Seeing that the two men had entered the whole fairy sword array, they couldn’t help but palm off the thunder for nine days. On the gate of the immortal sword, the green mountain of the immortal sword flourished, and thousands of murderous looks condensed and formed. The green mountain was shot at Zhunjin, and the golden lotus of the immortal sword flourished and rolled, and the green mountain of the immortal sword flashed and exploded. Most of the golden lotus of the thousand flames was scattered, and the wonderful tree of Zhunjin Qibao also emitted bursts of green light, which shot at Zhunjin Sword and shook the immortal sword.

After the introduction of the Immortal Slayer Gate, the sky was filled with thunder, which inspired the black light of the Immortal Sword, and the murderous look condensed and bombarded it. Then the twelve products of Jinlian Buddha’s light flourished, and thousands of ice lotus were condensed with the northern sunflower water flag to protect the noumenon. At the same time, three Buddhist relics appeared on the top of the head, and when the Buddhist relics came out, the Buddha’s light soared, and sandalwood burst into bursts, which shot at the Immortal Sword and shocked it.
The three saints exert their strength and show their magic weapons, which are extremely dangerous and inseparable for a while.
Yuan Shi saw that Tongtian had fought with Zhunti and Jieyin, and he was unwilling to lag behind. He said to Ye Qing, "Qing Ye, I will let you know who Pangu is authentic today." Qing Ye ha ha a smile: "Pangu Zan fell into your hands, which really humiliated my brother’s reputation!" Yuan Shi was angry: "You can only know the level of the road, so don’t be arrogant." Then, when Pangu Zan was on display, I saw Pangu Zan coming from all over the place, and the stars were broken everywhere, which was really amazing!
Qing Ye’s face was sombre, and the towering tower of heaven and earth covered his whole body with Xuan Huang Zhi’s breath. Then, he stepped on the 36-product violet, offering the Kongtong seal, which spread in the wind and was the size of a hill, and came to Pangu, where Kongtong seal wrapped around Kowloon and saved it, and each of them struck lightning, drowned, abused fire, and blew high winds at Pangu.
At this time, not the island has not been knocked down by Zuwu Gonggong, and the seal of heaven has not been refined since the beginning of Yuan Dynasty. Although relying on Pangu’s banners, it is easy to show its magical powers, but is it easy for Qing Ye’s Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang Linglong Tower and 36 products of violet? Pangu’s banner was unable to break the defense of the two treasures, and with Qing Ye’s Kongtong seal and HarmonyOS’s sword, his murderous look soared to the sky, and Pangu’s body was as strong as the sun. Not surprisingly, after dozens of rounds, it had already been defeated.
I saw that after Qing Ye’s Kongtong seal blew away Sanyu Ruyi, Pangu was full of golden light, and it exploded to the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. The airflow was violent and open, and he wanted to blow away the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. The beginning of the Yuan Dynasty was terrible. He didn’t have the defense treasures such as the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower in Qing Ye and the 36-product violet. In this explosion, he was afraid that he would not fly down. Lao Zi Li Pin looked at it and couldn’t help but shout: "Qing Ye! Then I saw him throw out a Tai Chi map, which was transformed by the axe of the gods. Naturally, it was powerful. This map can be divided into clearing the turbidity, settling the ground, water, fire and wind, and it is an all-encompassing treasure. When the Tai Chi map came out, it turned into a golden bridge, shining on the mountains and rivers and protecting the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty.
Qing Ye Pangu was forced to retreat.
Qing Ye looked intently and smiled: "Ha ha. Don’t be ashamed to mention and receive quotations. Doubles one Lao Zi Li Pin. Unless you are willing to drop your face and have a fight with me with Yuanshi? "
"Qing Ye. You are arrogant! Teach you a lesson. I am enough alone! " Lao Zi Li Pin looks pale. Angry way. Regardless of the beginning. Then I took this game. I saw Lao Tzu Li Pin carrying the green Niu Yi. Jump off the mount. He took the bibcock and turned it flat to fight with Qing Ye. Lao Tzu is stronger than Yuan Shi. Have a taiji diagram. This first battle. Can take the Qing Ye attack.
