"The emperor is not the eldest sister of the emperor who doesn’t want to be on your side, but Acacia has already married and has children! The emperor should come out of this relationship. Don’t do this again. Isn’t it the emperor who got hurt in the end? I also know that the emperor has a deep affection for acacia. She has done a lot of things, but if a woman is unwilling to recognize you, no matter how much the emperor has paid, her heart for the emperor will not change! "

This is also her attitude towards Gu Mo, so she can’t give Gu Mo what she refuses to see him.
Is this really what princess royal said?
No matter how much he often misses, she won’t look at it.
So she refused everything he gave?
Seeing Feng Li Su’s blank eyes, princess royal felt some love for his infatuation. For so many years, she had not seen the emperor, and she even dismissed the harem.
Take a deep breath and princess royal added, "Emperor, all this has actually settled and the emperor will try to change? Acacia has a scarlet coat in her heart, and she wants him to have a baby. At the beginning, the scarlet coat was unconscious for forty-six days. She was so pregnant and cared for by herself. There was never a complaint. Can’t the emperor see it? "
"This generation is afraid that her lovesickness must be crimson! Can everyone replace the purple clothes? "
Feng Li Su stumbled and held the table. He set his eyes on princess royal and shook his head slowly with an indestructible firmness.
"The emperor elder sister you don’t understand! I am obsessed with acacia, just like the eldest sister of Huang, facing Liu Heng! Elder sister Huang, can Liu Heng guard me like this? Sooner or later, I will definitely get lovesickness! "
"Sister Huang also knows that even if Feng Jiang Yi wakes up now, he will not be alive for a long time. I believe that if you want me to treat her wholeheartedly, you can always miss that heart sooner or later!"
Princess royal felt a little headache and smiled bitterly. How can they compare their situation?
Princess royal shook his head "that’s not the same! Emperor Liu Heng was married by my late husband, and I was married by Liu Heng. I am Liu Heng’s wife! "
"And the emperor lovesickness you … if the crimson clothes have not been demoted, Shu Ren lovesickness is your eleventh emperor brother woman! Even if the emperor accepts him, can the emperor accept her identity? Will the imperial people accept it? "
"Emperor, if you really love her, let it go, or you will not only hurt the emperor himself, but also hurt her in the future!"
Yu Fengjiang’s clothes and Haitang’s red poison, she really has been worried about it all the time, but she can resist it.
But she knew that even if anything happened to Feng Jiang’s clothes, she would not choose the emperor if she was afraid of acacia.
"If I am the emperor, even if I can make my own decisions about my own marriage, then what do I need this throne for?" Feng Li Su is cold.
He also knows that he is now in such a bad mood that he is not suitable to see Chang Acacia. He just strode towards the outside and Chang Huan’s father-in-law hurriedly opened the door and watched Feng Lisu leave, and he also hurriedly followed behind.
The cold wind poured in outside, and princess royal looked at the departing figure, and it was not a taste in his heart.
The emperor’s obsession with lovesickness is even more than she imagined!
At this time, it was cold at the end of the year, but I didn’t see Feng Lisu.
They also know that their identity is not suitable for asking what to do, and silently put the breakfast away and waited on it.
Princess royal looked at everything exquisite breakfast and lost his appetite.
But today, she is also throwing caution to the wind, which surprised her. Apart from anger, she didn’t abandon her meddling.
Seeing the emperor’s attitude towards lovesickness today, she doesn’t know what will happen in the future?
But she was also very distressed to see the lonely figure of the emperor leaving.
Out of the elegance of the building, Huan’s father-in-law hurriedly chased him.
"The emperor is going back to the palace at this time?"
"Where else can I go without going back to the palace?" Feng Li Su scoffed lightly.
Long huan father-in-law hurriedly laughed "emperor this ….. this phoenix in the land is the emperor you emperor you can go wherever you want! Even if you want to see Huei-fang, it’s no big deal! However, Emperor, you’ve been confined to your bedroom these days, so it’s rare to come out. Why don’t you take a walk around for fun? A few days ago, I heard the palace guards talking about the opening of another nest outside. Why don’t you go there and have some tea to calm your anger? "
Feng Li Su looked back coldly when he heard this, and glanced at Chang Huan’s father-in-law.
"If you don’t want a head, just say it back and dare to let me go to a place like * * * and pick it yourself!"
