Xiangkuang waved the golden dragon gun desperately, sprinkling light and rain all over the sky, and cried, "Don’t believe you desperately, you are all dead, don’t stand up again." I’ll pretend to be very angry, take your bodies away and destroy them. Purple Smoke Girl will use the protective treasures given by Ouyang’s family to block the aftermath of the battle, so as not to leave a flaw. Remember to erase the memory of relevant secrets later. Chen Han, what are you doing still staring blankly? Do you really want to wait for those old guys to come over and have a look? Run! "

Qin Yang and Gao Lao, who are putting ointment on their necks, immediately fell to the ground and pretended to be dead. Huangfuyan also pinched a Pian Yu operator, which was enough to resist the glow of the ordinary Yuan baby’s attack.
Wipe the blood from the corners of her mouth and rub it on her face. Chen Han picked up the snow cloud and turned to run, with a full face of anger and screaming: "Crazy, residual blood, I won’t let you go! Brothers, I swear I will take revenge for you, and I will kill everyone present today. Ah … "
In the light effect that covers the space with a diameter of several hundred meters, the knife and ghost hand throw out the talisman injected with their own true elements, showing the crazy shock wave of the master’s self-explosion in the later period of Yuan Ying.
With their true yuan perfusion, it is natural for people to be sure that it is the breath of their self-explosion, and the poor residual blood is dying of love.
His ten Zhang Ling symbols are still left over from more than two thousand years ago. Although they are of little value to him today, they are of great commemorative significance. It’s strange that Chen Han used up one, but today he wasted two by these two boys. His heart can be comfortable.
With the help of his brother’s "self-explosion" to block the enemy, Chen Han repeatedly launched the air seal, and the residual blood and Xiang Kuang suddenly fell from mid-air.
The fix true person who can’t fly runs on the ground, and it is impossible to catch up with him even if he is desperate. Fortunately, the gang brought by a madman took them with their royal swords.
Unfortunately, one after another, more and more people lost their ability to resist the air, and finally no one could fly. Chen cold galloped like a runaway wild horse, and the news that happened in Tianhua city, I don’t know who spread it, and it spread to the ears of all forces like wings.
No one will care about the madness and residual blood. With several beautiful methods, the combat effectiveness is comparable to the cold in the OBE period, and it immediately became the target of all forces.
However, when the major forces followed the clues, they lost all the clues of Chen Han, as if he disappeared out of thin air.
Face-lifting combined with the shielding of the emperor’s extremely shocking records to the breath, unless the distance is very close, it is difficult for the strong to find him even in the late stage of integration. Just when the major forces are at a loss, they have already changed their appearance through easy-to-let, and the cold that hides all the breath has reappeared, but it has already reached the western border of Yanhuang.
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the roof of the world.
In the new world after the reversal of heaven and earth, the linear distance from Tianhua City to here has increased from more than 2,000 kilometers to 200,000 kilometers.
However, there is something called an airplane in this world. As the situation gradually stabilizes, flights to all parts of Yanhuang have already been opened. Of course, even with the rapid development of science and technology, the speed of the plane has been fundamentally improved, and it still took more than ten days to cross the distance of 200 thousand kilometers, with more than one stop to refuel.
Such a long distance, even if the fix true person can’t arrive in a short time, although the fix true person can teleport. Unfortunately, the condition of teleportation has just been reached, not only the distance of teleportation is very limited, but also the consumption of real yuan is staggering.
In order to attract the attention of all forces, Chen Han deliberately paraded through the city for two days, and by the way, he spread the news and finally waited for the goal to arrive …
Chapter 112 Without a trace
"Qin Dage, they should have faded out of the sight of major forces?"
"Aoxue has nothing to worry about following the residual blood predecessors. I’m afraid life will not be as good as before when Ziyan returns to the Huangfu family."
"Alas … the South Pole, you can’t fly there. The surface area of the planet has increased a hundred times, and you can’t get there for more than a month."
"Don’t make any changes. Fortunately, there are two people, remnant blood and Xiang Kuang, who know the distribution of global forces and can bypass dangerous places."
Chen Han stood on a towering mountain peak, watching the white clouds fluttering below, but did not feel the slightest relaxed and happy, only all kinds of worries and anxieties.
That’s right!
This plan really looks perfect. He attracts the attention of all sects and families and buys enough time for remnant blood and others. Once they temporarily fade out of sight, they will go to the Antarctic ice sheet for the first time. At that time, don’t say that those forces won’t pay attention to them. Even if they are interested in finding them, it is hard to find them in the vast area of hundreds of thousands of miles.
They will practice and develop crazily in the barren land of Antarctica with the help of massive resources, which is enough to have amazing strength in a short time.
"Blare ….." Snow cloud like a snowball nest in Chen cold arms, probably also by his emotional contagion, sobbing is full of weakness.
"Well, don’t think about these troubles, are you sad?"
Chen Han gently stroked its silky hair, ha ha smiled: "You are the boss behind the killer network. Thanks to the remnant blood predecessors, you can spread the news to all parts of the world so soon. Several peerless methods originated from more than 2,000 years ago. Not only are the major forces of the Chinese people drooling, but all the forces in the world will be eager for it? "
Although practitioners in other countries will not practice the cultivation of truth by Yan Huang, it is also of great significance to get this kind of cultivation.
