Xiaoqi smiled and shook his head. "Then we’ll see each other." Then he bowed his head and fiddled with his mobile phone. This attitude is unacceptable.

Xinyang smiled and was about to get up when he saw a young man coming towards them. He recalled that Xiao Qi had just said that he would have to clear away his plate in the future. Xinyang nodded to the young man kindly.
Don’t want the teenager to see him instantly stare big eyes like a ghost.
Xinyang looked at the boy strangely and consciously. He felt that the boy looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it. Xinyang smiled at the boy again out of courtesy and left.
When Xinyang left, Xiao Xun couldn’t wait to open the chair and sit down.
"Elder brother, he is less. Am I right? Is he Xinyang? "
Xiaoqi nodded. He knew that the romantic men and women in Xinyang were not jealous, and Xiao Xun told him …
"How did he come to Beijing? Trouble you? " Xiao Xun is in a hurry. How can a young master find his brother?
Xiaoqi shook his head. He couldn’t guess what Xinyang had found, but it was absolutely inseparable from the blue morning. Apart from this man, he didn’t pay a place with New Cindy Yang.
Xiao Xun went home with Xiao Qi in nervousness. As soon as he arrived at Xiao Xun, he hid in his room. He didn’t even care about distributing things for his aunt and Ye Shu, or Xiao Qi did it for him.
When she saw the big bags and most of them were Xiao Xun and her things, she couldn’t help but criticize Xiao Qi, who was scolded by Xiao Qi and was cheerful, but embarrassed her.
I bought some skirts, brooches, leather shoes, skin care and other things for my aunt. When I touched the labels, I couldn’t help but feel distressed. I was used to frugality. Where can I be so extravagant and touch those smooth silk fabrics?
Ye Shu looked at the social aunt with funny love and joy. I couldn’t help but say two words to wear these clothes to dance square dance, which will definitely make those aunts stare out.
She glared at Ye Shu grumpily and went back to the house with a bunch of things in her arms.
Xiaoqi also bought Ye Shu some comfortable clothes and a radio, which the two old people can take with them to listen to the news and music when they slip around the corner. Ye Shu also likes it very much and praises himself for doing a good job.
Both old people coaxed Xiao Qi into pushing Xiao Xun’s door open, and Xiao Xun sat quietly on the bed with his legs in his arms and didn’t know what was going on.
"Why are you unhappy?" Xiaoqi sits next to the edge of the bed
Xiao Xun lowered his eyes. "Brother … do you remember where we first met?"
Rubbed Xiao Xun’s hair, Xiao Qi knew that he meant selling himself to Xinyang that night.
Xiao Xun said, "Brother, my body is not clean. You … will you …"
The child almost buried his head in his body, and his heart ached. Before he could finish, he grabbed his brother’s body and pressed it in his arms.
"What’s the little fool thinking? I’m your brother, how can a brother dislike his brother? Don’t think about it. What’s worse, if you’re a social aunt, how can you mind if I don’t come? "
Xiaoqi clung to his younger brother’s emaciated body, and his heart didn’t taste the pain. He had tasted enough in his generation. He didn’t want Xiaoxun to leave a psychological shadow. His life has just started, and he still has several beautiful lives to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Xinyang invitation!
Xiao Xun talked with Xiao Qi for a long time that night. When I was a child, I wanted to grow up and report my ambition. Unfortunately, I lost my wings too early. Xiao Qi listened quietly. He doesn’t need to do anything now. The only need is to be a quiet listener.
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Although Xiao Xun has been cheerful in recent years, Xiao Qi knows that there is still a hurdle in his heart, but no one can help him cross it unless he himself.
At noon the next day, Xiaoqi and Wei Zhi had a meal together. They didn’t see a short lunch for a few days, which was really not enough to calm down the desire to sit in the solemn office of ice for a while. But a shallow kiss turned into a passionate fighting.
It was not until the evening that Xiaoqi was awake from the small lounge behind Wei Zhi’s office and rubbed his sore waist. Although there was some discomfort, Xiaoqi was as sweet as honey.
Wei Zhi’s sex is as cold as anyone else’s, and even in bed, he rarely says anything sweet.
However, Xiaoqi doesn’t ask too much. It’s good to be happy together. Sweet words are indispensable in life, but with Wei Zhi, Xiaoqi is already very satisfied. Occasionally, one or two words of warmth can make Xiaoqi feel poor.
He doesn’t want much. It is also a kind of happiness if he holds hands and stays together for a flat birthday.
Soon after the appointment in Xinyang, Xiaoqi ran to Enron apartment to take a bath and tidy up when he didn’t come back to the rental place. Anyway, Enron hurt him, and the whole wardrobe was brand new. He chose it.
Living abroad for a long time, Enron advocates comfort in addition to pursuing fashion, and is sensitive to the color matching of clothes, just like painting can’t be sloppy. Enron’s dress requirements for itself are also outrageous. According to the original words, Enron is a peacock who pursues appearance.
