Ordinary means of shadowing the Tao also require Taoist force, which will definitely not be used when it comes to the outside world. In fact, 90% of life’s core monuments’s ghost spirit can’t be used, but Xiao Wen was inspired by the original Tibetan market. He felt that he could probably summon life’s core monuments’s ghost spirit in the stone painting first, and then let life’s core monuments’s ghost spirit fly out in the stone painting, which skipped the dilemma that his power was banned!

The foundation has been played for a long time. Xiao Wen is completely sure that he can condense a similar life’s core monuments ghost spirit in one day. The garbage is nothing at all. Get out of here first, and then restore it after a big deal, and reunite a more powerful life’s core monuments ghost spirit.
But he never thought that this time, under the efforts, it was not as smooth as he imagined, and there seemed to be some gap between it and what was described in the Purple Ghost Magic Martial Truth Classic! (To be continued. . )

Chapter three hundred and six Nine fierce
Xiao asked that he knew himself better. If he was asked to choose again, he would definitely go on this road again.
Compromise and yield to the world god alliance, hand over the Purple Ghost Magic Wu Zhen Jing, save himself, continue to be the first free and unfettered peak, and even join the ranks of chasing Nan Yunqing. Maybe many people in this world will choose this way, but he won’t.
He would rather choose an extremely difficult road, give up all his honorary status, and let his experience stretch out!
In fact, his choice today is the same as when he just escaped from the black mine. At that time, he did not immediately hide in anonymity, but stood on the opposite side of Qian Fu.
To put it bluntly, it is still the heart.
Some people enjoy material things, eat well, wear well and live well, and never mistreat their own bodies, while Xiao Wen is at the other extreme. He never mistreats his own heart.
Even he didn’t know when he formed such an attitude towards life. Until now, he had to run away because of his own choice, and he couldn’t show his true face all the time. He finally seriously thought about this problem for the first time.
It seems that there are really traces to be found.
When he was a teenager, he was more bloody. Influenced by his hometown folks, he had a broader outlook on life than the average person, and there seemed to be infinite possibilities. Being made a mining slave really made him angry to the extreme, and he might actually become a cynical person.
Until the appearance of stone paintings!
Now he is so used to the environment in stone paintings that he can no longer feel the original atmosphere in stone paintings. It can also be said that he has been integrated with that atmosphere.
Even if you suppress it again, you will never bow your head, secretly accumulating strength and waiting for the rise, which is the feeling that stone painting initially gave him. He took advantage of the trend at that time, and now that feeling is integrated into his bones. Prosperity is not obvious, and adversity just breaks out!
Feelings. It has such a big relationship with stone painting! This is the case that Xiao Wen came up with.
It’s like a tramp meets a stray dog and immediately lives alone and warms up to each other. But they also contain each other, and they can’t break free from the wandering career anymore.
On the run, since I can’t find out about Nan Yunqing. Xiao Wen can only pass the time by thinking about some things. Probably influenced by his teacher Zuo Ningqing, he actually likes to do something.
In fact, there is one thing he had better do as soon as possible, and that is to unite his life’s core monuments ghost spirit.
However, this matter can not be done casually in the escape, but it needs at least one day and one night of uninterrupted time. How can he guarantee such time now?
What should I do if I am blocked by someone?
As for the incomparably powerful existence in the deep and remote world, he can only secretly say sorry to each other. Since he pulled out his mind at that time, he never went back and left the powerful existence hanging there.
Fight with the pursuers along the way. Xiao Wen also saw many problems.
First of all, his speed can be comparable to that of any monk in the celestial world, but he is not as sharp as those in the world. Secondly, those people are tracking him more and more efficiently, and obviously they are mastering some tracking method more and more skillfully …
Xiao asked that I finally knew where I was. However, it seems that it is still difficult to escape the fate of being caught up. This is really a frustrating discovery.
At this time, he only hoped that he could meet Nan Yunqing before being caught up, although he didn’t know what effect it would have after meeting Nan Yunqing.
Maybe, just to say "I’m here"?
It is indeed a picture that he yearns for …
Being chased is more and more urgent, and it is indispensable to watch a big war. Xiao Wen is finally throwing caution to the wind, feeling that he can’t escape like this again without hope.
He must find a turning point! If you can’t find it, just lie in ambush, even if you are caught and killed, you must pull a few underdogs.
Then he took a short break, dressed himself up as a beard and sweated, and resolutely flew to a big city in the field of vision.
Moling, a big city in the eastern part of the celestial world, is not in the core circle, but its scale is no less than that of the famous big city in the core circle.
It is said that the Xianji Mansion in this city is controlled by Leizong, the god, and the biggest business is the business of Fu Dao. Every year, I don’t know how many kilograms of real Fu materials are circulated here.
When Xiao Wen was in the air, he saw at a distance that many fairy beasts were rising and falling in Moling City, and the realm of fairies and true fairies was all there, which looked very lively.
Because of the storage ring, except for the fairy beast that transports people, it is not necessary to transport goods at all, as long as it is fast.
Xiao asked, staring at those fairies and beasts while flying, and knowing what was going on.