A big earthquake? The local newspaper will report it in the headlines tomorrow. Earthquake series

After these. Qing Ye doesn’t know. Qing Ye coaxed nuwa with a smiling face. It was not until Nu Wa smiled that she breathed a sigh of relief. Qing Ye | There is a big hole in the ground of Xianfu. Secretly tongue-licking.
Had a fling. Qing Ye and Nu Wa rode their mounts out of the mountain.
To avoid shocking the world. Qing Ye used magic to hide the method of mount Aoguang and Nu Wa’s mount Qing. At first glance, Qing Ye and the woman’s mounts are just ordinary riding animals.
First. Ye Qing took the woman to the place where the world was robbed. That place is only a hundred miles from here. It will arrive in an instant. After coming. Qing Ye looked at Zhou Shanfeng being robbed by lightning. Heart andao: "it seems that this life. There is no past life. " Surrounded by thunder and fire, it was enough that I didn’t spend the ninth day in my previous life.
When Nu Wa saw the elder brother leaving the fairy mansion, she took this place with her mindless and stood by to watch. I can’t help but feel strange: "Brother, what is there to see?" Then I checked it carefully with the knowledge of God again.
Qing Ye tilting face. Look at you. Laughed: "No matter how beautiful it is. Not as good-looking as our wife. "
Nu Wa Liu Mei made a vertical face and said angrily, "You begged for a beating. Isn’t it? " Although I say this, I am flattered. What woman doesn’t like her sweetheart to praise her beauty?
Qing Ye reached over to Nu Wa and smiled: "I’ll call you, wife. Give up the fight? " When nuwa reached out and called. Qing Ye retracted his head and neck and opened his mouth exaggeratedly: "You really hit. Are you not distressed? " Nuwa raised his powder fist to chase Qing Ye hee hee to drive away.
Nu Wa is in hot pursuit. Qing Ye teased Nu Wa with words at the front edge.
The two men rode animals in the first half of the year, but they moved some monks who were practicing in the mountains and forests of the earth.
These monks. Most of them are virtual masters who refine the emptiness and return to the gods, and they are also the top masters of the earth today. The virtual environment is divided into: Ming virtual hole virtual return to virtual.
The earth has been exhibited for thousands of years. Human beings exploit all kinds of resources. Cause the aura to be weak. Can repair to the virtual realm. It usually takes three or four hundred years. These masters. In the eyes of others, he is an old monster. But now Qing Ye and Nu Wa are chasing after each other in the sky like walking. These old monsters are really shocked. What is this practice? How is that possible? You should know that the highest virtual state returns to the virtual state. You can’t run around in the sky like this, can you
Reach the virtual realm. Although it can fly. Hundreds of miles an hour is no problem. But it can’t stop in the sky. Not to mention running around like this. You know. Walking and flying in the sky are two completely different concepts.
Is it the legendary fairy? They rejected the idea. It has been more than 1000 years since I heard that someone from any faction has soared. You know, when a person practices until he returns to the realm of imaginary circle. The next realm is the soaring robbery. It’s inevitable. The robbery was successful. He entered the celestial or celestial world. If the robbery fails. Maybe the smoke and fly ash went out. Or rebirth.
How can a fairy stay in the human world? Although there are channels from all walks of life. But if the fairy wants to return to the world. Not so tolerant.
For some little guys to peep. Qing Ye and Nu Wa know that. But Qing Ye and Nu Wa didn’t take it to heart. Have a fling. Qing Ye’s Nu Wa stopped, and then they came to the crowded area.
Look at the bustling city below. Qing Ye two people immediately received the mount. And then flicker down. Hanging out with Nu Wa casually.
The 21st century. The mortal world science and technology exhibition is already very strong. Some firearms are as powerful as the fingers of a taxi during the gas refining period. And the power of some shells can even threaten the high period of practicing gasification.
Walking in the memory of past lives. Qing Ye felt a lot.
Qing Ye and Nu Wa are now located in Shanghai. Shanghai. It is not only an important center of science, technology, trade, finance and information in China. It is also a place of world culture.
Shanghai is an international metropolis.
