"Brother Dao, please rest assured that as long as you receive the notice, you will come and do your bit." Na Yi slightly opened his right hand, and a blue jade block shone out and gently threw it at Jin Yang, saying, "Brother Dao, have a good trip this time. This is the map of heaven, which I personally portrayed when I traveled to four continents when I was young, famous mountains, famous waters, sects, regions where the masters are located, and the temper of the masters. . . Everything is available. Brother Dao’s cultivation is superb, but it’s better to be careful. "

Jinyang smiled at the map and said with great gratitude, "Thank you so much. Please ask the third prince to help me keep an eye on the Queen Mother. If she dares to do harm to Zilan, please inform me in secret. That crazy woman is crazy and can do anything, even her own woman will kill her heart, so I hope the third prince can help me look after it. I won’t say anything else. It’s all in words.
Jinyang opened his mouth slightly, and the map flew into his mouth and swallowed it directly, indicating that Hades could get up. Hades immediately took orders and slightly destroyed the secret method, and the blood cloud at his feet roared out and flew due south.
This destination is the mysterious island, which is located on the sea of Wang Yang, sandwiched between Nan Shan Bu Zhou and Xi Niu He Zhou. Everyone is still in the central imperial domain at the moment, and there are only two ways to go to the mysterious island.
The first way is to go west first. First enter the territory of Xiniu Hezhou, then go south, and enter the sea from the southeast of Xiniu Hezhou, and find the mysterious island. However, Xiniu Hezhou is different from the past, and now it has basically fallen into the bag of Buddhism. If Jinyang and others rush in. It is completely tantamount to self-destruction, and this road is absolutely infeasible.
The other way is to enter Nanbu Island first. Go all the way south, then enter the sea from the southwest of the continent, and then find the mysterious island.
However, there are many evil spirits in Nanbu Island, and most of the religious sects in the continent are left-handed. Most evil spirits and ghosts are hidden in this continent, especially the Wanyao Hall, the most extreme sect, whose main body is the ancient demon fire unicorn. He was born in heaven before the Great War, and he was also an excellent master among the eighteen immortals, and his cultivation was absolutely no less than that of the Quartet Emperor.
After some consideration, Jinyang finally decided to enter Nanshan Buzhou first. Although it was a narrow escape on the way, it was better than Xi Niu Hezhou’s ten deaths and no life, and Jinyang had a big advantage that others didn’t know. That is to be familiar with the terrain. Vulcan Zhu Rong was born in Nanbu Island since he was a child, and no one knows this continent better than him.
There are many ubers in Nanbu, and Jinyang doesn’t want to cause more trouble. He secretly ordered a dust child and 36 pro-guards to hide their breath and only release the cultivation that is probably similar to the lower order of the fairy. It is equivalent to Li San, the leader of Teal Kilo. They all sit quietly on the blood cloud and practice meditation.
As a result, the strongest breath among the people became Hades and The Hunger old ghost, and the blood cloud was personally controlled by Hades, while The Hunger old ghost turned into a sticky blood fog, which wrapped everyone, hiding people’s eyes and ears, and flew to the south.
Hades purposely avoided the skies of those Daimon Masaru factions, and whenever he met the Great Guardian Array, he would make a detour.
Because the boundary at the foot of everyone is still in the central imperial domain. Meet some monsters are ordinary small demon. Fix for the most severe but also just reached the realm of Jinxian, where you can fight to Hades with the first-class magic. All of them were slaughtered by him and finally became supplements.
The Hunger’s old ghost was excited all the way. He learned from that Yi that the altar of Shinto in The Hunger was located in the southern part of the state, and he could not help but feel a little excited when he went back to the sect to see the mood, even if he was such a master.
In this way, we walked slowly for three days. In the evening, the blood cloud finally arrived at a huge river. Under the signal of Jinyang, everyone slowly lowered the cloud head and carried out simple cultivation.
A clearing was found by the river, and a lot of dry wood was picked up, which gave birth to three kinds of true fire. Tyre and Kilo walked towards the forest by the river, ready to catch some game and cook it by bald plum for dinner today.
Although everyone has become immortal, but after all, they have just soared to heaven, and they can’t break the temptation of whole grains, especially Hades and others have brought a lot of good wine in their space bags, and there are all kinds of red wine and white wine, which naturally makes them more tempted.
The biggest reason why Jinyang chose the riverside as a resting place is that it crossed the river, opposite the boundary of Nanshanbuzhou.
Across the river, it is different from the central god domain where it is located at the moment. After all, the central god domain is at the foot of the son of heaven, and there are many decent masters of Sendao, so there is no room for monsters to survive at all. Therefore, Jinyang and others have come all the way with the wind, and all they see are small demons, but across the river, they are ubers.
In a short time, Tyr did not know where he caught a white deer, which was a celestial species, two or three points bigger than the average elephant in the world, and weighed more than ten tons. The bald Li stripped his fur and hollowed out his internal organs, and then he slowly roasted it on a three-flavor real fire.
When it was half-cooked, Bald Lee actually took out a lot of seasonings, slowly cut the venison with a flying sword, sprinkled some seasonings on the incision, and then smeared a layer of high-grade white wine on the deer. The meat was so fragrant that Hades and others swallowed their saliva. Even the magic eagle and others who had not eaten for hundreds of years could not help but look at the half-cooked deer.
Not the kui is a three-flavor fire. It only took half an hour to roast this white deer with more than ten tons of important land until it was eight-mature, and its strong meat flavor kept drifting out, which could be smelled in Fiona Fang for miles.
