When the guard leader saw that Qing Ye was smart enough not to resist, he couldn’t help but feel happy. He saw that his hand had touched the pet beast. Suddenly, a white cold mountain flashed, and the guard leader screamed and retreated a dozen paces. His left hand covered his right hand, and his right hand was bleeding profusely. He was speechless with horror.

Although the civilians behind Qing Ye couldn’t see what was going on, when they saw the guard leader suffer, they couldn’t help but be Japanese and secretly cheered, but they couldn’t help worrying about Qing Ye.
Colorful magic tiger tiger eyes looked at the guard leader in disgust, ya, his hands just don’t know how many women’s Mimi, dirty as hell, also want to put those three salty pig hand touch this king tiger, if it weren’t for Gu Hu to get into trouble for Qing Ye, just now it will not only waste the stupid pig’s right hand, but let him become a dead pig.
See the boss bellow injured, not by surprise, hurriedly came around, will be a face of alert to see Qing Ye, as long as the boss commanded, they will let this boy died of disorderly knife.
The guard leader looked at the colorful magic tiger with a look of fright. What happened just now? ! He was just about to touch the pet beast when, suddenly, a wind blade cut his right hand, and even his five-level strength martial artist couldn’t react.
Feeling the pain of his right hand, there was no response at all. He knew that his right hand might be abolished, and his face was frightened and ferocious. When he was about to order Qing Ye to be surrounded, suddenly, a charming drink sounded in the city: "What’s the matter? What are you doing stuck at the city gate? !”
When the head of the guard saw the visitor, his eyes lit up and he greeted him with a smile. He bowed and nodded: "Miss Niu, you are here. I saw that this civilian brought a pet animal, which is very cute. I just want to buy it for Miss Tong Tong. I don’t want this boy not only to hurt my right hand!"
The guard chief looked at Qing Ye bitterly.
Bearer is Liu Wen’s baby daughter, the duke of Gele City. Liu Wen is extremely fond of this daughter. She drowned in the name of Niu Niu, whose real name is Liu Tong. Niu Niu is Liu Wen’s name for her daughter. These guards naturally dare not call it that, but they just call it Niu privately, but they are ready to call it Miss Tong.
After listening to the words of the head of the guard, Miss Tong, the master of Gele City, could not help but wrinkle her nose: "Oh, it’s interesting to see which civilian dared to hurt the guard soldiers of the kingdom of Mora." Qing Cuizi’s voice is lovely, but she has a wrinkled nose, which is very charming.
Qing Ye looked at a miss bunch ofred grapes. Although she didn’t know her identity was from the flattering attitude of the guard leader, she should be a noble lady and a spoiled noble lady.
When Qing Ye looked at the big miss bunch ofred grapes, the big miss also looked at Qing Ye, an uneducated civilian who dared to hurt the guards of the kingdom of Mora.
However, when I saw Qing Ye, Miss Tong Tong hesitated for a moment because Qing Ye, who was standing in the crowd, was dressed in civilian clothes, but her temperament was elegant and elegant, and her gestures made people feel awe and close.
And the pet beast on the shoulders of this uneducated civilian, who let the big miss bunch ofred grapes’ eyes shine, was carrying the feet of the two animals in front of her, covering her mouth and breathing, then lazily closed her eyes and started snoring. It was as cute as it was.
This miss bunch ofred grapes couldn’t help but look at the head of the guard. Thanks to his mind, she really likes such a beautiful and lovely pet animal.
She couldn’t help thinking of Miss Lin, who came to Gele City from the imperial city the day before yesterday. She always showed off the pet beast in front of her, which made her so depressed. However, it was not easy to find a good pet beast, so she finally caught one.
Miss Tong Tong sat on a tall dragon horse and said to Qing Ye at a distance, "Hey, you pet animal, I’ll take it. How much do you want?"
The guard leader can’t buy a favorite beast from Qing Ye. This bunch ofred grapes lady takes it for granted that the guard leader didn’t give Qing Ye a satisfactory price. If Qing Ye is given a satisfactory price, the civilian will definitely sell it.
However, this civilian looks really handsome. Miss bunch ofred grapes looked at Qing Ye and thought.
Sell this lazy cat? Qing Ye’s mouth evoked a charming smile, but there was no response when he stood there. When the head guard saw him, he flattered the duke’s precious daughter and shouted to Qing Ye, "Boy, did you hear that? ! Our young lady wants this pet animal, please make an offer and get out of here! "
Miss Tong Tong tightened her eyebrows at the words of the guard leader, but she didn’t say anything.
Want to buy a sacred beast? The price of the magic crystal of the dragon god mainland is more than one million gold coins, while the holy beast is worth at least ten million gold coins, and it is valuable without market, especially the variation of the holy beast like the colorful magic tiger, which is 30 to 40 million gold coins, and some big families in the dragon god mainland will also fight for it.
