Chen cold twist a head smiled: "understand? The martial art is just a joke, even if the martial art master at the peerless peak can be erased at will with a wisp of breath and coercion. You have the opportunity to become people like us, provided that you surrender, and then you are unconditionally and completely loyal. "

"What kind of organization is Tianlong …?" Without the threat of coercion, Dong Qianzhong still can’t calm down, which subverts his thinking limit.
"Protect the Chinese people and fight against other countries."
In a short eight-word response, Chen Han didn’t want to talk more about Tianlong, and said coldly, "These are not what you can know and participate in. Joining Jing Yun will become my subordinate, and this is your way of survival in the future. The price is to pay everything, and the return is to surpass the ability of martial arts. Don’t try to waste my time, otherwise I will help you choose death. "
"I want to join Tianlong!" Dong Qianzhong suddenly faced the cold, and his eyes were full of firmness.
"You have no chance to join Tianlong. Even if I allow you, Tianlong won’t want you."
"Protect the Chinese people … against countries …"
"Dong Qianzhong, the true king of thousands of illusions, has always only dealt with countries other than Yanhuang. If I guess correctly, what’s the secret?"
From the change of the other party, Chen Han guessed a little vaguely and said faintly: "I am a Tianlong person. Follow me, even if you don’t join Tianlong, you can do what you want, and you will gain far more strength than today."
Dong Qianzhong knelt on the floor, erected his index finger and middle finger and swore: "I, Dong Qianzhong, will join the Surprising Cloud Club from today and be loyal to Chen Han, and I will never betray even if I am stunned!"
Absolute strength and identity make others unable to resist, and even more unable to resist the conditions given by the other party. As fighters, no one is not eager for stronger power.
Turn your hands into clouds!
Cover your hands for the rain!
Practitioners pursue supreme power, and when they know that there is power beyond budo, that desire is almost crazy.
Then the eight people who filed in also made a vow to follow Chen Han to the death. Although this oath was temporarily based on threats and the exchange of powerful abilities, who knows the future?
The opposite position became one of our own, and the secret about Dong Qianzhong also surfaced.
Many years ago, when he was less than fifteen years old, he had a happy family, parents and sisters who loved him deeply, and his family conditions were very good.
But one day, my father’s company clashed with foreign counterparts, and some foreigners suddenly appeared in his home one night. Father was brutally killed, mother and sister were killed by those foreigners, and after witnessing the whole thing with his own eyes, he was also hamstrung.
With the hatred of extermination, he spent all his family’s money to hire a killer to kill the boss of that foreign enterprise, but he couldn’t find the foreigners who killed his family.
I accidentally got a fancy from a martial arts master, and connected him with tendons by secret methods, teaching him martial arts and face-changing skills.
"This is my true appearance."
More than a dozen scars crisscross an ordinary face, which looks extremely ferocious and terrible. Dong Qianzhong’s eyes sparkle with a fiery fire of resentment: "I didn’t find those animals, and I vowed not to let anyone see my true face, even my eight brothers who are my partners. Since I have vowed to follow you, this oath can only be broken. One day I will find them and let them suffer the most cruel punishment and die! "
Secretly sighed, Chen Han patted him on the shoulder: "I didn’t expect you to have such a past. After this task is completed, give me the portraits of your enemies, and I will try my best to help you fulfill your wish." It’s just that … after more than 20 years, the appearance of these people has changed, and I can’t give you any guarantee. "
"Master …"
"Chen Han, or call me Boss and Brother Chen, you just follow me, not my slaves."
Dong Qian nodded his head and said with a heavy voice, "I know it’s useless to leave us with your training. If my face-lifting skill is useful to you, I’ll give it to you now."
There was a flash of light and shadow in the palm of your hand, and nine pills with faint green breath appeared out of thin air. Chen Han said with a light smile: "Here are nine Zuji pills. With the cultivation of your lowest master realm, you should be able to sense the aura of heaven and earth and re-refine the original complex qi within more than 20 hours. After taking it, follow the mental method I taught, and I will explain your task after completion. "
Although they usually do some illegal activities, these nine people are by no means afraid of death, and they will not doubt that it is necessary for the new boss to harm them with poison.
Without hesitation, I took Dan medicine, and there was a clear voice in my ear, which was a method they had never been exposed to. The true qi will no longer be strengthened through the circulation in the meridians. In the vast nature, there is more pure and powerful energy, which will become the foundation of practice.
Different from Xiao Dao and others who practiced for the first time, the lowest of the nine people were trained by budo Sect, and the strongest even reached the late stage of peerless, only one step away from breaking through budo.
At this time, the original has gradually come into contact with a broader world.
When Zhu Jidan has played its role, giving them the ability to cultivate truth, and with the assistance of cultivating truth, how can the speed of sensing the aura of heaven and earth be as slow as that of ordinary people?
In less than two hours, the late peerless master named Ding Hui was the first to feel the aura of heaven and earth. Then, in the next three hours, the remaining eight people also sensed the aura of heaven and earth successively, and with the help of the method of fixing truth, they quickly transformed the true qi in the body.
