But the planets here are still in their original state, just like a flower bed that has just sprouted.

The stars in those inferior universes have been precipitated for several years and evolved naturally, giving birth to aura and all kinds of resources, just like Zhengyan Garden. Therefore, the stars of these planets are relatively weak at present, and the cultivation speed here is definitely not much faster.
The best way to climb to the peak of six robberies and scattered immortals as soon as possible is to go to those inferior universes, or God knows it will take years to practice.
Chen Han sat in the virtual gravity, holding a fairy stone in his hands.
His physical immortal power can’t be destroyed in the slightest. At the same time, his mind goes into what seems to be an empty thing.
There is a place where you can’t see the matter, even if you can’t detect the spirit, but there is the special energy he needs for cultivation-the star power.
Chapter 4 The Original Star Fetus
Three hours passed in a blink of an eye, and the pure and rich fairy power in the fairy stone filled the meridians and Yuan Ying at a terrible high speed.
You don’t need essence or even dilution to become your own energy. After all, it’s too bad to rob and scatter immortals.
It is precisely because you can absorb immortal power without quenching that the speed of ascension is incredible.
However, when the conventional practitioners rose smoothly, the method of recording the mind from the emperor’s extreme shock encountered extremely embarrassing problems.
It’s similar to the five elements of refined gold gas in the induction metal just cultivated. The advanced fairy-level mental method is equal to a new familiarity with the five elements of refined gold gas, which is replaced by a stronger star force. Therefore, the first thing to do is not to absorb it, but to sense the star force.
What about absorption if you can’t feel it?
Three hours have passed, although the five elements of Xuan Qi are constantly running according to the mental method, trying to resonate with the help of the mind and drawing out the first star power.
It’s a pity that the reality is cruel. I haven’t even seen a ghost of that kind of psychic method to explore strange energy.
"Grandma really doesn’t believe it when she is old!"
"Didn’t it take Master Cheap half a month to feel the power of the stars?"
"It’s only been a few hours. Even if my qualification is not as cheap as Master’s, it shouldn’t be too bad, right?"
"Still less than induction? Go on! "
Junlong’s qualification is much higher than Chen Han’s, and it can be seen from this alone that he can create his own records that shake the sky.
In the same order, Chen Han’s fighting power is stronger than his. This has nothing to do with his talent, but because he is luckier than Junlong. In those days, Junlong missed the immortal level, but even the innate five-element elite got one. Now he has only robbed and scattered immortals, and he has already integrated three innate five-element elites.
Of course, luck is also a manifestation of strength, or personality determines fate. The cold personality is different from Junlong’s and his attitude towards the same thing is different.
Take entering the virtual world with the remnant blood as an example. If you were Jun Long, you would have searched for the facts on the first floor of the Forbidden Fairy Fairy Fairy Fairy Dragon Tower. At that time, Xiang Lang and others thought so, and they would have missed the rules. When they didn’t have a chance to touch the third floor machine and take the whole Forbidden Fairy Fairy Fairy Dragon Tower as their own, it would be impossible to talk about not integrating the innate elite.
There is also a second congenital Guishui elite Junlong character who will definitely not let go of provoking his rhinoceros tiger, and will not give him a fairy.
In this way, how can you become a close friend with Xipan and be sent to him as a gadget?
It is precisely because of his different personality and ways of doing things that he has the opportunity to get in touch with and get more opportunities. It is also because of these rare opportunities that his growth speed and talent are all in Junlong. However, the qualification is divided into two aspects. On the one hand, he is gifted in the physical level, and on the other hand, he is really stronger than Junlong in terms of understanding, insight and understanding of cultivation.
If you want to play tricks, intrigue, knock on the sap, blame, gloves, white wolves and other despicable means, a hundred lackeys are not as cold as Chen.
However, even if all the methods of the Wu clan are given to Chen Han, he may not be able to create such a stunning school as the Emperor’s extremely shocking record.
In this respect, he is far worse than Junlong, but other advantages determine that his future is greater than Junlong’s. Everyone can’t be perfect. Chen Han and Junlong have their own advantages, but their respective advantages have created different futures.
"It seems that I am indeed worse than the cheap master …"
After half a month, Chen Han had to admit that there was a gap between talent and Junlong in practice, and Junlong was not as lucky as him.
On the 27 th day, according to the mental method, I persevered in the operation of the five elements, and suddenly realized that my mind touched a magical energy.