Although it is only eight-ripe, Kilo, who can’t stand it, has already taken out his flying sword and cut it gently. Half a catty of barbecue will fall gently, and the flying sword will act as a meat fork, fork the fallen barbecue, and taste it slowly. By the way, he will take out the red wine treasured in another dimension, which has a stronger fragrance and will float into the river, attracting the attention of unknown creatures.
Just when all the people came forward to cut off a little barbecue and took out red wine to drink a few mouthfuls, a gust of evil wind suddenly blew, and they suddenly became nervous. Even Jinyang frowned slightly, his eyes fiercely widened, and he was glued to the river only a few tens of meters away.

Heaven Volume Chapter 305 River Demon One
Heaven Volume Chapter 305 River Demon One
Jinyang looked a little nervous, threw down the red wine bottle, jumped up quickly, walked quickly to the river, stared at the calm river, and somehow felt a sense of danger.
See Jinyang so carefully, and they all followed the alert, especially The Hunger old ghost, with Jinyang side for the longest time, this is the first time to see Jinyang so nervous, spirit force rushed into the river, want to find out, but found nothing, in desperation, can only look at Jinyang, hope to get some answers from him, good solution in my heart.
Feel weird magic eagle quickly ordered, and the pro-guards quickly spread out, surrounded by Jinyang, and dozens of gods condensed into one, sweeping across the river in a carpet, but still found nothing, and everyone was very strange, but because of Jinyang’s face, no one showed it.
Jinyang heart more confused, the spirit force would have searched the rivers and rivers in Fiona Fang for miles, but found nothing, not only but also couldn’t find the enemy. In the river for miles, there was no creature, whether it was the devil who practiced the word or the livestock who didn’t have wisdom, all disappeared without a trace.
Time goes on slowly, and Jinyang’s heart is getting more and more anxious, and he can’t find the enemy’s place. This feeling of strength and nowhere can really drive people crazy, but the feeling of danger has never receded, and it has become more and more obvious as time goes on. I can feel that the enemy is approaching.
All of a sudden, a gold and a silver two finely, gratuitous breaking the surface, at the speed of Jinyang imperceptible, toward the barbecue to maser. Jinyang felt a terrible shock, and he was so cold that he couldn’t move in an instant. An ancient and profound memory emerged from the depths of his mind and suddenly shouted, "Avoid, don’t block hard."
But the speed of the two beams is too fast, and Jinyang’s words just exit. Two beams of gold and silver have passed through the chests of two pro-guards respectively. With a faint scent of blood, I brushed past his other door, and then wrapped the roast deer that had been roasted for eight months. The wind turned around, the light flashed, and it flew back into the river.
Jinyang watched the white deer, which was bigger than an elephant, plunge into the river fiercely, without starting a wave. Did not recover, but flew to the two pro-guards in a hurry. After some careful investigation, as expected, the two pro-guards were already dead, and the Vulcan body was directly broken, and the essence of the whole body was also sucked clean. The rest of the body is as hard as ice.
Jinyang suddenly eyes red, coldly looking at the river, his hands slightly hard, golden orange phlogistic Yang true fire suddenly gushed out, two bodies instantly turned to ashes, in the heart regret. If I had just recovered this memory earlier, this would not have happened.
The magic eagle didn’t think so at first, but when he saw the sudden death of two people, even the bodies were reduced to ashes, he woke up suddenly, and his face suddenly changed, like a real murderous look, and he slammed into the river without hesitation, followed by those two lights, and roared in his mouth: "Damn beast! I won’t kill you today. My magic eagle vows not to be human. "
Jinyang stood up with a straight face and coldly said to the people behind him, "A dust child. You keep an eye on them, try to hide your breath, and try not to be enemies. Hades, come down with me. It seems that we are too careful. If I let out my breath early, these two animals should not have the courage to kill my people in front of me. "
Before the dust could react, Jinyang rolled up a hot wind, wrapped in irresistible Hades, and blasted into the river. His mind followed the magic eagle closely and kept diving towards the bottom of the river.
At the moment when the water broke down, Jinyang felt a tingle, and a cold breath burst through the body, quickly shooting into the body, and the meridians everywhere were necrotic and broken.
Jinyang was in a great hurry, and quickly transported the true fire of the sun to wrap the cold. This didn’t turn into ice, and it couldn’t promote Hades, but it had already become solid ice. Jinyang didn’t dare to be careless, and quickly drove the true fire of the sun to wrap Hades and help him drive away the cold.
Looking at Hades’ rapid recovery, Jinyang hurriedly arranged a thin layer of real fire around the two people, and then slowly observed the surrounding area. The surrounding temperature was at least several hundred degrees below zero, which was extremely cold, but the river was still flowing, showing no signs of ice formation. It was really weird.
While diving rapidly, Jinyang thought in his mind, just that two rays of gold and silver, if I remember correctly, should be the specialty of this drinking water in Hanoi, a monster cultivated by bighead carp. It is no wonder that there is no living thing in Fiona Fang for miles, such a cold river, even ordinary water monsters can’t stand it, not to mention those ordinary aquatic animals.
The bighead carp, a magnificent thing, comes in and out in pairs, showing two colors of gold and silver. The yogi can take it immediately after capturing it, and then find a place with enough aura to refine his luck. The real yuan will be several times more concise than before, and he will be more sensitive to the aura of heaven and earth. It is definitely a first-class treasure.