"Inside …"

Xiao asked and nodded, "Yes, the achievement method inside is actually better than I expected. I originally thought that there was nothing necessary in it except the animal lessons and those miscellaneous books on life. Recently, when I was idle, I realized that although there were only a few classics such as Fu and Dan, they were actually quite extraordinary. I have a BenQ, and my BenQ is special. I am good at refining Dan medicine, so I carefully studied the classics of Dan Dao. "
"Is there much to practice?"
"well. There is a kind of Dan medicine called Ding Yandan in it. I want to try it for you. "
"Ding Yandan?"
Xiao couldn’t help but feel bitter on his face. To be honest, he didn’t know whether Duan Yan was very concerned about this matter: "It is to allow you to maintain your present appearance until you are old."
Duan Yan zheng, and then stopped talking …
The two have been getting along very well, but at this time there is more embarrassment.
In fact, they have always avoided talking about Duan Yan’s age, and now they finally have to face it …
"I’m not afraid of you getting old …"
Duan Yan suddenly put his hand over Xiao Wen’s mouth and smiled: "I know. Well, refine it after you break through. "
"hmm." Xiao asked with a heavy nod.
Twenty days later, Duan Yan temporarily returned to stay with her two brothers, while Xiao Wen hid himself in a cave in the mountains, where Qibao Xuanhuo Tower was his protector, and he himself closed his doors and prepared for promotion.
Speaking of it, although he is famous in Tianlan demon world, his realm is actually quite embarrassing.
Tianlan demon world is the world of fairy king, and Xianhao is barely qualified to be independent on the battlefield. As for Daxian, it is actually a soldier …
Due to Xiao Wen’s mysterious fate and purple Yan’s help, he didn’t care much about combat effectiveness. In addition, he didn’t intend to leave normally, but wanted to leave by refining the boundary seal, so the promotion of the boundary was not so urgent. The main question is, even if it is urgent, how can it be? Ascend to the realm of the fairy king? Moreover, it is not that you can soar when you reach the fairy king, but you must reach the peak of the late fairy king and break through again before you can soar.
Now that he has been promoted this time, he has played very firmly, which is estimated to be helpful for his next promotion.

Chapter four hundred and twenty-eight Touch the law
It is definitely a big leap from Daxian to Xianhao. Before and after the promotion, not only the quality of Daoji will be greatly improved, but also the magical power of teleport will be added.
In fact, people can be regarded as a fairy, and the process of promotion is the process of improving the spirit of "people" as a fairy and reducing its content. Spirit xing is mainly embodied in Tao power, Tao foundation and soul, while thing xing refers to the shackles of physical body.
The primary and middle-level fairies can’t fly, because the spirit of "man" is much smaller than that of things, and they can’t fly with the flesh at all. By the time of Xianhao’s realm, the spirit xìng has been improved by tens of thousands of times compared with the little fairy, let alone flying and teleporting. ..
But teleport this avatar is nothing for Xiao Wen, after all, he can already use 90 thousand teleport in the realm of the Great Immortal. What he values most is the qualitative change of Daoji and Daoli. The Daoji and Daoli of Xianhao’s realm are enough to support him to practice the follow-up part of the Purple Ghost Magic Martial Truth Sutra, and he can really start refining the fairy wares of Xianhao’s realm. At the same time, he can also try new contents on the Beast Road and the Dandao Road.
In a blink of an eye, after several ri, Xiao asked to stop in the cave and finally heard the sound, and the robbery appeared!
When Xiao asked to open his eyes, he just teleported out and came to the nearest big lake. He is armed with the foundations of fire, earth, seclusion and Ming, and he absorbs the robbery of these four aspects. It is indeed better in Du Jie where there is much water.
Se changes in the sky, the turbid waves on the water surface are emptied, and between Tianshui, the Se breath and flames rush in the direction of Xiao Wen … ..
Although it looks really scary, it is really no threat to Xiao Wen now. The Qibao Xuanhuo Tower was completely restored after he and 90,000 people kept it warm for several years, and its power became more and more powerful in the following years. At this time, he only offered a sacrifice to the Qibao Xuanhuo Tower, and there was a four-story glass cover to protect him inside. Blocked most of the road robberies for him. Seven treasures dazzle fire tower can’t stop, then let ninety thousand horses, and if there is any fish escaping through the net, the threat to xìng is already quite small, and Xiao Wen will have no problem holding on.
I don’t know how long it took, but the lake finally quieted down. Xiao Wen was also nervous and sweaty, so he simply fell into the lake and took a bath.
"You finally caught up with this girl." Xiao Wen just entered the water, and the 90,000 in the blood mark boasted tunnel.
Xiao asked really not bashful to refute, because ninety thousand really rose to the realm of Xianhao ten years ago. After all, this is the demon world, and she doesn’t make sense. She’s not as slow as Xiao Wen’s promotion.
"Isn’t it enough for my spirit beads?" Xiao asked unconcerned and laughed.
"This girl’s own qualification is the most critical factor, okay?" Ninety thousand aren’t tunnel, but soon changed tone, serious tunnel, "by the way. Brother, when shall we study the new avatar? "
"In such a hurry?"
"Hey hey. I’ve got my own ideas. I will work with you for a few days, and at least I can study two or three new magical powers. " 90 thousand showed the fox’s tail.
This is the case with the practice of animal Taoism. It is best to explore the common connection between fairy animals and human blood, rather than simply explore the blood of one side. Because the fairy beast’s blood magical power is more important in refining the body and talent magical power, without Xiao Wen, 90 thousand’s skill is nothing more than super body and fire control; And with the participation of Xiao Wen. You can look for changes through their two common blood marks, which can make 90,000 fire control techniques dig out many tricks, and the wonderful degree and power of J and jīng are likely to be far greater than her own thinking.
"Well, I’ll help your sister-in-law forge a set of Yandan. Then I will study the new avatar with you. "
"OK, then I’ll wait for you!" Ninety thousand excitedly tunnel.
Speaking of it, Xiao Wen and Duan Yan have been married for fifteen years. Both of them are changing, but 90,000 have matured, which is naturally influenced by Xiao Wen.
"Ninety thousand, practicing and fighting in this world are generally based on fairy beasts, but I have kept you in the blood mark and rarely let you show your face. You won’t blame me, will you?" Xiao asked suddenly.
"Do you want to hear the truth?" Ninety thousand abrupt serious tunnel.