"What’s going on? Why is the fate of the Ganges rioted? "

"Isn’t it that most of the forces are pinned down, and the remaining forces have to brew their own destiny system?"
At this time, many top fiends scattered in every corner of the life river were startled to look at the turbulent and restless water of the Ganges, and they were puzzled at this time.
At the beginning, when they just entered the river of life, they were scattered by a powerful and horrible force because of the action of the river of life. If they hadn’t opened their own roads and had their own original power, I’m afraid they would have been lost forever in the endless fate of this unknown space-time.
Just as they were about to make moves according to the original plan, another statue of a powerful ghost stopped them.
Silent will rush into the whirling pure land of its own evolution, and the fiend in the realm of Buddhism will jump out, and the source it left-a text that exudes infinite destiny-will be put away. After a glance, Silent will understand its meaning. This is the word "Strike", the text evolved by the Ganges of Fate.
"These words are getting more and more complicated and mysterious …"
Comparing this text with the divine text of congenital avenue, I am quite worried in my silence, which shows that the pace of life river is getting faster and faster.
Unfortunately, the power of the river of life is terrible. These fateful fiends with destiny words as the core are even less powerful than him. Therefore, he was held back … (To be continued. . )

Chapter two hundred Silence … Nirvana
"No, at this rate, I’m afraid …"
With a bit of haze in his eyes, he estimated the attack intensity these days and frowned.
Those ordinary fate fiend puppets also just, although they have the power of mixed yuan level series, but they are just puppets after all. Although the number is a little too much, it is not enough to pose a threat to him.
But was it the strange power that came out, but he was very frightened. It was a mighty man who practiced the road of truth, and he was moved by the power that broke out in this Ganges of fate.
Moreover, almost every move, every style, is extremely powerful, and almost more than 90% of his own mana is used to display his magical powers, but his recovery speed is supplemented by the infinite power of life and river, and the speed is extremely horrible.
And even if it is smashed into dust, before long, it has returned to its peak and returned to its front …
In the face of this kind of immortal Xiaoqiang, what can Silent say?
"Shout …"
There are six golden sacred Buddha lights above Silent Head, and each Buddha light contains a supreme meaning of Silent Buddhism and Taoism.
The other shore, the pure world, Purdue, Nirvana, life and death, and silence are the supreme meanings derived from the endless years of silence. With the round sense of the Buddhist relic to the realm, with the other great magical power of silence-the method of proving the Tao in dreams, this is the powerful magical power of silence that is one step ahead of others.
Into the whirling pure land of the six Upanishads of Buddha’s Light, generate showed great power, but it abruptly assimilated the basin of the Ganges River, directly transforming it into its own Buddha’s field, which was extremely terrifying.
The eyes between the eyebrows and the sky reflect a faraway place where I don’t know where it is, and the mysterious fate of the gods appears in the void, and take it as the core, scroll the power of infinite destiny, condense a statue of a demon, and see it when you are silent. Can’t help but cold snorted.
Fighting with the Ganges of fate?
His silence is not so stupid.
"We must get in touch with other Taoist friends, work together, break into the core place and break it in one fell swoop!"
In the face of such a terrible opponent, unless it is the power of all the top fiends, otherwise, I am afraid that the chances are slim and the wisdom is as silent as death, so I will not be silly to shake the tree with a mayfly.
"But. Want to break through the blockade of life river, unless … "
Silent eyes swept across the whirling pure land, and statues of buddhas flashed with all kinds of Buddhism and Taoism, and they were silent. Every Buddha here was slowly condensed after exhausting a whole amount of robbery. If so, if it is lost, I am afraid that I am already a mixed sacred land at this time. I’m afraid I’ll fall from the throne …
"And …"
Silent looking at them, eyes flashing filar silk.
800 Buddhas, 7,200 Bodhisattvas and 12 Wan Jingang. This is not just the foundation of silence …
These buddhas are not just puppets. They all have amazing spirituality one by one. With the progress of meditation, this venerable Buddha can turn virtual reality into reality. Become a real creature and witness the achievements of the lost Buddhism and Taoism!
Silent has great wisdom, and his grasp of his own path is almost no less than Yuan Heng’s, and he has many cards.
However, there is only one person who wants to play a huge role at this time, and this card, even if it is silent, is unwilling to touch …
"Nirvana, as the foundation of my avenue, how can I learn more if I haven’t really experienced it?"
Silent eyes must look, sitting on an illusory twelve-product golden lotus platform, "The tears of Buddha, silent and lead, ten thousand buddhas come to the DPRK, Amitabha … Buddha!"
As the supreme sage of Buddhism and Taoism, second only to Yuan Heng, he will never lack the courage to fight for it.
Hundreds of millions of golden rays rose above the dancing pure land, and a golden flame burned on a statue of Buddha …
This is the light of silence.
This is the fire of nirvana!
Void shock, three worlds tears of blood, this is the blood of the Buddha’s fall.
The Buddha whispers straight into his heart, which is the sorrow of the Buddha’s fall.
"Amitabha … Buddha!"
With a Buddha who returned to himself in the fire of nirvana, the voice of Buddhist whispers began to extend towards the whole river of life …
Irresistible, the blockade of the life river has almost no effect in the murmur of Buddhist language.
In the whole life river, many battlefield wars are immortal, and the top fiend who mixed Yuan sacred land is almost the supreme ancestor in the reserve, with great power, so it is not so easy to be trapped.
Especially Zixiao, Nuwa, Houtu, Wufeng and Luoou, even among many great abilities, these five strongmen can be regarded as outstanding in their combat effectiveness.
The first three are lofty realms, while the last two are too amazing to attack their avenues. Those fiend puppets are simply not enough to stop them. They almost once tore the blockade of fate and moved quickly towards the core of fate.
If it weren’t for the critical moment, it would always be one or two statues practicing the great energy belt of Destiny Avenue, leading countless fiend puppets with stronger strength. I’m afraid that Nu Wa and others have already entered the core of destiny and joined forces with Yuan Heng.
The stalemate in the war situation has made many great powers who are still fighting in the river of life anxious. The longer the time is delayed, the worse it will be for them.