It was the first time that the little thing clearly expressed an emotion: like it!

Nan Yunqing looked at it quite helplessly. She opened the Asian god and waved her hand to make the existence of the seven-order fairy beast disappear. What do you want with such a little phoenix? She had long hoped that Xiao Wen could accept it …
She didn’t even stretch out her hand, but the little phoenix flew closer. Seeing that she didn’t hate it and had no hostility, she got the nerve to land on her left shoulder!
Phoenix gave a flattering cry, but Nan Yunqing didn’t know what it meant, so she just glanced at it.
Nan Yunqing never laughed, and it was as calm as ever, but until this moment, all the people clearly realized this for the first time: she is kind, why never laughed?
Of course, she is already beautiful, and she doesn’t need to laugh enough to attract everyone, but if she can smile, wouldn’t it be fascinating?
No one knows that she is Yashen except Xiao Wen. In everyone’s view, she can get the favor of Phoenix and deserves to smile …
As a result, Nan Yunqing was expressionless and even reluctantly accepted the favor of the little phoenix, letting it stop on her left shoulder …
Phoenix seems to feel that Nan Yunqing is accommodating, so she got the nerve to put her neck to the right and rubbed her head on Nan Yunqing’s cheek. []
I blow up! ! ! Is this dead bird only male or female? ! !
Nan Yunqing is a person who makes any man think of his dream lover at first sight. This dead bird dares to rub Nan Yunqing’s face!
Of course, there are still some people who have already cultivated their minds and raised xìng at home, unmoved by the sound of Se, and those animal monks, at least they are paying more attention to that little phoenix at the moment. But what’s the use of paying attention? Look at the posture. The little phoenix is already dependent on Nan Yunqing, and she is definitely not leaving.
This change really surprised everyone, even Xiao Wen.
The people of the five giants in the distance looked at each other, and several people were already sad, as if they didn’t know how to solve the problem.
For the people of Xuanyang Sect. This is definitely a good phenomenon, because Nan Yunqing has a special status. If they go to Nan Yunqing for theory, they may not have no chance to get the little phoenix again.
But they don’t know anything about Nan Yunqing. They just feel that this matter is beyond their control according to their own judgment, and they are too lazy to try again.
After another moment, everyone could see it. The little phoenix has been dead set on following Nan Yunqing, and the matter has finally come to an end.
In the end, the five giants didn’t say anything, so they left Xuanyangzong first.
Those onlookers who came from all over the world also walked half. It was not until Ming Jianzong’s people left that some of the remaining people caught up, and the last part flew to Xuanyang Zongbai’s public rights.
These people firmly support Ming Jian Sect or Xuan Yang Sect. This is the help boxing, and all the results are not inserted. But it is necessary to show loyalty. At least let Ming Jianzong and Xuan Yangzong know that they did come …
After dealing with a few waves of such people, the immortals of Ming Jianzong rushed back.
They brought back all the bodies of the disciples who died in Xuanyangzong, and they didn’t forget to look for their own monks who were killed or injured when they chased back yesterday …
Although I came home victorious, I was relieved, but everyone’s heart was heavy, and those who died could not live after all.
Zong Wangren had sent someone back to tell the news first, but it took the big army twice as long as it came.
After returning to Ming Jianzong, I looked devastated. Those immortals who came home victorious couldn’t laugh even more.
On the afternoon after the return of the people, the cat was sent to the celestial world everywhere, and the second campaign was sent by Xuanyang Zongfa. In the first campaign, they spared no effort to denounce Ming Jianzong, but this second one was denouncing themselves …
How obvious is the contrast before and after? !
It was said before that "in order to avoid the danger of others." Has been hidden but not sent "is actually" has been secretly stalking, waiting for the opportunity to move "!
In Feixia Valley, have they ever found any evidence that Xiao Wen is evil? It is pure speculation and framing!
Nanhua Sect preached that the original black was said to be white. Now the facts have finally been restored! What malicious let fairy hurt Tang Kun, is clearly that Tang Kun malicious pick things up!
Hyun Yang Zong is really self-reviewing, but he didn’t make it too clear. Those details were all made up by Ming Jianzong, and it’s not only allowed for Hyun Yang Zong’s family to send an essay! Xuanyang Sect kept silent about the statement given by Ming Jianzong, so the whole people in the celestial world took it as their default.
After a few days, a large crowd came to Ming Jianzong, some of them were Hyun Yang Zong’s people, and some were craftsmen invited by Hyun Yang Zong. At this time, they came to repair the destroyed nine veins of Ming Jianzong …
Open 27 cases of the second like an inferior to Ming Jianzong’s home to work, which is actually quite shameful, but this time, Hyun Yangzong has already thrown people into the whole celestial world, and now what is this?
