Every word of Du Tianyan seems to be squeezed through his teeth, and it is cold and seeping. A ShaQi foaming at the mouth, spread in the hall of Qin Tianjian Erzeng, so that everyone present was a god Se Yi Su.

After the surprise, it is joy.
It is of great help to witness the battle of two gas quenching people who have cultivated well in person, whether it is for their cultivation or their mood improvement. As for who lives and who dies …
As long as it doesn’t involve yourself, let it die!
Almost all onlookers hold this mentality, but the crowd is not. However, there are still several people whose identities are good, and their eyes are shining with inexplicable colors.
"When and where, you decide!" Turning a blind eye to outsiders’ eyes, Chen Shaobai showed no weakness, appearing extremely calm and calm, as if he had been wronged.
Du Tianyan smiled angrily and said three good words: "Good! Ok! Ok! Choose ri than hit ri, now … "
She said that when people were gearing up to feast their eyes, one of them was arrogant. The lad-like young man strode to the front of the two men and intervened strongly.
"Du fairy why get angry? If you have something to say, I will apologize to you on behalf of my younger brother who is not sensible, and I will make amends later. "
As soon as this man opened his mouth, he attracted people’s attention.
His lips are red, his teeth are white, his aura is compelling, his eyes are sparkling, and he has a unique arrogance and yang. It seems to be born from heaven and earth to Yang.
Wang Ruoyu, a person who has been in the limelight recently in the Xuanmen of Qing Dynasty!
Hear Wang ruoyu speak. Du Tianyan snorted, looking at Wang Ruoyu, and his anger seemed to ease a little: "Hum … you also learned to quench your anger? I heard that you have benefited a lot from two years of experience in the purgatory world. Now it seems that it is true. "
"If you are stupid, you can’t compare with the fairy’s talent. It’s only two years, and it’s even broken. If the land and water were not envied by heaven and earth, I’m afraid it would be refined to perfection now. "
The so-called flower sedan chair is carried by two people. Wang Ruoyu’s words are very beautiful. In a few words, Du Tianyan’s anger will be dispelled. See him so smart, Du Tianyan also freely responded a few words, jokingly looked at Chen Shaobai and Du Tianyan. Waiting for the development of the situation.
Although according to the strength status, Chen Shaobai can be equal to Wang Ruoyu, but in terms of qualification, Chen Shaobai is definitely going to call Wang Ruoyu a senior.
Famous and authentic. The etiquette of generations is very particular, and the class status is even more strict than that of the devil Sect. It will have a great impact on one’s reputation and future if he disobeys teachers and defies brothers and sisters.
"You don’t want to consider for ZongMen? I see what you say now! " Du Tianyan stared at Chen Shaobai, and her eyes flashed a certain brilliance.
Ruo-yu wang gushed at his side, eloquent, tongue bursting lotus, and coaxed Du Tianyan without any temper. Chen Shaobai frowned slightly.
He doesn’t like others telling him what to do, even if he is his nominal brother.
What’s more, in private, he and Wang Ruoyu still have new enemies and old grievances that have not been resolved? If the latter has a good mind, he is determined not to believe it!
Sure enough, after saying a few words casually, Wang Ruoyu finally summed up a lot of natural materials and treasures on the table and said, "If the fairy doesn’t give up, these things will be my apology for clearing the Xuan door!"
Between words, I didn’t even ask Chen Shaobai, the master, and made a decision directly for the ownership of these treasures.
These Lingbao, almost everything is equivalent to top-grade jewels. It is simply not too easy to freehand brushwork when selling a 200 million Lingshi in the market. This pile will definitely not be less than 1.5 billion!
Ordinary large Xiandao sects don’t have this value!
Du Tianyan smiled at the price, but she still had to forgive others: "This is very good, but I want him to drop a drop of J Ο ng blood."
She found a new way to create the method of seven emotions, and tied the evil of "emotion" to all kinds of money. Originally, she had other plans, but now she is naturally completely absorbed by Chen Shaobai. If she doesn’t take it out, she won’t make any progress for life.
Hearing this condition, nearly 100 monks in the double hall of Qin Tianjian either frowned or shook their heads.