But … A long time. Under the attack of Qing Ye’s HarmonyOS Sword and Kongdong Seal. It is difficult to support. Fall behind. Yuan Shi’s face changed. It’s really unexpected that Qing Ye, who finally got the road, actually has the highest strength among all saints. And have so many treasures. I’m afraid I have to hire myself and my big brother Li to win. I’m thinking of joining hands with Lao Tzu and Li Pin. I heard a loud roar from Lao Zi Li Pin: "Qing Ye. I am also angry. I must kill you today! "
It turns out that Lao Tzu is difficult to deal with. One was careless. Suffer a blow from the seal. Stumbling. I almost fell. It’s a shame and anger. Roar.
I saw Lao Tzu push the fishtail crown. Three breaths above the head. Turn into three clean-ups. I only heard a bell ring due east. Here comes a Taoist priest. Dai Jiuyun Crown. Wear red and white crane crimson clothes. Ride a white horse. Holding a sword. He shouted, "Brother Li Daoxiong. I’ll give you a hand! " Qing Ye said not startled. This is Lao Tzu. Where can I invite an authentic person? Qing Ye frowned and said, "Who is Daoyou?"
The Taoist said, "I am a Taoist." Say that. Then battle sword to Qing Ye attack and kill. Qing Ye can only parry. I don’t want this person’s magical powers to be no weaker than Lao Tzu. Qing Ye is weird. Just when I was about to sacrifice the Kongtong seal to kill the Taoist priest on the Qing Dynasty. Just listen to another bell ringing due south. Here comes another Taoist priest. Wear a wishful crown. Wear light yellow gossip clothes. Come by horse. Holding ganoderma lucidum in hand. As soon as I arrived. He shouted, "Brother Li Daoxiong. I’ll kill this Qing Ye with you! " Say that. Take Tianma for a ride. Fight Ganoderma Lucidum to kill Qing Ye. Qing Ye offered the sword of HarmonyOS. Parry. Asked: "Where are you from?"
The Taoist said, "I am a Taoist of Jade Qing." Qing Ye was puzzled when he heard this. Just as he was thinking about it, there was another sound of jade in the north. A Taoist priest wearing a nine-crowned crown and an eight-treasure long-lived Zi Xia, with a dragon fan in one hand and three treasures in the other, rode to the ground and shouted, "Brother Li, I’m being original to kill the enemy with you!"
Qing Ye has a headache. Why another one? Moreover, these three Taoist priests are not low in mana, so they quickly parried and asked, "Where are you from?" The Taoist said, "I am too clear-minded!" Say that finish, three people and Li Er qi qi surrounded the Qing Ye, or up or down, or left or right. Qing Ye quickly parried, thinking, "These three Taoist priests, Shangqing, Yuqing and Taiqing, are somewhat less powerful than Li Pin. What’s going on? Is it the magical power of Lao Zi Li Pin, a gasification and three clean-ups? "
This is exactly what Lao Tzu’s Li Pin-yi Qi’s Sanqing, and Lao Tzu’s Li Pin-zi Xiao Gong realized after listening to the Tao.
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Chapter 30 Kunpeng’s contribution to harm the ancestors
After the rocky mountain was collected, Qing Ye took the rocky mountain back to Qinglian Lingshan on horseback. After tens of thousands of years of soaking in the underground spiritual veins, coupled with the role of congenital fallow soil, Qinglian Lingshan is really a blessed land of immortals, with only peaks hidden and jagged. The exotic flowers and herbs are fragrant, the peaches and fairies are dripping, the wild birds and beautiful cranes spread their wings, the pines stand on high cliffs, the water is gurgling, the jade beads are scattered in Qianzhang Waterfall, the birds are singing, the peaks are colorful, and the white clouds are fluttering and looming.
