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Chapter five hundred and seventy-two A punch (sorry it’s late)
Xiao didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He replied directly, "It’s not the first time."
"You are still so boring." Purple Yan flatly replied, also don’t listen to come out is true or false.
And at the same time, the big bed Xiongguan private parts while moving, unconsciously turned a brief nod to the direction of the purple Yan, xiao asked.
Where he is is a huge room, and there is only a big bed in the middle of the room, which is quite empty around. He didn’t know there was someone in the room, and the action of turning his head was meaningless. When he saw two figures, he didn’t even have time to stop, but swept his eyes back.
It was not until the sight of the two figures disappeared that Xiongguan realized that he had just seen someone!
Even at this time, he was used to xìng, and turned his head back at the same time.
Finally, he saw someone, not an illusion! ..
Purple Yan, Xiao asked!
In fact, it is enough to see only Purple Yan. Xiongguan immediately called out with a low voice, jerked away, and looked into the nearby Purple Yan.
At this time, Xiongguan was kneeling on the bed, naked, and the most important organ on his body didn’t shrink down, but he still held his head high.
The woman with the gold Se mask on the bed thought Xiongguan was going to play some tricks. She gasped and said, "Come in quickly, you old deathlessly, you have coveted my mother for so long, and now you can’t?"
I have to say, she entered the angle se quite deeply …
At this time, Xiongguan looked at the sudden change of Se, the God of Purple Yan, and his brain turned as fast as it could. There is only one thing I can think about, and that is how to keep this desperate effort.
Calling people?
And in his thoughtful kung fu, purple Yan and Xiao asked without any action. It’s just that God Se looked at him calmly. And the woman on the bed, while talking about Yin, finally raised her upper body, found something wrong with Xiongguan, and followed Xiongguan’s eyes to the edge of the room. The words in the woman’s mouth came to an abrupt end. She looked and looked, and finally thought about who the woman was over there …
Rumors about the evil queen flooded into my mind. If you fall into the hands of the evil queen …
A muffled sound came, and the woman passed out directly.
Xiao asked this just know, the original purple Yan fierce name in the underworld has reached this level.
After the woman fainted. Purple Yan and Xiao Wen still didn’t move. Purple Yan has been looking at the face of Xiongguan, while Xiao Wen is waiting for purple Yan.
In this process, Xiongguan’s penis finally softened, and besides. On the surface, the old man has not changed.
But … Deep down, in this short time, he has actually accepted his fate.
Purple Yan and Xiao Wen obviously came before he found them, and it was a piece of cake to sneak up on him at that time.
Why not?
It must be because those two people have a plan in mind and are confident that they can slay him instantly.
In fact, he is very aware of the strength of Ziyan before, and it is said that Ziyan has become much stronger in recent years, and he, in fact, has not advanced but retreated in recent years. It’s getting worse and worse. Comparing the two, ZiYan really has the strength to kill him.
So … It’s already too late. Don’t even have to say what explanation, with purple Yan xìng, don’t listen, and may not give him a chance.
Then, there is only a dead end.
I didn’t expect this day to come so early.
Since you can’t hide it anyway, you have to face it. It seems that the puffy and happy Xiongguan actually showed a smile.
At the same time, Zi Yan, who has always been calm and indifferent, also chuckled and smiled.
Everything is in these two smiles, a thousand years of friendship, a hundred years of grievances …
Xiongguan didn’t see how the purple Yan moved at all, and the purple Yan had already reached him.
Her strength is really much stronger …
Then, ZiYan filed a right fist, and a punch directly hit the other side of Xiongguan.
Purple Yan has always liked this way of fighting, and she is hardly like a woman. And her fist, but condensed the strongest punch, Xiongguan doesn’t have any chance to escape.
Xiongguan is doomed.
At this moment, however, Xiongguan’s reaction was greatly beyond Xiao Wen’s expectation.
Xiongguan didn’t block or hide, which was nothing. When Xiao asked about the accident, he saw that Xiongguan’s eyes suddenly lit up with enthusiasm and excitement, and then …
The old man pursed his thick lips and kissed ZiYan’s fist.
Has this old man gone crazy?