The wife of Shaodian, the leader of Terran tribe, dreamed that the Big Dipper fell and got pregnant, but she has not been born for three years and six months. Shaodian is an ordinary man, and she was originally worried about her wife’s pregnancy for three years, fearing that she would not be a monster. I don’t want that Taoist gourd to come and accept his son as an apprentice. Shaodian was overjoyed to learn that Taoist Hulu wanted to take his children as disciples.

Just as Shaodian was about to thank him, he heard a baby crying in the room, and the voice was loud. Road flyover Hulu said with a smile, "But this son knew I was coming and reminded me specially."
Shao Dian learned that his child was born with great joy: "My son was born to see the teacher when the teacher came here, and God wanted my son to be a disciple of the teacher."
After a short stay, the child was carried out, and the child kept crying, but he stopped crying when he reached the arms of Taoist Hulu. Instead, I laughed. Road flyover Hulu said, "You’re a naughty boy, but you can’t study for the teacher now. Come back for the teacher in ten years. I will give you a name for your teacher today. Let’s call it Xuanyuan Huangdi. "
Road flyover Hulu gave the child to Shaodian and then left. Ten years later, Taoist Hulu came to teach Xuanyuan. Taoist Hulu taught Xuanyuan all kinds of art of war and practice. Xuanyuan was good at force and was born with infinite strength. What Taoist Hulu taught me was handy, and when Xuanyuan became an adult, Shaodian passed on to Xuanyuan to let him lead the bear Terran.
Xuanyuan strongly advocated martial arts for his people after he acceded to the throne, and the people in the clan were taught by Xuanyuan, which greatly increased the strength of the clan. Xuanyuan, after all, was born in Ren Huang. As he grew older, he also had his own opinions on educating the people. Xuanyuan found that burying human and animal feces in the ground can promote the growth of grains, which is better than Shennong’s method of planting grains in Yamakaji, which not only deals with the occurrence of diseases caused by food pollution caused by human and animal feces, but also reduces the life risk of people releasing Yamakaji. Xuanyuan made boats and boats according to the principle of floating trees; His wife, Lei Zu, taught people to raise silkworms and weave silk to make clothes. She could also make clothes, pants and shoes from the hemp tree, so that people would no longer wear the leaves of animal skins. Xuanyuan also taught people daily utensils such as wok, kettle and ou, so that people could steam rice and cook porridge and so on. In this way, Xuanyuan’s reputation has spread more and more widely, and he has become a famous sage in the wild. Many tribes near the Bear Tribe have naturally surrendered.
After many tribes took refuge in Xuanyuan Huangdi, he asked his people to practice martial arts. Road flyover Gourd knows that Xuanyuan will join forces with all directions in the future, and that Chiyou, the head of the Nine Li ethnic group, a descendant of the Witch and Terran, has great power in practicing the magical powers of the Witch. He and his eighty-one brothers formed the Nine Nine Silent Arrays according to the changes of the array of all gods and evil spirits. Eighty-one brothers are in charge of the four directions, and they are in charge of the central area. Although this array is not as powerful as the large array of heavenly gods and evil spirits, it can also be regarded as a vast kill array.
After unifying the Jiuli nationality, Chiyou also made his own contribution to the development of Jiuli tribe. Chiyou ordered 81 brothers to be the elders in charge of the four directions and coordinate themselves in the middle, which was the earliest management mode in the wild. Chiyou invented the longbow spear, which made hunting easier and improved the living standards of his people. Chiyou also ordered 81 witches to pass on some common witchcraft to the people, so that the people could improve their physique and live longer. This and other things that help the development of the people make Chiyou’s reputation in Jiuli tribe no different.
The wild is the leading role of the Terran, and the Nine Li people are considered as one of the Terrans. Because the Shennong didn’t decide on a successor after he got Ren Huang’s certificate, the position of co-owner of the Terran was taken by Chiyou. There is Xiong Xuanyuan who is also a man of great power, and the two of them are doomed to a showdown.
Chiyou and his brothers cultivated the 99-99 silent array, which was murderous and powerful, and the general quasi-saints had to fall into the array when they entered it. Chiyou wanted to be the co-owner of the Terran, so he asked his brothers to practice the people and select some young people from them to form an army.
Chiyou trained his army to be extremely strong, so he was ready to unify the universe and become the co-owner of this Terran. The Jiu Li nationality is similar to the Honghuang Wu nationality, and Chiyou wants to unify the Honghuang Wu nationality, so the Honghuang Wu nationality immediately, and the wizard Xingtian and phase liu also attacked the Terran together with Chiyou. Terran is the leading role in the world, and the witches in the wild also know it, so Xingtian and phase liu have the human-god lineage to unify the wild.
The army of the Jiu Li nationality marched into the Terran, and the Terran tribes became the subsidiary of the Jiu Li nationality one by one, and there was no stopping force in the land where the army passed. That Chiyou is also very happy about it, and phase liu, Xingtian also hopes that Chiyou will unify the flood. After all, this land can be regarded as the land of witches.
The Jiuli army attacked the Terran, and those weak tribes immediately took refuge in the big ones, but the Jiuli army was strong, and even the big ones could not stop the progress of the army, and half of the Terran fell. Seeing this, the other tribes of the Terran immediately took refuge in the bear tribe of Xuanyuan, and Xuanyuan got so many Terran refuge that its strength increased greatly.
