"Yes, I am strong now, so I want revenge. Who is qualified to say anything? Who dares to say anything? Whoever says no is my enemy, who is my enemy, who will die, or even worse, because I am stronger than them. "

"Survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest, and the strong are qualified to dominate everything. This is the rule of the game."
"And you, because of a quarrel, you killed more than 700 people in the Star-Picking Sword Sect, and all the children who haven’t practiced martial arts in Lian Gang haven’t let go."
"There is nothing wrong with what you did. You are better than them. It is natural for the strong to kill the weak, just like I want to kill you."
There is no denying that these overwhelming words have played a great shocking role. At first, some civilians thought that Chen Han bullied the weak with powerful forces. Now it seems that these people have a way to die, especially the chop suey who killed nearly a thousand people without even letting go of their children. Even if such people die ten thousand times, it is not too much.
Kill them!
I don’t know who was the first to shout out loud in the crowd, and then thousands of indignant civilians roared loudly.
Kill them!
Gradually, some people picked up stones and bumps on the ground and threw them at them. They found that there was nothing to pick up on the ground, and even smashed personal belongings such as mobile phones at five people kneeling on the scaffold.
Tens of thousands of civilians shouted loudly, Chen Leng smiled and pointed at the crowd and looked at the five people: "Look! Do you see it? The eyes of the masses are discerning, and everyone thinks you deserve to die. What should I do with you? "
"I damn it … kill me, please …"
The five men looked at him with frightened and begging eyes. When he recounted all kinds of crimes, their only remaining spiritual defense line completely collapsed amid the shouts of thousands of civilians.
"Chen Han!"
Just when the already prepared orders were ready to be issued, the violent real fluctuation came from a distance, and Li HeSheng echoed in the void: "This seat is here to save my son today. If a man dares to fight with me? If I win, let my son Xu Yan go, dare? "
Originally, Qing Xuzi planned to do or die with Chen Han after half a month, and now it is only 13 days in the past.
However, as early as ten days ago, I learned from Ling Yuzong’s arraignment of an excellent relationship with the elders that the more than two hundred masters in the door were not dead, and they were all alive and well together with Xu Yan and others.
His hatred with Chen Han originated from the murder of his beloved son. Since Xu Yan is still alive, there is still a chance for everything to change, so he tried to contact the owner to let him find a way to let Xu Yan go, because he knew that Xu Yan was not in Chen Han’s hand. Unfortunately, Jing Longzi, who has experienced a series of changes, has long been frightened by Chen Han’s strength and biting, saying that Xu Yan must not be let go, which will only make the whole sect fall into an invincible position.
In the end, Jing Longzi helped him out with a last resort idea, that is, when he started, he was confronted with him in front of the whole world.
After all, in the usual cold, it may not be agreed, and maybe it will be destroyed by a direct group fight. In the presence of global forces, if you don’t agree, it will be a big loss of face.
Qing Xuzi is indeed weaker than him, and there is almost no possibility of victory, but there are some things in this world that can make practitioners strengthen themselves in a short time. Of course, usually this kind of things will have a negative impact, but as long as we win Chen Han and save Xu Yan, even if there is damage, we can slowly repair it.
Metamorphosis elbow armpit!
All the forces present guessed that Qing Xuzi’s trip would depend on it, and no one would do anything to die. Chen Han also knew about it, but as expected, he could not choose.
With his present status and position, in front of all the forces in the world, if he doesn’t play, he will lose face not only, but also all the horses under his command will lose face: a man who was so strong just now dared not fight alone with Ling Yuzong’s elders. What kind of strong man is this?
"The battle is over only if one of you and me dies. How dare you?" Chen looked at Qing Xuzi coldly.
"This …"
Qing Xu was suddenly caught off guard, and his reliance could only be strengthened in a short period of time, so that the strength could suppress Chen Han and beat him. However, he witnessed how strong Chen Han’s cultivation is and how amazing his physical defense is. It is possible to suppress him in a short time, and it is almost impossible to kill him.
