Xiao Lingyu also spent most of his time in this ten thousand bat cave, so after entering this cave, he looked up immediately after scanning a circle.

The bat demon’s two meat wings, like black canvas, were flatly attached to the stone wall above his head, and they were hundreds of feet in both vertical and horizontal directions.
This is a bat demon comparable to a fairy in the Xiandi period. It can be seen from its flat and undulating body that it should also be sleeping soundly.
The perception of the emperor-level bat demon is naturally stronger, but even the perception of the emperor-level bat demon can’t compare with the gods of the strong in the immortal period, so Xiao Lingyu doesn’t have to worry too much. He carefully walked to the side wall of the cave and began to observe the fruits with bloody brilliance.
As the name implies, the Bodhi King is the king of Bodhi fruits, and its quality is much higher than that of any Bodhi fruit, because the Bodhi King can be regarded as a divine product.
There are countless bat monsters in this ten thousand bat cave. If Xiao Lingyu could not enter invisibly, maybe he just came in soon, and he would have to quit under the impact of the tide of bat monsters. I think Mao Zhen should have been here before, and it is estimated that facing countless bat monsters, he is also very headache.
Xiao Lingyu naturally won’t move the blood bodhi on the stone wall, because if he starts work, it will inevitably expose his figure or his own breath. If he is not careful, he will be noticed by the emperor bat demon, thus bringing unnecessary trouble to himself.
Xiao Lingyu’s patience is not bad, and he hasn’t made a move. But at this time, he almost turned around the depths of Wan Bat Cave, but he didn’t find the shadow of Bodhi King. He was a little skeptical. Is there really a Bodhi King here? Is that old boy Mao Zhen deliberately trying to embarrass himself by this? He doesn’t want to refine the elixir for himself.
Everything comes to him who waits, and two months later, Xiao Lingyu followed a little abnormal sound and found an underground river.
When he saw this underground river, Xiao Lingyu thought that the abnormal sound just now was made when the river was flowing, and he carefully distinguished it by the dark river. He found that it was not the case, so he went along the direction where the underground river was flowing.
Under the waterfall, there is naturally a pool, while in front of the waterfall is a dark and empty mountainside, and on the opposite side is a straight and steep stone wall with countless stars-like bodhi fruits shining.
Obviously, in the pool below the mountainside, there is another kind of monster beast, and their breath is more powerful, which makes Xiao Lingyu feel a little palpitation.
Xiao Lingyu’s mind moved, and he slowly flew into the mountainside, looking for the Bodhi King on the stone walls all around.
When Xiao Lingyu landed on the surface of the pool, the water suddenly crashed, and then he saw a huge monster beast with a black and green appearance like a toad coming out.
After this monster beast surfaced, several monsters with the same appearance surfaced one after another. They all opened their mouths and spit out a long and wide scarlet tongue, rolled down several bodhi fruits on the stone wall, and then flew to the cave at the source of the waterfall one after another, croaking and screaming and disappearing.
Although I think so in my heart, Xiao Lingyu still dare not fall into the water easily, because I don’t know if there is that toad-shaped monster beast below.
On the stone wall above the pool, Xiao Lingyu searched everywhere, but he didn’t find the Bodhi King. He felt that the Bodhi King must be under the water, and he had to go down and have a look.
Although the invisibility cloak is miraculous, it can’t come into contact with the tangible quality, otherwise it will be exposed, and the pool is also a kind of tangible quality. When Xiao Lingyu falls below, it is inevitable that there will be underwater sound, and his body will be wrapped in the pool, and his figure will not be hidden.
Ask for gold medals, collections, recommendations, clicks, comments, red envelopes, gifts, all kinds of requests, whatever you want, come here!
Xiaofei has written a lot of books, and his character is absolutely reliable.
There are many things to send, especially more gold medals. Xiaofei will definitely add more.
Chapter 513 Emperor level late toad demon
? Chapter 513 The toad demon in the late emperor class
The pool was very deep, and Xiao Lingyu was very cautious and fully alert. Although he didn’t fall to the bottom of the pool, he was in a crack in a stone wall and saw a perfect and crystal-clear Bodhi fruit the size of a fist. His attention was completely diverted at once, because that was the magical Bodhi King!
Chapter 514 Abuse to death alive
? Chapter 514 Abuse to death alive
"I don’t know how long it will take to forge a magic pill. I can’t wait any longer!"
Xiao Lingyu’s patience was exhausted. After he took a deep breath, he slowly fell to the surface again.
There is a saying in the world: I am willing to take the emperor down!
Qing Xuan is in critical condition now, and Xiao Lingyu can’t take care of that …
Chapter 515 Demon first ice soul grass
? Chapter 515 Demon first ice soul grass
The self-explosion of the emperor-class toads has leveled the mountainside, and even the ten thousand bat caves no longer exist. The real puppet and the toad in the late emperor-class have been exposed beside the rushing river.
Even the monks in Miaodan Gate, five million miles away, looked here in horror.
Chapter 516 God Dan 1
? Chapter 516 God Dan of 1
This is a frozen and snowy world. Although it is a bitter and cold place, the environment here has no influence on Xiao Lingyu, who has chaos and true fire.
Just arrived at the North Pole, Xiao Lingyu fully released his thoughts and began to search everywhere.
In this world of ice and snow, it is true that …
Chapter 517 God Dan 2
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On the one hand, this little ferret is really miraculous and lovable, and on the other hand, Xiao Lingyu doesn’t know how to collect the demon’s first ice soul grass, so after thinking about it, he didn’t start at random, but took this little ferret into the Shenfu, and then left for Miaodan Gate.
"Mao Lao, how can I get this demon-headed ice soul grass down?" Xiao Lingyu imprisoned the little ferret’s body and asked Mao Zhen.
Xiao Lingyu couldn’t help frowning when he heard this. The old guy, andao, is really a bad guy, and his heart is so vicious, but he asked as kindly as possible: "Is there any way to take away the demon’s head and ice soul grass without killing it?"
"Let’s talk about it first." Xiao Lingyu insisted.
"ripen this demon-headed ice soul grass and make it leave the body of this little thing automatically." Mao Zhen replied.
"The existence of such magical products as ripening requires a drop of the essence of life, and it has to wait for more than a hundred years." Maozhen answered.
"Creatures essence milk, I have a few drops here, but such a product can ripen. For those of us who regard high-order medicinal materials as the life of an alchemist, it is more precious than the product. You estimate that you are reluctant to buy a drop. Besides, can you wait another hundred years? " Mao Zhen added with a smile.
Xiao Lingyu hasn’t answered, and Peng Lao has already made a noise.
"Peng Lao, can we wait another hundred years?" Xiao Lingyu asked.
"Master Peng is right, refining the elixir naturally requires careful handling of materials, otherwise the probability of failure is very high. I can handle other materials first, and you will slowly wait for this demon-headed ice soul grass to mature. In fact, there is no delay, even if it is delayed, it will not delay too much time." Maozhen echoed, but the expression is completely different from Peng Lao.