"So? How much does it cost? " Qu Yong thought that if the price is ok, he would like his parents to come over and set up a stall. This is a university town and it is still quite easy for him to be familiar with business.

"It used to take 1,100 months," said the noodle seller. "But since I have one month left in the contract, I will sublet it."
"Then I’ll ask." It’s still very cost-effective for QuYong to rent a booth here.
"As soon as possible"
"Okay, I’ll ask."
Chapter seventy-six incarnation tiger
Qu Yong bought noodles and two meats and vegetables for three other people in the dormitory. When he returned to the dormitory, the bumblebee was already dying of hunger, but the bumblebee was a pure diaosi of the bumblebee. Even if he starved to death, he would not go out to buy rice. He still struggled in front of his brain and never backed down. He had a firm belief that there would be bread and milk, and Brother Xiaoyong would definitely come back. With this firm belief, all three people in the dormitory were waiting for Qu Yong to come back.
Sometimes Qu Yong can’t figure out why they stay in the dormitory all day and spend time in front of their brains. Won’t people rust?
When Bumblebee saw Pinellia ternata coming back, his eyes braved the green light and he just called out, "Dear Dad! You finally came back. "
Boss Cao also came and hugged the food for a long time before asking, "What happened to Xue Yingying at noon? Is she okay? "
"I didn’t see it." Qu Yong decided on his way back whether to tell them about it or not. After all, it didn’t do them any good.
"How could I not see it?"
QuYong half-truths, "It seems that something urgent happened in the prison, so I can’t visit the prison temporarily."
Boss Cao deserves to be a quasi-"emergency"? Is it a female prisoner fighting? "
"I don’t know," Qu Yong started. "I’ll go to the balcony after you have finished eating and have a rest. How did you practice when I was away from here for almost two months?" He feels a lot today and is eager to practice in the body.
Qu Yong went to Tiantai. First, he slowly hit the five elements and twelve shapes, then closed his eyes and recalled in his mind that the big cat was flapping and jumping in the deep valley. He wanted to turn himself into the cat, a tiger, and when he understood the cat, he could split his fists in a white tiger shape.
In the tiger mountain, the beast king is in the divination, but the ridge belongs to the water, kidney and ridge, and the wind is born from the tiger’s nature, leaving the cave to shake Mao Wei and pounce on food.
Tiger-shaped power comes from the strength of the buttock and tail, that is, the strength of the tail joint of the spine is exerted at Yongquan point on the sole of the foot. There is a saying that "the invisible tiger sits and lies in a hidden hole"
Qu Yong realized over and over again in the tiger-shaped split boxing that when he jumped and pranced, his back was light and his back was bent. When he attacked, like a tiger coming out of the mountain, every time he went out, his dark energy rushed to Shaoshang point. When he was recycled, he returned to the lung gold along the Taiyin lung meridian. Ordinary people’s dark energy came from the bones and muscles. Although it erupted into the needle, it often drained his body strength. Qu Yong’s tiger-shaped dark energy was emitted by breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing
Gradually, with every tiger-shaped split fist, Qu Yong could vaguely hear the tiger growling in the mountains. "Hey, I went. Did you hear something calling?" But for a long time, the bumblebee three people walked to the rooftop after dinner and just walked to the door when they heard a very slight low roar.
Fat ears to listen to "seems to be a tiger?"
"Where can I get a tiger?" The bumblebee pushed the iron gate before he could see the rooftop scene clearly. Suddenly, a tiger shadow descended on the bumblebee. The bumblebee took a soft step back and slammed into the wall. Fortunately, the tiger stopped instead of chasing. Hey hey smiled. "I’m kidding you."
Bumblebee saw clearly that the tiger shadow was Qu Yong. He really felt that it was not a person but a hungry tiger. It was awesome. Until now, Bumblebee’s face still felt a burst of heat from the wind.
