At this time, it’s getting late, and everyone goes back to their rest place. Frosty smiles and greets Jiu Yin with great enthusiasm. "Taoist friends must be tired from afar. Come with me and arrange a rest place for you!" Nine hidden quite flattered feeling hurriedly decline "don’t have to Lao Ge master personally set out to command a younger brother to take a few of us in the past" frost cold sorrowful way "that is, come to my hidden pavilion and I will be the master. This landlord should not waste! Or I come in person. "

Jiu Yin refused, but she was surprised that the frost and cold were so enthusiastic and sent her brothers with swords to follow her to a special courtyard. "This is my uncle Luo’s courtyard, so please rest here." Jiu Yin asked, "But it’s said that we can’t break up, uncle Luo?" "Exactly." Jiu Yin suddenly stood in awe. "I dare to stay in Uncle Luo’s former residence! No, this is disrespectful to the predecessors! " In recent years, it is rare for a great warrior to be eager for public interests, love righteousness and hate evil all his life, and his reputation in the right path is extremely high. Three hundred years ago, an unbreakable person passed by a village and found that the mountain peak where the village was located turned out to be a volcano, in which there was a self-cultivation fire dragon, which was about to break free and soar to heaven. If it came out of the mountain, it would surely collapse. The volcano erupted to save the mountain. Hundreds of villagers did not break the fire dragon, and atrix died together in a few days! This incident has become a model of the right path in the field of repair, and the secluded pavilion has positioned his hospital as a sacred place. Today, it is cold and cold, but it is very respectful for them to stay in this "holy place".
Section 11 Cunning ()
? Nine Cain insisted on refusing to accept the frost and cold, so he turned to the second. The owner said, "In that case, please follow me to the ordinary wing to rest." Nine Cain nodded, "It’s so good." Although it’s an ordinary wing, it’s really not easy to decorate it like this in a short time. It’s not easy to be cold and caring, but he can’t help pointing out his younger brother to make the room more comfortable. This owner just needs to personally array it.
Nine hidden some scratching their heads, what’s wrong with this woman? He didn’t find true love when he was wandering around the world. Over the years, his thoughts in his heart have become more and more impossible to realize. Therefore, seeing that his attention has shifted to the potential, he vowed to carry forward the hidden pavilion into the first of the twelve sects. Although she just lost her temper, how can she hide it from an old fox like Frost and Cheng Fangya? Frost cold at a glance will know that nine hidden this kind of person is the most can’t stand the courtesy of others, to treat him with courtesy, two or three will fall down, what she has done is the magic code.
Sure enough, her "excessive enthusiasm" made Jiu Yin extremely uncomfortable. Some anger towards her has already disappeared. Now I hope that she will leave the frost and cold as soon as possible to see the temperature. She knows how to leave now-she didn’t get out of the magic code. That would be too explicit. Anyway, you are all in my spirit market. Will you care about this for a while?
Finally, I sent away the frost and cold nine hidden and quickly wiped my forehead sweat at the door. "What’s wrong with this cabinet owner and a little too enthusiastic?" Gusheng grumpily snorted "courting is either rape or theft". Nine hidden people don’t believe that "you can’t say this about your predecessors until you rise". Gusheng hey hey smiled and said nothing more. He came out of the master’s room and knocked on the dragon and fox door. When he saw him, Gusheng opened his mouth and was about to speak. He grabbed her mouth and pulled her out of the room. Gusheng pointed to the wall and pointed to his ears. He meant that the dragon and fox had ears and gently nodded and sneaked out with Gusheng.
In the room, Gusheng is uneasy and easily eavesdropped. After all, it’s in the secret cabinet site. What secret array can’t be laid? He and Dragon Fox are new here, even if they are careful, it is difficult. He still believes that it seems that there is no confidentiality outside, but it is best to be confidential because of great contingency. Frost and Cold can’t always decorate all places in the Hidden Pavilion with monitoring and monitoring laws, can they?
