At the same time, the man’s figure suddenly blurred, and he teleported out just before the dumpling mouth closed.

However, it’s obviously not over yet. The black dumpling can grow nearly a hundred feet long, and it misses. Chapter 335 Nightmare Ba has already smoked somewhere in the air!
As a result, Xiao Wen, who was rescued, just appeared in the air, and then he met the giant tail of the black dumpling. It was too late to teleport, so he had to meet it hard.
There was another "bang" sound from the golden light, and the man was directly pumped out, spitting out one mouthful blood in mid-air.
A blow hit, the black dumpling did not pursue 56-point thrashing, but the body swung and rushed to Xiao Wen, who was close to it. Its size, flying in the air is not a straight line, it should not be so fast, but it happened that the momentum was extremely fierce, which was better than that of the tiger and leopard when they preyed!
In the blink of an eye, the black dumpling was very close to Xiao Wen again. At this time, Xiao Wen had forgotten so much, and with a fierce concentration, the flashing rainbow dun had been put to good use!
The vortex formed by the color Se airflow appeared out of thin air, and the black gas in the middle of him passed. When the short body and bent legs reach the extreme, time seems to stagnate.
At this moment, the black dumpling also reached Xiao Wen ten feet away, and Xiao Wen looked at each other for the first time.
Xiao Wen was beaten up when he first came. Of course, he was not in a good mood, and his eyes were full of anger and blame. And the black dumpling, it just looked at Xiao coldly and asked contemptuously. Just think that Xiao Wen is an insignificant little ant.
Black Chapter three hundred and thirty-five Nightmare Dumpling is full of black gas, and it doesn’t show the whole body all the time. At this time, its head is covered in a faint black gas. Appear y and n sen and mysterious, so big really like a fiend, also do have contempt for xiao asked the capital. But … When it saw Xiao Wen suddenly having a vision around him, its eyes also changed obviously. At present, without hesitation, a blue Se bead the size of a person’s head flew out and ran into Xiao Wen at an extremely fast speed!
Xiao asked nature also saw the blue Se beads. In an instant, he felt that the thing was as deep as the sea, but he couldn’t figure out its details completely, and he couldn’t tell whether he could escape the blow of the blue Se beads at his speed!
The arrow is on the string, and it has to be sent!
A fierce grind, then listen to a "bang" exploding. Xiao asked and dashed up from the original place!
Time seems to be slowing down, watching the distance between the blue Se beads and Xiao Wen getting smaller and smaller!
However, there is still a distance of ten feet when I was the youngest!
After that, Xiao Wen has risen to a higher level. But the blue Se beads are flying forward, and the two will only get farther and farther.
But at this moment, the black dumpling suddenly narrowed his eyes, and the blue Se beads were blue, and the sea cháo sound was heard between heaven and earth. The area of Fiona Fang Baizhang centered on the blue Se beads was covered with blue light!
At the same time. Xiao Wen, who is rising rapidly, felt a suction coming from beneath him, pulling him and not letting him go!
However, after all, his flashing rainbow escape is more extraordinary, with great momentum. The strength below just makes his acceleration process not so fast. After a slight delay, he still rushes up!
The farther away from the blue Se beads, the smaller the suction on him, and the faster his own speed will naturally be. The whole process is quite complicated, but the time is very short. Maybe it is just a flower in the eye in others’ eyes. Xiao Wen has already rushed out of the suction range of the blue Se beads and reached hundreds of feet away!
The black dumpling seemed to be angered by Xiao Wen. After a loud growl, the blue Se beads disappeared out of thin air, and it itself was chased out in the direction of Xiao Wen’s escape!
When Heijiao flies, he flies in a straight line, but as long as he is not blind, he can see that there is actually no straight line. Black dumpling is swinging its body forward, which seems to be a detour. In fact, its ultra-high speed is maintained by this swing, which is the same as the attack of other wild animals. If someone stands on the head of the black dumpling, they can more clearly feel the power of its flight.
Come on! Maybe faster than those birds of prey who are good at flying!
However, the distance between it and Xiao Wen is still getting farther and farther!
Only by flying, it still can’t catch up with Xiao Wen, who has cast a flashing rainbow!
Black dumpling suddenly grunted, and then his figure suddenly blurred, reappeared, and he had reached a hundred miles away!
Only this time, it has greatly narrowed the distance with Xiao Wen, and Xiao Wen is not three miles away!
Xiao Wen felt a little hung up. When he turned to look back, he just saw the black dumpling catching up with the teleport technique, and he knew that it might be a bad thing …
After the invincible flash rainbow in the celestial world came to this world, it was hard to eat …
Xiao Wen was worried, when the black dumpling opened its mouth, and the blue Se bead was spit out again, but this time it suddenly lit up as soon as it reached the air, and immediately there was a lot of water vapor rising in Xiao Wen’s weeks, which obviously meant something!
As a result, before even thinking about it, Xiao Wen had already rushed out from the water vapor! He is now, after all, the realm of the Great Immortal, and the speed is much faster than before. After he rushed over, the water vapor suddenly gathered together, and the amount of water can clearly fill a small lake!
Fortunately, Xiao Wen rushed quickly, otherwise I don’t know what would happen if I got stuck in the water.
The second attack, no, it was the third attack, and Xiao Wen ran away again. The black dumpling finally let out a roar and the huge scales on his neck stood up!
It is definitely the strongest in this world! And Xiao Wen is just a person whose lower bound has just soared up! I should have killed the enemy with one move, but I missed it again and again. How can it stand it?
"Shout" a sound, the huge amount of water was all sucked into the blue Se beads, at the same time, the black dumpling also teleported again!
Xiao Wen has been looking back at it. When he saw that the dark shape was blurred, he would hesitate and immediately changed his direction.
He is so fast that he can deviate a lot from the original flight path with a slight change of direction. As a result, when the black dumpling reappeared, it was more than 30 miles away from the upper right of Xiao Wen, and there was no possibility of hurting Xiao Wen …
If this is one time, then this is the fourth time that Heijiao has failed …
Because everyone thinks the situation is clear. That is, the black dumpling will get rid of Xiao Wen in a very short time, so no one will catch up at all. Even the monks, who are obviously at a disadvantage in the fight with a group of fairy beasts. At first, I failed to save Xiao Wen by doing my best, and then I didn’t want to save him again …
At this time, the black dumpling has missed four times, and it has already fallen into the eyes of those people with super eyesight and fairy beasts. If they can’t see the problem again, they will be fools!
For monks, Xiao Wen is very capable and definitely worth saving!
For the fairy beast, Xiao Wen is also very capable, and he must definitely kill it before it is too late!