Now that I’ve killed my heart, I naturally won’t leave my hand again. When I’m distracted and manipulated the super gossip array, Nu Wa continues to contact the Milo laws and regulations, preparing for the next wave of offensive. After all, this gossip world is Fuxi’s proud avatar, and it is impossible to throw hundreds of them out in one breath like Luo Jin, the five elements god of Kirin.

With nuwa’s stamina, at that time it was also a sigh of relief!
And Les saw this clearly. As long as she got away in a short time, everything would be fine.
"Well, that’s it?"
At this time, hundreds of millions of miles away from Fuxi Nuwa, a great being crossed time and space, saw through the endless void, and then kept at his feet and got into the void again.
This figure is moving quickly through the ripples, and the speed is so fast that it crosses time and space in an instant without any interval!
This method of moving time and space can only be used by the strong who are proficient in the avenue of time and space!
Yes, this is our great glorious Lord-Yuan Heng.
Yuan Heng, who was originally far away from the edge of Zhoushan Mountains, came here before Kirin and other local celestial fiends arrived after discovering the previous huge blasting!
Although Yuan Heng was able to detect what happened here at the same time as Kirin because of the position of the Lord of Glory, it was really shocking to arrive in such a short time.
After all, Kirin and others are not weak, but also practice on Zhoushan, and the distance is still very close.
This shows how great the progress of Yuanheng’s avenue, especially in the eternal realm of time and space, is!
This is still Yuan Heng’s past body, which has not been condensed. If it is condensed, it will be a qualitative change!
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Chapter seventy-five Comprehensive suppression
Alas, friends, among the traditional goddesses, how many more powerful goddesses are there?
Now, we have also reserved a few upper-level deities, ready to shape a few powerful goddesses.
So besides Nu Wa, Hou Tu, Tai Yuan, Xuan Gui and Wang Shu, how many powerful goddesses are there?
The so-called coordination of yin and yang, equality between men and women, hahaha, the speed is faster.
Dear Taoist friends, hurry to shape several goddesses in your mind. Time waits for no one!
At this time, it is embedded in the middle of a hill with hundreds of thousands of feet, forming a humanoid cave. This week, the hill in the mountain boundary is no ordinary hill, and the hardness is unimaginable. The whole hill can be directly refined into a Lingbao, although it is only the lowest Lingbao …
At this time, Lu Ye seems to have swallowed an egg in his mouth … Well, a super-large egg, with layers of bloodshot eyes and layers of cracks all over his body, and a river of blood flowed out.
"Can the gap between the magic deities be as big as this?"
"Even, the cultivation realm of this deity is actually a level higher than him!"
He didn’t dare to imagine that he was the own son of Wu Dike’s Lord!
I am a super master at the level of picking the abyss, and I am expected to be a super genius!
However, nowadays, I was actually beaten like this by an indigenous person who is less than a monk!
"Hum! How dare a few third-rate pick Jin Xian come to my wild place! "
For Fuxi, these guys are just a few third-rate characters. They put on a few rags and want to compete with themselves.
Pick a god, it can also form the gap between heaven and earth!
These guys, who just touched the threshold of the source avenue, used it, but most of them still used the rotten law.
You know, in today’s universe, even the worst inferior celestial fiend, as long as he can achieve great success, it will also transform his own practice avenue into the source avenue, and even a few waste materials dare to challenge him.
If it weren’t for the explosive power of the characters in this series, he would have been involved, and he would have slapped them completely!
"Since that’s all you are, it’s over!"
I shook my head in disappointment. Where’s the arrogance at first? A world level, look at this guy, but, originally, he was worried about the invasion of the universe is a how to get the world, but now it seems …
"Damn it! I want to kill you! "
Looking at the ferocious, roaring appearance, Fuxi shook his head and directly ruined him.
It’s not good for these guys to cultivate their minds. When the wind goes well, they are high-spirited, and seem to have an invincible spirit. God blocks the killing of ghosts and demons and blocks the killing of demons. Unfortunately, all this is just an illusion that has been too smooth for a long time, and they have lost their true feelings.
And the first heavenly fiend like them, first of all, must have, is the kind of will and exquisite mind, even if it is to die without regret. Thus, the other side of the world has actually begun to take the fork, and the background is not as strong as their universe, and the immortal existence of the avenue is secretly promoted in the rear.
"This is Fuxi?"
Yuan Heng was very interested in stopping at a place not far from the battlefield. As long as he didn’t deliberately leak the breath, it would be hard to be found, not to mention the monks who were concentrating on a life-and-death duel.
Fuxi, even in the last cosmic cycle, was a man of the hour. However, in Yuan Heng’s understanding, the goods really seemed to be a gigolo in his understanding. Even in the infinite robbery, he failed to prove that he was far from his sister.
Yuan Heng originally thought that this time, Fuxi should be similar. According to the wild rumors, he can only be regarded as a moderate figure.
But I didn’t expect, but now it is also a tough figure. Looking at the following Fuxi, he showed his shape in that huge pit, but he was still natural and unrestrained. Yuan Heng didn’t make moves, but waited for him to solve it himself before showing his shape.
"Yuan Heng has seen Fuxi Daoyou!"
After solving the opponent, his body was flashing, and he wanted to see the situation on his side, but he didn’t expect a sudden voice to ring in his ear, which made Fuxi deeply moved. Actually, someone could appear beside him silently?
"Lord of glory?"
After a surprised, Fuxi turned to look at the past and saw the bearer. He breathed a sigh of relief. He could see the bearer’s identity at a glance. As long as he felt the breath, he could naturally emerge as a person in his heart. This is something he can’t do.
"Fuxi has seen Yuanheng Daoyou!"
After exchanging pleasantries, the two sides started their bodies and headed for Nu Wa together. Now is not the time for communication, and as sons of Avenue, there is no need to be too polite.
"Boom … pa!"
As soon as we approached, an endless stream of loud noises resounded through the clouds, which shows that it has also reached a critical moment.
At this time, Les’s eyes are full of Shaqi, and her power is quite sufficient.
"Swallow the sky and destroy the earth …"
"A group of dying meteors!"
It can be seen here that Les has somehow broken through the ban of the enhanced version of the Eight Diagrams, and even launched a counterattack, fully showing the power of the master of mixed yuan, and deducing the endless trend of the stars in the starry sky, which is full of endless meanings of the starry sky bursting and devouring the sky. This is an avatar that pays attention to the general trend.
"Actually playing with our first heavenly fiend in the middle of nowhere?"
In the face of such an earth-shattering blow, Nu Wa was not moved at all, and even showed disdain. Generally speaking, this kind of thing is the general trend that moves the world and even reaches it by itself, which is a taste of the general trend.
But nowadays, just a heresy, incredibly still dare to play with the trend in the middle of nowhere?
"Ha ha, I will let you taste, what is the general trend!"
Does an individual’s spirit still want to inspire the general trend of Tao?
"Falling stars, falling stars!"