The two men sneaked out of the hidden pavilion gate and ran out for dozens of miles. After paying attention several times, they made sure that no one was following them before stopping. "Those old foxes must have known all about it." "No way, I don’t think they are suspicious?" Dragon fox some don’t believe her to hide or feel very satisfied with the ancient litres of laughs "don’t you believe it? That frost cold is a school of master so diligent? I bet there must be someone in the master room now. "Dragon and Fox are still dubious." Why are they so concerned about the magic code? It’s just a magic treasure book. Did the people in the right path get it or just destroy it? " Gusheng laughed. "How can everyone be as simple as you? Which one of them doesn’t want the magic code? Think about it. The method of recording merit in the magic code can save them more than half. Are you not tempted when you reach the realm of soaring? " Dragon and Fox blushed and said, "If you can’t fly, I won’t be tempted …" "What did you say?" A mountain breeze blew through Gusheng, but I didn’t catch it clearly. Dragon and Fox blurted out their thoughts. At the moment, a deer jumped about in my heart, only to find that the opposite person didn’t catch it clearly. It was just a moment when qing moved her true feelings and blurted it out, but it took courage to ask her to say it again.
"Nothing, nothing" Dragon and Fox are remorseful in their hearts.
Gusheng is right. At the moment, there is someone in the Nine Hidden Rooms. The front foot of frost and cold has just left, and someone’s back foot has come.
It’s hard to see off the frost and cold. Jiu Yin sat cross-legged on the bed less than half a cup of tea when there was a light knock at the door. Jiu Yin wondered, "Why do people knock at the door as if they were afraid of being heard?" In fact, the man is not afraid that he will hear it, but that he will be afraid that others will find out that Jiu Yin can knock the door with a wave of his hand. But think about whether it is possible that a fellow Taoist friend came and didn’t lose etiquette or got up the door by himself. Generally speaking, monks don’t rashly release their breath to induce people outside the door, which is more impolite and easy to cause misunderstanding.
A dozen doors turned out to be the seal of Sanyang, the owner of Guangtian Temple. This man was born with a masculine face, heavy eyebrows, lion’s nose and tiger’s mouth. Unexpectedly, he was very awkward at the door of Jiuyin today. Jiuyin looked at his expression and said, "What’s the matter with you, owner?" Look around Feng Sanyang and flicker into Jiuyin’s room. It’s even more strange that Jiuyin seems to be gross. Feng Sanyang gave a quick laugh and said to Jiu Yin, "Brother Dao, you know that I don’t like beating around the bush. Now that I’m here, I’ll get this straight. Now that you have found the place where the magic code was born, we might as well join the two sects. Although the Sword Sect has Brother Dao to support this banner, in my opinion, if you want to fight against the other eleven sects, some of them are overreaching themselves. Why don’t we share the magic code and remember that the Temple of Heaven hides a thick courtyard to help you? Although you can’t beat the other ten sects with one arm, you can
This words said nine hidden is really puzzling. He blinked and stared at Feng Sanyang for half a day. "What do you mean by this courtyard owner? How did we find the place where the magic code was born? Who told you that this was simply a discussion-why didn’t I know that the Sword Sect had found the birthplace of the magic code? " Feng Sanyang suddenly changed color. "Brother, I think you are a straightforward person to talk to you straight from the door. If you think that my offer from the Temple of Heaven is not generous enough, we can discuss it again. If you are playing dumb, you will be an opponent!" How did Jiu Yin’s wry smile somehow offend the Temple of Light?
He calmly said to Feng Sanyang, "Master Feng, it’s true that you are being original, and I’m not playing dumb. Can you tell me who told you that our Sword Sect has found the place where the magic code was born?" Feng Sanyang gave him a furious stare and left without saying anything!
Nine hidden gawk in the house don’t know what’s going on, it took him a long time to react to offend the temple of light for no reason. Isn’t this an accident? He shook his head in annoyance. Just before the door went to the bedside and knocked at the door, Jiu Yin rang again. Ruoyexi Boquan Door Master Xie Tenggu smiled at the door and saw Jiu Yin hitting a hand "Daoyou!" Jiuyin hasn’t recovered from the matter of sealing Sanyang just now. When he saw it, he quickly returned the gift "Daoyou!"
Xie Donggu’s light feet with a dust-blowing hand felt free from vulgarity. "I don’t know what can I do for you so late?" Xie Donggu smiled gently and dusted her hands. "I wonder who that woman was at the party today?" "She’s being original, Younger, and Uncle Gu stayed with her brother before he rose." Xie Tenggu suddenly "Oh, it turns out that Gu’s elder brother is really a teacher and a teacher."
