and its position was in danger! The regiment is very unwilling to make small paws.
"Are you worried about Wener? Don’t worry, she will be fine." Nangong Yinfeng heard the low bass or it was missing Pei Wener. After so long, there was no news from Wener, and even he was worried.
"Goo goo ~" Hearing Pei Nuan’s name, the group paws scratched it in a hurry. Now the little beauty doesn’t know where she is. She hasn’t seen her since I met her for the first time. I really miss her.
A man and a beast soon came to the pharmacy.
By the time Nangong Yinfeng came out, it was past noon.
As soon as I got out of the Nangong Silver Wind, I saw thyme Xia Lian, and I looked a little anxious and panting.
When Baili Xia Lian saw the silver wind in Nangong, he immediately shouted, "Tai … Tai Dian finally found you. It’s not good, it’s not good, you … go and be exquisite. She was bitten by a poisonous snake!"
"what! Where is she now? " The Nangong Silver Wind was shocked that someone was bitten so soon and it was exquisite!
"I brought her here in the lobby!" Thyme Xia Lian panting, waiting for her to say that finish already disappeared the nangongshan silver wind.
"hey! You wait for me! " Thyme Xia Lian shouted where there was the Nangong Yinfeng figure. Hum also said that he didn’t care about Linglong. It seemed that he attached importance to it. Thyme Xia Lian thought to himself, but his footsteps immediately followed Linglong, but he was really bitten by a poisonous snake.
When Nangong Yinfeng came to the lobby, he saw that the lips were black, and Yu Linglong was a little weak and was placed on the couch.
"Silver wind … silver wind elder brother …" Jade exquisite saw the Nangong silver wind come and show the wronged expression on her weak little face.
"Don’t talk, I’ll treat you." The Nangong Yinfengyin was surprisingly gentle and looked at Yu Linglong’s weak little face. If something happened to Yu Linglong, don’t say that Yu Haochen wouldn’t let him go, even he wouldn’t let himself go.
"Brother Yinfeng … will I die … I find my chest so uncomfortable that I must be dying soon … meowed … Brother Yinfeng, if I die, no one will bother you anymore. Your ears must be quiet, but I’m so reluctant to part with it …" Jade exquisite voice sobbed and revealed deep fear.
"Fool, what are you talking nonsense? Have you forgotten what I learned? If even just snake venom can’t be cured, wouldn’t it be a sign? "
The Nangong Silver Wind scraped the pulse for Yu Linglong. She showed off her nose and tightened her brow. Fortunately, the poisoning was not deep. From a jade bottle, she stuffed a pill that he had just made to relieve the poison into Yu Linglong’s mouth, but listening to Yu Linglong’s words, her heart was tightly pulled up. This silly girl’s little head was thinking about something strange all day. Isn’t it just that she was poisoned by snake venom? How could he let her have an accident with him?
Yu Linglong’s black mouth is a little weak, and a pill is swallowed. Chapter 7 Bad things are about to happen.
Nangong Yinfeng also deeply knows which poisonous snakes are fierce in the pharmacy. When he was making medicine, he found that if this poisonous snake bit ordinary people, it would kill them.
Fortunately, Linglong also learned some martial arts at ordinary times. Although it is a three-legged cat kung fu, it can resist it a little longer.
Moreover, the snake bit Yu Linglong’s right foot, which must have been a hundred miles. Xia Lian also blocked the big holes everywhere in Yu Linglong, which led to the slow spread of toxicity.
"I also believe that the silver wind is my brother." Yu Linglong seems to be relieved to smile sweetly and reluctantly.
At the moment, the purple and black lips gradually faded away.