Tong Xiaozhen shed tears. He quickly wiped off his sleeve and looked up at the sick medicine field, trying to keep his voice down so that it sounded normal. "I heard the old man say that he didn’t worry about him, so he rarely came to see him this time. I didn’t know that the old man had come back this time and he couldn’t even walk easily. In the past two years, he has been tinkering with these medicine fields. You see what it is like now … If it were a few days later, maybe I would have come back earlier …

Speaking of which, tears poured out of Tong Xiao’s eyes again and he couldn’t pick them up.
Tong Xiao is an active and optimistic person. He is the most joking and least serious person in the fairy society. But now he cries like a crybaby regardless of the image, and even Nan Yunqing, not far away, pauses to look here. But Tong Xiao has finished feeling it, and now his heart is completely immersed in guilt and regret.
He rose from the fairy world to the Tianlan demon world by mistake, and his life was over, but in despair he met Zheng Xianhui and his predecessor Rabbit.
The rabbit elder didn’t abandon his low realm and weak strength at all. There are better choices, and he did not hesitate to form a companion with him as a newcomer. So from then on, his practice in the demon world has also gone smoothly. It has always been the rabbit elder who took him to the realm. Because of his status and strength, he has never suffered a little loss and suffered a little injustice in the demon world.
But that doesn’t mean that he can’t see what the rabbit elder did. He is not stupid at all. He has been trying hard, but he can’t catch up with the rabbit elder’s footsteps. In the Tianlan demon world, he has been in such regret for most of these years. When the rabbit elder’s strength stagnated and regressed, he even secretly rejoiced that he could finally take the lead to safeguard the rabbit elder in turn. For him, the rabbit elder is like a father, and he is much closer than his father!
But he didn’t know that the rabbit elder was really broken this time until he realized that the rabbit elder was walking towards death step by step. When the rabbit elder came to this hill to live in seclusion, he followed him at first, but his heart was still, which would disturb the rabbit elder and make him quiet. Besides, he was really too depressed and flustered in this environment, so he went out to seek medical treatment while the rabbit elder drove him away.
After going out, he never stopped seeking medical treatment, but he didn’t just tell people about the rabbit’s predecessors and the other person shook his head again and again …
He has been wandering around in this way in recent years, in a state of wanting to come back but afraid to come back, but if he is a little brave, he can come back to take care of his predecessors a few months ago.
The end result is that by the time he comes back, Mr. Rabbit has moved a bamboo chair out to bask in the sun every day, and then he has exhausted the medicine field and died day by day. However, even if he thinks about it, he still thinks more and more sadly. Finally, he simply squats down and buries his head in his knees and cries desperately.
Xiao Wen’s feelings are certainly not as deep as Tong Xiao’s, but he is also very sad.
Looking down at Tong Xiao, he doesn’t know what to do, just look at it and hope to give Tong Xiao some strength, even if Tong Xiaogen doesn’t feel his eyes.
Not far away, Nan Yunqing got up from the bamboo chair. She looked at Xiao as Xiao asked at Tong Xiao …
She doesn’t have much friendship with her rabbit predecessors, but she can feel Xiao Wen’s emotions.
A moment later, Xiao Wen finally felt Nan Yunqing’s eyes turned to Nan Yunqing and looked at it in the past.
Nan Yunqing’s mouth slightly picked up and asked Xiao a comforting smile. Her eyes also showed her confidence in Xiao.
Xiao Wen felt warm in his heart, and it felt good to have a favorite person around him who would always stay with him.
So Xiao asked Nan Yunqing to smile and nodded his head.
When a little bit passed, I don’t know how long it took Tong Xiao to finally calm down. He felt a little embarrassed and stopped talking to Xiao Wen and went straight into the medicine field to pull weeds.
Finally, Bai Qionghai and his rabbit predecessors have been in the bamboo house for most of the day.
Xiao asked her eyes to ask Nan Yunqing, but Nan Yunqing shook her head, and she could not speculate on the situation there.
