Chapter 23 Chaos Robbery Ray Qing Ye Sanctified

See 33 days outside the chaotic robbery in the void, constantly gathered, constantly forming, constantly tearing the void in the shape of a vortex, chaotic robbery centered over Qing Ye, extending outward, even tens of thousands of miles away, containing the power of conan the destroyer, as straight as the end, the weak creatures in the universe are trembling all over the place.
It was Qing Ye who went against heaven to teach, and heaven induced him, and immediately sent down the punishment.
Chaos and thunder robbery are still condensing. With Qing Ye quasi-holy peak’s cultivation, his face changed greatly. This chaotic robbery is more than ten thousand times more powerful than the ninth robbery in past lives. Qing Ye first showed a half-acre Qingyun above his head, with five flowers on it, and five objects on it. One was the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower of Heaven and Earth, the other was the Kongtong Seal, the other was the HarmonyOS Sword, the other was the banana fan, and then the thirty-six violets were born by stepping on the body, and the dry Kunding, which could absorb all things and return them to their original place, was constantly surrounded by Qing Ye.
This time, it was life-related. Qing Ye could no longer save his strength, and all his possessions were revealed, which made all the great magical powers in the universe frightened. Even the celestial demon emperor Jun and the Eastern Emperor Taiyi didn’t know that people had left the cause of World War I more than two thousand years ago.
The Xuan Huang Linglong Tower of Heaven and Earth exudes a trace of Xuan Huang Zhi gas, while the Kongtong seal is printed in Kowloon, and it is constantly entangled in the four corners of Qing Ye. The hurricane under the chaos and thunder can’t enter the slightest. The HarmonyOS sword, with a dark blue light, the light is suffocating, and it wants to break through the chaos and thunder that is constantly forming, and cut the fairy gourd. At this time, the golden light is full, and every time the golden light rises and shrinks,
Qing Ye pedal 36 violet also scattered a mass of violet, constantly condensed in the space around Qing Ye.
This power is not much worse than that of a saint.
Finally, an upright eye gradually formed in the middle of chaos and thunder robbery, which is the eye of heaven.
After the eye of the scourge was formed, the coercion was one hundred times stronger than before. This coercion alone made Qing Ye feel quite stuffy. If he picked Jin Xian, he might not be able to support it for a quarter of an hour.
Finally, the eye of the scourge was closed and closed, and the first chaotic robbery thunder bombarded Ye Qing. Above Qing Ye’s head Qingyun, HarmonyOS’s sword ink was blue and clear, and the rage rushed up, and the first chaotic robbery thunder was scattered.
Seems to be angry at Qing Ye to break up the chaotic robbery. When the eye of the scourge is closed and closed, another chaotic robbery falls. Before the power is even better, Qing Ye HarmonyOS’s sword comes out, and it is scattered again. What makes Qing Ye feel terrible is that the chaotic robbery dropped by the eye of the scourge didn’t stop the mirror. After more than 20 chaotic robberies, another chaotic robbery fell.
In the past, when crossing nine robberies and scattering fairy robberies, it was only nine roads. Regardless, this chaotic robbery is 10,000 times better than the nine-robbery lightning. It is this 20-odd chaotic robbery, and I am afraid that the peak of the pick Jin Xian has already turned to ashes. In this way, when more than 30 chaotic robberies were taken, Qing Ye could only cope with HarmonyOS’s sword and Kongtong seal.
When receiving the seventieth chaotic robbery of thunder, Qing Ye had already tried his best to rush the whole chaotic Lingbao, screaming in Kowloon, cutting the fairy gourd every turn, and the chaos robbed the thunder for dozens of miles in Fiona Fang, and the green light of the banana fan was also a storm. That’s it. The towering Xuan Huang Zhi gas scattered by the Xuan Huang Linglong Pagoda in heaven and earth has also been robbed of Lei Zhen by chaos, and the cohesive force has failed to catch up with the punishment. Fortunately, the round and round violet transformed by the 36-grade violet was condensed again as soon as it was scattered by the remnants of chaos and thunder.
Gankunding exudes a sense of purity, and is constantly absorbing the power of chaos and the surrounding sources.
By the time the eightieth chaos robbed the thunder, the towering Xuan Huang Zhi of the Xuan Huang Linglong Tower of heaven and earth was almost robbed of Lei Zhen by chaos, and the round violet of the 36-product violet was also weak. Qing Ye turned pale, and the whole body was dimmed by the chaotic innate treasure.
"If I take a few more courses, I’m afraid I’ll really turn to ashes this time. Is it really irreversible?" Qing Ye thought.
However, waiting for him is another chaotic robbery. This chaotic robbery is not like the previous purple color, but turned into black, with a bit of innate fire. Qing Ye couldn’t help but face big change and innate fire. If he is not afraid at ordinary times, but now, nothing is that Yuan Shen can’t afford to burn.