Road flyover Hulu saw this and found Xuanyuan. "Terran is now in the midst of war, and the human-god originally unified the Terran, but the human-god can’t treat the Terran equally, only taking care of Jiuli, but it is cruel to other Terrans. Now that you are the head of the Terran clan, you should think of the people of the world and solve this war. "
Xuanyuan was instructed by Taoist Hulu to build his own army. After the Terran Army was established, Xuanyuan enfeoffed Ying Long, Fengbo, Yushi, Tiannv, Cang Xie, Fenghou, Ling Lun and other ministers to practice the Terran Army.
That Cang Xie should have created characters, and Road flyover Hulu has long accepted him as a disciple to assist Xuanyuan. Then Ling Lun will be the ancestor of music in the future, and Road flyover Hulu also accepted him as a disciple and gave it to Xuanyuan.
Terran is in great trouble. Road flyover Hulu naturally won’t leave Xuanyuan, so he stayed to teach three people. Now Xuanyuan has some ideas of his own, commanding Terran, but it doesn’t need road flyover Hulu’s advice, but Cang Xie and Ling Lun have a good training. These two men have a bright future, and Taoist Hulu can’t ruin the future of his disciples, but only point out the general direction for them.
Then Cang Xie and Ling Lun didn’t study for a long time around the road flyover Hulu, and the cultivation was OK. That Cang Xie delayed the cultivation after listening to the word-making said by Taoist Hulu, and stopped only when he reached the realm of the fairy. Then Ling Lun’s cool music got the advice of Taoist Hulu, and he began to study nature in music and created it by nature.

Chapter 11 Literati Wu Zu
The word-making in Cangjie had to rely on understanding nature, but Cang Xie couldn’t get a little feeling after thinking for a long time. He drew countless symbols on the ground, but it was a pity that others couldn’t understand them at all.
Seeing this, Taoist Hulu came forward and said, "The method of word-making comes from nature, and everything depends on nature. You have tried your best to prove that you haven’t realized it yet, so I will give you some advice as a teacher today."
Road flyover Hulu drew a circle on the ground and drew a little in the middle: "This is the sun. It is round from the sun, but it shines. This is the moon, which is taken from the moon. The combination of the two represents the sun and the moon, which can mean bright, and the word is bright. "
Road flyover Hulu told Cang Xie about the six methods in Chinese characters, such as referring to things, pictographs, pictographs, knowing words, transferring notes, and using excuses. After hearing this, Cang Xie only felt that the clouds were gone, and many things he didn’t understand before were suddenly enlightened. He only looked up at the sky and exclaimed, "Teacher’s knowledge is really the highest in the world! Cang Xie’s teacher pointed out that now he has realized something, and Cang Xie immediately went back to make words. "
When Cang Xie returned home, he kept indoors and began to make words. Road flyover Hulu knew that word-making in Cangjie was not a matter of one day or two, and he didn’t ask questions. He went to see the progress of Ling Lun alone.
Ling Lun, who has been instructed by Taoist Hulu to understand nature between mountains and rivers, has already realized something, but he still doesn’t understand what he thinks.
Seeing this from Ling Lun, Taoist Hulu said, "Listen to how beautiful the sound of this stream is, just like music. This is the sound of nature. You can realize. "
After listening to this, Ling Lun got up and made a bow to Taoist Hulu. He said, "What the teacher said made Ling Lun enlightened, and now Ling Lun has understood."
Road flyover Hulu said, "What do you understand?"
"The voice comes from this heaven and earth, and I take heaven and earth as the sound, and I am naturally happy. I should look for it in this landscape. "
"You only know something, but you don’t understand where the nature of heaven and earth is silent. Can there be silence in the Terran? Is there silence on the battlefield? Where is silence? " Road flyover Hulu asked several questions in a row, and Ling Lun listened to the road flyover Hulu once again.
"The teacher is really a heaven and man! What my teacher taught me, now I understand that it is not that I have not found the Tao, but that the Tao is in front of me. "
Road flyover Hulu added, "The Tao is in front of you, why can’t you see it?"
Ling Lun said, "Students have never realized the Tao."
"There is no way in your heart, how to realize. The Tao is actually in your heart. "
Ling Lun listened to meditation and remained silent, but he had an epiphany. Once he woke up, he could find the way. Road flyover Hulu didn’t bother him and left alone.
Road flyover Hulu’s two disciples are closed to the outside world, and the rest of Xuanyuan is still preparing for World War I with Chiyou. The battle between them is destined to last for decades, but there is no war yet, and Xuanyuan has no problem. Road flyover Hulu is too lazy to teach this disciple now, so let him learn to grow up in the war.
One of Xuanyuan’s men will be named on the list of gods in the future, but Taoist Hulu wants him to be a Wu Zu. Road flyover Hulu found Nabaijian in Terran and began to teach this legendary man who can’t practice.
Road flyover Hulu taught Bai Jian for three days and finally understood why he could not practice. It turns out that Bai Jian is not a special body that can’t be cultivated. It’s just that this person learned that the Jiu Li people attacked the Terran and Xuanyuan wanted to fight against the Human-God World War I. From then on, he began to study the art of war. It’s just that now the Terran has a book on the art of war. Bai Jian is also a military commander. He has created some methods of fighting by himself, which have something to think about with the future art of war.
Road flyover Hulu said, "I’m just a general. Since you like the art of war, I’ll teach you the art of war as a teacher. You regard your body as a battlefield, and the qi is a soldier, the meridians are the road, the acupoints are the stronghold, and the method of cultivation is the art of war. You can also be familiar with the art of war by practicing this. "