Two women are very disappointed, holding snowballs and playing with them. If you dare to say one more word, I will throw you a thousand times.

Gentle took out his cell phone from his bag and threw it back. It was him. Hello?
"Where are you?"
"At school"
"Where did it go?"
"Memories of college life!" Laughing softly, she suddenly looked at the women who despised her.
"Memories of college life? It’s still too slippery outside in Snowy Road. I don’t trust where you are now. I’ll pick you up in the past. "He has picked up his coat and is ready to go out.
"No, I’m with Yun Xiang and chenchen. They coerced me to accompany them to recall their childhood today or break up with me." Gentleness deliberately gave him the last sentence.
The coat in the man’s hand was slowly put back on the clothes rack behind the chair, and his deep eyes could not conceal his disappointment.
"In that case, wake up wherever you go and be careful."
Gentle to hear his cold voice, but every word is full of heart, and I can’t help but drop my hot eyes.
Chenchen and Yun Xiang looked so sad at tenderness that they couldn’t help but go forward and put her shoulder around his heart. It’s just his child. Why are you so sad?
Gentle to almost tears by chenchen a word to funny.
"Well, let’s keep playing." Before chenchen could react, she had snatched the snowball from chenchen’s hand and threw it at chenchen while running back.
I don’t know how long it was before those two women had a good time. She was already sitting in the snow. I can’t do it.
Waving at the two best friends in heavy clothes and giving up.
Sure enough, pregnant women are not good when they run a few steps.
"Pregnant women don’t lie in the snow. Get up quickly." Yun Xiang gave her a hand.
Gentle just feel wrong immediately got up.
Later, the three men went to the snack bar next to the school, and the owner never changed his craft or changed.
Three women can’t help but feel sad while eating.
"It’s been so many years in the blink of an eye" Yun Xiang sighed.
"Yes, how good I was at that time." chenchen also lamented that although she seemed to be free after marriage, she was already a family member
Tenderness is silence, feeling that life has never been something she would do.
She is a little sad. If those things happen again, will she still be appointed as the professional secret of Teng Yun’s gossip girlfriend?
But at that time, what else could she do but promise him?
Gentleness is really hard to think of, and it seems that she suffers. In fact, she just built a reputation. Reputation is sometimes not so important to a person, and Tengyun’s affair with her will make others feel cheap, right?
If you go back to the past and choose like that, then there is no need to start over in life.
So she is a person who won’t even do it again.
If everyone can’t escape fate and she walks in the order she thinks she should.
Section 114
Later, when I met a teacher, they almost forgot that they were not teaching their class.
"You don’t remember me? Even if they don’t remember, it’s wrong for you not to remember. I went to the wedding party when you married Professor Teng. "
Gentle …
The teacher’s feeling is really too low. It took a long time for the three women to nod their heads. What are you doing now, teacher?
Chenchen broke the embarrassment just now. No matter who he is, the teacher is a teacher anyway.
"I’m still teaching physical education, and I’ll give you a few lessons on behalf of your physical education teacher, but I’m impressed with you three."
The three women finally lost face.
I remember that there were not a few girls playing Xiaocong in physical education class, and they were among them, especially chenchen and Yunxiang who pulled the tenderness every time they didn’t want to go.
Once, the teacher shouted that there were mice on the soles of her feet, and three girls immediately jumped to the stool. Who dares to have leg pain?
Later, the teacher simply went to their table and talked about those who knew or didn’t know each other in the past.
When I got back to the office building, the whole person was no longer so entangled. I just wondered if Teng was always angry.
Now that I think about it, I seem to have something wrong with myself. I should tell him.
But it’s not a big deal. He’s so serious.
Gentle can’t figure out how his temper can come at once.
She arrived at the office building. The bus was just about to go in, and she got a message from Tengyun. She waved to her sister and answered the phone and went in. Hello?
"Where is it?"
"Back to the office building, just entered the hall."
Tengyun took a mobile phone and looked out of the window at Snow White and went directly to the office.
Gentle didn’t say anything. Listening to his voice, he hung up and went into the ladder.