There is no room for Qing Ye to think much. The black chaos robbed Leichao Ye Qing instantly, and Kongdong, HarmonyOS Sword, Immortal Gourd, Banana Fan and Gankun Ding all showed their power, but the black chaos robbed Leichao only a lag, a little weak, and then came to Qing Ye. The faint Xuanhuang gas scattered by the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower above Qing Ye’s head was instantly broken, and he wanted to enter through Qing Ye’s ontology.
Looking at the chaos of thunder, all of a sudden, Qing Ye eyes mind appeared Pangu opened heaven and earth.
Pangu, with an axe in his hand, made a stroke, and chaos broke. Qing Ye involuntarily raised HarmonyOS’s sword, and made a stroke to the black chaotic robbery. This sword merged with heaven, and the space was broken. I saw that the black chaotic robbery disappeared between heaven and earth under this stroke.
Chaos rob ray disappeared, the eye of the scourge turned into a black light from nine days above, and sank into Qing Ye’s forehead. Then, something appeared in the middle of Qing Ye’s forehead, which was the eye of the scourge. When it was closed, the chaos rob ray that destroyed everything flashed.
Then, there was a throb between heaven and earth, and a myriad of auspicious clouds filled the space between heaven and earth, and smallpox was scattered. Thirty-three days later, a colorful great merit landed on Qing Ye, and after Qing Ye suffered this great merit, he became a saint.
Qing Ye, on the other hand, proved that the greatness of the mixed-yuan sage was stronger than that when Sanqing became a saint, and the heaven and earth throbbed with Hung-jun when he joined hands.
Hundreds of millions of creatures in the wild felt the power of their saints and bowed down in the direction of Qing Ye. Qing Ye stands in mid-air, only feeling that he is the sky, the earth and everything, transforming chaos, giving birth to the eye of heaven’s punishment, and controlling the way of chaos to rob thunder and destroy.
Qing Ye was finally consecrated.
In the desert land of the far west, the sun and Kuafu who were fighting felt the power of the saints. Just after a meal, they started this endless fight again. Finally, Kuafu was exhausted and died in the hands of the ten suns, and fell down unwilling. Just as the ten suns took out Kuafu’s heart to vent their anger, they wanted to fly away, but suddenly changed.
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Chapter 24 Hou Yi shoots the Japanese demon emperor with anger
The remaining nine suns are trying to cut out Kuafu’s heart and then go back to heaven. Unexpectedly, all the suns suddenly heard a sound of surprises and arrows, and they saw Old Six flying at the back fall.
It was Kuafu’s good friend Hou Yi who caught up. On this day, Hou Yi was in his own tribe, and suddenly he felt uneasy. However, the witch family didn’t cultivate the Yuan God, so he couldn’t count on the cat’s nest, and he couldn’t understand it for a while. Then, a Taoist priest came, saying that his friend Kuafu was dying, and then gave himself a bow, and branded the method of using it into his mind. When Hou Yi arrived at his friend Kuafu tribe, he didn’t expect the tribe in Kuafu to be in flames everywhere. After asking the clansman of Kuafu tribe, he was furious that the prince of the demon tribe was hateful and worried about his friends’ safety, and then he came all the way west.
By the time we arrived at the desert land in the far west, Kuafu, our good friend, was already dead, and the sun was cutting out Kuafu’s heart and was about to fly back to heaven. In grief, he took out the bow sent by the Taoist behind him, and then aimed at the sun and pulled an arrow.
The old six, who flew at the end, suddenly felt a cramp in his chest and screamed. When he looked down, he saw an arrow with the words "through the cloud" passing through his chest. Then he heard the cries of other brothers. When he was black at the moment, he was unable to fly again, and he fell to the ground, turning into a real fire, splashing away and already dead.
It is said that Hou Yi’s bow and sharp arrow can kill the sun with one arrow, but it is well-known. The bow takes the brave spine as the arm and the snake’s main reinforcement as the string. This bow is extremely powerful and has an infinite range. The arrow is like lightning, and no one can hide it. It is called deafening. The body of the arrow is the bottom of the North Sea, a piece of Xuan Bing elite that will last forever. It is made by adding black iron gold sand, Taiyi refined gold, mountain red copper and other things. The arrow feather is the tail feather of a strange bird and the arrow is the fangs sealed by a monster beast. The feather of the strong wind gathers the essence of the strong wind, which can make the arrows fly more rapidly, and the teeth sealed are extremely sharp, biting the stone and breaking the gold.
That Taoist priest was the one who gave his permission. He took pains to forge this stunning bow for Hou Yi and help him shoot the sun. It was all in his calculation. The sage did this, regardless of his face, and he took great pains to make it difficult for him.
When the sun heard the screams of Lao Liu, they looked back and saw that Lao Liu was dead. They couldn’t help crying in succession, and then turned to pounce on Hou Yi. Unexpectedly, Hou Yi was another arrow, and the arrow that pierced the cloud turned into a streamer, and then another sun passed through his chest. The sun was really angry, and he was so murderous.