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Chapter 14 Chapter 14
In the face of this scene, persimmon is a bit awkward.
Or persimmon never thought it would face such a situation.
After all, although she looks very neutral, there is really no gender barrier. She knows very well that she is a woman.
Therefore, when she saw Hong Qianer, she didn’t hesitate to hug people and sent them to the room.
So what is this? What is this?
When persimmon was stuck, a lot of people rushed in outside when Hong Qianer shouted.
People see this situation are also some leng, but I still react immediately. I quickly comforted Hong Qianer and comforted people to help arrange clothes and help to’ catch’ persimmons.
"God, how can this man do this?"
"Don’t cry, don’t cry, you immoral dog."
"Kill this little rascal."
Here, you say you, I make my persimmon feel stupid and awake. After all, it’s not her character to be beaten.
Catch two will leaned in to beat everyone around a block, those aunt claws slap shot up in succession, in the heart said a sentence sorry to them after persimmon squeezed out from the crowd and slipped away directly.
She’s not stupid. She’ll have to get a beating before she can explain this. She’d better go back and discuss how strange it is.
Although she didn’t want to strike back, it would be too simple if she left. After a while, people disappeared, and the people who stayed behind were still shouting.
"Get someone! Get him!"
"Kill that little rascal."
In some people are here to comfort HongQianEr.
"It’s okay. It’s okay. We’ll catch people."
"Don’t worry if you can’t run away."
Hong Qianer touched her tears and sobbed, "I know where his home is. That’s the Transportation Bureau over there."
"I fainted just now. He sent me back to me. He is a good man. I" Hong Qianer sobbed and suddenly shouted "I’m ashamed to live"
He said that he was going to hit the wall.
Everyone hurried to stop people. It would produce comfort. Hongqianer’s mood finally calmed down.
Others were immediately outraged.
"Go to the police and lead people. Let’s go to the door. This hooligan can’t let go."
"It must be arrested in the clear sky."
"Kill him! Kill him!"
A bunch of people immediately got together and walked towards the Qu family.
Persimmon came to want to go home directly to discuss it, but ran past the public security bureau and ran in.
Just Zeng Youqi hasn’t gone back yet.
"Brother Qi, brother Qi, help." Persimmon gasped for air. She can’t run lightly
And then told the whole story to one side.
"I’m thinking about this person’s sake and slandering me. If I don’t, she can directly threaten me instead of making people make up their minds to give me a name."
"I’ve never seen this person say that there is no contradiction before, and everyone who knows me well, even my classmates, will know that I am a woman." Persimmon wiped her sweat and finally her breath was a little smooth.
"If you want to go to our house to offend people, that’s all."
Zeng Youqi looked grim.
This is obviously revenge.
More than if this revenge is still quasi-root solution according to the normal situation.
There was a man and a woman at the scene, and even others came in to see it. This scene definitely set the scene of bullying.
Even familiar people know that it is impossible, but there is no evidence.
But now, Zeng Youqi looked at it. It’s shorter than himself by half a head. Together, it’s more handsome than himself, and he couldn’t help smoking a persimmon.
I’m not sure it’s a girl if I don’t know her very well.