She Gu Zuoyan said that he could not understand why this Taoist came to her room in the middle of the night. As soon as she got into the topic, "I wonder what Taoist friends think of this magic code?" Nine hidden awe-inspiring way "nature is to destroy the magic way as soon as it is found" Xie Donggu shook his head "non-Taoist Dao means that all roads lead to the same goal. Although the magic way is violent, its ultimate goal is to soar to the celestial world like us. In that case, can’t we use the magic way to learn from it?" Jiu Yin stammered, "This is this …" He felt that Xie Donggu’s words were completely contrary to his ideas in cognition. He knew that if the magical things were harmful, they would destroy the learning path for hundreds of years. It really never occurred to him that this magical thing could be used for reference. However, he is inflexible by nature, and it is really impossible for him to overthrow himself and accept Tengku’s view at once.
Seeing Jiu Yin’s expression, Xie Tenggu added, "Since ancient times, three Confucian scholars have been traveling in Dao Ji, and the Buddha has been enlightened and enlightened, and the immortal has been a Taoist priest; Since we can return to the same destination, can’t we broaden our minds and include the magic way? I’ve heard that there are also many upright people in the magic way, like Gu Sheng, the first master of the former magic way. I heard that this person is the gentleman in the magic way who treats me and me-can’t such tolerance make us change our view of the magic way? " I don’t know when I slipped back and was eavesdropping on the secret passage in Gusheng’s heart. "Thank you!"
Nine hidden or not white what did she mean until later Xie Tenggu said, "If Daoyou really find the magic code, you might as well take it out. We can learn from it together. If Yexi Boquan can also help you share some pressure with the Sword Sect." Nine hidden, this "Daoyou" rambled about a big circle, which turned out to be the same as sealing Sanyang!
Jiu Yinnai Bar just repeated, "Daoyou, we really haven’t found the magic code, and I don’t know where it was born. I can swear to Sanqing that we really don’t know who the other Daoyou can tell me who told you that our Sword Sect has found the place where it was born?" Xie Tenggu still smiled. "Taoist friends don’t have to rush to answer me. I can wait. Others haven’t been here yet. Taoist friends naturally have to wait for you." "This …"
Section 11 Cunning
? The heads of the eleven sects usually take turns to array all the things, that is, when the magic code comes one by one, everyone can avoid the embarrassment. Later, everyone is scrambling for fear that they will be late and won’t get a piece of cake. The front person is sitting in the Nine Hidden Rooms, and someone has knocked at the door outside. Before and after, they meet each other and greet each other with a passive smile. "You are here!" The Sword Sect, which was almost swept out of the house by them, has become a hot topic at the moment, and it has gradually become white. It turns out that all this comes from the surprise of Dragon and Fox.
In the end, Cheng Fangya and Frost Cold have been to the eleven sects, and four masters didn’t come. Finally, it was quiet. Jiu Yin had already noticed that Gu Sheng and Long Hu were eavesdropping outside. He called out, "Don’t sneak in." Long Hu sighed, "It’s really right for you to give these old guys nothing." Gu Sheng smiled without saying a word. Long Hu sat in a chair with a depressed face and frowned. "What’s wrong with these people?" He shook his head and looked at the dragon and fox. "Younger, have you really seen that place?" Dragon and fox were about to answer when their eyes suddenly turned and shook their heads and said, "I was surprised without a brother and there was no other reason." Jiu Yin was relieved that "it’s good for us to behave properly and not be afraid of what others say."
Gu Sheng’s fingers dipped in tea and wrote four words on the table. Every wall has ears and nine hidden words. Some people don’t believe it. Looking at him, Gu Sheng nodded. Nine hidden words are deeply regrettable. Even the fix-true world has many dirty and dark means. Gu Sheng took out a jade symbol and carved a sentence in it and handed it to the master. After reading the jade symbol, he was almost shocked! Gusheng hurriedly took him nine hidden unbelievable looking at dragon fox dragon fox gently nodded and said it was true nine hidden long give a sigh silently thinking about what to do.
Nine hidden shook hands and hit four flag gates and inserted them around the three people. Suddenly, there was a white mist rising, and the pictures and sounds were cut off. The former Gu Sheng didn’t want to make such a law to give the monitors a feeling of "openness" and let them know that they had no ghosts in their hearts. But nine hidden already knew about this matter, so many people had to discuss it well.