Boss Cao was shocked just now, but he was even more surprised that Qu Yong advanced, "This is Xingyiquan Tiger-shaped Xiaoyong, and you have actually practiced the realm of both form and spirit?"
"Both form and spirit? It’s still a long way off, "Qu Yong said." Up to now, there is a check-up, but God is still a lot off. You are not really martial arts people. I was shocked when I didn’t let go. You really have both form and spirit. You have to let the tiger look at you and see the same kind. That’s the point of refining the spirit. "
"The tiger mistook it for its own kind?" Bumblebee asked, "Is this the strongest state of boxing?"
"Of course not," Qu Yongdao said. "Refining and gasifying God is just the second level. If you go further, you will gather and be silent and reach the return source. At that time, there will be nothing, so the tiger will not be a tiger. This is the realm of practicing God against emptiness."
"It sounds like a myth," Fat said. "I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t for Brother Xiaoyong!"
Qu Yongdao said, "Martial arts is not a myth. Some people are shouting to promote martial arts, but they can make things up all day. The story of the former martial arts master is repeatedly mythical, but it makes people feel false. All right, let’s not talk about it. Why don’t you two have a good pose and I’ll check it out?"
"OK!" Bumblebee and Fat go to the open place together to shine.
The two men put their arms around their heads and advanced their left leg to the top, then pushed their left hand forward and pulled their right hands back like tearing cotton. They looked at Qu Yong with pride and hoped to get a compliment.
But the more Qu Yong looked at his brow, the more he frowned. Finally, he sighed and said, "Are you good?"
Bumblebee proudly said, "Well, my posture is very standard, right?"
Qu Yongdao said, "Xingyiquan originated from Liuhe of Mind. What is Liuhe?"
Fat, after all, has practiced the martial arts team, or has heard some sayings, such as "hand, foot, elbow, knee, shoulder and hip are in harmony with god, spirit and strength"
Qu Yong nodded and said, "Fat, why don’t you talk about how to close your elbows, knees, shoulders and hips?"
"I" fat shook his head.
Qu Yong saw that he couldn’t answer. "I’ll show you again."
Seeing that his shoulders are straight and round, like a bear’s body, like a dragon’s body, and his legs are imaginary before and after, it is like a golden rooster’s cabin. His hands are holding the tiger’s desire to leave the cave. At first glance, it is a chicken leg, a dragon’s body, a bear’s arm and a tiger’s head.
"How much did you see?" Qu Yong saw that they didn’t answer for a long time before he preached, "Both shoulders are loose and both hips are drawn together. Reagan is also drawn together. It is that the shoulders and hips are joined together, and the elbows are vertical. The strength of the knees is like a half-moon. It is that the elbows and knees are joined together, and the heels of both feet are twisted outward. The hands are pulled together. This is the hand-foot joint. This is the outer triple shoulder to destroy the elbows, the hands, the hips, the knees and the feet."
"You’ve been practicing for so long that you haven’t understood the external triad, let alone the external triad of yin and yang. This is called Liuhe Santi strength."
"You can’t realize from the Sanskrit that I am destined to be a brother after us, and it is not suitable to be a master and apprentice."
"This" fat didn’t expect to be so suddenly lost than cried "Brother Xiaoyong!"
"Xiaoyong elder brother, you are not brothers enough! How can I get a three-way pose without saying any of this? !” Bumblebee is like a cat whose tail has been stepped on. The whole spine is bent into a bow, as if the tailbone is tilted up and an invisible tail is glared at Qu Yong.
"good!" Qu Yong was not angry but rejoiced. He didn’t expect Bumblebee to master the three-way posture when he was stimulated. It is important to produce a virtual horse, while it is necessary to produce a tail. "Bumblebee, you are right now."
"Ah?" Bumblebee also felt that the whole person was different at that moment. His center of gravity sank down to the skin end of the coccyx of the spine and a thick layer of goose bumps appeared, which seemed to be filled with cold wind. He was particularly awake and refreshed again.