It is a kind of spiritual power that does not have the attributes of five elements, but includes various attributes. It permeates the virtual reality and is emitted by several stars.
Out of touch
Can’t smell
It contains Geng Jinli, Yi Muling, Gui Shuirun, C Huoli, Wu Tuzhong, light wind, thunder Gangmeng and so on, which are almost all-inclusive but mixed together to form a new form of energy, which is exactly the star power described in the psychology.
Chen Han danced excitedly and couldn’t help but burst out laughing. "Cheap master is amazing and talented. That’s rare in ten thousand years. Although I can have more than half of him in twenty-seven days, it’s rare than five thousand years, isn’t it?"
The excitement lasted for several minutes, and he finally calmed down, sitting in the virtual room, watching the nose and nose, and entering the real cultivation.
The mysterious qi of the five elements of the body guides the source, and the guiding rope of the mind affects the surrounding stars.
Hoo …
The stars are invisible to the naked eye, but that is under normal circumstances, just like the aura of heaven and earth, it is different once it is condensed.
In this piece, there are hundreds of Wan Li.
Several planets are scattered in the area covered by consciousness, and the star power is remitted from the rolling torrent department to Chen Han’s body. A huge amount of miscellaneous star power is merged into a silver light belt, which is drilled along his nostrils and injected into the meridians along the nose.
"Before the pick of Jin Xian, the original star force reached the limit, and the original star embryo was broken, and the five internal organs of the small world star source were planetary."
"Planets are responsible for pure stars, responsible for breeding and this is the most perfect form."
"But … why didn’t you say anything about the five elements of immortality in the art?"
"The center of the five zang-organs is the site of five elements of immortal inflammation. If the original fetus is also placed there, will it overlap?"
"No matter! Cheap master didn’t say anything, which means nothing. He won’t be stupid enough to watch an apprentice die. "
With doubt, he dragged the stars into the five zang-organs and the five zang-organs flashed with strong light in a moment. It used to be the site of the five elements of mysterious gas, and suddenly new energy entered the natural law of the five elements of mysterious gas to accept it. This is the second step after the induction of the stars-fusion.
If the five elements of Xuan Qi are dispersed and the five zang-organs are released, it really won’t be in the process of two kinds of energy conflict. However, if the five elements of Xuan Qi are gone, is it still like guiding the stars into the body?
In the initial period, the mysterious qi of the five elements seemed to be essential to attract ant honey.
It hurts!
Deep into the bone marrow, the pain in the five internal organs seems to be cut from the outside by a million knives, and the cold can clench the teeth and continue to operate.
He knows very well that if he wants to cultivate the emperor’s mind, he must go through this. Even if he can’t help but give up now, he still has to face it.
The mysterious qi of the five elements is huge and pure, but it is one level lower from the root.
The star power is thin and complicated, but its quality is stronger than that of the five elements.
The two kinds of energy don’t give in to each other and regard the five zang-organs as a war. If they want to be completely integrated, they must endure the pain and absorb more stars. When they absorb a large number of stars, they also occupy the wind, so they can forcibly integrate the five elements of Xuan Qi to form the real original force.
One day …
Two days …
All the time, I have to bear the pain of digging my heart and cutting my lungs. Finally, after half a month, the star power surpassed the amazing number of five elements of Xuan Qi.
Right now!
Chen Han suddenly opened his eyes and drank low. These days, he hoarded the star power as if the tiger had rolled up to the five elements of Xuan Qi. He endured the inhuman torture for half a month. Chen Han accumulated an extremely abundant star power, and the silver glow was overwhelming, devouring all the Xuan Qi in the five internal organs.
This process is equally painful, but for him who has been numb with pain for a long time, he has no feeling, and sometimes for a few seconds.
The five elements of Xuan Qi can no longer be seen in the five internal organs, and the fog is as rich as mercury.
After a long time, the five zang-organs finally’ recognized’ this new energy. Before the cold weather guided the quenching process according to the mental method, the five zang-organs belonged to the five elements and performed their respective duties to complete the refined gold gas quenching of the five elements with different attributes, but now it is quenching, which includes all the attributes and stars with the same nature. In some ways, the speed is faster.
However, these new planetesimals, which have just been bred in the fire, water and wind, are still in the initial stage, let alone all kinds of life, and even no mineral deposits have been bred
Therefore, the star power is not only thin, but also contains a lot of impurities, which increases the difficulty of refining and will greatly reduce the speed of cultivation