Set the whole cold spirit palace more than three hundred masters, set tight encirclement failed to kill him, with his green deficiency son is it possible?
However, the arrow had to be fired on the string, and Xu Yan’s cry touched the most fragile string in his heart: that is his only son, and he must not watch him die, even if he dies!
"What if both of them are dead?" Qing Xuzi took a deep breath.
"mutually assured destruction?"
Chen Han provoked a cold smile at the corner of his mouth and said slowly, "If both of them are dead, let Xu Yan and others go as well, it depends on whether you have that ability!"
In fact, he is not sure in his heart. If he doesn’t use any chips, even if Qing Xuzi burns Yuan Shen and explodes Yuan Shen, he will be injured at most. However, what the other party used, he didn’t know at all, and he didn’t have absolute certainty to stop such a green virtual child from choosing mutual destruction.
However, he had no choice when the world gathered here, even if he knew that he was defeated, he had to go to the top. This is the duty of being a superior person.
The golden light flashes, and the fairy tower is ejected from the knife. The giant tower with hundreds of meters high is suspended in the air, and a large number of figures rushed out from the inside.
The cyclops, ranging in height from several meters to more than ten meters, is no longer just a few hundred sets of clothes and the best spirit, but the whole family is equipped in the same way. There are not many people coming out, and there are only 1,500 people in total. However, the weakest ones are in the early stage of fitting, and everyone is a suit of the best spirit axe and armor.
Then, the beautiful forest elves appeared, with a number of nearly 2,000 people. Similarly, the weakest ones all have the realm of fitting period, and the crossbows or staves in their hands are obviously treasures of good quality.
Although lingshi and most natural treasures are meaningless to the elves who practice life magic, some materials for refining magic weapons can provide them with weapons help.
The appearance of less than 4,000 people did not cause much shock, although their combat power was extremely terrible.
After all, in these seventy years, the Cyclops and the Forest Elves have achieved a much lower promotion rate, and the advantages in equipment are expected as early as possible. Chen cold under hundreds of fix true army, Acura spirit saw tens of thousands of pieces, in the sight of these thousands of pieces again calculate what?
Civilians have long been far away from fighting, and immediately gave up a large area outside Epang Palace. The cyclops were responsible for the peripheral garrison, while the elves were suspended in the air to set up the enchantment defense aftermath.
Although some things have already been foreseen, but the thought of the terrorist ability of the snow cloud, plus hundreds of army of fix true, and now there are two foreign auxiliary, which force in this world is Chen Han’s opponent?
In other words, he already has the strength to fight against the forces of global practitioners, and 90% of this ability comes from Xueyun.
If we can kill the puppy, Chen Han’s deterrence will be gone, which is equivalent to the forces of all parties in the world at most. However, with the existence of snow clouds, he can easily slaughter all the forces in the world without even hurting his bones.
Unfortunately, the dead dog stayed with him all day, and there were a lot of experts around him. It was impossible to kill him.
Defensive enchantment was decorated in an instant, and Chen’s cold figure went in, followed by Qing Xu Zi.
In the air, the face of the green child is as heavy as water, and the fairy sword is suspended above the head.
On the ground, Chen cold face is full of sneer, holding the cloud combating Dao hands pinch seal.
"Chen Han, it’s not too late for you to regret it now. You only have to win or lose." Green deficiency is a bully is always a coward, and no one wants to die if he can live.
"Why? Aren’t you afraid? "
Chen Han still sneers, and the five-color brilliance flows at the fingertips, condensing into a magnificent purple symbol: "Life is victory, and death is negative. Now it’s not up to you … Don’t destroy the seal!"
Seeing that he had launched the mysterious seal, Qing Xuzi’s face changed dramatically, and he quickly swallowed a pigeon egg-sized, black-colored bead.
That’s right!
It’s not an elixir, but a bright black pearl, emitting wild and majestic energy fluctuations, which clearly does not belong to the true force of the fix-true.
Chapter 204 Fighting Spirit Lingyun 1