But … Qing Ye and Nu Wa didn’t go shopping for long. Be subjected to
Point. Ye Qingchang is handsome. The ugly women attracted by the elegant breath frequently ogle. And nuwa is very beautiful. A truly beautiful woman is a man who has charmed all the way. And they’re actually dressed. This is Qing Ye’s negligence.
Qing Ye is not depressed. Trying to pull Nu Wa away. Unexpectedly, a very punctual Ferrari sports car suddenly flew at a high speed from a distance. Then stop in front of everyone. Here we go. From the top of the sports car, a very awkward yellow-dyed flower male looks from the front. Nice face. I just had a pair of peach eyes. Showing lewd eyes from time to time. After the Ferrari sports car stopped. Followed by three sports cars. All of them are high-end goods. A dozen strong men walked down and followed playboy. All black suits and black glasses. It’s very stylish. They’re all good goods.
Originally, I followed Qing Ye and the men and women behind her to meet this flower queen. They all went back a long way. A face of fear. | appearance. Everyone recognizes this playboy.
Playboy got off the bus. Then came to Qing Ye and Nu Wa. Waiting to see nuwa. Peach blossom eyes are even more lascivious.
Qing Ye squinted and smiled at the playboy with a group of men coming to him and Nu Wa. I heard that the playboy suddenly said viciously to Ye Qing, "Boy, you are so bold. Who dares to rob me of my Mojian clock? "
What kind of bitch? People are what they are called.
Steal your woman? Qing Ye sneer at in my heart. I used this method a lot before I came here. See a beautiful woman and find an excuse to take it back. Justified.
Playboy found this appropriate reason and began to impose rewards and punishments on Qing Ye. He shouted to a group of good followers behind him, "Give it to me. Just smash this little white face and don’t kill it. " Originally, he did what he used to do. Only rob people. To the other side be well-advised, but now | Qing Ye is more handsome than himself. Handsome is a mess. Handsome is sorry for him. I’m so sorry for him. Then he’ll make him suffer.
Don’t talk to the queen. Then ignore Qing Ye. Turning to Nuwa with a laughing face, he said, "Xiaohua. You go back with me. What’s so good about this little white face? After going back. I’ll give you whatever you want. " Before he came. Although I heard a report from my men that a peerless beauty appeared in the city. But he came to see it with a grain of salt after sleeping with many beautiful stars. Unexpectedly, it was really beautiful and made his bones soft. If it weren’t now, it would be wide in the city. Everyone is watching. He would have jumped on it.
Xiaohua? Nu Wa covered her mouth and smiled. When did you change your name to Xiaohua? Unexpectedly, Nu Wa smiled. Like a hundred flowers blooming. Look at all the people watching a thrill. Mojian clock is even more sluggish. If the eyes can * *. From the moment I saw Nu Wa. Nu Wa has been * * several times by him.
Rob a beautiful woman. It is he who often does things. Although it is a piece of cake for him to spend millions and tens of millions to pack a big-name star to sleep. But he thinks it is more exciting to rob beautiful women in the street in broad daylight. In particular, the more these beautiful women resist in bed, the more they can arouse his animal nature. In Shanghai. He is the Crown Prince. His father is the leader of green gang, the biggest gangster in Shanghai. The emperor of the underground forces in Shanghai. And his uncle is now the mayor of Shanghai.
Suddenly, it was a bitch! Xiaoxi. Have you performed enough? "The mo pointed clock from psychosexuality back to god.
Bitch? Mo jianzhong hates it when others say things by his name. A rage. Look back. See is Qing Ye this gigolo. I was about to binge drink and ask my men to fight Qing Ye to the death. But it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t scream just now. Why is there no movement? These dogs! Didn’t execute the order? ! Don’t point the clock back. Only to see all the men standing there like wood carvings. Not moving. I just kept staring at my eyes.
What’s going on here? Mo pointed clock can’t respond at the moment. Is all around at this time also saw something. Mo Jianzhong went over to one of his men and shouted angrily, "The dog ignored me. You he: What’s the matter with the land? ! I told you to hit someone. Stand here and do it! " Then grab the clothes of the man named Dog No |. A slap hit it. Just listen to the sound of "ba". Goubuli printed a palm. But to everyone’s surprise. His dog ignored his men and still ignored him, just staring there.