The monster thought that Nan Yunqing would take back the art of leading a secluded place and changing the world in a short time, so he couldn’t help getting angry, but he didn’t know that Nan Yunqing had been confiscated, so he couldn’t help it any longer.

"boom! ! ! !”
The devil in the underworld can’t act in a common sense, but it blasted its own abode of fairies and immortals directly from the inside and rushed into the air in the swirling boulder!
This monster ape has a ghost head, and behind it, a pair of huge membrane wings are born, which are one mile tall and spread five miles away, just like a y and n cloud, pouncing on Nan Yunqing!
"hmm? ! Immortals? !” The devil’s mind floated out.
The monster was halfway across the distance, only to realize that it was not the inferno human flying in the sky at all, but a cultivator it had only heard of. Obviously, it has problems in both monitoring methods and eyesight, and it was not until it was close that Nan Yunqing’s skin Se was seen …
Although wheat se is also very tempting, it is really not the skin se of the underworld.
"I’m looking for someone. Please forgive me for interrupting." Nan Yunqing didn’t practice the animal way, and he didn’t have the ability to communicate with others. He could only reply directly.
The monster is really a little blind, or it may be because Nan Yunqing was too polite. He thought Nan Yunqing was easy to bully, but he sneered, "Just take it back and make me a slave!"
This product is also a collector!
Wings vibrated violently, and the monster changed his flight route, making a big bend in the air, but rose to the upper left of Nan Yunqing, and then swooped down!
"honk! ! ! !”
At least twenty miles away, the monster suddenly interrupted with a strange roar, and the sound wave Machamp visible to the naked eye rushed towards Nan Yunqing, which was not only fast, but also covered a large area!
The idiom "many people speak first" really seems to have been created for this monster, because this is the way it is best at fighting, and I don’t know how many opponents it has killed with this sound wave attack in its life.
Then, facing the rushing sound waves, Nan Yunqing felt a slight quiver in her heart, as if she remembered something sad.
The next moment, the golden light on her left hand flashed, and there was a quaint little mirror.
Seal the sky and lock the mirror!
However, this is not the original side, but after Xiao Wen helped her get the materials from the goddess, she refined the new ones when she just returned to the early stage of the Asian god realm.
Perhaps it is because it is the second time to sacrifice this place, and her progress is particularly fast. In a few years, she will sacrifice this mirror to the seventh floor.
However, every time she uses it, she can’t help but feel a thrill when she studies.
Because her life was saved by the last mirror that sealed the sky and locked the ground, but now that mirror has become a lifeless fragment and is treasured by her in the storage ring.
The new mirror, which was sacrificed and refined to the seventh floor, seemed to have sensed something. Suddenly, it flew out and stopped at the left side of Nan Yunqing’s side. The mirror moved forward, and she gave out a bunch of golden Se Guanghua.
The speed of the gold Se beam far exceeds the imagination of the monster, but it misses!
The monster was startled at first, and then he breathed a sigh of relief. The magical power of the heart-cultivating immortal was so unreliable.
It is only ten miles away from that beautiful woman in the celestial world, and it will be caught soon and returned to the abode of fairies and immortals to enjoy it slowly!
"Wow …"
The voice like a silver sand drain, high in the air that straight thin gold se light speed abrupt cone spread, this open, directly into a half sphere!
The golden light emitted by the small mirror is cut off from the whole world, making the back part of the mirror y and n dark, while the front part of the mirror is completely turned into gold se!
However, for the monster, the most important thing is two other points, that is, under the thrust of golden light, all its sound waves are dissipated, and it seems to be in the air itself!
It can be cultivated as a high-order sub-god, and it is the first time to encounter such a strange thing in battle.
Then, I saw the female cultivator waving her right hand, and a purple Se sword appeared between heaven and earth, such as the same purple Se bridge across the sky, and directly shot at it!
It can swear that the most powerful magic weapon it has ever seen in my life is not as powerful as one tenth of this purple Se sword!
"bang! ! ! !”
The purple Se sword was not cut, but it was directly taken horizontally like a ruler. In the crash, the huge monster flew out like a stone grain thrown out by a slingshot Se, getting smaller and smaller.
"boom! ! ! ! !”
The monster directly crashed into a mountain, and his whole body was embedded in it. His face was sobbing, with a neurotic smile, and he was scared silly …
Take it back and enjoy it? !
It has never heard a funnier joke than this …
It was not until the woman took off that the monster struggled to pull her body out of the mountain, and then the other one became a ground-rolling gourd and rolled down the mountain directly.
Nan Yunqing’s heart is not fluctuating, because she has done this many times in recent years.
Both monsters and humans in the underworld are belligerent, which brings a lot of trouble to their trip to find people. At first, they tried to reason with each other, but slowly they all learned from Ziyan, so it is more efficient to teach each other directly.
However, after the monster was sent away, Nan Yunqing was upset for no reason. In her state of mind, this is a rare situation.
In the next few days, she sent away five or six monsters, but the irritability in her heart was stronger.
After a serious fight in a small town, Nan Yunqing finally knew the reason!
The weirdo she was looking for passed through this area ten days ago, and this time many experts in the south of the underworld decided to ambush him in a place called Beikunyuan!
And because of this fidgety in my heart, Nan Yunqing believes to a great extent that that weirdo is probably her father!
Nan Yunqing can no longer be calm, rising into the sky, merging with the purple sword in the sky, turning into a stunning purple rainbow and flying in the direction of Beikunyuan!
Where the purple rainbow passed, the wind was shocking and the clouds were rolling, and some slightly higher hills could even feel the wind pressure brought by the purple sword …
If someone happens to look at the place where the purple sword comes, they can see that a purple Se light spot first appears on the horizon, but it will become bigger rapidly in less than a breath, and then fly over his head. When he turns to chase it again, the purple rainbow has turned into a purple Se light spot on the horizon and disappeared quickly …
That speed is simply beyond the comprehension of ordinary people.
However, Nan Yunqing still felt that it was not fast enough and was afraid of arriving late.
Flying like that for an hour, finally, he saw a vast plain and the battlefield at the northern end of the plain!
A large array of light black Se trapped a long-haired giant in it, and at least ten monsters and twenty inferno masters stormed the giant in the array!
Nan Yunqing’s skill of leading to a secluded place and changing the boundary can’t wear a large array, but with the naked eye alone, she can also see six fairy swords flying wildly around the giant! The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, the giant under siege must be her father!