More and more people come to watch the fun, not only students, but also tutors.

In normal times, if any student dares to make a slight verbal collision with the tutor, he will definitely be directly criticized to death. However, today’s situation seems to be somewhat abnormal, not only the students, but even many colleagues of Dong Xuanming have frowned and are unwilling to help.
It’s not that they haven’t done this kind of thing before, but Dong Xuanming is too slow to do things, and he hasn’t got much benefit yet, so he meets the students hard. Look at the present situation, Chen Shaobai seems to have played audio with Se, and the public opinion review gradually tilted in his direction, and the surrounding mentors became even more reluctant to come forward, so as not to provoke a suit of red S ā o.
David, David …
Clouds of dazzling sparks blew up in the dark, reflecting Chen Shaobai’s face clearly.
Another massive collision, under the shock, Chen Shaobai felt that the dry Kun Jasper Dan in the kidney was washed away by blood, and the drug spirit xìng spread to every inch of the whole body, and his eyes were clear, and his strength became more and more earth. J and ng became more concise, and the purple mans in his hands flashed, and the sword Gang attached to the fish intestine sword had reached a peak state.
Just a little pressure, you can completely break through, step into the middle of the sword, and condense into a three-foot sword.
Chen Shaobai’s progress is ten million times faster than that of ordinary swordsmen, under the dual effects of "Two Soul Different Bings" and "Gan Kun Bi Yu Dan".
The pace of Jin Lin’s deep play was displayed, but the complex terrain at the foot failed to cause any obstacles to Chen Shaobai, but it became his help.
Above the ruins, the two men have been fighting for a quarter of an hour. It should be noted that Ping Ri’s swordsmanship is only a few dozen breaths at the longest. After all, it is a life-and-death fight, not a child’s play. As long as it is a normal human being, it is impossible to keep the full output outbreak.
Unless … On both sides of the war, someone deliberately released water.
Dong Xuanming’s face was full of ferocious and terrible expressions, and his sword was gradually scattered. Obviously, it can’t be the one who released water.
Looking at his performance, the onlookers gave birth to a ridiculous speculation in their hearts, and they turned their attention to Chen Shaobai in disbelief.
Don’t … This young swordsman who has just broken through the realm of harmony in body and mind can easily suppress state-level university tutors?
Kyushu, a business country, has nine state-level universities, which collect talented young people from all over the world. As an institution specializing in cultivating talents, how can its mentor be weak?
You’re welcome to say, just find a mentor and you can be proud and invincible. The reason why they don’t do this is not indifferent to fame and fortune, but because they don’t want to! -the treatment of tutors in state-level universities can even make some officials in the DPRK jealous.
It’s not that they don’t understand, but that the world is changing too fast!
"Die, die! Why don’t you die! " If Dong Xuanming is crazy, he can’t wait to turn Chen Shaobai into a corpse with skinning, deboning and cramping.
In fact, that’s what he thinks in his heart. If he really has the ability to kill Chen Shaobai, he will kill him on the spot, so why bother! But the problem is … He doesn’t have this ability.
Once again to spell a sword, Chen Shaobai dragon snake walked among the rubble, easily avoiding the extension of the other side’s sword awn, and was about to provoke it again, when suddenly I was born with jǐng trillion, and I felt an obscure pressure.
"Wu Pei!"
For this mysterious disciple of the Inner Gate of the Qing Dynasty, Chen Shaobai did not dare to reveal any clues, otherwise the other party would know that he was carrying a treasure, and I’m afraid he would soon end up dead.
This has nothing to do with the position and appreciation, but with the personal future and the interests of life and death.
"Sword fairy is mostly selfish! Before you have the power to protect yourself, once your secret is exposed, you will be killed immediately! Even the closest people can’t tell, otherwise it will only bring them disaster! Remember, remember! " Liu Aofu’s words seemed to be still ringing in my ears, so Chen Shaobai immediately changed his pace and used the pace taught by Fengzhou University.
Although this pace is still strong, but compared with the mystery of 【 Jin Lin Xi Yuan 】, the difference can’t be measured. Chen Shaobai’s action suddenly seems to be much slower, and the battle with Dong Xuanming has changed from being comfortable to barely fighting for the first world war.
Cao Xu, who has been coveted for a long time, has only the strength of a peak swordsman, but his eyesight is not bad. Finding this opportunity, he suddenly stabbed a long sword from a tricky angle.
Chen Shaobai only felt the wind behind him, and a slight tingling sensation came out, so he immediately understood.
"Someone attacked!"
Chen Shaobai is now in a dilemma, but Wu Pei, who is hiding and watching, seems to have no intention to help.
Eyes with a malicious se, Chen Shaobai jerked back two steps, as if lost hands and feet, unexpectedly active toward the back of the sword hit the past.
Sword through the body, lotus flower in the chest.
Obviously, the sneak attack was successful, but Cao Xun’s eyelids were beating wildly, always feeling that something bad was going to happen.