Chang Huan’s father-in-law was startled and hurriedly knelt down with a frightened face.
"Slave is wrong! I’m just talking, Emperor. Don’t take those girls seriously. They’re just ordinary fat and vulgar powder. Wouldn’t it be humiliating for the emperor to go? I know that the emperor has always been the most self-respecting! "
Feng Li Su hummed and strode in the direction of the outside. Chang Huan’s father-in-law was so scared that he immediately got up and chased him when he saw the emperor leave.
"Don’t be angry, Emperor. Just now, princess royal’s words also need to be taken to heart. What kind of woman do you want is the emperor’s own decision. Now, most of the ministers are made by the emperor’s cronies. They will never worry about questioning!"
"I told you to shut up and go back to the palace first!"
Feng Li Su said crossly that this long-term happiness is talkative.
Long Huan father-in-law immediately humbled to cover his mouth.
Wreaths didn’t wake up until the third day after coma. After waking up, they were paralyzed and felt unable to move.
He looked at this strange house with weak eyes open, and there was a familiarity in the strangeness.
This reminds me of this house. He once lived in Yi Lee and arranged for him to stay here for a short time, but after all, he will not forget the place he has been.
In addition to feeling paralyzed, wreaths all felt that a head was a little heavy, which made him extremely uncomfortable, and his mouth was dry and bitter, and he felt a twinge of foul breath.
What happened to him?
I remember that he just came to Fengfu Fengjiang Clothes, and he prepared a welcome banquet and was suddenly attacked after three rounds.
When that dart came, he couldn’t avoid it. He was holding it in his hand to block it, and then he felt a stabbing pain in the back of his hand and then he was unconscious. So how are the others?
Has the other party been found out?
"Come …"
Wreaths come out weakly.
Soon the door was pushed open and came in. It was a flame. When I saw wreaths finally wake up, I immediately came up with a smile.
"You can wake up in a coma for three days! Do you feel any discomfort? "
Wreaths are seen flames, though unfamiliar, but I also know that he followed the mysterious dance imperial doctor and waited on them. When he saw the flames, wreaths hoarse and said, "Help me up …"
Flame didn’t know what he wanted to do, but he sat up with wreaths all.
Just sitting up, it didn’t take long for wreaths to feel something coming out of their throats, so they spat out black blood with a strong stench.
Wreaths spit out all the black in his mouth before he felt a lot easier all over, even his paralysis was gradually disappearing. It seems that he was poisoned!
It’s this mouthful of black blood that stinks too much.
The flame was relieved to see him spit out this mouthful of blood. "The imperial doctor gave you acupuncture and said that it would be fine to spit out this mouthful of blood after you woke up!"
Flame brought him a glass of water to gargle and saw that his voice was hoarse. He also brought him a glass of warm water to drink. After a few mouthfuls, he lay down and asked weakly, "What poison have I taken?"
The flame said, "It’s the black Yan, the black Yan. This poison is extremely overbearing. If you don’t solve it for an hour, you will die, but it’s natural for the imperial doctor to understand the black Yan poison here. However, the situation on your side was too critical and poisoned that day, and the imperial doctor put a lot of black blood on you. It will be a hindrance if you wake up and take a good rest!"
Black Yan …
Wreaths are naturally heard. It is said that this poison is extremely poisonous. The wound of the red chain snake venom is corrosive. He looks towards the back of his hand and sure enough, there is thick gauze wrapped around it.
Besides, if this poison is contaminated a little, it will immediately cause coma. No wonder he fainted when he felt pain.
The flame saw that the silent face was black because of poisoning. At this time, some of the toxin remained, but it seemed to haunt the black gas, but it looked pale because of excessive blood loss.
Wreaths gently nodded "I know, thank you! By the way, did you know the identity of the other party when you were attacked that night? And Mrs. Feng, are they all right? "
Flame said, "The attack on that day was due to someone mixing into the Phoenix House guard, but the other person’s flying skill was excellent. When the ghost master chased after the past, he had disappeared, but their goal was that you should be a phoenix with tears! On your night, except for your poisoning, our wife fell down … Chapter 467, Feng Wei is our only treasure.
Hearing this, wreaths all got nervous and asked, "Is Mrs. Feng all right?"
You know, she’s so pregnant, it’s not even a bump