Off the two people, such as Zongwangren, Zuo Ningqing, Xiao asked three people standing in the school can’t help but look at each other.

"It’s no wonder that Xiao asked you that you are so skillful in instrument and Tao, and you are actually a master of that Liang Xin." Clear the way with left coagulation.
"I just know that Liang Xin’s founder is so famous." Xiao asked awkwardly.
Zong Wangren coughed and pretended to be serious. "Xiao asked, you really don’t know the refining method of the dragon-dropping stick?"
When Xiao asked if Zong Wangren was joking with him, he smiled and said, "If I really knew how to refine so many fairy wares, I wouldn’t get five points for every comprehensive test …"
At this time, Zuo Ningqing looked at the direction in which Wei and Gao disappeared and said seriously: "Even they value the dragon-dropping stick so much in their status, which shows how powerful this stick is. It’s a pity that the world’s workshops are also hidden dragons and crouching tigers, but unfortunately they can’t show their talents when they are alive. "
Zong Wangren was deeply impressed and sighed: "The system has its disadvantages, but it also has its own advantages. For example, Liang Xinzhu is a typical one who would rather give up those advantages in order not to be affected by the disadvantages of the system."
"Go home. Xiao asked you to go to bed early, too, and you will have a competition tomorrow. " Clear the way with left coagulation.
Xiao asked that the room was very close to Zuo Ningqing. He pretended to go back to the room first, and when there was no movement over there, he crept out of the house again. I went to find Nan Yunqing.
He didn’t dare to tell anyone about the change of Daoji Fairy Method. First, because it is the strongest Daoji Fairy Method from the celestial world after all, once it is said, it will definitely cause an uproar. Second, the basic fairy method came from Nan Yunqing, as long as Nan Yunqing did not allow it. He has no right to speak out.
Xiao Wencai gently knocked on the door, and there came Nan Yunqing’s voice: "Come in."
"South girl." Xiao asked through the door and closed the door while greeting Nan Yunqing.
"My realm is limited now, and it may take longer to guide you to change your Taoist power. We’d better start as soon as possible."
Soon they sat cross-legged face to face on two futons and began to adjust their breath.
Xiao Wen was much later than Nan Yunqing before he completely calmed down. Then he didn’t open his eyes and said directly, "All right."
Nan Yunqing opened his eyes. A slight concentration, and then raised his right hand, sword pointing to the xiao asked the eyebrows.
Xiao asked to close his eyes, and he could obviously feel a lavender Se force seeping in from his forehead. Turns out to be a little weak.
However, there is a saying that a thin camel is bigger than a horse, and those lavender Taoist powers are obviously stronger than the Jing Xian Dao in his body even if they are weak. They easily burst through the Jing Xian Dao, entered his whole cranial cavity, and then rushed to the soul root!
At this time, it was easy for Nan Yunqing to kill Xiao Wen. But Xiao asked for her trust, not only not nervous, but completely relaxed, so as not to affect Nan Yunqing’s behavior.
Lavender Tao Li wrapped the soul root. Then it didn’t rush in, but just stopped there. Communicate with the lavender Taoist power by the soul root itself.
According to Xiao Wen’s original Daoji Fairy Method, the Taoist force generated on his Daoji will only be the strength of Jing Xian Dao. The nature on the soul root is the same, and now, the soul root has to start to compare whether it is better to be surprised by the immortal spirit or the lavender spirit.
There is no doubt that lavender power is better, and it is not a fragment!
The soul root is also a master of picking fat and reducing weight. Before long, he began to actively absorb those lavender powers! It is impossible to suck but not let go. Since the soul root is a part of the Daoji, it has always been in a dynamic balance. It absorbs Daoji and releases Daoji. At first, the soul root still absorbs the lavender Taoist power and releases the amazing immortal Taoist power. After all, it is a habit, but as time goes by, a little lavender Taoist power is finally released by it, and then slowly increases!
Time gradually passed under such a slow change, and soon the whole night passed, and the morning light could be clearly felt on the window lattice.
And at that time, Xiao asked the whole body’s fire and the deep and remote Taoist base finally all began to release the lavender Taoist force outward.
