In a blink of an eye, three years passed, and in three years, it was surprisingly quiet.

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Celestial Volume Chapter 400 Jade toad fairy
Celestial Volume Chapter 400 Jade toad fairy
The Apocalypse City, the first male city in the center of Xi ‘niu Hezhou, covers an area of more than ten thousand miles in Fiona Fang. There are seventy million citizens, seven adults and thirty percent demon people in the city, and eight million garrison troops. The city wall is thousands of meters high and eight hundred feet thick. It is heavily forbidden, blessed by many Buddhas, and all the citizens believe in Buddhism. It is one of the largest cities under Buddhism.
Eight thousand miles outside the city, there are many banners, swords and shadows, like a steel forest. Road flyover flaming troops are stationed in the valley where it is easy to defend but difficult to attack, and they are calling all the way to the northwest. After continuous supplement, the number has reached four million, and 40% of them have the demon fairy level, and their strength cannot be underestimated.
In three years, the three-way army occupied nearly 50 million cities, which was close to half of the city raised by the Jade Emperor. When the whole army was in high spirits and the people were United, it was blocked by the apocalypse city. There were dozens of small wars between the two armies, each with casualties, but no one took advantage of it and could only be helpless.
The army in the middle of the road has a strong momentum, and the attack is also very sharp. However, the guarding city of the apocalypse has an advantage, and the army in the middle of the road can’t attack this huge city. However, because the army in the middle of the road has a cloud of masters, the guarding city has made several sneak attacks in the middle of the night, all of which ended in heavy casualties. Later, the defenders will never leave, and they will only retreat in the city. No matter how abusive the army in the middle of the road is, they just don’t play.
Wan Li’s 8,000-long Thunder Mountain directly blocks the three-way army. If you want to continue to attack the past, you must capture the apocalypse city. As long as you can capture it, it will be very simple to expand with the convenience of the apocalypse city in the future. Therefore, as soon as Taoist Flame discussed with two younger brothers, Hongshui and Hongsha, he informed the White Tiger and the army of Xueyinzi Road to come over and prepare to gather all the troops and attack the apocalypse city with all their strength.
But after waiting for seven days, the left and right armies haven’t arrived yet, and several commanders of the middle army are all concentrated in the camp, and they are discussing what to do. Taoist Flames sat quietly on the handsome seat, and two younger brothers, Hongsha and Hongshui, were also present. One hundred semes from the city of the Golden Leopard also came to two, all of whom have the powerful cultivation of the true immortal.
Plus a few other teenagers, for siege, they are the real experts, and they have expressed their opinions for the reference of several generals of Flame, but these classic battles. It’s completely useless to put it in the apocalypse city. This city is like a turtle shell with strong defense, which wraps the whole apocalypse city in it. Only a congenital treasure can break this wall.
Road flyover Tian Jue had a will, be sure to lay the ten thousand cities in five years, but three years have passed, and only half of them were laid, just as several generals were anxious. A demon general suddenly came into the tent and reported, "Dear General, there is a fairy in feathered clothes outside the camp. It is said that she is a martial sister of the general, and she has been ordered by the Emperor of the Great Wilderness to send the general a magic weapon to break through the customs and win the battle."
Road flyover flaming and two younger brothers, Hongshui and Hongsha, look at each other. There was a hint of doubt on their faces. Since the four of them arrived in Hezhou, the West Cow with the imperial seal of Jinyang, they had never heard of any female apprentice received by the teacher. There were a lot of tricks in it. After a little consideration, Taoist Flame said lightly, "Go and bring her in, don’t neglect."
The demon general ordered a big tent, and in a short time, he brought a girl wearing a pale blue feather, which was really good in appearance. But there is a black gas in the brow. It was the close disciple Fairy Yuchan that Jinyang secretly received, waiting for her to enter the account in an instant. More than a dozen generals present were shocked, only to feel cold all over, biting cold, and their hearts were whispering. This bitch is so angry.
Feeling this ShaQi, the three disciples of the Road flyover Flame were on the alert. Jinyang handed down the "Wan Sheng Ji" five years ago. Both the disciples and the demon soldiers were qualified to practice. As long as the practice was introduced, the real yuan in the body would be full of vitality, and it would never be possible to cultivate such a cold real yuan. All three of them mentioned the real yuan in the best state, and only when the other party attacked, they jointly launched an attack, which was sure to be fatal.
