What the team is doing now is to gradually increase the number of counterattacks.

Inter Milan is better than Rome, sitting at home, keeping a clean sheet and fighting back, so that the game can’t be won again. Mancini feels that he doesn’t want that hot woman in the stands today.
When Mancini relaxed his mind, Zhang Tiehan had already started to work hard with Materazzi … to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and sixteen Superman also not line.
Roman attack
Cassano caught Totti’s ball on the wing and slipped past the defending Inter Milan player. He looked in the direction of the penalty area and went straight to the foot.
In the restricted area, Zhang Tiehan and Materazzi are ready to compete for the top.
Zhang man of iron, the former Zhang, has been looking for a position, and now he is struggling to move forward. When he was about to jump, Materazzi just jammed his position and pushed him over, which made Zhang man of iron’s body a little unstable. It was also a normal physical collision, but it was this movement that made Zhang Tiehan miss the best time to jump to the top. When he adjusted to jump from the ground for the top, Materazzi had jumped first and pushed the ball out of the penalty area.
It failed!
Zhang Tiehan gritted his teeth and glared at the past. Few people can rob him in heading, and Materazzi is really a very special opportunity, but it is very rare to miss this opportunity just now.
He didn’t know that Materazzi was also secretly calling for luck.
Materazzi was very close to the ball just now, and he also went for the ball, but Zhang Tiehan ran too fast and watched the ball fall before Materazzi ran to the position. He would not have a defensive chance if he were any worse.
"This guy … really fast!" Materazzi andao
It’s rare for him to meet such an opponent. Mancini told him to pay attention to Zhang Tiehan before the game. He still thought it was a mountain out of a molehill. After all, a central defender like him is a pillar of the backcourt. It’s really overqualified to take part in various defenses and pay special attention to a person.
However, he still agreed that Zhang Tiehan is the No.1 shooter in Rome, the No.1 shooter in the Italian League and the Champions League.
He certainly wants to try this striker.
The situation is still good, but Materazzi is also glad that he didn’t underestimate Zhang Tiehan after listening to the coach’s words, otherwise Rome might have scored.
"Zhang and Materazzi failed to compete for the top …" The Roman commentator also regretted.
"He was closely followed by Materazzi. Inter Milan sent Materazzi, a general, to defend Zhang. They didn’t underestimate Zhang. Their approach is correct. It depends on how Zhang does it …"
Zhang Tiehan was thinking about heading the ball just now.
Materazzi’s position is very good, and he is very accurate when he sends his power, but if he is faster, he can’t defend himself. He didn’t run the fastest just now. After all, it is enough to find the right position before the football falls. So if he is faster, won’t he succeed if the other side doesn’t defend himself?
Yes! That’s it!
Zhang Tiehan ran to Cassano while the opponent was serving slowly. "Antonio, can you kick the ball faster for me?"
"Faster?" Cassano wondered, "That’s too strong. Do you still receive it?"
"Didn’t you try to play faster and miss me! By the way, tell Francisco that they do the same. "Zhang Tiehan patted Cassano on the shoulder and said a sentence and turned and ran away.
Then the Inter players found that Rome’s attack had changed a little.
Whether it’s Cassano, Totti or others, their speed becomes faster when they usually play the ball, especially when they give it to Zhang man of iron. Sometimes the football flies over the grass, which is like’ deliberately throwing’. Zhang man of iron fails to catch the ball.
But he still said to his teammates, "I was wrong, that’s all!"
With the speed of giving Zhang man of iron the ball faster, it seems that it has also affected the whole Roman offensive rhythm. Their ball has become a little faster, and their running has naturally become a little faster. Inter Milan players are a little uncomfortable
Fortunately, Rome made many mistakes in doing so, and so far it has not got any good opportunities. On the contrary, several mistakes have made Inter Milan counterattack more and the game situation is developing in the direction of Inter Milan’s advantage.
Inter Milan coach Mancini is more secure in the coaching seat.
Rome coach Drier’s face became more anxious.
But not all Inter Milan people think that Materazzi is one of them, and he feels that it is more and more difficult to defend himself.
Just a few times, Zhang Tiehan easily threw the ball away from him and distanced himself from him. By then, Zhang Tiehan had already received the ball. Fortunately, he didn’t even defend it. It was not a good opportunity, but it made him very uncomfortable with that feeling, as if the opponent’s play was out of control. What did he want to do? Did he have some strength? It seemed that he could pray to the emperor.
This ….. Not quite right!
Just as the morale of Inter Milan players was high and everyone thought that the team’s’ spring’ was coming, Materazzi thought to himself.
Isn’t it coming if the other team makes a good goal and defends Rome by itself?
Perhaps the idea that Di has any relatives with him, Materazzi, will come true soon.
It was forty minutes at half-time.
Cassano’s sudden low ball on the sidewalk is not too low, the highest point is about two meters, but the speed is very fast. It is fast enough for all kinds of professionals to analyze the ball, but the height and landing height are not very comfortable, let alone too fast, it is difficult to catch the ball, and it is difficult to shoot even in a good position.
This is Cassano’s ball in the corner of the penalty area. When he shakes off the Inter defender and looks at man of iron’s position, he decisively kicks the ball.