"I do know a way to leave the passage, but there is a fire in the way. I have a special way for everyone to inform other races through you. If they want to leave, just follow me. If they don’t believe me, they can leave alone," Cheyenne said without doubt.

This exciting news will soon spread all over the mine prison. After all, everyone has been in the ground for so long, and there are common enemies. Moreover, such amazing news can hide from other forces. Hawke and others must not deliberately hide their meaning.
"Do you really have a way out?" Caranthir said.
Cheyenne nodded and shouted, "If you believe me, just stay here and die with unbelievers. There has been a war outside, and your race is being invaded by Desa. Stay here if you want to die!"
"We naturally believe in the master of abstinence!" The dwarves responded in a crashing way and did not hesitate to follow Cheyenne’s footsteps. The flame was swallowed by Xiaojin twice. At this time, the power of the flame has dropped to the lowest level, and people can easily resist it.
The rest of the race hesitated to see the dwarves leave.
Chapter 76 It tastes great
The road to return is very smooth.
When Cheyenne led the dwarves out of the mine, all the dwarves burst into cheers, and other races followed, their faces were extremely happy and sentimental, and their eyes were full of tears.
The movement near the mine attracted the attention of the Dwarf Village. When they saw a large group of dwarves and other races suddenly appearing, they were startled and looked at each other. When they learned that all this was due to Cheyenne, they all gave him a respectful look.
Summer camp to rescue these races not only won the respect of the dwarves, but also won the friendship of other races, and the meritorious service can be said to be three-pronged.
After quitting the battlefield, Cheyenne appeared in front of the duke’s mansion. He found the duke and received the meritorious service value obtained from the forgotten battlefield. He looked at a meritorious service convertible and found that most of the things in the duke were battlefield-specific, such as ethnic jade cards that needed a lot of meritorious service value.
Racial jade cards give players the ability to become a member of a specific race in the battlefield and gain the fighting talent and ability of that race. Of course, this is limited to the forgotten territory. For example, the dwarf jade cards can make players become a dwarf warrior, and they can learn the skills of dwarf forging, wine making and so on. The cloak is almost reborn, but it does not have any racial shapes.
What surprises Cheyenne the most is the convertible domain token at the duke’s place. Of course, that’s the thing with the highest merit value. Cheyenne is far from getting the domain token merit value at present. Players can get a territory in the battlefield and build their own city with this token.
If you can build a city on the battlefield, it means great wealth and easier access to meritorious service. This is also the goal that Cheyenne will strive for in the forgotten territory in the future. The benefits of the city are very many. Even if you can build a city on the battlefield in previous lives, there are very few players.
There is no doubt that the battlefield will become another important place for players to compete for resources besides vice-players, and it is also a common battlefield for players in Huaxia District. It is conceivable that there will be a very fierce battle here.
Cheyenne temporarily valued his exploits and then took the players in the guild to brush the level 30 vice several times before going to rest.
Early the next morning, Cheyenne received Bai Mengyan’s message that he should go to Yao University and meet them at the official office of the game to register the team information.
Cheyenne looked at the date and found that while he was busy shuttling in the forgotten land, he unconsciously approached the opening date of the league, and the team registration work had been officially launched.
Once again, I came to Yao University. Bai Mengyan didn’t have a class yet. He waited for a while and was impatient. He ran to the teaching building and wanted to feel the atmosphere of the university. By the way, he discovered some beautiful women, not to mention that Cheyenne really found several beautiful women, but he was rejected when he accosted them.
Cheyenne is not tired of teasing several beautiful women, but actually appreciates Cheyenne’s bold and straightforward initiative to leave a message for Cheyenne. Cheyenne also wants to know more about it. After receiving Bai Mengyan’s words, let him go to the No.1 teaching floor to meet him, and then he reluctantly goes to the building.
Because Bai Mengyan was in a hurry, Cheyenne ran into a soft and charming body at the corner of the stairs.
"ouch!" A charming shout woke Cheyenne. He looked up and saw a beautiful fairy with one hand on her chest and the other hand waving her body in a panic. She fell backwards to see that she was about to roll the stairs.
Cheyenne has seen the world, but there are only a few beautiful women who can enter his eyes. But seeing this mature beauty in front of him makes his eyes straight. She is beautiful and beautiful, and Joan’s nose and teeth are white, and she is like a lily fairy.
Even if these beautiful women are tottering and flustered, they don’t have a amorous feeling.
Cheyenne naturally forbade her to reach out and pull her hand quickly. This is a battle consciousness in the game. He underestimated the strength of this beautiful woman’s tumble. His arm sank and the whole person was uncontrolled and turned forward mercilessly. If you just turn it over, Cheyenne will be slightly injured at most, but I’m afraid that woman will be out of luck.
Cheyenne, the emergency head, made a move to hook his right leg with one foot on the ground. The whole person leaned forward, hooked his left foot on the railing of the stairs and held the beautiful woman’s waist with both hands.
Cheyenne looked at Yue-xin Lin close at hand. A faint fragrance invaded Cheyenne’s nose and mouth. The rosy lips with fatal attraction made Cheyenne involuntarily get closer and closer. Finally, he chewed it directly.