After such a long time, is the rabbit elder saved? If Bai Qionghai had not been saved, he might have come out long ago; But if it’s saved, why hasn’t there been any movement in the middle of the day? Bai Qionghai can make less eyes.
Day se gradually late in the three people looking forward to the bamboo house is finally a figure Bai Qionghai!
Bai Qionghai’s face turned out to be a little tired, but she looked at Xiao Wen’s eyes and revealed a sense of relief that was not borne by Xiao Wen.
"White girl!" Xiao Wen didn’t ask a question because Bai Qionghai’s eyes were enough to say a question.
Sure enough, Bai Qionghai nodded toward Xiao Wen.
I got a positive answer. Xiao Wen couldn’t help being ecstatic, but Tong Xiao in Tanaka stopped after a pause. So close, he teleported directly into the bamboo house.
Bai Qionghai looked at the bamboo house again and then came out.
Three people meet at the edge of the medicine field Bai Qionghai said, "The old man has exhausted his physical vitality. I have spent some of my vitality on him and helped him guide those vitality to the physical body. Let him persist for another ten years. He will soon break through the realm. It is because his vitality is exhausted that he dare not break through this time. He can try to break through the realm after he recuperates for more than a month."
Bai Qionghai doesn’t need to say more. The rabbit elder not only lived, but also looked back and could boldly break through the realm! Once he is promoted to the next level, he will become a immortal, and there will be more years of Shou Yuan!
Suddenly, in the bamboo house, Tong Xiao exclaimed, "Really? ! ! !”
Then there is the rabbit’s hoarse predecessor, but he already has a neutral voice and says "hmm"
"Ah …"
Tong Xiao teleported directly to the edge of the medicine field and reached Bai Qionghai in two steps. "Dong" knelt down without saying anything, then "Bang" his forehead and scalp were broken.
Where is this kowtowing or self-mutilation …
But it is not so convenient to express Tong Xiao’s gratitude to Qionghai. At this time, his body and mind are filled with ecstasy, so he can’t feel the pain.
Xiao asked if I should go to Lanan Yunqing, and naturally I wouldn’t go to Lanan Yunqing, while Bai Qionghai didn’t move after a slight Zheng, but he was bowed down by Tong Xiao.
After nine heads, Tong Xiao got up, but he was still very excited. With ecstasy tears in his eyes, he asked Bai Qionghai Avenue, "White girl, you are a living Buddha sent by heaven! Today, you saved the old man’s life, which means you saved Tong’s ten lives! From now on, if you want White Girl to have any orders, even if you want Tong’s life, Tong’s life will definitely not be obeyed! If the white girl doesn’t want Tongmou to repay Tongmou, she will set up a card at home and worship the white girl in the morning and evening to pray! "
Xiao Wen listened with a wry smile. Bai Qionghai’s ri today is absolutely beyond Tong Xiao’s imagination. I don’t know what to say to stimulate Tong Xiao …
Bai Qionghai smiled at Tong Xiao and then gently opened her lips and said, "The old man has thanked me just now, but you are his companion. If you thank me again, I should suffer from the nine heads, but don’t be unnecessary. If you still want to thank, thank Xiao Daoyou."
Isn’t it a bodhisattva’s demeanor to spend all beings without repaying kindness? Tong Xiao feels that Bai Qionghai is a living bodhisattva, but he also realizes that Bai Qionghai’s mood has reached a terrible level. Maybe he really doesn’t care about his gratitude, so he turns and looks at Xiao Wen again.
Xiao asked hurriedly motioning with his hand, "Brother Tong saved my life more than once in the battlefield. I should do all this."
Tongxiao finally smiled more than relaxed …
After a month and a half, it was still sitting on the hill, but Bai Qionghai was gone, and even the rabbit predecessors and Tong Xiao were not there.
Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing are standing side by side at the top of the mountain looking at two figures at the top of a cliff in the distance.
The two men sat cross-legged and almost drowned in all kinds of brilliance.
Suddenly, Guanghua on the cliff quickly spread outward, and before it was bright and rocky, two people on the cliff rose almost at the same time!