"Well, I’ll confess to you tomorrow and we’ll go to find the magic code together." Now that he has learned the truth, he wants to find it and destroy it as soon as possible, even if it’s over. Gusheng shook his head. "Master, if you can’t do this, even if you find the magic code, do you think they will let you destroy it?" Nine hidden think just XieTengGu words oneself also really don’t have confidence GuSheng hesitated a or said, "master, why don’t you leave this matter to me to deal with" nine hidden has always been very at ease to him if such a difficult problem let him deal with it is really a headache "that good teacher will leave this matter to you"
Gusheng asked the master for the flag gate array, which is a rare thing. When Gusheng wanted to keep it for the master, he really had to borrow it temporarily.
He first came to the front of Cheng Fangya to see that there was no one in the corridor around him, so Cheng Fangya seemed to know that someone would come tonight, so he didn’t sleep. In fact, he had already stayed up and just breathed in bed.
"It’s Gu Shaoxia", Cheng Fangya’s snow-white Hu Yishan laughed. Gu Sheng was naturally smiling. He showed great humility in front of the elder. "The elder master asked me to talk to you about one thing" was expected, so Cheng Fangya was not surprised. His face was full of kindness. "Yes, my dear nephew, please sit down" was changed. "I dare not sit down first." Gu Sheng showed great respect and worship for him until Cheng Fangya sat down cheerfully.
Gusheng copied Frost’s "courtesy offensive", and sure enough, Cheng Fangya was a little overwhelmed. He had not met such a young man who worshipped him for many years. "Being an old-timer and a younger generation has really admired you for a long time. You are a hero in my mind. Seeing you today, it’s just white talk, no matter how appropriate it is, can’t shape you. You are really a fairy, a living fairy!" Gu Sheng himself felt that the disgusting words were almost "shameless" and praised Cheng Fangya’s old man for blushing unconsciously!
Ancient litres to see the temperature is about the same, this just changed the subject "alas, if it is difficult for the senior teacher to depend on my magic code, why not give it to the senior in vain?" The master treasure should be virtuous, and the elder is the most suitable candidate. "Cheng Fangya hasn’t recovered yet." Why don’t you do something? Your master also has him. What are his conditions? " Gusheng is thinking about how to kill this old guy with a knife.
"I’m really embarrassed to say this …" "My dear nephew, I don’t care!" Gu Sheng-zhuang hesitated for a moment before saying, "The elder also knows that our Sword Sect is rebuilding the mountain gate and continues to produce a lot of raw materials. I heard that your jade feng foot produces a kind of Han jade rock with aura as hard as iron, which is the best material to build the Xianjia Sect …" Cheng Fangya said cheerfully, "Oh, this is easy. I will give you 20,000 Han jade bricks."
This Han Jade Rock is a specialty of Jade feng, which can’t be found anywhere else, but it’s not produced in "large quantities" as Gu Sheng said, but the quantity is very small. Even the buildings in the mountain gate where Cang Xu sent himself are not half built by Han Jade Bricks. Han Jade Rock contains a thin spiritual force, but it is much higher than the ordinary stone spiritual force. It is a very powerful defense to build the mountain gate of Xiuzhen Sect with the arrangement of law. This gave Gu Sheng 20,000 yuan because he felt that he could not damage his "bold" image in the reserve mind. It seems that Gu Sheng could not.
Cheng Fang Yaqi said, "Why aren’t you satisfied?" Gusheng hurriedly reckon that "it’s not that the younger generation is not satisfied. It’s really a master’s strict order. If there are no fifty thousand pieces of Han jade bricks, the secret can’t be shared by Cang Xu." Cheng Fangya has a dreary exercise of fifty thousand pieces! "If an old-timer finds it difficult, the younger generation can go back and plead with the master …" Cheng Fangya hurriedly said, "It won’t make you disobey the master for fifty thousand dollars and ninety-five thousand dollars!" Cheng Fangya is distressed, but the words have been spoken, and he is a senior. How can he break his word? Gusheng exultation "indeed as expected is the elder atmosphere! Frank! The younger generation will go back and tell the master to send the Han jade bricks to Shanma, Wan Ren, and we will take the older generation to that place! " Cheng Fangya was dumbfounded and asked me to pay before you showed the goods!
