Celestial Volume Chapter 311 River Demon Seven
Celestial Volume Chapter 311 River Demon Seven
The hydra with nine heads and seven tails still dares to refuse to obey. The three souls and seven spirits all show signs of being separated from the body. Although the monster has an inner elixir to entrust the Yuan God, if the three souls and seven spirits leave the body, they will become a walking corpse, and no matter how big their magical powers are, they are just animals. When I thought of this, the hydra suddenly became frightened and hurriedly climbed on the ground, with a respectful expression, nodding and sincere submission.
"If you don’t know what’s good or bad, it will make your life worse than death!" With a snort of cold, Jinyang withdrew the real fire, and the snake demon stopped calling, slowly turned into a human form, looking unusually pale and crawling on the ground in fear. Jinyang didn’t say anything, and he didn’t dare to get up.
Compared with the fear of complexion, his heart was even more fearful. phase liu was the first god of Hydra, a general under the water god Gonggong, and his position in the water god clan was second only to that of the ice emperor Shao Hao and Gonggong. He died in the hands of the immortal Dayu Zhenjun during the flood war, but he was alert. At the beginning of the flood war, he dismissed his people and fled.
Although phase liu is dead, the Hydra family who escaped by luck still brought out a lot of confidential information, which has been passed down from generation to generation, so the hydra also knows something. Just now, it almost killed himself, and with a little information revealed in Jinyang’s words, Hydra has vaguely affirmed Jinyang’s identity.
It goes without saying that hydra was surprised in his heart. No matter whether these speculations are true or not, they can scare many people to death. After all, it is no longer the era of the universe, and Xiandao Heaven and Western Buddhism will spare no effort to kill them. If the defendant sends them out. I am bound to suffer.
After a lesson from the nine-headed spotted-tailed snake, the small demons in the middle of the hall have settled down a lot, and no one dares to say more. The two small demons who lost their minds are the lessons of blood, and no one wants to touch Jinyang’s eyebrows again. Walking slowly to the hydra, he said coldly, "Speaking of which. We still have some roots. What’s your name? "
The hydra was slightly stunned and quickly replied: "The name of the little demon is Tsing Yi."
Jinyang’s eyes lit up and said softly, "Tsing Yi, Tsing Yi phase liu, that’s good. Would you like to follow me?"
Tsing yi one leng. He suddenly woke up and said excitedly, "Little demon is willing, and little demon will follow the fire to the death. . . Great God, absolutely loyal. "
"Very good." The word has many meanings. It can be explained that Tsing Yi knows the times, and it can also be explained that he is smart enough not to tell the true identity of Jinyang, and Jinyang is very satisfied. Take out an elixir of nature from another dimension, add a jade charm and throw it to Tsing Yi.
Looking at the other little demons he envied, Jinyang said faintly, "I have a clear reward and punishment in Jinyang. This elixir of nature is enough for you to advance to the realm of Jinxian. What is written in this jade symbol is a secret script, which I think you should use. Otherwise, with your qualifications, you wouldn’t be so embarrassed by your ancestors. If I were phase liu, I would be so angry alive. "
Tsing Yi was so excited that she caught Dan medicine and jade charm, especially jade charm. After tens of thousands of years of running around, she kept fleeing from the immortal Buddha. Self-cultivation techniques handed down from willow. I didn’t know it was lost in that generation, and he practiced in Tsing Yi. Or from an old demon who was killed by a fairy.
Although it is also a good method, it is, after all, the method that other demon families do for themselves, which is not consistent with his ontology at all, so he is diligent again, spending ten times more time than others, and his cultivation is still neither high nor low. In this small fairy house, it is also high or low.
Through spiritual exploration, the method is called "Xuanyin Tactics". Tsing Yi knows that although it is not the highest method of the aquarium gods, it is the supernatural power cultivated by phase liu, the demon god. phase liu, as the first god of the Hydra family, will naturally stay in the first hand in order to better control his people, so the method handed down is not complete, but at the moment it is the full version of "Xuanyin Tactics" in this jade symbol.
