The completion ceremony not only brought representatives from all walks of life, but also a large group of media reporters from urala.

A reporter from the TV station also brought a huge video recorder.
Li Tian, it’s all written by Ji Shu. Boss Ji is really well connected.
His heart secretly prayed for this drawing, and he painted it for several days overnight, which is today.
Only the senior workers of the project know that the steel bars in the main building of Guanhua Primary School and the design requirements of the project make the thickness different.
In order to save money, Feng Guangyao purchased thinner steel bars than originally planned.
From the point of view of engineering design, if there are no particularly serious natural disasters, such as earthquakes and land subsidence, it will not be revealed if we cut corners like this.
A great deal of redundancy is reserved in architectural design, that is, to deal with extreme situations.
Feng Guangyao chose to take risks.
Li Tian remembers hearing a senior foreman say that Feng Guangyao once boasted in the construction site.
"Takeshi is a plain where the earthquake came from? What are we afraid of if we don’t meet anything in a hundred years? What’s the matter? I can handle it with Feng Guangyao! How is it possible for us to lose a few percent of our profits because of the little possibility? Give me courage to enlarge! "
And he gave Jishu a drawing that marked the position of the steel bar.
On the first floor of the teaching building of Guanhua Primary School, he marked the positions of several load-bearing steel bars on the wall.
Ji Shu didn’t say what she needed such a drawing, but Li Tian finished it.
He came here as a senior worker, and these things didn’t bother him. Besides, he secretly measured it in the middle of the night, and he was sure that others didn’t know about him.
It’s 1: 00 a.m. Ji Shu comes from the car with a smile on his face.
However, when she walked to the playground completion ceremony, she was slightly stunned.
Many reporters did come to the scene, but not all of them were arranged by her.
Guo Feixia was sitting in the media box, close to the podium. When she saw Jishu, she immediately got up and came quickly.
"The completion ceremony will start in half an hour, and I just realized that something is wrong!"
Guo Feixia is slightly anxious.
Jishu squinted at the media box.
"Those people are not from the media, are they?"
"no! Several foreign media and Beijing media are reluctant to talk to me. I suspect Feng Guangyao invited me. "
Sure enough, she has a media friend in Ji Shu, and so will Feng Guangyao.
But Feng Guangyao invited such a multimedia person for anything?
Some uncertainty rises in Ji Shu’s chest.
"You see, not only the media scene, but also a few leaders who usually don’t participate in this specification activity."
Her eyes floated past to Guo Feixia and said
Guo Feixia nodded and looked worried. "Ji Shu, although I don’t know what your plan is today, I think Feng Guangyao is also prepared, otherwise we won’t act today, right? I’m a little worried! "
Guo Feixia has never seen such a big battle. She has seen more activities in the north and south. It is unusual for so many people to watch the ceremony when a primary school is completed.
It’s like setting up a stage to wait for acting. Whether Ji Shu is the director or starring Guo Feixia is a little uncertain at the moment.
Feng Guangyao’s opponent is too difficult
Jishu shook his head.
"Feng Guangyao seems to have plans today. If I don’t make moves, I may be killed by him instead. Today, I also arranged for a big drama team to arrive."
Guo Feixia didn’t ask Ji Shu’s plan in detail before, but now she is full of doubts.
She was so curious. What else did Ji Shu arrange?
But I haven’t come to think about it yet. A hoarse and low voice is too thick to turn away resentment and provocation.
"Ji Shu, I advise you to stop now and come back, otherwise I really don’t know what will happen."
Feng Guangyao did not greet at all and went straight to the point.
Ji Shu and Guo Feixia turned their heads at the same time to see that indeed Feng Guangyao was dressed in a black tweed suit and approached them.
Guo Feixia has some accidents. She has been Feng Guangyao still in prison! I didn’t expect him to get out of prison so soon!
But Guo Feixia knew that Jishu must have known for a long time when she saw that Jishu was very calm.
She is more admired for this woman, surprise gift
"Stop? Don’t be ridiculous. You’re just talking. Whether I stop or not, you will be the same as Jianyi Building, right? "
Feng Guangyao sneer at one
"Your ultimate goal is to step on my foot and make my life difficult, isn’t it?"
JiShu sneer at aggressive even bald men can’t help but retreat.
"Then you’ll have new goals. You’ll always win, conquer and destroy. You won’t stop, will you?"
Feng Guangyao’s face and expression changed. Guo Feixia read a kind of joy. It was a kind of appreciate each other feeling. Feng Guangyao really had special feelings for Ji Shu.
"Smart, but you can choose to surrender to me now. You know that although I am married, my favorite is always that you want your horse to be Mrs. Feng, and I will make you the most powerful woman in WuShi."
Guo Feixia heard a burst of nausea, you can’t help it.
"Mr. Feng, I have a rest today, not as a reporter, but as a friend of Boss Ji. What you said is really disgusting. I can’t watch it. We can become the most powerful woman in Wushi without you."
Guo Feixia’s tone is certain to speak in one go. Ji Shu can’t help but sigh that reporter Guo’s level is higher than others.
Feng Guangyao’s bald man rushed over and stood in front of Guo Feixia. It seems that he is going to start work in a second.
"What are you doing!" Reporter Guo does not show weakness.
Ji Shu said to Feng Guangyao in the previous step, "You didn’t really want to give me a chance to say these words. You are enjoying seeing others beg for mercy."