When I came to Qinglian Lingshan, Shijie was amazed at Qinglian Lingshan’s being such a blessed place, and I lingered in dementia. Qing Ye smiled: "This Qinglian Lingshan is where you practice, and there are still many opportunities to see it. Let’s go back to the main peak first." When Shi Ji heard the master say this, he smiled shyly: "Master, it’s the first time people have seen such a beautiful fairyland. You make fun of me, but I won’t obey." Shijie said at the end, his big eyes were naughty. Qing Ye said with a smile, "What if you don’t comply? Don’t think that being a teacher doesn’t know what’s on your mind, and you want to blackmail being a teacher’s treasure, right? Lingbao is just a representation, and self-cultivation is the right way! "
Shijie spat out his tongue: "I know, master!" "
Along the way, the master and the apprentice talked and laughed, and the Fiona Fang of Qinglian Lingshan was hundreds of thousands of miles. They walked slowly. After entering the Pangu large array outside, they walked for a long time, only thousands of miles. As they went in, they met more monsters who came to the top of Qinglian Lingshan to practice. Although Qing Ye is the owner of Qinglian Lingshan, and he has won the road, he has achieved mixed saints, but some small demons have no chance to meet Qing Ye, that is, they have heard the word.
Along the way, some little devils showed no respect, but instead pointed at Qing Ye, fearing that if they hadn’t seen Qing Ye riding fiercely, they would have come to make trouble. Qing Ye frowned, riding yazi Ao Guang because Qing Ye had charged before, since dare not speak at him.
Shi Ji asked, "Master, Qinglian Lingshan, why are there so many demon families? And they don’t know the master. Isn’t the master absent these days and occupied by the demon family? " Shijie can’t sense motive, and his heart is mowgli, but this sentence makes Qing Ye look uncomfortable.
Qing Ye thought to himself, "It seems that although liu er has subdued more than 50 demons in Qinglian Lingshan, with four demon kings, 28 lodgers and 56 demon generals, it still lacks discipline."
Rocky likes to be naughty, and people like it. Qing Ye has no choice but to accompany this new disciple and watch the fairy scenery of Qinglian Lingshan all the way. It was several days after he returned to the main peak. When Qing Ye returned to the mountain, Kong Xuan and liu er naturally came to kneel down and kowtow: "The saints and teachers respect the sacred life without boundaries!" Qing Ye took it up, and Shijie didn’t know his status as a master saint until now.
Then, Qing Ye told Kong Xuan and liu er about taking Shijie as a disciple. Kong Xuan and liu er were naturally happy. After seeing each other, they all loved this Younger. After exchanging courtesies, Qing Ye looked at the six ear canals and said, "liu er, you came here with the four demon kings." Liu er didn’t know what was going on, so he hurried back to me and left. After a while, the four demon kings rushed over and bowed down to Qing Ye: "May the sage live forever!" Ye counted and nodded and ordered four people to get up.
Looking at liu er and the four demon kings, Qing Ye described what happened when he returned to Qinglian Lingshan this time, and then said, "liu er, you have neglected your discipline in this matter! There are rules in heaven, and we don’t have to abide by them, but Qinglian Lingshan has to make other rules to educate the demons, otherwise, it will be a group of barbarians after all! It will inevitably lead to disaster in the future! "
Liu er respectfully brought life. Qing Ye looked at the four demon kings, and his eyes flashed cold, and the sage’s power oppressed him. Even though the four demon kings had Taiyi Jin Xian’s cultivation, they trembled with fear. Ye Qing said, "The 500,000 demons are under the control of 28 lodging houses, and the 28 lodging houses are under your account! I won’t forgive you for causing trouble one night in the future! " The four demon kings were so scared that they shouted "Don’t dare!"
When Qing Ye saw this, he said nothing more, and then asked, "How many people are demonized in liu er and Qinglian Lingshan?" Six ear canals: "more than 30 thousand!" Qing Ye took out a jade bottle, and then said, "This is a taxiing pill refined for the teacher, with 200,000 pills. You should give it to the demons who are still in the final taxiing stage, and each of them will take one pill. First, it will increase the strength of Qinglian Lingshan Mountain, and second, the demons will walk with their bodies hanging, which will inevitably be inconvenient! Third, it is convenient for you to be in charge of the demons in the future! As for when they take taxiing, they don’t have to worry about robbing the mine. " Liu er was delighted when he saw this. He took it and said, "Thank the sage!"
