In other words, both of them are extremely strong defenders, and it is difficult for each other’s attack power to hurt each other.

The two men bumped into each other like two wild cows, and there was overwhelming gas in the enchantment, demonstrating the most direct and barbaric fight.
A practitioner is extremely powerful and unparalleled in his physical body, and he has the immortal body to enhance his defense, the strength of the seal of heaven, the speed of the seal of fengshen, and unparalleled fighting skills. His comprehensive combat effectiveness is comparable to that of Mahayana in the early days. After the combination of the innate elite, the defense has been upgraded to a terrible level. Unless there is a fairy magic weapon or the attack power reaches the initial stage of Mahayana, even the physical defense cannot be broken.
Another, the upper demon race stained with a trace of dragon blood, Du Jie’s medium-term peak repair, under unparalleled growth, the attack power is comparable to that of the middle Mahayana. With the defense of the first-class fairy armor, it is impossible to break through his defense even if Chen Han tries his best to suck milk.
The constant and most direct collision aroused the light rain all over the sky, and the guests onlookers outside the enchantment were horrified. Even the super-power leaders of all parties were asking themselves, what would happen if they confronted one of these two bull?
There is only one answer, and that is-death!
The battle lasted for more than half an hour, but the two men still fought earth-shaking, and neither side was hurt at all. It was meaningless to continue fighting.
Xi Pan bitterly gritted his teeth and stopped. When Chen Han stopped attacking, he said, "Forget it. Hand over the tiger and forget about it. Although your fighting capacity is not as good as ours, your defense is so strong that we can’t win. It’s also a waste of time to continue fighting. It’s better to make a draw."
What he said is absolutely true. Even if his sustained combat capability is not as strong as Chen’s cold, he can also take Dan medicine to supplement consumption in the battle. Even if they play for ten days and eight months, they can’t tell the outcome.
"Do you really think so?" Chen Han laughed and asked.
"I am determined to win your armor, so the battle must be divided into victory and defeat!"
"You mean you have to fight until one side can’t get up?"
"That’s right!"
"This seat meets your wishes!"
"Unfortunately, you are too self-righteous."
Chen Han’s right hand flashed light and shadow, and a floating combat knife with exactly the same style appeared in his hand out of thin air, replacing the previous combat knife.
The style is the same, but the quality is completely different. Lingqi can be upgraded through continuous integration of high-level materials, but it is impossible to refine fairy wares based on Lingqi. To put it bluntly, the previous cloud combat knives can only reach the level of the best weapon at most. The only way to have a fairy-grade cloud combat knife is to refine it with fairy materials.
Decomposed hundreds of fairy wares from inferno, and there was no shortage of materials. Chen Han took it for granted that he would build a combat knife for himself.
First taste of fairy!
The rhinoceros rock, which was just magnificent, immediately became ugly. The demon race was not good at refining utensils, and the magic weapon of the demon race in ancient times was far worse than that of the fix-true.
Today, the whole demon clan has only five fairy wares, one for the four commanders, and two for the grand commander Long Ao.
In addition to the original fairy armor, his magic weapon is still the best fairy weapon. Just now, Chen Han, who has the same quality as the magic weapon, was evenly matched. When the other side’s magic weapon changed from the best fairy weapon to the first fairy weapon, it would be completely different. It is impossible to compare the difference between fairy and mortal.
The defense of fairy armor is strong, but in the face of the attack of fairy combating Dao, the anti-shock that can be unloaded will be weakened many times.
"Second brother, I’ll lend you my weapon!" A tall and thin man came forward.
"Xipan, you can take this fairy." Chen’s cold smile is full of unspeakable disdain.
Xipan glared at the man with a red face, and said with a heavy voice, "Even if we are defeated, we can’t break the rules and have the cheek to beg for weapons. Let’s fight!"
He is immortal armor has the advantage, but that thing is his, but it can be said in reason, just like Chen Han’s use of immortal combating Dao is also normal. However, finding someone else to borrow a stronger magic weapon at the scene is no different from cheating at all. In this case, can Chen Han bring all the fairy wares in Duanmu Dome’s hand to meet the enemy?
Once you enter the boundary, it means that the battle has begun. You can’t leave halfway and outsiders can’t enter. This is also the most basic rule in the fight.
Lost, no one will laugh at Xipan, after all, his strength is there.
However, if he takes the weapon of the Three Commanders, winning or losing will bring shame to the whole demon race, so he will never accept it.
"Be a man!"
Chen Han gave him a thumb, and his face sank. "Only by this can you really be regarded as my opponent, otherwise I will look down on you. Next, I hope you don’t leave any hands, and I will use the strongest power to see who will die! "
When using the best spirit weapon, it will be tied. When Chen Han takes out the fairy fighting knife, the result is actually obvious.
"Three strokes!"
"War rhinoceros tiger I used three strokes, the first two strokes only keep not attack. Fight you, I also made a three-move agreement. I dare not guarantee that you will fall if you attack all three moves, but if you are not injured, I will lose! "
Everyone showed an incredible look, and everyone believed in defeating Xipan, but when it comes to three strokes that hurt him, this is too rampant.
After a series of mutations, the rhinoceros rock in the game has no underestimation, and he has understood how terrible Chen Han’s strength is. He said that the three tricks were not a joke. Being able to say such a thing means that he has a certain degree of confidence, which alone is enough for him to deal with it carefully.