Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven You deserve better!

Xiaoqi wiped his eyes clean and looked carefully. Weixiong really got a look at Weixiong resentfully. Xiaoqi took a step back "in fear" and carefully compensated by Enron. It’s not "Brother Wei said that I didn’t cook. It’s definitely not for people to eat. It’s this time that I heard that Brother Wei ate all the leftovers I cooked. I still have a special liking for my craft. Brother Wei has a chef’s certificate, but I can’t compare with Brother Wei after learning the craft with Uncle Chef for two or three years."
Weixiong heard really pumping eyes stare convex at the moment.
Enron also turned his head to one side to suppress a smile.
Wei Xiong, from the first time he saw Xiaoqi, was all kinds of offenses. He was either abusive or sarcastic to Xiaoqi. Although Enron did not believe in evil, he believed that the two of them were born with incompatible words.
Compared with Wei Xiong, Xiao Qi always behaves with ease. Although sometimes it seems to an unknown lover that Xiao Qi is sticking a hot face to his cold ass, he knows that Wei Xiong can’t get a good job every time he is in Xiao Qi’s body. In other words, Xiao Qi can dress up as a pig and eat a tiger.
It’s that he doesn’t care about Xiao Qi. Everything is aimed at Wei Xiong. It seems that Wei Xiong’s hidden evil side is magnified every time.
One is the person he likes, and the other is his brother Enron. He wanted to fix them up, but in the end it was still this situation.
Weixiong more think more angry toward the small seven spit a mouthful of ferocious face.
Xiaoqi looked at Enron piteously. "Brother …" You are still a little young for acting Weixiong.
"WeiXiong you mean such a big person with a child fierce oh, by the way, didn’t you say you have work? Do you need me to open the door for you? "
Enron is so handsome now. Xiaoqi can’t help but give three praises.
Of course, there is no need to open the door safely because Xiaoqi has already helped him open it.
This is simply being swept out of the house. Where is Weixiong so humiliated? When he left, he also severely hit Xiaoqi’s shoulder and walked away without looking back.
Xiaoqi doesn’t mind dusting his clothes and asking, "Did Brother Wei eat gunpowder today recently? Good temper. "
Enron stared at Xiao Qi. "I’d like to ask you why you always go against him? Did he recruit you or annoy you? "
Xiaoqi grinned. "Wow, brother, you can see that you are really smart."
Enron was amused when he heard it. "Do you think I’m stupid? Especially recently, your performance has become more and more obvious, baby. What do you want to do? "
Xiaoqi’s face sank. "Enron is not a good choice. You deserve better …"
With a sigh, Enron also faded. "Xiaoqi, do you know that I have been with him for several years?"
Xiaoqi knew that of course he knew, so he didn’t dare to be aggressive. Instead, he chose the mode of boiling frogs in warm water and swallowing them, and stripped Weixiong from Enron step by step.
Enron’s eyes became distant. "After my parents died, I was sent abroad by my uncle and aunt. To put it mildly, it gave me more education. In fact, I was all white … They were afraid that I would not be able to take over my father’s company in China. At first, they would remit some money to my card, but gradually the money became less and less, and then there was no money left. I sold paintings on the street, painted portraits and made a lot of money. I went to the casino."
Xiaoqi listened quietly. Although he has investigated all these things, it has different meanings from Enron’s mouth.
"When I couldn’t even afford to eat, he showed up, paid me back, and allowed me to hang the painting in his gallery. I didn’t get a penny commission … can you imagine? At that time, it seemed to me that he was greater than my daily prayer to God. "
Xiaoqi came over and pressed Enron to his shoulder. "Enron, you still have my love."
Enron leans against Xiaoqi Shoulder and tastes Xiaoqi’s words "Love is not a department …"
Lan Chen’s body has recovered well from Wang Lao’s nursed back to health, but Wang Lao was still scared by the previous data. He didn’t feel at ease and wanted to take Lan Chen to the hospital for review.
The old man is very stubborn, but Lan Chen doesn’t cooperate with this, and the housekeeper Wang calls Xiaoqi back to the villa.
Unfortunately, Lan Chen was not in the villa. Lan Chen was busy with business and then plunged into the company after coming out of the hospital.
Although there is no class today, Xiaoqi also has her own things to do. She received a message from the housekeeper Wang early in the morning, but because of her own status, she still put off the meeting in the sweet room and drove to the villa.
But I didn’t expect that Lanchen was not in the villa, and Wang Guanjia had made tea and waited for Xiaoqi.
Xiaoqi, look at this momentum. I think housekeeper Wang has something to tell himself. Smelling a room full of tea, Xiaoqi Nai is so seated.
"Uncle Wang has something to tell Xiaoqi?" Xiaoqi asked very positively.
Wang Guanjia nodded with a smile. This kid is good. He appreciates it.
Xiaoqi sat cross-legged and looked at the dazzling array of tea sets, thinking that housekeeper Wang would not talk to him about tea again today.
Just thinking about Wang Guanjia’s hand, he poured Xiaoqi a cup of tea.
"Drink and watch" Wang Guanjia said
Still coming? Xiaoqi was depressed. He really didn’t like tea. He said Xiaoqi didn’t want to live up to the kindness of the housekeeper Wang, and the momentum was very good. He smelled the tea and remembered it.
But …
Why does it taste like boiled water when I smell it? What’s the smell of this? Back?
"How?" Wang Guanjia asked again
Xiaoqi put the purple sand cup in a quick way. "Didn’t Uncle Wang forget to put the tea?" Actually, Xiaoqi is quite sure.
Wang Guanjia smiled, probably because he saw what Xiao Qi was thinking.
"I didn’t put tea at all. It was this purple sand cup that infiltrated tea all the year round that poured you a clear spring."
"Oh!" Xiaoqi pretends to be like this.
Wang Guanjia smiled and filled himself with a cup.
Xiaoqi found that this housekeeper Wang loves to laugh. Compared with previous lives, she seems to have never seen such a smile before.
"I heard from the young master that your sweet house is doing well?"
Xiaoqi smiled "passable"
"It must be very hard to be busy with your studies and career, right? But no matter how busy you are, you should also pay attention to your health. "
Xiaoqi once again walked away. "I can still take care of my studies. After all, it is the first time to open a store. Fortunately, there are many people to help. Now everything in the store is quite good for Wang Shu."
Wang Guanjia shook his head and filled the glass with water for Xiaoqi.
"I called you back this time because you are a master of medicine, and now you have seen your health. It is only a matter of time before you go to the hospital again so busy day and night."