Fifteen hours passed in an instant, and Ding Hui slowly opened his eyes, his eyes shining with silver. He could not conceal the excitement on his face and held Chen Han’s hand: "Boss! You didn’t lie to us. I succeeded. I entered the late stage of my heart. I used to think that my true qi is pure enough, but compared with now, it is not in a class at all, and the fighting capacity has increased by at least five times … "
"Congratulations, but don’t be too happy. You haven’t even reached the threshold of fixing the truth during the cardiac period. More than 80% of the people who fix the truth during the cardiac period are stuck in the late cardiac period." Chen cold don’t want him to be too proud, hurriedly give him a shot.
"I remember what you said when you taught the center method. The cardiac period to the then period is a natural barrier. If you take a step back, you will be immortal. There is no comparability between the two. Don’t worry, I will definitely practice hard, and I will definitely break through the Golden Dan period and will not live up to the expectations of the boss! "
"Not my expectation, but for your own future."
Chen Han looked at the second one who completed the transformation of the true qi, and stood up from the floor. Chi Yuqiu, who looked excited, said, "Only when you have reached the golden elixir period, can you have all kinds of magical powers of the person who fixes the truth. Now you can defend your sword for more than ten or twenty meters at most. In the golden elixir period, not only can you kill the enemy with the imperial sword for 100 meters, but you can also fly for nine days with the imperial sword, you can cast various spells, you can refine the alchemy, you can arrange the array, and you can see everything within ten miles of Fiona Fang with spiritual knowledge. These are far from being comparable in the heartbeat period. "
The two people who have completed the transformation from fighters to fix true show horror on their faces. The abilities mentioned by the boss bring not only shock, but also unbounded desire.
"remember! Even if one day comes to the golden elixir period, don’t be conceited, because the golden elixir period is only the threshold of repairing the truth. Even if this world is greatly bound by the rules of heaven and earth, there is no world with strong masters, and there are too many people who can kill the people who fix the truth in the golden elixir period! "
"Kill then fix true …"
When a brand-new world is presented and they have the qualification to enter this new world, they find that the strength they used to be proud of is just a joke.
If the way to fix the truth is likened to a long March, they just took the first step, and the then period is just a transit station hundreds of miles away …
Chapter 69 Smooth infiltration
The gambling boat braved the wind and waves on the high seas, and went all the way according to the scheduled route. After learning the art of easy accommodation, Chen Han returned to the cabin below.
Of course, before he left, he solemnly warned Dong Qianzhong and others, and then he must pretend that he didn’t know himself and do what he should do without any personal feelings. Once they leave the gambling boat, the nine people must return to China in the shortest time and go to our city to meet Qin Yang.
More than an hour later, five people’s satellite phones vibrated first and then, and oversight’s next action instructions were issued.
Earnestly implement the policy of small gambling, and the wolf-greedy team members who win when losing, after receiving the instructions, make crazy bets like a different person.
"One million, 14 o’clock."
Banker stunned looking at Chen Han, put ten million chips in front of him, thinking that this guy who had been lucky before, how could his luck be so good.
Pushing out all the 1 million capital and the 10 million won, Chen Han smiled and said, "11 million, 8 o’clock, let’s go."
After the last time the whole table lost money, no one regarded him as a master, and no one followed suit according to his own gambling method.
However, when the gambling set was opened, everyone screamed in horror, and their intestines were almost regretful, and the dealer turned pale. The second one hit the points again, and lost more than 100 million at ten times the odds. Even if it had won more than 200 million from Vice Mayor Zhao and other gamblers, it was impossible to help losing!
"Pay according to the number, I will come!"
The man in a suit came forward and gave Chen Han 110 million chips. His face was heavy and he took over the original dealer.
Other gamblers are in a complicated mood to the extreme. On the one hand, they are worried that Chen Han will make another own goal, and they will lose a lot of money with him. On the other hand, they are afraid of missing a good opportunity, and they all hesitate to follow suit.
"How about we have one alone?" The man in the suit stared at Chen Han in his eyes.
"No problem."
Chen Han pushed all the chips out, ha ha smiled and said, "Don’t wait for you to shake, I’ll press zero, and if I lose, I’ll accompany more than 1.1 billion, right?"
The people present were frightened to disgrace, how can they press ahead before the other party shakes?
Besides, even if you bet, you can’t bet zero. Did this guy get kicked in the head by a donkey?
Chen cold on the gambling table here kills the quartet while betting crazily. Xiang Lang, Lei Ming, Fang Chihai and Jiang Song, with the ability of fixing the true, also collect money at a terrifying speed on other gambling tables. Every one puts all the capital and the chips won, and the geometric multiple skyrockets, even if the gambling boat owner has strong financial resources, he can’t afford to lose everything.
Knock, knock, knock …
Dice rolling in the gambling equipment, suit man is by no means think Chen cold head has a problem, big drops of sweat rolling down on his forehead.
After more than twenty seconds, the gambling set was quietly placed on the gambling table. Just as the man in the suit was about to uncover the gambling set, Chen Han clapped his hands on the table. Pure power, under the subtle control of the emperor’s extremely shocking record, rushed into the gambling apparatus like hitting a cow across the mountain, and there was a crisp crack inside.