Tsing Yi was so excited that he didn’t know how to express his excitement. He slammed his head at Jinyang, and a huge hole was cut in the forbidden jade floor, which showed his excitement. He mumbled, "Tsing Yi will swear to be loyal to the Great God. If I dare to betray in the future, I will be killed."
Jinyang went back again and smiled: "Get up! Practice hard and speak with strength. As long as you have that ability, what if I give you the name of phase liu? But don’t be a great god before and after, it sounds rather awkward, so call me Yan Shen in the future! "
Tsing Yi’s heart is like a mirror. It is clear that Vulcan can can’t be preached everywhere. Let’s call it phlogistic God! I stood up and said respectfully, "I will live up to the expectations of God."
The punishment was also punished, and the reward was rewarded. It was time to get down to business. Jinyang ordered Tsing Yi to stand aside first, and then looked at others, especially those little demons. These little demons were not yet in the climate and were easy to be manipulated, especially after recovering Tsing Yi, Jinyang was sure to soothe them.
Eight-claw arowana old demon was in a hurry. He was proud of his dragon blood in his body, but he also lost his old look. After all, people have real dragons to mount, and there is still a need for his own unorthodox arowana. However, his exquisite mind turned nasty, and he knew that if he didn’t say anything at the moment, today might be the end.
Before those little devils understood, they gave color to the two old demons behind them. The three demons were old foxes who had lived for thousands of years. They immediately understood with one eye, and did not dare to hesitate. They quickly bowed down before Jinyang and said respectfully, "Little devils are willing to worship under the door of the God of Inflammation, driven by the God of Inflammation, and they are willing to go up and down in flames."
Jinyang’s face remained unchanged, and his heart was a little proud. Several old guys, who had not yet taken the bait, said faintly, "It’s good for you to follow Qinglong in the future. He is a dragon clan, not those reptiles in the four seas."
The old demon of the eight-claw arowana was so happy that his body trembled with excitement. If he was forced by the form just now, he is absolutely willing now. The practice of the dragon clan is passed down from generation to generation, the true ancestor of all dragons, and the protoss who suddenly disappeared tens of thousands of years ago.
In fact, the most joyful thing is Qing Jiao, who doesn’t know anything about the cultivation method of the dragon, but since Jinyang publicly announced that he has it, it is not far from having it.
At that time, Qing Jiao began to be narcissistic. It was a wise choice to follow Jinyang that day. If you didn’t meet Jinyang that day, you must still be wandering in the Pacific Ocean on earth. Maybe you haven’t even formed Inner Dan. You can only be a confused monster and never have a bright future.

Celestial volume Chapter 312 In a
Celestial volume Chapter 312 In a
Jinyang’s bloody suppression of force and the temptation of the dragon’s cultivation tactic made things very simple. The old demon of the eight-claw arowana gave its lair, and the fairy house of the eight arms was renamed Qinglong Palace, and Qing Jiao became the king of Qinglong, leading all the demon families within three hundred miles of Fiona Fang near Qinglong Palace.
Although Green Dumpling’s own strength is very poor, no one dares to have any objection under Jinyang’s continued presence, especially after seeing Sineitai of Jinyang. The old demon of Octopus Arowana suddenly felt how wise his decision was. The escort, which is completely composed of middle-ranking experts in Jin Xian, is only a master player such as the true fairy Xuanxian, so it would be so extravagant.
Although the name was changed to Qinglong Palace, the internal structural facilities of Xianfu haven’t changed much in fact, and they are still divided into seven small pieces. The old demons such as Octopus arowana still live in the original palace. Anyway, the brothers of Gold, Silver and Bighead have already lost their minds, and two identical palaces are just empty.
Among them, the palace of the Silver Carp Demon was given to Tsing Yi by Jinyang as an extra reward, with phase liu’s practice method, which was deeply believed by Jinyang. Before long, Tsing Yi could become a general under Qing Jiao, and it was a ferocious valiant soldier.