And, Chen Shaobai so active impact, the blade completely evaded the heart, lungs and viscera, just penetrated some muscle fascia parts, with the swordsman system, as long as you have a good rest for half a month, you can fully recover.
Chen Shaobai stooped, holding his sword upside down, and thrust it into his abdomen.
Seeing his movements, the instructors and students around him gasped. They knew this trick. There is this trick in the Jianfa Concourse of Fengzhou University, which is called "Heaven and Earth share the same life". Although it sounds a little delicious, only the most fierce, biting and stubborn people of xìng Zi will take the initiative to practice.
Because of this move, it is the divine will to kill one thousand enemies and lose eight hundred. If you don’t hurt others, you will hurt yourself first. Even if you succeed in killing the enemy, you will be seriously injured yourself.
The long sword penetrated Chen Shaobai’s back, pierced Cao Xu’s heart, and stabbed an irreversible hole in his energetic heart.
Cao Xu has a strength, but he doesn’t have a strong mind comparable to it. When he was seriously injured, his body immediately fell limply on Chen Shaobai’s shoulder.
In the face of menacing Dong Xuanming, Chen Shaobai’s mind flashed, thinking of these swordsmanship exchanged by Rizi and Song Sansi. Without any hesitation, he immediately took his body as the sheath and suddenly drew his sword.
"Minnan Sea, sword drawing!"
The enchanting light of purple Se passed in the air.
Broken sword, broken hand.
Looking at his wrist, Dong Xuanming’s eyes were filled with despair and gloom.
For a swordsman, both hands are the most powerful and the weakest place. Once such a serious fracture injury occurs, even if there is an intermittent panacea that is hard to find, I’m afraid Dong Xuanming will not be able to return to his peak strength.
Chen Shaobai tore off her clothes, simply bandaged her wounds, smiled at Song Sansi, a bearded young man hidden in the crowd, and turned her attention to the sky, looking at a bright moon in the sky, with a helpless smile on her mouth, as if her ideal had been frustrated by a passionate teenager.
"I think everyone has a clear idea about what happened in Ri, so I won’t say any more."
"I would have turned my heart to the bright moon, but the bright moon shone on the ditch. Your solidarity, less white in mind. Only since then, this windy state university, I also stay not bottom go to. Ah … "
A sigh evoked many students’ resonant memories in the field, and many people shed two lines of clear tears when they thought of their ups and downs in this state-level university.
No one made any noise to keep them. After all, the students broke the tutor’s hand. This kind of thing is too shocking. Even if the students are right, it is not good.
At this time, a young man with a face like a crown jade came by moonlight, descended from the sky and looked at Chen Shaobai with great interest.
Thanks to the embarrassing TX, the thunder shower in the dark night, the dumb eating Huanglian O, and the crazy bug and Xiao Yu’s unswerving recommendation votes. Today, five watches broke out in Ri, 1.2w (o)/

Chapter eighty Do you want to be immortal?
The newcomer looks like jade, without any flaws, wearing a white shirt printed with blue Se clouds, and his temperament is elegant and out of the dust, like a fairy middleman, which makes the onlookers feel ashamed and ashamed. They can’t help but take two steps back and look up, respect and worship with an attitude that they can only see from a distance but can’t be intimate.
It is Wu Pei.
I don’t know if it is my own illusion. Chen Shaobai suddenly feels that this mysterious man in front of him is much younger for no reason. A month ago, he was a middle-aged man, but now he has become a young man with a steady brow. He endured pain and doubts, pointed to a sword, and took a teacher-student ceremony with one hand: "I have seen Mr. Wu."
Wu Pei still looks indifferent like water, and her eyes are calm and wave-free: "Do you know what’s wrong?"
This question is absent-minded, and Chen Shaobai doesn’t know how to answer it. He is afraid of being caught out, so he makes a calm gesture: "Mr. Wu once said that practitioners fight against heaven, seize treasures from others, fight, rob, fight and kill, but never taught students to endure bullying. Dare to ask … What’s wrong? "
The words sound just fell and Dong Xuanming, whose face was pale with Se, immediately jumped up. He kept staring at Chen Shaobai, and his expression Y and n was as poisonous as snakes and scorpions: "Kill him! Mr. Wu, kill the following untouchable! "
WuPei eyebrows a pick, index finger and middle finger together a pick, silvery white YueHua born out of thin air, the whole people as if into the second round of the moon, will be around as fine dust is visible, hundreds of people outside the courtyard even had no time to rise the idea of resistance and defense, was directly wrapped up by YueHua.
In an instant, the light is born and died. All the people who are shrouded in silver Se light only feel that all the anger in my heart is relieved, and a cool meaning lingers in my mind. In addition, there seems to be no other change.
No! If you have to say change, there is still some! A big living person disappeared completely under the eyes of the public!
It is Dong Xuanming.