What poured into Daoji was the strength of Jing Xian Dao, but what came out was the strength of lavender Dao.
Here is a big step, Xiao asked has been feeling with your eyes closed, he didn’t know it, at this time, Nan Yunqing was pale and his breathing was much heavier than at first.
"Get ready, and I’ll pass on all the methods of practicing the true fairy realm of the Purple Ghost Magic Martial Arts Classic to you." Nan Yunqing suddenly said.
"good." Xiao asked directly with your eyes closed.
The next moment, Nan Yunqing’s eyes turned out to be lit up with messy brilliance, and it was obvious that what flowed into Xiao Wen’s mind along her sword finger was no longer so simple!
What is injected into Xiao Wen’s mind and body are articles, images, actions, feelings and experiences …
Words and images are just that, they can only be forced in, but those movements, those feelings and experiences are also pouring in, which is really amazing, just like he once incarnated Nan Yunqing, and he also did those actions and had such feelings and experiences …
It turns out that this Zi Ming Mo Wu Zhen jīng is so magical, so broad and deep, and it has broken away from the category of ordinary fairy method, but it is a masterpiece that integrates the basic fairy method, the magical fairy method, the in-depth analysis of the device and the ghost, and the practical application of the method, and it is an unfinished masterpiece!
Until the information finally cut off, Xiao asked some reluctant to open his eyes, but greedily realized it.
Then he heard a weak cough, and hurriedly opened his eyes. When he saw the face of Nan Yunqing, he was startled.
"South girl, are you okay? !”
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Chapter two hundred and seven Finder (there are two chapters)
Ever since I made a bet with Zheng Jiandong, Shang Jiao and others in the comprehensive test, and finally gave up the bet on my own initiative to convince the gang, these 27 cases of J and NG Yingda have become more and more like a walk for Xiao Wen. He is bound to get a high score when he gets a high score, and those who get a low score can’t escape, so he proves his strength in this big match and enjoys the game instead of fighting with someone.
In a blink of an eye, it has been two months since the J: ng British University was established. Perhaps Xiao didn’t even realize that he had left a deep impression on those big and small clans and scattered repairs. His performance in the internal test of the Tao is really amazing, and he has always been in the first place, and even the disciples of the Zi Ji Sect are obviously crushed by him! In fact, there were two accidents in this situation. Both of them were tested for non-mineral refining materials. As a result, he only got six points on both occasions. However, the total score of the internal competition of the instrument is still firmly under his control, and the advantages he accumulated before can easily make up for the disadvantages of those two times.
How can a person who gets the first total score in the internal test of the instrument be ignored? Besides, he’s just a beginner!
In fact, this achievement has surprised Zong Wangren, and the small old man realized that maybe Xiao asked that it was not a fluke to get so many things from Feixia Valley. There is no doubt that this single achievement asked by Xiao is already their best achievement in 27 cases of J and NG Yingdabi in the history of Ming Jianzong. Under such circumstances, Zong Wangren could not even help but wonder whether Xiao Wen was also a commodity like Xun Yu’s, which was simply a harm from the upper bound …
Fortunately, Xiao Wen is not always so fierce. The comprehensive competition is obviously his shortcoming, and Zong Wangren felt that his guess was a bit ridiculous. If Xiao Wen really came down from the upper bound, he should also shine in the comprehensive competition.
Xiao Wen’s score in the comprehensive competition has always been five points and five points, which is endless. Only when he gets the flight ability will he shine. However, looking at so many comprehensive competitions. There are only three games in total to fully test the flying ability. This makes his overall score in the comprehensive competition quite insufficient, but the score in the internal competition is there. Not many people care anymore.
In a word, two months after the start of this J and jīng English competition, Xiao Wen’s popularity has already changed. Even though he has been busy practicing, he feels it.
Seeing that the competition will be held in another 20 days, Xiao Wen had to start implementing his original plan, but his magic device was only loaded with fire yuan.
This day happened to be suspended for rest. In the morning, Xiao Wen left the school alone, bought some gifts at a temporary fairy collection nearby, and then hurried directly to the headquarters of the Chaoying School.
When I got to the place soon, I came forward to ask, and I knew that Gao Chenglan didn’t go out. Xiao asked not to thank God.