J and ng blood is the source of monks, the fountain of mana, and absorbs the aura of human body. Only by blending with crimson J and ng blood can we melt into the sword and extract a magic power. All the secret methods that need to consume J: ng’s blood are used only when they are desperately trying. Its preciousness is needless to say. Du Tianyan’s condition is obviously pushing your luck.
"As it should be."
Wang Ruoyu compensated with a smile and turned his face. He gave Chen Shaobai a cold drink and scolded: "Don’t sacrifice J and NG blood quickly. Do you want Fairy Du to come and get it herself?"
"Don’t bother, I’ll do it myself!"
Du Tianyan couldn’t wait for the first two steps on the ground, stretched out a slender jade hand, and gently went to Tannabao Cave in Chen Shaobai’s chest, then worked mana, trying to suck out a drop of J and jīng blood.
But the ideal is plump, and the reality is skinny. It takes only two breaths to reach out, and her pretty face changes.
"Lothario, quick release. Let me go! "
Du Tianyan blushed and wanted to remove her hand from Chen Shaobai’s chest, only to find that her palm was firmly in the other’s chest, and she couldn’t pull it off at all.
Although everyone could see that it was Chen Shaobai who tampered with it, their attitude was ambiguous after all. No matter from which angle, they felt that Du Tianyan was flirting with Chen Shaobai, not the other way around.
"hmm? Chen Shaobai, what do you mean! "
Wang Ruoyu stepped out step by step, held out his hand and gave a fierce push, and Chen Shaobai was about to be blasted out.
There is no mana fluctuation in the palm of your hand. Even a little breeze didn’t bring up, but Chen Shaobai could see its power.
This skill is the secret trick of the Seven Classic Mysteries of the Qing Xuanmen, "The Big Silk Wrapping". Although it seems that it is not a stir, if it is really printed by a hand, even the avatar who is close to the triple realm of the refined body will suffer internal injuries, and the mana J and NG blood will gradually dry up and decline, and eventually the body will die. I can only travel around the world.
"What a once’ inner ingenuity first, courage first’! So your calculation. It’s all used on other disciples! Since you are so shameless, don’t blame me for being heartless! "
Chen Shaobai eyes slightly drooping, will kill all convergence, but secretly run from y and n grottoes great avatar inheritance, communication force of the life’s core monuments world.
An invisible and weightless Buddha’s glory was plated on the body. Nearly a hundred monks were present, but no one could see the origin, just looking at Chen Shaobai with a sympathetic Se.
"Interesting, interesting! I actually met a bridge that was ruined by the same door. Don’t waste me walking one more time! "
Wang Ruoyu’s palm was branded on Chen Shaobai’s chest without fancy.
After a loud rumbling, Chen Shaobai’s body did not move, while Wang Ruoyu’s face was instantly as white as gold, without any normal qi and blood.
"Xuan y Ι n industry fire, melting the source of all methods, for your own use!"
Chen Shaobai mind micro, xiang purple se flame rises in the chest. Will both mana continuously pumped into the body.
Quenching gas is heavy, five times, four times …
Soon, Wang Ruoyu’s breath fluctuation was reduced to the point where he was not as good as his training environment.
"Stop! Stop it for me! "
I heard Wang Ruoyu groan with weakness. Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth with a hint of sarcasm, but increased the deployment of power.
"This man has made moves against his fellow brother in a brilliant way, and he is ambitious. I’ll clean up the door now, but I hope you will stay out of it!"
Out of the crowd flew an old man with red hair and bloody eyes.
This person’s face is shriveled and wrinkled, and his whole body is filled with a surge of Shaqi, which is about the realm of quenching gas and four times [refining array], but his cultivation strength is far superior to his peers.
It was Huo Qinglong, who cultivated "Eight Blood-opening Tactics" and made a three-year contract with Chen Shaobai!
With him, there are three people: Yan Hong Ri, Ximen Ren and Nangong Wusheng.
The core disciples of the new generation of Xuanmen in Qing Dynasty are the strongest four: Ximen Ren, Nangong Wusheng, Wan Yan Hong Ri, and Wang Guangliang.
Except Wang Guangliang, the first three are all members of Xuanyu Hall, most of whom are followers of Situyu Hall, and they are eagle dogs under their command.
Situ Yutang’s influence in the Qing Xuanmen can be seen from this.
In addition to Huo Qinglong’s slightly weaker strength, Yan Hong Ri, Ximen Ren and Nangong Wusheng are the weakest ones.