Gusheng smiled and came out of Chengfang Ya’s room. Chengfang Ya Nai sent a sound, and Yu Fu returned to the mountain to make them prepare 50,000 pieces of Han jade bricks and rushed them to Wan Ren Mountain.
Gu Sheng went out of Chengfang Yamen and looked around. He found the seal of Sanyang’s room. He was still angry in the room. He felt that Jiu Yin was too unrealistic. He knocked on the door and sealed Sanyang. "Who is it?" Gu Sheng replied in a small way, "The younger generation Gu Sheng has something important to discuss with the older generation." Feng Sanyang got up and said, "What do you want?" You’re welcome after Gu Sheng took the door. Since ancient times, he has poured himself a cup of tea and poured a mouthful of water into Sanyang. Hey, hey, smile. "You’re young, but you’re not as heroic as your master." Gu Sheng said, "I know you’re a frank person and don’t like vulgar rituals. I’ll tell you straight. You want to know where the magic code was born. Take 500 pieces of jade pillars first."
The Guangtian Temple Tibetan Thick Yard has a collection of thousands of lingxi jade pillars collected by the ancestors. This kind of jade pillar with strong spiritual force is the most suitable thing in the layout of the whole sect defense array, just like a drop in the bucket in the ancient flying sword, but a drop in the bucket is a small array, and lingxi jade pillars are much larger. For thousands of years, the Tibetan Thick Yard has only accumulated more than a thousand lingxi jade pillars, which shows that its preciousness is more than that of Gushengkou, and it will be half sealed. "Can this be less?" When Gu Sheng was in Leigu City, he made a thorough investigation on the financial situation of the major sects. He knew that Jade feng could produce 5,000 pieces of Han jade bricks every year. Over the years, there should be about 120,000 pieces of Han jade bricks accumulated by Cangxu Sect. He asked for 50,000 pieces of Tibetan thick courtyard, and there were about 1,000 pieces of jade pillars. He asked for 500 pieces-he made you feel very reluctant, but it was not very uncomfortable to take them out.
When Feng Sanyang made a counter-offer, Gu Sheng suddenly became unhappy and was about to leave. "My predecessors are straightforward talents to talk to you. If we bargain like ordinary people, wouldn’t our Sword Sect become a food market in Dongjie!" After saying that, he will leave Feng Sanyang and quickly hold him. "If you are good, you will be arrogant. There will be no less than 500 jade pillars!" Ancient litres hurriedly said "elder heroism! I want 500 jade pillars to be sent to Wan Ren Mountain, and we will tell our predecessors where the magic code was born! "
Gu Sheng, who settled the two sects in succession, paid nothing, but after two checks, he searched more than half of the important materials for the reconstruction of the Jianpai Mountain Gate. Gu Sheng was very satisfied with his performance. He sorted out his own navy robe and was ready to knock on the head door again.
Section 12 Spiritual deficiency ()
? Gusheng knocked to get rid of Donggumen, a Taoist who likes to beat around the bush. Gusheng also played Tai Chi with her. They sat face to face and almost finished a pot of tea. They didn’t get to the point. Finally, they got rid of Donggumen. First of all, they introduced the topic. "I heard that … you swordsmen learned that the magic code was born. Is it true or not?" Gusheng smiled. "What do you think of the elder?" Gusheng doesn’t say yes orno. You’re not talking to my master. I’ll come with you tonight to do this trick. I won’t die-this is in line with my principle of acting as a sage.
Xie Tenggu was a little unhappy when she said that I had come out, and you still refused to show the bottom. This young player was not easy to deal with. She also smiled and said, "I think it’s probably true, otherwise your master wouldn’t let you come to my place for tea." Gusheng hurriedly said, "Good tea is really good tea!" Xie Donggu’s face changed. "Tea is enough. If you are not enough, I can pack you a few pounds and take it back to Wan Ren Mountain to drink slowly!" How about the music in Gusheng’s heart? Can’t help it? He doesn’t want to really piss off Xie Tenggu either. It’s all his rich men! "Hehe, it’s a pity that our sword school is not just tea."
Xie Donggu finally got to the point with a snort. "So … I wonder what you swordsmen want?" Gu Sheng said thoughtfully with a teacup, "I heard that Ruoyexi Boquan spews day and night, and you can make hundreds of magic water drops from this spring every day. Why don’t you give us a thousand magic water drops and let us cultivate some gatekeeper plants around the mountain gate?" Magic water droplets are condensed from wave spring water, and their effects are wonderful. After watering plants, magic water droplets can immediately channel and grow rapidly, so that plants are very friendly to outsiders, especially intruders, and will immediately attack. It is really an excellent creature to protect the mountain gate.
