And at this time, Zhou Youwang since I don’t know a catastrophe, still in the palace aftertaste of the queen mother’s west Kunlun and east Kunlun two peaks.

Chapter one hundred and forty-eight Zhou Youwang bonfire play governors
You Wang is trying to climb the two peaks of the Queen Mother of the West in the palace. Suddenly, there was a sound of fighting and drinking. Zhou Youwang was unhappy that others interrupted his dream. He took the palace attendant to look at what was going on. Soon, the palace attendant ran back in a panic and said, "Your Majesty, something is wrong. The heaven sent someone!"
Heaven sent someone? For a moment, Zhou Youwang didn’t expect that Haotian sent someone to capture and kill him. He wondered, "Since Heaven came with people, why didn’t you come in to meet me?"
Palace Shi officer almost fainted, you came to the somebody else’s wife, the somebody else heaven science, of course, to send troops to capture and kill you, let people come to meet you? A few months ago, Zhou Youwang went to West Kunlun to beg for immortality medicine, and among the courtiers, there was this palace attendant. At that time, all the courtiers were well aware of the affair between Zhou Youwang, the romantic son of heaven and the queen mother of the West.
The courtiers bowed their heads and nodded at Ming Dow hesitantly. "Your Majesty, it seems that the Jade Emperor Hao Tian knows about you and the Queen Mother of the West."
Zhou Youwang just woke up from a beautiful dream and heard the heaven send someone to come, so he didn’t react at the moment. Now he understands what the palace attendants said. However, Zhou Youwang was not afraid when he heard that Haotian sent someone to plead guilty. He said to the court attendant, "Gong is ringing and bells are ringing for kill array." At the same time, Zhou Youwang started the defensive array set for Jizhou Palace more than one hundred years ago.
One of the biggest reasons why Zhou Youwang still has nothing to hide when he knows that Heaven sent troops to capture and kill himself is the large array of defense in the palace. Another reason is that he knows that Heaven in Science is now losing strength because of competing with Heaven for the sovereignty of Nanshan State, and the already weak Heaven is now less expert.
Heaven sent troops to science, and it was only a few shrimps at most. For Zhou, who is now powerful, there is nothing to be afraid of, unless Heaven himself came, but Heaven, as a jade emperor, could not condescend to come down in person.
Riding a dragon’s colt, Zhou Youwang held a golden knife in his hand, and supported him in mid-air. Looking at the tens of thousands of heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals outside the defense array, he couldn’t help laughing hysterically for a while, and then stopped and said, "It’s not enough meaning to send so many people here to try to capture and kill me, Zhou Youwang. What a joke! Today, I told him to lose his wife and soldiers! Kill, leave none! "
People in the Zhou Dynasty heard that shame, and this lustful son of heaven slept with other people’s wives, and he was proud of himself. He made a big speech here, but then again, it is really something to show off that anyone can fuck the Queen Mother of the West.
The celestial leader who came to capture and kill Zhou Youwang at the invitation of Heaven Fu was Huang Feihu, the king of the Shang Dynasty, who was named on the gods list, but he secretly complained at this time.
Huang Feihu rode a king-colored bull. The cold gun in his hand dances wildly. This more than one hundred years. Although he relies on the power of heaven and stars to upgrade himself to the realm of Taiyi True Fairy. But opposite to the two generals of the Zhou Dynasty, there is also a place where Taiyi is a true fairy.
Huang Feihu was brave at first. But gradually it was forced to fall into the wind.
Hear Zhou Youwang command. Zhou dynasty generals have filed weapons to attack heaven. This kill. Only kill Huang Feihu became a toothless tiger. Finally led a small number of deserters to flee back to heaven.
There were hundreds of thousands of troops in the Zhou Dynasty Palace. And everyone has the science of uniting the founding prime minister Jiang Ziya handed down to achievement method. A suit of cultivation is not weak. How can heaven be enemies?
Looking at Huang Feihu mountain running away. Zhou Youwang heart is generous. Give a big banquet and raise a hand with the generals.
Heaven looked at Huang Feihu fleeing back to science. Look gloomy. Shoot the Kowloon Jade case. He didn’t expect that tens of thousands of heavenly generals could not even capture a small human emperor. And still defeated.
But, so forget it? Heaven science at the thought of the queen of the west that bitch and Zhou Youwang that gigolo struggling to kill, chest anger.
Immediately on the monkey, Huang Feihu led a million heavenly soldiers to capture and kill Zhou Youwang.
However, at this time, Taibai Jinxing came out of the class and said, "Your Majesty, this is absolutely impossible."
Hao Tian was unhappy when he saw that Venus was too white to speak, and roared, "Why not? ! Taibai, you son of a bitch, if you don’t give me a satisfactory answer today, I will punish you for the reincarnation of an eternal beast. "
Heaven roared, scaring all the immortals under the Hall of Lingxiao, especially Taibai, and kneeling down in fear, the old man broke into a cold sweat: "Dear, Your Majesty, I think that the urgent task at the moment is to deal with the Heavenly Religion. At present, the Heavenly Religion is not strong, and it is pressing hard step by step. If we dispatch another million troops to the lower bound, then the Heavenly Religion will attack, I am afraid, I am afraid."
Speaking of this, Taibai Venus raised her eyes and glanced at Haotian, and now Haotian’s face gradually turned pale.