The palace of the Golden Carp and the Bighead Demon began to be completely transformed. In the future, the palace of the King Qinglong can’t be too shabby, which is a matter of face.
At the same time, it became a resting place for Jinyang temporarily. Anyway, when Jinyang was there, there was no place for Qing Jiao to rest. Qing Jiao could only wait after Jinyang carefully. After all, Jinyang gave it to him.
Under the personal leadership of the Eight-Clawed Arowana Five Demons, a dust child and an old ghost in The Hunger. I’m shuttling through the territory of three hundred miles near Fiona Fang, looking for a young demon race with good qualifications who is still latent. I’m going to bring it back to Qinglong Palace, and I’ll teach it personally by Qing Jiao in the future, as a force for Qing Jiao himself in the future.
The pro-guard lost two people, leaving 34 people, under the command of Jinyang. Stand straight outside the palace, except underground. Before, after and around, there are people guarding the sky, and Jinyang is in the palace, guarding the green dumpling that is forcibly absorbing the huge drug power of the elixir of nature. After all, it is necessary to develop into a green dumpling that is the head of a palace. The cultivation can’t be too bad and can’t be suppressed. That’s a joke.
In the palace. Green dumpling shows the noumenon, with a huge body more than 100 feet long, hovering in the empty hall, with the whole body wrapped in green light, and the body trembling slightly. Even though it is a dragon with a strong body, it is still a bit too much. The body seems to explode at once.
In fact, at this moment, the green dumpling has a dead heart, and the real yuan in the body is tumbling and jumping around wildly. The meridians really can’t hold such a huge amount of real yuan. These huge energies, which have nowhere to go, began to frantically open meridians on their own, and countless flesh and blood places were forcibly opened. Where the real yuan flowed, the broken flesh and blood naturally recovered, and new meridians were born.
But even if new meridians are constantly added, Qing Jiao still feels that his body is about to burst, but Jinyang is suspended not far away. Although he is temporarily in a state of concentration, his mind is always paying attention to Qing Jiao. As long as there is something strange in the green dumpling. Jinyang will help him recover and promise not to kill him.
Although it won’t kill you. It has caused endless pain to Qing Jiao. Even if he is a dragon, he has a tough body, and he is still a little too much. He has thought about giving up countless times. As long as he says give up, Jinyang will find a way to recover his medicine, and the pain will naturally disappear.
Jinyang has said in advance that if he wants to be a master, it will naturally suffer thousands of times more than others. Since he wants to be the master of this palace and command the hundreds of millions of small monsters in the river, he must suffer. If he is so miserable, he wants to give up halfway. Then his green dumpling may only accompany the Pacific Ocean forever and bully some fish and shrimp without intelligence.
Pain, extreme pain, but green dumpling gritted his teeth and insisted on it. Anyway, there is no need to worry about dying. As long as there is danger, Jinyang will naturally appear to help solve it. As long as he persists in the end, he can break through the existing realm and become a Jin Xian-level master. At that time, he no longer needs Jinyang to continue to sit in the town, and he can deter those monsters of all sizes and become a real dragon palace master.
Every moment, countless meridians will be shattered, but at the moment when the dense meridians flow, the broken meridians will be completely restored, and at the same time, countless newly opened meridians will appear, crushed, repaired, crushed and repaired, without interruption and endlessly, leaving only pain.
Three days, three days later, Jinyang just woke up from the meditation, but the green dumpling is still in pain, and its huge drug power is still not fully absorbed. After all, it is refined from the fairy grass elixir, and a lot of nectar is added to it, and its drug power is amazing.
Although there are only three days, Qing Jiao feels that these three days are much longer than the 300 years spent on earth in the past. It is no longer a day like a year, but a second like a year. Every second, tens of thousands of meridians will be crushed, but they will be completely repaired in an instant, and then crushed again and repaired again in the next second. . .
Jinyang looked at the reptile in front of him, and his eyes showed a little affirmation. He muttered, "I didn’t expect this long worm to have such perseverance. Guys, it seems that I didn’t find the wrong successor for you. With such great perseverance, the test should be considered qualified!"