First of all, the way of cultivation leads to the same goal. The so-called stones from other mountains can attack jade, and they can understand it with different cultivation methods.
The most important thing is that we can learn more about the person who fixes the truth through these mental methods, and even crack the attack mode of the person who fixes the truth. Knowing ourselves and knowing ourselves is better than being at a loss.
The muscles and bones changed according to the face-changing technique taught by Dong Qianzhong. It didn’t take long for Chen Han’s appearance to change, and he became a man in his early thirties who was one meter tall. Leisure suit, a Chinese horoscope, was also replaced by an ordinary mountaineering suit. I took out the mountaineering rope prepared in the morning from the storage ring, put the snow cloud into my backpack, and tied some unfamiliar ropes and took them down the hill.
In this way, he changed from Chen Han to another person, stayed on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau for a few days and disappeared again. When the forces of all parties in the world gathered, he had reached the junction of West Asia and Europe.
Once again, I deliberately exposed my identity. Under the plan arranged by Residual Blood early in the morning, the news spread like wings.
Those forces from all over the world, like headless flies, scurried about the plateau, and several times they almost caused a firefight because of some small problems, and finally they didn’t even see the shadow of Chen Han. After getting the new news, although he didn’t understand how he disappeared out of thin air, he still went straight to the place where the news pointed.
Thousands of practitioners have been playing around in the palm of their hands, running around behind Chen Han’s ass, and almost traveled all over the planet that has increased by a hundred times.
Whenever they arrive at the destination, the other party will disappear inexplicably and reappear, often hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.
His appearance is irregular, and it is impossible to predict where he will appear next time.
It happened that Qin Yang and all of them were "dead", and only Huangfuyan was left in the people related to Chen Han, but her secret memories have been eliminated, and it is impossible to find any useful clues. As for using her to coerce Chen Han, it is even more impossible. No one even knows where Chen Han is. How can we be sure that the news can reach him? If you can’t even get the news, how can you use her as a bargaining chip?
In a blink of an eye for more than two months, Chen Han used to appear every few days to more than ten days. This time, 20 days have passed and I haven’t received any news about him.
Let all forces exhausted all means, even if the newly formed Tianlong has a more powerful intelligence network, there is still no clue to Chen’s cold. This person seems to be so into thin air …
Paris, the capital of France.
A small Chinese restaurant in Chinatown has a red paint plaque hanging on the door with three Chinese characters: Babaolou. Although this restaurant is small, it is famous for its thriving business, not to mention that Chinese often come here, and even many foreigners will come here.
Just because there are several special dishes with excellent flavor, it is a rare taste of human delicacies to use homemade light rice wine to accompany the dishes.
"Call it a day."
A fat old man in a Tang suit with a kind face, holding a stack of brand-new red envelopes, ha ha smiled and said, "Post, go and close the shop door. Xiao Wang, as usual, prepare a table of dining tables. Today is the day of salary. It has been a hard month for us to get together for a drink as usual. "
The pillar is a young man in his early seventies who is one meter tall, and his appearance is not good. He belongs to the kind of people who can easily hit a few people in the face by throwing a brick in the crowd.
I’ve been in Babel Building for twenty days, but I don’t talk much at ordinary times. I’m diligent and quick-footed, which is very popular with my boss.
At the beginning, the boss accidentally saw him wandering around, looking like the kind of young man who sneaked in to make money without any identification. Li Fuquan, the boss of Babel Building, that is, the fat old man wearing a Tang suit, naturally likes to be lively and cook good dishes. The most important thing is to take special care of the Chinese. When he asked about the origin, he took in the pillars.
Soon, the pillar hung a "closed business" sign on the sliding door. Except for the chef Lao Wang, who was busy cooking delicious food for everyone in the kitchen as usual, other chefs and waiters were concentrated in the middle of the restaurant.
"Gold is worthless, jewelry is worthless, diamonds are just like glass, and you can’t live in troubled times, can you?"
Li Fuquan’s tone with a hint of banter, first stopped in front of the post, put the red envelope containing salary in his hand, and solemnly said, "Post, although I have only been working for more than twenty days, I will pay you as a whole month’s salary. Remember! It’s not easy for Chinese people to make a living outside, especially in these troubled times. Those who can help must be helped. After all, they are all descendants of the Chinese people. Don’t squander their salaries, understand? "
Nodded gently, and the pillar smiled with a simple and honest smile: "Uncle Quan, I wrote it down, thank you."
"You deserve it. You do the most things in the store, and you will get a salary increase next month. Some guys will have to deduct their salary if they don’t pay attention."
"Hey hey … uncle, you always like joking …"
A few guys all laughed, and some of them were a little lazy at ordinary times, but the boss said the same thing countless times, but never deducted anyone’s salary. This boss, who is older than the oldest one among them and in his twenties, is definitely a rare good man in legend. He has never seen his face red with anyone.
In a short time, all the salaries were paid off. When the chef surnamed Wang brought out hot dishes and received his share of the salary, everyone began to prepare for a sumptuous meal.