Hundreds of miles outside Boquan are surrounded by all kinds of strange plants. For thousands of years, Boquan has rarely been attacked by others, and these plants have contributed a lot.
However, magic water drops are not as simple as Gusheng said. Hundreds of wave springs can be refined in one day, and the amount of water coming in is very small. It takes ten days to fill a big barrel of spring water. A magic water drop needs fifty barrels of wave spring water to be refined into a wave spring after ten brothers have been through the door for 30 days. How can it be accepted that more than two thousand ancient springs have been accumulated for more than ten generations?
"Hum! You told me that Boquan is as big as the Minjiang River, and we don’t have that many ourselves. What can I give you? " Gu Sheng said slowly without getting angry, "My master also said that the elder should consider one thing-we don’t have to answer in a hurry. The sword sent by us is just waiting for the price. We have just suffered from this great disaster. Since all factions at the mountain gate want the magic code, let’s see which one of you has paid a high price and is really not satisfied with the price. We can also find seven doors …" Xie Tenggu angered, "How dare you collude with the magic code!" Gusheng hurriedly interrupted her. "The words of the predecessors can’t be said like this. Since ancient times, Confucianism has been a trip to Dao Ji. When the Buddha was enlightened, the immortal was a Taoist priest. Since the three can all belong to their predecessors, why don’t you broaden your mind and include the magic road? " This is her own words. Gusheng moved here and gave it back to her. She was speechless with Jiedonggu’s anger.
Gu rose up and was about to leave. "Since you can’t give us a satisfactory price, forget it. We can’t force the younger generation to leave. I’ll find another buyer." "Live!" Xiedonggu gritted her teeth. "We have a thousand magic water drops!" Ancient litres of xi xi a smile "senior English! It’s a promise that the 1000 magic drops will be sent to Wan Ren Mountain, and our horse will tell our predecessors the place where the magic code was born! "
This bargaining has killed Tengku, the most cunning solution, and even if Nangong is rich here, he will be amazed!
Gu Sheng dissociates a jade symbol from Donggufang and rises again.
In this way, Gu Sheng came out from the room of the heads of the major sects again and again, and gold pieces of jade symbols flew back to the major sects. If there was any production, they would blackmail the production. If there was no production, they would blackmail Xianyu. They always smoothed the major sects one by one, but they were all dreary.
In the end, Gu Sheng deliberately didn’t look for frost, frost and cold. He already knew that Gu Sheng was dealing with various sects. Even when they negotiated the price, they knew that she was ready. When Gu Sheng came up, she should respond. I didn’t expect Gu Sheng to come out of the room of the last Dongbaiyuan Chongyingju door owner, Donglian, and turned back directly. Root didn’t come to find her! Frost cold some sit still. She walked around the room thinking about what medicine was sold in the ancient ascending gourd. Soon someone came to report that the leaders of the top ten sects all sent out a message. Jade operators flew to their own doors from the direction. Frost cold waved back to his master’s heart. It seems that these people have decided to merge with the Sword Sect. This time, she has mastered the one-eyed wisdom mirror. In the magic code, she must take the initiative to lead the twelve sects. I didn’t expect that the Sword Sect was caught off guard and didn’t know how to deal with it.
After thinking for a long time, Frost finally decided to just hold your horses and wait for a while. With a wave of her hand, she pulled out a huge gauze behind her to reveal the smooth stone wall. Frost came to the stone wall and reached for a spiritual force. This stone wall is connected with all the houses and can monitor the actions in every room. Now a room is emerging in the stone wall, and a young man is in the room-that young man is Gusheng.
Gu Sheng seems to know that someone is peeking, deliberately stretched himself and took off her navy robe. Although she has been practicing for hundreds of years, she has never experienced personnel. At first glance, Gu Sheng was shocked by him. In the picture, Gu Sheng was even worse, and her clothes were taken off. When she saw it, she was about to show her flesh. Frost cold scolded 1 "Flow!" With a wave of her hand, the stone wall was restored to its original appearance, but she never thought about how people would undress in their own rooms. She peeks at people undressing. That’s flow.