In fact, at the same time, Xuanyang Sect is making compensation to Ming Jianzong in all aspects. At the beginning, there were nine armistice agreements!
A month later, something even more fierce happened. In fact, many people have long guessed that this must happen!
Twenty-seven cases of J and jīng can affect the ranking of twenty-seven cases, but it is not the only thing that can affect the ranking of twenty-seven cases. Imagine, if there is a sudden disaster, it is clear that it has been removed from the celestial world, what qualifications are there to rank in the 27 th case? Don’t want to wait until ten years later when J: ng is bigger than Britain? This is definitely not the case!
There are still many things that determine the ranking of 27 cases, and the war between Xuanyang Sect and Mingjian Sect is counted as one!
Sponsored jointly by the five giants, 27 cases immediately launched a new ranking evaluation, mainly referring to the hardware level and the number of immortals in each case.
This evaluation lasted for half a month in total. In fact, everyone knows why it was evaluated. It’s just a process, and the results come out quickly.
After the evaluation, 27 cases jointly announced 27 new rankings in the world!
First place, Zi Ji Zong!
Second place, Dianjing Lake!
Third place, Ming Jianzong!
Fourth place, Xiyi Jianzong!
I can’t find the shadow of Xuanyang Sect in the first ten miles!
Continue to look down, and finally the following words appeared: 15th place, Xuanyang Sect!
Originally, in order to keep the second place from being threatened, Xuanyang Zong, who made moves to Ming Jianzong, actually fell directly to the 15th place! ! !
This is really shocking, you know, looking at the history of the celestial world in recent tens of thousands of years, has Xuanyang Sect ever been in the top five? ! !
The new ranking is so low, only to blame them for nearly two thousand immortals’ downfall in the first world war with Ming Jianzong, and finally there are only more than 500 immortals left at the very most! The disappearance of Jiu Ri Palace is also an influencing factor. In the previous evaluation of this kind, Jiu Ri Palace can often add a lot of Se to Xuanyang Zong.
For Xuanyangzong, this is actually not over …
Many of their compensations for Ming Jianzong are continuous xìng, and it will be impossible for them to slow down for a while.
Moreover, some clans such as Muxìngzong, which were suppressed by Li Ping in 27 cases, have also looked up, and began to suppress Xuanyangzong in view of xing!
It’s completely predictable that the 15th place won’t be the end of Xuanyang Sect …
And what really caused all this, where is the real turning point of all changes?
Ming Jianfeng protects the mountain and attacks the array! Your support is my greatest motivation. )

Chapter two hundred and sixty Secret meeting
Since the end of the confrontation between Ming Jianzong and Xuanyang Zong, the most talked about in the whole celestial world is Ming Jianzong’s method of protecting mountains.
The power of the magic circle was blown to the gods, and it has completely surpassed the highest level of the celestial world. Who let it be designed by people from the upper bound? In fact, the main reason is that no one has seen what this array looks like when it is fully powered. After all, only two-thirds of the array was built during the two wars!
In the previous World War I, Ming Jianzong also died three or four hundred immortals, which greatly reduced the overall strength of Ming Jianzong, but because of the existence of the mountain-protecting circle, he made up for the drop …
Due to the downgrading of Xuanyang Sect, the top dozen of the 27 cases except Purple Sect all rose one place, and Ming Jianzong finally returned to their third place if Xuanyang Sect didn’t drag their feet. However, other clans are completely cheap for nothing. Have you ever thought that you can be the second? Xiyi Jianzong never thought that he retired from the fourth place for more than a year, and the result was so unexpected that he went back? And I don’t know how many years when the spirit of the sixth Sect, dreaming of being among the top five, the result is so inexplicably really entered the top five …
Including Dianjing Lake, the dozens of clansmen are grateful to Ming Jianzong, and they simply don’t know how to repay them. And in gratitude, they also have a little awe of Ming Jianzong: No matter what method Ming Jianzong used, Ming Jianzong really defeated Xuanyang Sect, and it was on the premise of being attacked by Y and N!
Before this happens, if you ask the people in the celestial world. Who can beat Xuanyang Sect in 27 cases? I’m afraid everyone will give the only answer: Purple Sect. Because the Zizi Sect is indeed stronger than the Xuanyang Sect, only the Zizi Sect is stronger than the Xuanyang Sect in the twenty-seven cases.
But now, Ming Jianzong has defeated Xuanyang Sect with incomparable strength. What does this mean?
Is the strength of Ming Jianzong really beyond Xuanyang Sect?
No one can give a definite answer, but Ming Jianzong suddenly appears detached.
Everyone thinks. The current Ming Jian Sect is actually more qualified to be the second than Dianji Lake. After some time, maybe you can challenge the Zi Ji Sect!