"san huang’s fruit is in full swing, and Fengqi Fuxi is a Taoist!"

"Dear friends, I am Fuxi, go!"
In the auspicious light and the laughter of Fuxi, the figure slowly dissipated and disappeared from the nine gods!
Been saints quietly looking at the voice of Fuxi disappear, suddenly move in the heart, this industry has a great relationship, it is directly related to the immortal volcano, is a very critical position in san huang, and, more crucially, this position seems to have a great relationship with her …
"By the way, maybe, you can do this …"
The character of Houdi Sage is deeply influenced by the virtue of the earth, and she is full of tolerance, which is one of the important reasons why she can enjoy such a respected position in the nether world. Therefore, Houdi suddenly sees from it that this time, which is almost no less than the beginning of the world, is enough to push Yuan Heng, the glorious Lord, to the incredible throne of the supreme ancestor, which is the key breakthrough point. (To be continued. . )

The third chapter 116 Black and white impermanence eighteen layers of hell journey
"Dihuang? Dihuang! "
The eyes of the Houdi Sage are deep and distant. At this time, the great master of escorting the way is almost in charge of the great existence of the tunnel, and his wisdom is as deep as the sea. Even if his mind is as calm as it is, in order to be able to rob your fellow travelers in the next amount, he began to plan.
After all, let’s not talk about the highly unpredictable Nu Wa, who almost broke away from the barriers of nature and became a family of her own. As you can imagine, as long as she really and thoroughly lifts dzogchen to the top of the holy peak, I’m afraid that once she breaks away, she will prove that she is unscrupulous and incredible and only the supreme ancestor.
By that time, I’m afraid that the vastness of the universe will emerge one after another, and there are very few people who can really stand side by side with it. If she can’t prove it first, I’m afraid it will be wishful thinking to catch up in the future!
"What’s more …"
Been saints look around, god eyes fine mans a now, in doing many saints that a statue of the realm of unfathomable fellow, make its heart can’t help but sigh, now there are several realm enough to be on a par with yourself, a line away from yourself, but also eyeing up for yourself and others, I’m afraid one careless will be caught up, and she never forgets …
I’m afraid that the day of returning from robbery will not be far away!
Or, sitting here now, can the sage forget the supreme existence of those three who almost touched the threshold of the supreme ancestor?
"You are all in the same boat."
With the pressure in my heart, the character of the future sage of the earth is now being planned. In a blink of an eye, the corners of my mouth slightly become warped and I said, "Since the immortal volcano has been shot by the Taoist friends of Fuxi, the next step is reincarnation, or the problem of the nether world."
Speaking of this, on the surface of been, I can’t help but look a little distressed. "As we all know, the boundary is strictly composed of ten vast and boundless worlds, which can be divided into the universe. These ten big worlds are actually one, which is the so-called boundary, but this has formed a refutation-one can be divided into ten, but ten does not mean one. Even a conceptual boundary can’t avoid the conflict between the big worlds, and this is the origin of the almost endless natural disasters in the nether world! "
I have to say, this place in the nether world, compared with an egg country that claims that earthquakes are as frequent as rain. What’s more, the earthquake caused by the collision between continental plates is not comparable to the natural disasters caused by the collision between the world, that is, it belongs to the level of rain in Mao Mao.
Although it doesn’t have any influence on the first fiend, or can some unique specialties be born in a unique environment?
But this harsh environment, for other "mortal" people. But it is not a problem that can be ignored, especially whether those ghosts attracted by samsara can adapt to the sudden changes in the environment is a debatable problem.
Although the great gods of the underworld, such as Houtu, have taken into account the problem and set up various measures. But compared with the nearly trillion ghosts circulating every day, there are always some ugly guys who face the silent ridicule of heaven, are favored by the goddess of bad luck, and disappear in the world through various strange ways of death.
"See for yourselves."
Been sighed. Directly throw a magic ball for the saints to study the problem themselves, and among them, about various ways to die. It occupies nearly nine floors in it …
"So bad?"
Although had expected, but Yuan Heng carefully read what was taken out, and he couldn’t help but deeply frowned. "The nether world is the source of chaos combined with the turbid qi. Natural disasters aside, the innate five elements are intermingled, which is one of them, and the lethality of the soul is particularly amazing. Another, the reincarnation channel is opened in the ghost domain. How can wandering souls run to other interfaces? I’m afraid this involves a deep order … "
"Although these have no influence on our innate generation, for those kids of the acquired generation, this lethality …"
According to the information provided by Been, Yuan Heng easily figured out the three key points of the nether world. As for the others, they are actually scabies, which doesn’t matter. Even so, Yuan Heng sighed deeply. Sure enough, it is not easy to solve the problem of being stumped for so long.
"Death was unlucky enough …"
In those days, the fate of the Supreme God, Yuan Heng’s compatriot and brother Yuan Zhi Saint, shook his head with a wry smile, and he was shot while lying down. It was said that the ghosts in the nether world were cursing fate, and they cursed several times in a row. If they didn’t touch the cause and effect, they would be dragged down by the unlucky guy in the nether world …
What makes Yuan’s eyebrows twitch even more is: "This deity is the only supreme god of fate in the wild, and he is a male god! What do you mean by cursing the so-called fate goddess bitch? ! !”
Yuan Zhi looked at one of them with a black line on his face. This product is a monk who is only a thin line away from the god’s position. In this era of reincarnation, the monk under the god has no resistance at all. As long as he dies, his soul will be dragged to the nether world for the first time.
And this cargo is so unlucky. After the Armageddon, it is not as good as washing and practicing the body of the gods. Before the realm can be firmly established in the realm of the gods, it can only be regarded as a demigod. It has already carried the assimilation of the will of heaven and earth, and it is with God that the result is extremely sad. At this moment, it is tragic to be swallowed by a passing fierce beast that is comparable to the existence of the ancient gods, and it is tragic to be dragged down by the ghost …
But although it has been so unlucky, the vast expanse of the universe is full of wonders, not the worst, only worse …
Although this demigod already has divinity, he can’t bear the power of reincarnation and is dragged to reincarnation.
Well, in fact, it’s nothing. It’s lucky to be able to embrace your own soul when you meet a fierce beast in the ancient gods. I’m afraid I can’t die directly when the reincarnation is not opened at the beginning of the world. Now I can embrace my own soul, and my true spirit is intact. This one can actually praise the universe and pray for praise of been …
As a matter of fact, this knowledgeable demigod actually did the same thing, and somehow it also condensed the divine demigod. Different from others, it is also quite possible to invest in the Taoist school of the Great God in the underworld, such as the Houdi Sage. Unfortunately, once people are unlucky, even boiling water can choke people. The demigod is planning to pray for Houdi to bless himself, and it happens that the collision between the two worlds has been swept into a small secret world.
Originally, this was a great good thing. You know, even if it is a small secret realm, it is also born. Even if the innate gods despise this thing, even for the strongman of the ancient gods, it is also a great chance. After all, no matter how small the innate secret realm is, at least you can get some congenital treasures inside.