Aware of the hostility of the three senior brothers in the flame, Fairy Yuchan smiled, and naturally there was a lot less ShaQi in her brow. Jinyang had even attended the meeting, so she was prepared before she came. At the moment when her right hand turned slightly, a jade symbol containing purple and gold rose slowly from the palm of her hand, and the jade symbol flashed with the emperor’s seal of the universe.
Seeing the imperial seal, the road flyover flaming shivered all over, and the bearer of the imperial seal was like the Emperor of the Wild. Regardless of others, the three of them quickly stood up and knelt at the feet of the Jade Frog Fairy. The other seven or eight demon generals also woke up, knowing that the bearer really belonged to the Emperor of the Wild, and they quickly knelt down to the ground with a respectful look and cried, "Meet the Emperor of the Wild."
Yuchan flashed a smile at the corner of her mouth, and immediately took back the seal of Jinyang Emperor. When she saw several people standing up, she bowed down and said, "Three senior brothers, little sister Yuchan is polite. The teacher figured that many senior brothers were in trouble in the apocalypse city, and specially asked Yuchan to come to help. The teacher specially gave the innate treasure’ Golden Dumpling Scissors’, hoping to help the three senior brothers break the city."
On the same day, Jinyang incarnation fought the stone monkey in World War I, and’ Jin Jiao Jian’ forcibly attacked the devil-refining pot because he wanted to save the avatar, but it was shattered by the devil-refining pot. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt its roots. Later, before the avatar rushed back to the Yanyang Temple, he ordered the White Deer and other ten demons to rush to the battlefield, retrieved the shattered two dragons and escorted them to the Yanyang Temple in person.
In the past three years, Jinyang’s noumenon and incarnation have never stopped, and they have devoted all their energy to offering sacrifices to the devil’s refining pot, striving to refine it into a magic weapon to repair their lives in the devil’s refining pot as soon as possible. Although it has great harm, as long as the devil’s refining pot is destroyed, Jinyang will follow suit, but the benefits are also visible. Except killing Jinyang, no one can take it away.
The Tathagata bald donkey has no treasure, but he doesn’t know how to use it. There is no secret method of offering sacrifices, but Jinyang is different. He has the memory left by the God Emperor and Fuxi, the founding god in the founding bursts, and he also has a certain understanding of the founding god era. Although there is no secret method of offering sacrifices directly, he can take some side roads. Although it will be a lot of trouble, as long as he can completely take the devil pot for himself, it is worth the trouble.
Recently, it has made great progress, and Jinyang Daoxing has also made great progress. In the deep concentration, it was calculated that Flames and others were in trouble, so the’ Golden Dumpling Scissors’ were re-sacrificed and refined, and they were given to Fairy Yuchan, and she was asked to come to the Apocalypse City to help out.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 401 Helpless
Celestial Volume Chapter 401 Helpless
Knowing that Jinyang had made a calculation, Flames and others were overjoyed. They hurriedly ordered the Red Waterway people to lead the way in person, and ordered the little demon to set up a tent in the depths of the valley to rest the jade toad fairy’s alchemy. There was a certain distance from the army, and there would be no demon army to disturb it. The environment was very good and it was suitable for repairing the array and alchemy. This arrangement was just what the Jade toad fairy meant, so they followed the Red Waterway people out of the big account.
Seeing that Fairy Yuchan had left, Road flyover Flame immediately shouted, "The whole army is at your command! Send ten times more scouts, find out where the left and right armies are, and figure out when they can meet the middle army. The whole army is ready to attack the apocalypse city, and the emperor has handed down the innate treasure. This time, we must take out this city and slaughter all the bald donkeys in it. "
"lead the life!" More than a dozen generals, including the Taoist priest wrapped in red sand, stood up in succession and respectfully accepted the order.
In the apocalypse city, in the Lord’s house.
In the vast purlin, there are 17 golden figures sitting quietly. Except for two generals in armor, all the others are monks with red robes and hair on their heads. They are all round faces and big ears, and there is a faint treasure light shining out of the body. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that these fifteen big monks are extremely superior. They are the fifteen Buddha-level masters guarding the city of the Apocalypse.