Instantly, another party, Yue-xin Lin, turned white. She didn’t expect this person to be so bold and kiss her directly at the stairs!
"Meowed ….." Yue-xin Lin finally reacted by struggling to give Cheyenne a slap of cutting, but he caught her hand.
Cheyenne realized what he had done. He put Yueyuexin’s body upright on the steps, straightened his left leg, and said, "I’m sorry that the posture was too suitable for kissing just now. I just catered to that atmosphere."
Cheyenne hit it with his mouth back and said, "Well, to be honest, it tastes great."
"Bastard Yue-xin Lin, you never let me touch you, and now you are shameless to kiss your students!" A flustered voice suddenly sounded on the steps.
Yue-xin Lin smell speech ashamed and resentful to death hurriedly argued that "Ma Junyan things are not what you think, you listen to me explain …"
"What else do you explain? Is what I saw with my own eyes still fake? Lin Yuexin, you won’t let me kiss you when I want to. Now your students kiss you, and you enjoy it so much. What a bitch! Come on, I wanted to find you and give you a surprise, but I didn’t expect you to kiss the students so brazenly! When I was pretending to be a saint in front of me for so long, I knew I should fuck you even if I was a bully! " Ma Junyan face ferocious scold a way
"Ma Junyan, get out of here!" Yue-xin Lin was scolded by Jun-yan Ma, and tears slipped away.
"How can you two do can’t let me say? I not only want to say that I also want to tell the school that Lin Yuexin is an uncompromising bitch! " Ma sneer at a way
"Good good so that the proofreader will know that you Ma Junyan is a loser who can’t even look at his girlfriend." Cheyenne laughed and clapped his hands.
Ma Junyan didn’t realize this until he heard it. If he said it, he would hit himself in the face, but he couldn’t swallow it. He raised his fist and scolded Cheyenne, "You are looking for death!"
Chapter 77 Do you dare to come
Ma Junyan is completely in a rage, but I believe that a normal person will feel the same when he sees that he has never moved a finger and his beautiful girlfriend is strongly kissed.
"Finally wait until you do it first!" Cheyenne didn’t realize that she was the culprit, but she exulted in her heart and deliberately made a panic look and ran away from Yueyuexin.
"Ma Junyan, stop it!" Yue-xin Lin was kissed by Cheyenne just now, but in her eyes Cheyenne seems to be a poor student after all. When Ma Junyan saw that he was going to hit a student, the teacher’s duty made her stop immediately.
Yue-xin Lin doesn’t know that Cheyenne wants this effect. Cheyenne understands human psychology. If he really kicks Ma Junyan in the stairs, I’m afraid Yue-xin Lin will go to Ma Junyan’s place. He deliberately pretends to be afraid, so he can win Yue-xin Lin’s sympathy for her.
To put it simply, Cheyenne just wants to be cheap and tell the truth.
"Yue4 xin you should help him to speak? I have to teach this little rabbit a lesson today! " Ma Junyan angry roared.
Cheyenne received what he wanted. He deliberately stumbled into Ma Junyan, but where Yue-xin Lin couldn’t see him, his right knee slammed into Ma Junyan’s crotch, which hit him hard. Ma Junyan screamed, rolled from the stairs and touched his head on the edge of the concrete stairs. He didn’t even hum. He fainted all his life.
"I didn’t mean to. I was so scared that I accidentally bumped into him." Cheyenne showed a cat crying expression.
"You go, I don’t want to see you again." Yue-xin Lin looked at Cheyenne and looked complicated. She thought that Cheyenne had just kissed her face and turned pale. If she went out, I’m afraid she and the student who didn’t even know her name would be in big trouble.
"I’m sorry, I will be responsible for you. This man is not worth you. He is sad. I will ask someone to help you take him to the hospital." Cheyenne took the handbag from Yue-xin Lin and took it out. When the phone was opened, it was found that there was no password lock. This is convenient. Cheyenne directly dialed his mobile phone.
"What are you doing!" Yue-xin Lin made a sudden snatch took his mobile phone shame and anger drink a way
"This is my number. I’ll call you later." Cheyenne said shyly.
Lin Yuexin said, "I won’t have anything to do with you again. Go!"
Cheyenne shrugged his shoulders, and he knew that he had gone too far this time. However, a normal man’s lips were less than ten centimeters away from a big beauty, and there was an aroma that attracted him. I believe that he would do such a thing unless that person was a eunuch or a coward.
When building, Cheyenne saw several students. He told them that a man had fainted, and the students immediately went to help.
Lin Yuexin? The name is very good. Since she is a teacher at Yao University, it shouldn’t be difficult to find her later. Xia Anxin thought to herself that her so-called boyfriend simply doesn’t deserve such a beautiful and kind female teacher.
Cheyenne has been impatient to wait. After Bai Mengyan and others will jointly organize the team registration, he immediately called Yue-xin Lin. He wanted to apologize sincerely, but Ma Junyan answered the words.
"Who are you?" Ma Junyan asked
"You are really a pig’s brain. We just met. Don’t talk nonsense. Where’s Lin Yuexin?" Cheyenne asked