During Qing Ye’s meditation, Miss Tong Tong couldn’t help biting her teeth and relenting, saying, "I want to take advantage of you, too, and pay 10 thousand gold coins for you, a pet beast." You know, in the Dragon Kingdom, the common pet animals can be bought for hundreds of gold coins, and the most expensive ones are not more than several thousand gold coins. Ten thousand gold coins is all her pocket money this year.
Ten thousand gold coins! The crowd of onlookers couldn’t help but wow people. Even the head of the guard couldn’t help but face a change. The boy in the back channel was lucky.
Ten thousand gold coins, enough for them to spend a lifetime.
Unexpectedly, Qing Ye shook his head and said with a smile, "My lazy cat is worth at least 30 million gold coins! Moreover, I didn’t say I would sell it to you! " Thirty million gold coins, Qing Ye said that he was only worth the price. The colorful magic tiger couldn’t help but open his sleepy eyes and gesticulate with his hands. It wanted to protest! This tiger king is worth more than this fart money!
Miss Tong Tong’s face changed, thinking that Qing Ye was trying to amuse her, she couldn’t help shouting angrily, "How dare you, you common dog! How dare you tease this young lady! Eat the leopard gall! Come on, teach me a lesson about this eyeless thing! "
A bad cold, only one shift today.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Is really a holy beast!
The universe sealing god Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Is really a holy beast. []
After listening to Miss Tong Tong’s words. The head of the guard shouted loudly with the guards. Big miss. "Then to Qing Ye surrounded.
At this time, the bleeding right hand of the guard leader has been wrapped. Holding a broadsword in his left hand. A ferocious face. Sneer: "boy. I’ll call you ten thousand knives and dismember you later. " Drink it loudly. A knife to Qing Ye.
Other guards also drink together. -Knife cut. For a while. The knife is bright. Most of the onlookers closed their eyes. To’ look at Qing Ye blood on the spot.
Miss Da originally told these people to teach Qing Ye a lesson. I didn’t expect the head of the guard to avenge the break-up just now. Want to Qing Ye’s life. It was too late for her to stop it. But … The head of the guard obviously forgot how his right hand was wasted just now.
The expected screams sounded. People have a sudden heart. I can’t help but imagine the poor scene of’ falling dead’. But … Wrong. Why are there so many screams? When people with closed eyes open their eyes. Can’t help but be stupefied. Only the dozens of guards have all fallen in the face. Cover your hands and shout in pain. And in the hands of a weapon.
The guard head’-. This time. Not only is his left hand useless. And both feet are useless. Lying on the surface. Groaning.
Big miss can’t be reversed. I know more about what happened. She only saw countless flashes of light. Here we go. The guards lay down on the ground.
She looked at Qing Ye in horror. But I can’t see anything. Who did it just now? I don’t think it’s this kid dressed as a civilian. Who did it? Is it the pet beast? How is that possible? Not to say that pet animals have no attack power? .
She looked indecisively at the pet beast on Qing Ye’s shoulder. It is lifting its hands. Yawned and then closed his eyes. Cute and harmless appearance. People can’t believe it just moved their hands.
Just as Ye was going to town. , the first wrinkle because there was a great shock coming from Gele City. It seems that. The guards of Gele City are coming here.
But … Qing Ye didn’t intend to leave. Is standing there. Calm waiting for the arrival of those big guards.
Soon. Brigade’ guard. It reached about a thousand people. See the arrival of those big guards. Originally standing more than ten meters behind Qing Ye, the civilians who want to enter the city will back off dozens of meters away. Afraid of being mistaken for Qing Ye’s partner.
Miss Tong Da saw the big guard army arrive. Be determined. She was just now.
The guards of the brigade have arrived. An officer standing in the front on a dragon horse looked at the guards lying on the ground. Cold eyes flashed was about to drink a way. Then I saw the city’s baby daughter, Miss Tong Tong, also riding her horse quickly and respectfully said, "Miss Tong."
The eldest lady turned around and nodded: "Uncle. You came just in time. It was this man who injured them. " Big miss refers to Qing Ye.
The official who was called Uncle Chen by Miss Tong Tong looked forward to the past. Saw Qing Ye standing in front of the gate. Face is not a cold. Wave a hand. Drink a way: "Take it off for me."
I heard that all the defenders of the brigade were drinking loudly: "Yes." Then homicidal rushed to Ye Qing.
Just as the guards surrounded Qing Ye and were about to take Qing Ye down. Suddenly there was a voice: "Wait." Everyone is one. Escape from prestige. Then see several people came along.
Qing Ye is not zheng. Less than in this meeting to the dark mercenary group deputy head delin.
Just binge drinking voice is delin shout out. He saw Qing Ye from a distance. Obviously, I didn’t expect to meet Qing Ye at this time. But after confirming that it was Qing Ye. See the guards were about to embarrass Qing Ye. I stopped drinking aloud. However, he knew that the guards could not embarrass Qing Ye.
This time, he is accompanying his head Lin Mengqian-Jia Guangming’s virgin ceremony. Accompanying five people.