Fifteen buddhas were sitting in front of the statue of Buddha, but only the two generals in golden armor were walking back and forth anxiously, with heavy steps and no master demeanor. Seeing the two generals sitting in the middle for a long time, the Buddha suddenly said, "Lingzhi, why are you so restless today?" The Dafa "Silent Zen Sutra", you are also 50% unfinished, how can you still be so impatient? "
"I know my mistakes." The general named Lingzhi suddenly stopped. But he still said anxiously, "Teacher, when will the Buddha send experts to support me? There are 70 million Buddhists in this apocalypse city. Don’t you just let them attack you? With those ubers’ nature, you won’t stop until you slaughter the city."
The Buddha sighed, and then said lightly, "Everything in heaven and earth. Everyone has their own fate, and life should not be lost. Even if the knife rest on the neck, it will save the day, and the one who deserves to die, even if the Buddha sends himself to save it, will still die. This is life, even if you worry again. The result is still the same. Since it can’t be changed, why not let it go? "
The two generals were suddenly speechless, and a burst of anger rose in their hearts for no reason, but they concealed it well and were not found.
Just then, another Buddha added, "Besides, they are just ignorant believers. My Buddha Tathagata has great powers and magical powers, and followers are all over the world, not less than one trillion. Even if tens of millions of followers in the city of apocalypse are discarded, it is not a big deal, just occupying several cities. If we teach the Dharma as Buddha, there will be tens of millions more believers. You are too persistent. "
Hearing this, the two generals stopped talking immediately, and their hearts were no longer angry. Instead, they slowly calmed down and glanced at many Buddhas lightly. Then they withdrew from the hall and left it, and their hearts immediately moved to kill. These high-ranking buddhas. I simply don’t take the city people seriously, but they also know that they are not rivals. I can only keep my heart in my heart.
Soon, the two men climbed the city wall and looked at the army from 8,000 miles away. Only then did the general in silver armor angrily say, "Brother, I don’t think Elysium is going to give us any help. This is not the way. Sooner or later, 70 million people in the city will be sent to hell. If I had known, I would not have taken refuge in these wolves in sheep’s clothing."
"Have I ever thought about taking refuge?" The general in shining armor looked miserable and said helplessly, "If our brothers didn’t take refuge at that time, they would have slaughtered this apocalyptic city. Although we couldn’t save these citizens in the end, our brothers tried their best to have a clear conscience, but even if we couldn’t, we would drag those bald donkeys down to the house together."
General Yinjia was furious and punched the wall. At the moment when the golden light flashed, there was even a spark. After the light flashed, the wall was not damaged at all. Seeing this wall blessed by Buddhism, the two generals were even more angry. The defense of this wall is really strong, but at the same time it trapped the citizens of the whole city.
This Apocalypse City is built on a mountain, with mountains on both sides, and gates on the northwest and southeast sides. The army of the Middle Road led by Road flyover Flames is hoarding 8,000 miles away from the southeast gate. Originally, as long as the city could not hold on, the citizens in the city could escape from the northwest gate, but after these Buddhas took the seat, they blessed all the city walls with great magic, which not only stopped the outside attacks, but also blocked the way for the citizens to escape in the northwest.
Looking at the city wall, General Yinjia, who was furious, whispered, "Brother, let’s take the army and kill the main house of the city directly. If we can kill these extremely hypocritical bald donkeys, maybe the dharma blessed on the city wall will be automatically untied. Even if we all die, at least we can save more than 60 million citizens in the city."
"Don’t be reckless." General Jin Jia suddenly shouted, "Don’t be reckless. Even if we gather the strength of the whole army, we bald donkeys can’t help it. Now every key point in the city must be heavily defended. This is not the time for civil strife. If we can beat these monsters back, Brother will lay down his life to accompany you to fight with those bald donkeys."
Bang! ! !
General Silver Armor gave a roar, and his expression was not as angry as yours. His eyes were full of blood, and his whole body was filled with murderous look. However, because of the armor, it didn’t break out, and his fists slammed on the wall. Except for a little spark, it didn’t bring any damage to the wall at all, except helplessness.
At this moment, General Jin Jia shivered all over, turned his head and looked nervously outside the city. His eyes shone with golden light, as if he had found something, and he roared: "Enemy attack, enemy attack, play up all your spirits, and be sure to defend several key points, otherwise the 60 million people in the city will turn to be the ghosts of the underworld."
There is a Buddhist secret blessing on the wall, and the defense force is extremely strong. Only a few places have not been blessed because of the terrain. The defense force is the weakest place. Before more than ten wars, the two sides fought around these key points. However, because the guarding city side took advantage, the middle road army of the flaming road flyover never entered the city.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 402 Darkness