Looking at the dragon nine deep and remote to split out a knife, ghost machine body black and white light confusion twisted, forming a circular light wall.

Knife waves rolling, hit the light wall, the ghost machine can’t bear the power, can’t help but push back a dozen steps, looking a little pale, green eyes like adzuki beans, flashing green light, looking at the dragon nine deep and remote in the air.
Although the outcome is not yet divided, just now, the ghost machine is at a disadvantage.
In the big stadium, millions of spectators watched the two men in the ring with bated breath. In fact, now, the ring has long been shapeless, and there is only a pillar of earth on which the magic machine stands.
For a long time, the demon machine said, "Yesterday, Lucy came to me in the contest and said that as long as she killed you in the ring, they would let Xiu Xiu go."
So that’s it. Long Jiuyou’s face changed, Lucy. Contest? ! Casual murder rises.
After listening to the words of the supernatural-evil machine, the sword spirit of Long Jiuyou’s whole body is like a knife flame, and it is constantly breathing, and the momentum is raised again, crushing the people on the scene again.
Flame-like quarrelling seems to burn the surrounding sky, coupled with the roaring red lion’s sword in his hand, making Dragon Nine as mysterious as an ancient sword god.
"Lucy. Contest, you old bald head, come out for me!" Dragon nine you suddenly and violently a drink a way.
The sound oscillates more than the martial arts field and echoes for a long time.
Everyone who knows that the name of the Pope of the Holy See is Lucy. The contest is startled by this sudden change. However, some people have guessed something vaguely from the dialogue between Long Jiu You and Shen Mo Ji.
The bright Vatican and others didn’t expect that Dragon Nine You, who were fighting fiercely, suddenly stopped, and Dragon Nine You then spoke out and pointed at his bald head, which made Lucy. The contest feel ashamed and furious.
I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been wearing the teaching crown for a long time, or what, Lucy. The contest began to be bald decades ago. Now, it’s really a wasteland to be reclaimed under the teaching crown, but no one has ever dared to flatter him so much.
Lucy. The contest couldn’t help but sing to the four-winged angel Marquarong: "Lord Marquarong, this, you see, me."
Marquarong’s eyes flashed with wonder, and he said, "You are the Pope. Pay attention to your identity. Go ahead, Winston, and kill that thing that insults the divine light, so that the human beings in the Dragon Kingdom know that even a word that insults the bright Vatican will die!"
After hearing Ma Quarong’s words, Lucy didn’t say anything about the contest.
"Yes, Lord Marquarong," Stonegong said. Then turn around and go to the ring.
Long Jiuyou’s words made millions of viewers stunned and then burst into laughter.
Then, in the laughter of millions of viewers, the handsome Winston appeared in mid-air with a pike in his hand, pointing coldly at Long Jiuyou.
Seeing Winston’s appearance, millions of spectators fell silent, and they held their breath and watched the martial arts venue again.
Looking at Winston, Long Jiuyou smiled coldly: "What? Is that old bald man afraid to come out with his bald head in his arms? Tell you a little golden mouse to come out and die. "
Winston, with golden hair, heard that Long Jiuyou continued to talk about the baldness of the Pope, and used his honorific title to himself. He couldn’t help looking at Long Jiuyou coldly: "You, I will kill, and Qing Ye? Tell him to come out and die together. "
After listening to Winston’s words, Long Jiuyou laughed: "You little mouse can also talk big! You, kill me? " Then he pointed a knife at Winston with a red lion: "Four geniuses? ! You pick me up now. " Say that finish, the dragon nine deep and remote is about to LingRan a knife, suddenly, the air, there are two figures, a finger gently, will be the dragon nine deep and remote little red bounce off.
Long Jiuyou’s face changed. When he saw that it was Qing Ye and Nu Wa, he breathed a sigh of relief: "Boss, you and the proprietress?"
Qing Ye smiled and said, "Brother Long, this Winston, let me do it."
Knowing the feud between Qing Ye and Winston at the Saint’s Ceremony, Long Jiu You retired and stood beside him as an audience.
Qing Ye, most people know it through images, but millions of viewers saw that Long Jiuyou, a super strong man, was so respectful to Qing Ye, a young man, and they were curious. It was Qing Ye, whose strength at the virgin ceremony was only about the middle rank of the sanctuary. However, how could Long Jiuyou be so respectful to this Qing Ye, seemingly like a man?
Ghost machine was also seen in the virgin ceremony Qing Ye, now, see the dragon nine deep and remote to the Qing Ye so expression, not from the heart, also stepped aside, like the dragon nine deep and remote, the scene to Qing Ye and Winston.
When I saw Qing Ye, I saw Nu Wa affectionately beside Qing Ye. Winston’s eyes were red, and the pike issued a golden awn, pointing at Qing Ye: "Qing Ye, I have been waiting for you for a long time!" Say that finish, red eyes, the whole body skin red, gradually, blood drops from its surface overflow, forming a layer of blood film, and then, in the hoarse pain, behind, once again stretched out blood-red wings.
At the virgin ceremony, it was four wings, but now, it is six wings.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Really resisted!
The millions of viewers who watched Winston’s transformation gasped.
Seraphim transformed? Turned out to be Seraphim transformation! Seraphim’s transformation has not appeared in the mainland of Dragon God for thousands of years. I can’t believe that this Kingston can evolve into Seraphim’s transformation.
Seraphim’s transformed strength, the older generation of sanctuary peak strong people really know the terror of Seraphim’s transformation, Seraphim’s transformed strength can be said to have been equivalent to the level of god.
After seeing Winston’s transformation, Fengyuntian, an anti-God mercenary group, couldn’t help but be shocked: "Seraphim, and he is a six-winged blood angel!" Before, he knew that this Winston could be transformed into a four-winged angel, and his strength was just a higher order of sanctuary. He didn’t take it to heart, but now, Seraphim, the meaning is completely different.
Leancu, one of the four great geniuses, was shocked by the storm and asked, "Colonel, Seraphim, is he very strong?" For Seraphim’s strength, he only learned it in writing and did not have a clear understanding.
Fengyuntian looked at the half-empty Winston with a complicated face and nodded: "Yes, the transformation of the six wings is the legendary divine strength."
Leancu and all the people in the anti-God mercenary group were surprised: "God level? !”
Fengyuntian nodded and said, "Yes, it’s divine. I’m afraid that Qing Ye is in danger, even if he has ten sacred beasts."
Not only Fengyuntian and others are convinced of this, but even after listening to the elders’ comments on Winston after Seraphim’s transformation, Daley, who worships Qing Ye, can’t help worrying about Qing Ye’s safety.
Standing to the side of the dragon nine deep and remote also began to know this, previously arrogantly. Say to want to kill yourself by what, Seraphim transformation, even he didn’t think this, Seraphim transformation, is a ghost machine also by surprise.