Qing Ye ordered some things again, and liu er and the four Lich Kings obeyed respectfully. At last, Qing Ye made the people pay homage to their ancestors and remove the word "saint". Listen, it was hard for them to listen, so they had to answer.
A day later, 200,000 demons still took taxiing pills and robbed the thunder. However, due to the influence of Qing Ye saints covering hundreds of thousands of miles of Fiona Fang in Qinglian Lingshan, they did not dare to fall, and finally all of them dissipated one by one, which made the four lich kings all fear the exception.
When Qing Ye Qinglian Lingshan was demonized, it was dignified when it was above the Sun Palace Palace in Heaven 33 days ago.
Above the Sun Palace, the roar of the demon emperor Jun resounded, and the following ten demon saints and 108 demon gods all trembled. After the demon emperor Jun subsided for a long time, the East Emperor Taitai said, "Brother, I am also saddened by the loss of nine nephews this time, and it is even more hateful to try to take our treasure. But, alas, this matter can only be endured, only the witch family, and we must have a river of blood!"
At this time, Ying Zhao, one of the top ten demon saints, came out and said, "Demon Emperor, Your Majesty the Eastern Emperor, this matter still needs to be discussed for a long time. All the twelve ancestors have quasi-saints’ cultivation, and the twelve ancestors are the first in kill array. Under the circumstance of the ancestors, the strength of the wizard is also extraordinary. If you rush to kill them, I am afraid it will be inappropriate."
Fei Lian, one of the top ten demon saints, also came out to echo.
Jun, the demon emperor, looked gloomy and said coldly, "So that’s it?" !” Everyone was silent.
"Your Majesty the Demon Emperor, I have a plan to make the twelve ancestors of the Wizarding Family civil strife. If the plan is successful, we will not be afraid of the array of evil spirits for twelve days." The demon teacher Kun Peng stood up and stood up at this time. Hearing this, the demon emperor Jun said, "What’s the plan? The demon master can elaborate. " Kunpeng service road: "We have to … this and this." When the demon emperor Jun and the East Emperor Tai Yi heard this, they looked at each other and couldn’t help but rejoice: "Demon master’s clever plan! Just do what you want! " Kunpeng respectfully led the life, with a gloomy face and a sneer at his back.
After the death of Kuafu and Hou Yi, the ancestor of the Wu clan was angry and hated the demon clan, and discussed the attack and killing of the demon clan in the ancestral temple. Except for the incarnation of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, the eleven ancestors held their own views and had a fierce argument. After a few days, there was no result. In the end, they could not, and each returned to the tribe, only to be decided later.
Wu Gong Gong, the ancestor of water, was sitting on the hall of his own tribe at this time, and he was thinking about killing himself in heaven. Suddenly, Wu Huang Yang, one of the tribes, came into the account to report: "Zuwu, this is a treasure knife refined from the cave of the first mountain and the innate fine gold! Today, I see that the ancestor wizard has nothing to offer to the ancestor wizard! "
When Gong Gong, the ancestor of water, took a look at it, he saw that the blade was silvery and cold, and it was really a good sword. He couldn’t help but say with joy, "You have a heart! If you kill the demon clan in the future, this knife will stand out, and you have done a great job! " But I don’t know, because of this knife, disaster.

Chapter 31 Not Island Mountain fell down
When Gong Gong was complacent about getting a treasure knife, Zhu Rong, the ancestor of fire, was sitting in the tribal hall and thinking about dealing with the demon family later. But Tu Xun, a great tribal wizard outside, came in and said, "The ancestor wizard, the great wizard Dayong, took the cave of the first mountain, refined natural gold and so on for a hundred years, and got a magical knife the day before yesterday. Unexpectedly, the ancestor wizard of water became obsessed with hunting, which not only took away the magical knife, but also put me to shame."