This is already the last self-attack of this side of heaven and earth. As long as it is suppressed, even if the extinct black dragon is born in the future, it is impossible to ignore his merits. Even, the achievement of breaking the list of gods is enough to make him stand with the extinct black dragon, and it is not inferior!

A harsh and sharp breaking sound sounded, and the yellow light suddenly broke into bits and pieces, leaving no trace …
A ray of golden yellow, which is different from Xuanhuang’s merits, is full of a glory that destroys divinity, and it is more aggressive!
In this world, people who can plot against Yuan Heng and have not been discovered do not exist. Along the causal silk thread, a pair of eyes that penetrate everything are printed in the heart of the night …
"No, it was discovered!"
Ghost night god heart pounding, the crisis of death will be shrouded, eyes flashed a malicious color, "block! Causal transformation, the dagger of Gula, give me a disaster! "
In an instant, the funnel-like Taoist text that enveloped the whole hill rushed into the black dagger crazily, shining brilliantly. The breath of a curse to kill everything swarmed and gathered on the dagger, but unfortunately …
"Beat the whip!"
Inexplicably, in the eyes of the dark night, a whip appeared, with eighty-one sections and nine inches in each section, which exuded a terrible breath of disillusionment. Facing this whip in the dark night, it was like facing natural enemies. And the name of this whip, also automatically emerged in the heart-playing God whip!
Without the slightest hindrance, the original sin grievances collected by walking in the dark for 3 thousand years and the hard-drawn Taoist texts were shattered!
Ka … Cha …
Curse everything, like a dagger with the power of extinction, but in a flash, it freezes in mid-air, just like a broken crystal. Scattered in the air, a strange charm arises spontaneously …
At the moment when the dagger was broken, a causal force came, just like a disaster. If you want to beat the whip of God to avoid being blinded and end the disaster, you are really a master of causal curse, and your life-saving kung fu is a must. Unfortunately …
The warning of god’s heart still beats at night. At that time, in his eyes, there seems to be a statue of the existence of the invasion. Suddenly staring at yourself, the corners of the mouth highlight two words-
Dark night’s body is broken, and it turns into dust under a great force that destroys divinity, but to my surprise, dark night’s face turns red, and after his head spits out a mouthful of black and golden blood, it mysteriously disappears without any signs of consciousness.
The gods disappeared without a trace, the golden whip disappeared, and the original hill altar was swallowed up by the violent wind and fire, eliminating all traces.
"It’s a god!"
In the Falun Dafa circle, under the tree of Pi Fu Luo, Yuan Heng looked at the scene of only one head disappearing, but did not intend to continue to shoot. "Even if it was abandoned by heaven and earth, it still got great luck from heaven and earth!"
As a person of Shinto ancestor level, Yuan Heng naturally understands that this double-system god king in the dark night has a huge luck, which can actually help him escape under his whip of restraining gods. You know, whipping gods, but it should be the treasure of heaven and earth. Under his whip, it is reasonable to say that even the Lord God should leave a small piece of flesh …
"Ha ha, Wang Di, you’re really good at whipping God. I’m afraid that unless you are armed with whipping God, you can’t threaten you unless you have ten and eight figures of the Lord God series in one breath."
At this time, a bright-eyed teenager stared at the whip.
The speaker is the king who caused the appearance of the Els Alliance-Hista Xia Luofu, who is regarded as a figure of hades.
"Yes, Wang Di, this magic whip appeared just in time. With it, our plan has almost been grasped out of thin air!"
Generous and confident, such as the king of the earth, I can’t be calm at this time. The effect of this thing has just been seen by him. A statue of the double-system king of God, which is infinitely close to the Lord God, was almost left with a gentle whip!
You know, even if he tries his best, it’s easy to defeat it, which can cause such results, but it’s not easy. After all, not all the gods are like that stupid turtle. At the moment of achieving the Lord God, his body is fixed, and he can’t run. Where is it like now, those gods, one by one, are speechless …
"This time, I want to thank you all for your help."
Yuan Heng smiled and threw his whip into the void, and thanked the four kings in front. "If not, it will take a lot of time and energy to make the gods list truly take shape, and I’m afraid there will be no less trouble …"
The weakness of this side of heaven and earth is really beyond Yuan Heng’s imagination. It is inherited from the huge and countless merits of the predecessor, the sage of Ming Wheel, and the huge achievements he has accumulated in establishing Hengjiao and educating heaven and earth for 300 years. In the end, he failed to condense the list of gods in one breath. If the last four kings were not invited and helped, I am afraid that Yuan Heng would have to spend thousands of years before he could accumulate enough xuanhuang merits to build a list of gods.
In the meantime, this long time is enough to make many gods feel threatened and come to stand in the way. Although Yuan Heng is not afraid, it is not bad to have less trouble.
"Wang Di is a stranger."
The speaker is a towering old man, and his eyes look like the sun. As long as he sees him, he seems to be able to raise infinite courage in his heart. "They are all their own brothers, what’s more, the gods are named to govern the power of heaven and earth and reshape the laws of heaven and earth order. This is our duty and obligation as kings. Why thank you? "
King Taize, a powerful king who is interested in commanding the ocean, has been unable to take the last step for various reasons, and can only sigh for the position of Neptune, who is close at hand.
However, once you succeed, you will be able to stand side by side with the king of the earth, one step closer, and stand opposite the sky and the earth!
"Ha ha. But I am a stranger. "
Yuan Heng nodded and turned to the others. "Dear brother, there must be no mistakes in sealing the gods. Therefore, the person who presides over the sealing the gods is the most important thing. Do you have a candidate?"
Glanced at the front four people. Yuan Heng thoughtfully remained silent.
"The man who presided over the deity?"
For the meaning contained in Yuan Heng’s words, the four people naturally understood it.
If you want to preside over the deity, then your status must not be low, and you must be able to suppress the deity. Otherwise, your position is not even as good as the god you have sealed. What god can you seal?
This kind of person, even if it is a great sage series. I’m afraid they’re all a little short.
Originally, if heaven and earth have great will, the power of origin is magnificent. There is no need to worry at all. Heaven and earth will naturally give birth to people who should be robbed, and they will be blessed by the will of heaven and earth. Naturally, there is no need to worry, and it can be the situation of Nora today …
"Originally, the newly emerging personalities of several wise men are enough to undertake such an important task, but after all, they have just been born, and the fate condensed by the newly founded schools is not enough to make their personalities degenerate quickly. Therefore, the person who presides over the deity can only choose from us …"
The king of the earth has the highest prestige, so he speaks lightly instead of Yuan Heng.
The king, in itself, is a kind of person, representing the highest person in Noelle’s world, just like the supreme ancestor of the universe, and it can be said that it holds the constitution on behalf of heaven and is supreme.
However, if you want to open the deity, you must start with a blank body to isolate the interference of causal silk thread. Therefore, it is inevitable to be inferior to reincarnation, and the price is not too big.
"Is that so?"
King Lop, who has been silent, sighed and glanced at his fellow citizens, then he wanted to say something. "So, then …"