Thanks to this, coupled with the identity requirements of Xiaoqi in previous lives, the dress is also different from ordinary people, but I still have to say that Enron’s eyes are really sharp, and the clothes are comfortable to wear and conform to Xiaoqi’s temperament. Enron often laughs and says that I don’t know whether the clothes weigh him or he weighs this dress.
Xiaoqi took a look at it and picked out a suit. It was a casual linen shirt with a milky white wide collar. It was soft with a wide collar. Enron also painstakingly found a silver cross chain. It was a hot slim pants, and it was first-class in workmanship. There was also one that Xiaoqi often watched him wear because of its comfortable fabric.
Just after changing his clothes, Xiaoqi received a new message to meet at Jufu Building.
Xiaoqi put on the cross necklace and left the apartment.
Sun Yang went to the box first, and it was smoky. Lan Chen also invested in this project to think of his villa to catch up with the past. Unfortunately, there was something wrong with Lan Chen’s project, and now he is not in Beijing.
I went back to the sea that night after signing the contract as planned, but since I let him meet me, I didn’t see it. It’s not that he lacks style.
His brother’s situation is getting more and more wrong. The three big men in Shanghai are the most unlikely to be trapped by love. Grandpa is now mired in mud, which makes Xinyang even dream of nothing.
He still clearly remembers that Lan Chen firmly but naively said that he liked that person during the Chinese New Year and never had the patience to call the same person’s mobile phone over and over again.
All this can be said that Blue Morning has been mired in mud.
It’s like a heavy punch. It’s not because he is too heavy that a missile rises and falls. It’s more controversial because he is the only heir of the Tailan regiment.
Lan Chen is not a rookie. He has the courage in business to make Xinyang a minister. He is not worried that Lan Chen is blindly mistaken because he has not figured out the interests involved, or that he is still determined to leave it aside because he is at the height of Lan’s sole heir.
This is not to say that Lan Chen is serious and he is really serious.
Lan Chen is stubborn. It’s not for nothing that he grew up with a big hair. Once he finds it hard to change, he can operate on Ye Xiaoqi if he has to.
Xin Yang doesn’t mind scratching his best friend Jiang Jie on the other side of the globe.
A rich but dumb mature male voice is still very sexy even though it passes through the wave.
He is Jiang Jie Lan Chen Fa Xiao Yi.
In Shanghai, Gonggeli Lanchenhao ranked first in suspense, collectively referred to as Tai.
Secondly, the development of Jiang Jie’s veritable three generations of officials abroad.
Jiang Jie is Jiang Jia’s favorite son, Jiang Jia’s capital, Jiang Jia’s speed, Jiang Jia’s eldest son, Jiang Zhiwen, is his best friend, and he is Jiang Jia’s son-in-law several years later.
Jiang Jie, who was intelligent since childhood, was once a person who had high hopes for Jiang Jia’s cultivation. After all, he thought of university and went directly to Jiang Jia’s home. He arranged political affairs. Jiang Jia’s background was deep and his political skills were outstanding. Unexpectedly, Jiang Jie suddenly announced that he would not leave his family after graduating from high school. He arranged the road. He would abandon politics and go into business, and then he would resolutely leave his hometown and cross the ocean regardless of his family’s opposition.
It was still a big storm at the beginning. Fortunately, Jiang Gu’s big wrist is also tough enough, not only to support and love the younger brother’s choice, but also to climb the post of municipal party Committee at a young age in that year. Did Jiang Gu’s head of the family go overseas to catch that disobedient little back?
Finally, it is to monopolize the seafood Wang Er Xin Yang in several cities around the sea city.
It’s 18 o’clock in Beijing now, and it’s about 5 o’clock in the morning in Washington. It’s a good dream, but I’m woken up. If I get up again, I’ll directly scold the city.
But Jiang Jie listened to Xinyang in a good temper.
"Ah, I’ll talk to you when someone comes!" Seeing Xiao Qi pushing the door led by the clerk, Xinyang closed the line.
"I’m sorry to have kept you waiting." Xiaoqi stepped on the point and said not to be late.
Xinyang put out his cigarette and smiled, "I just arrived there."
Xiaoqi glanced at the ashtray full of cigarette butts without coloring. Has it just arrived? ?
Since Xinyang doesn’t talk about Xiaoqi, he doesn’t want to discover anything, but the smoke in the room makes him even find it difficult to breathe. When he looks at a room, he is shocked. This is a suicide rhythm! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five Persecution!
In Xiaoqi’s sign, he immediately opened the window for ventilation and turned on the exhaust fan in the box.
Xinyang told the waiter to bow down and retreat. "If necessary, ring the bell and I will wholeheartedly help you."
As soon as the door knocked at Xiaoqi, I came straight to the point and said, "It’s not just a meal to invite me less, is it?"
Xinyang played with his mobile phone unhurriedly and asked, "Naturally, I invite you to dinner. What about you?"
Xiaoqi is used to the cynicism of the second sai-jo. It will be interesting to see what tricks he wants to play.
"Then I would be disrespectful. Thank you ≌a↙ns∞※ Less." Xiaoqi opened the chair and sat down generously.