Haotian sighed for a long time and said, "What your family said is also true, but I can’t swallow this tone. I really don’t want to kill Su Guozhen." For more than a hundred years, Lu Ya, the fourth disciple of the former celestial demon prince, Tian Jiao Qing Lian Saint, set out to attack heaven in the name of retaking it, pressing hard, and now the heaven is in danger.
Lu Ya has the help of 365 demon kings on the demon list and liu er, a disciple of Tianjiao. He is like a mountain tiger, and he will never give up until he kills the sick cat Haotian.
Haotian, the jade emperor, is really serious.
Taibai Venus said, "Your Majesty, I have a plan, but I don’t know whether to talk about it or not?"
Hao Tian’s eyes lit up when he heard this. "Tell me what your family has planned."
Taibai said, "Su Guozhen is an emperor on earth. The Zhou Dynasty is now a powerful country, and many people with successful monasticism use it. Although it is not difficult for us to send troops to capture and kill, it is inevitable that we will lose our troops. I have heard that Su Guozhen’s little white face is the most romantic and likes beauty. Wouldn’t it be quick if we lured him from the lower bound of a beautiful woman and defeated his country? On the one hand, we don’t have to spend a single soldier, and on the other hand, let him die under the pomegranate skirt of Yu Meiren and be scolded by future generations. This result is better than killing him directly. "
After hearing this, Hao Tian laughed loudly and praised: "Good, good, Zhou Wang in Shang Dynasty was defeated by a concubine Yang. Now, I will defeat him in Zhou Dynasty with beauty."
At the moment, Hao Tian gave orders to Taibai Venus to do this, and Taibai Venus took the lead and left happily.
The beauty chosen by Taibai Venus is a maid who looks very much like the Queen Mother of the West under the ice cold palace Chang ‘e, but this maid is different from the Queen Mother of the West in coquettish charm, sulking all day, like an iceberg.
After the lower bound, this woman assumed the pseudonym of, and then used the trick to enter the Zhou Dynasty Palace as a princess. Because she looks very much like the Queen Mother of the West, Zhou Youwang loves her very much. It can be said that she wants the moon in the sky and the stars in the sea. Zhou Youwang will try her best to please the beauty, but Zhou Youwang is depressed that this beauty never smiles at any time, even when she is in bed with Zhou Youwang.
In the Zhou Dynasty, there was a yes man named Shi Fu who thought of an idea for Zhou Youwang. When talking about Zhou Youwang and having fun in Mount Li, he lit a bonfire in Mount Li and called the princes of the world to come. When he saw that the princes of the world were cheated, he would surely smile.
Zhou Youwang acted according to his words, so the famous allusion of Zhou Youwang’s war drama princes was born.
A few years later, when the enemy soldiers attacked, Zhou Youwang lit a bonfire again and asked the princes of the world for help. The princes of the world were taught a lesson for the first time, thinking that Zhou Youwang would take it for fun again, so they stopped going to rescue him. Finally, Zhou Youwang was killed by the dogs and horses.
Seeing that his task was completed, he went back to heaven to reply to Hao Tian. After knowing the result, Hao Tian was overjoyed and greatly rewarded Taibai with praise.
Zhou Youwang died, and when Jiang Ziya of Qinglian Palace learned about it, he reported it to the master Qing Ye. Ye Qing said, "It’s okay. Su Guo really died, and naturally the Zhou family succeeded him, which won’t affect our fate."
It is also impossible to influence the fate of Tiantai, so when Haotian used a honey trap to Zhou Youwang, Qing Ye didn’t resist.
Qing Ye smiled at Nu Wa: "This Su Guozhen has a lot of lust, but this noise is also a good thing. Now all the three worlds know that Hao Tian is wearing a cuckold husband."
Haotian fought with the Queen Mother of the West, and then sent tens of thousands of heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals to capture and kill the emperor. The good things in the three worlds of heaven and earth naturally cared about this matter, and after asking, everyone knew the scandal of heaven.
Heaven of science is even less prestigious. This is a good thing for Tianjiao to take charge of heaven then.
Nu Wa said angrily, "You men don’t have a good thing!"
Qing Ye showed innocent eyes. What’s it to you? But men, most of them choose beauty between Jiangshan and beauty.
Qing Ye looked at Nu Wa and thought that if he had to face such a choice one day, he would also choose beauty!
Nuwa didn’t expect Qing Ye to look at herself affectionately after hearing her words. Her face turned red and she gave Qing Ye a white look. She said, "What are you looking at? It’s not that I haven’t seen it. " As soon as the voice fell, I heard a bad laugh from Qing Ye: "Tonight, I want to have a good look again."
At this point, Jiang Ziya was waiting for Qing Ye’s summons under the main hall, but it was unexpected that the master and the teacher niang were calling from above the main hall.
After a long time, Qing Ye’s voice rang again: "Ziya, go down the mountain and help your fourth brother." Jiang Ziya respect should be.
At this point, the battle between Tien-jiao and Heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven-heaven
After Jiang Ziya withdrew from the main hall, Qing Ye came in with the purple fox in Kyubi no Youko, and told him to reorganize the demon king of each hole cultivated by Xuanxian in Qinglian Lingshan, and went to help liu er with Ziya.
The last battle with heaven is crucial, and Qing Ye doesn’t want to fall apart on this joint.