Apart from these differences, what other speakers are given? The grade of Remy 198 is about half less than that of 48, but the grade box is given to one.

"This jewelry gift box is open to you …" Two whew looked at the biggest difference between the two gift boxes and opened Tianyu backpack.
"Light feather ring (physics)" Tianyu replied.
"Physical crit rate +3 +16 points for sexual enhancement alone. This is the same as changing ss rings at Grandis’s place," said Erxiu.
"But the ss ring needs 45 resplendence, one resplendence can be exchanged for a challenge. When there are 30,000 words, 45 resplendence needs at least 140,000 samples, but it is definitely not 140,000 to get enough 45 resplendence, which is not directly equivalent." Tianyu said.
"The appearance price of this ring jewelry is estimated to be in this number."
"The jewelry that can be opened in this gift box is not only sex, but also the other three kinds of sex, and the price is definitely different between physics and magic."
"Well" two whew nodded and said.
"I also noticed that the sickle changed in my experience," Tianyu said.
"It is estimated that the fourth uncle who shouted for more than a year will come out soon." Two whew got up and gave the position to Tianyu.
"Anyway, we have to order some strong rings this time."
"Uncle He analyzed that light, fire and darkness should all increase in price after the activity," said Erxiu.
Tianyu didn’t refute Erxiu, but he knew that the most malicious rise in the future was just the ice ignored by Erxiu.
Chapter 918 The walking dead appeared!
"If you want to talk about it, I’ll talk about the ice genus’ sex’" Tianyu said immediately after Erxiu published his own analysis.
"Ice is sex? But now in addition to ice clean male mage seems to have no career is willing to go ice’ sex’ genre "said two whew some surprise.
Two whew just said that light, fire and dark jewelry will increase in price after the event. That’s for a reason.
This period is still 7 years, and the weapon belongs to the’ sex’ enchantment card.
In the future, there should be four kinds of’ sex’ attack enchanted cards, which Tianyu knows is of course more detailed because he knows the name of the ice’ sex’ card and which bss dropped it.
This four-genus’ sex’ card shows three kinds, namely, light fire and darkness.
At present, the market price of Seghart card in Guangcheng alone is about 60,000.
Fire is a fire’ female’ card-the current market price of the flame Pinocchio card is about 50 thousand.
Dark is a real wild boar bss card-black’ color’ plague Diregie card, the current market price is about 30 thousand.
The price is mainly related to the card explosion rate.
At this time, there are not many fire’ women’ and casters, and the output of casters’ cards or powder cards can be imagined.
Although the real wild boar bss card is also a powder card, it is a real wild boar with 5 sets of required brushes. The number of times bss is trampled by warriors every day is more than the number of times that Goblin bss is thrown in this period.
Only the ice sex attack card doesn’t exist. Therefore, players who want to go to the ice sex genre can rely on taking Snow Jack’s medicine besides bringing their own skills or weapons with their own ice.
In this period, the school of "sex" of Suobing was mainly prepared by the ice division.
It’s the "color" of Zhengtaijiao, except that you can see it in the street when you first came out, and even when you wake up later, there are not as many people as red-eye professionals.
Eliminating the narrow sense of the audience is doomed to the fact that there are not many people in the ice genre.
However, Tianyu knows that this situation has changed after the level 8.
But after 85 came out, it directly subverted all the strong equipment, and the most expensive equipment became ice’ sex’
Because when it appeared at 8 o’clock, the weapons dropped by the young frost wyrm were all ice’ sexual’ attacks
This makes up for the shortage of ice’ sex’ weapons in the market, especially the frost wyrm sword, which is the ultimate weapon pursued by many players.
Bss powder is different from ss and conventional powder.
Ss spell is financial resources and face routine powder play is pure financial resources, while bss powder depends on perseverance.
For the majority of civilian players, it is their ultimate pursuit to make extreme equipment slowly through the accumulation of games
Therefore, at 8 o’clock, there are many giant players who brush frost wyrm.
And the birth of 85 established the position that the ice genus’ sex’ became the most expensive one.
Because there are three hot’ doors’ in Guiswordsman 8 conventional powder, they are all ice’ sex’
They are eight levels of powder light-cicada sound, eight levels of powder giant-frost and cold weather, eight levels of powder short-royal dragon decision
The dagger will become a hot’ door’ weapon, which is not only because of blindness, but also because of the rise of short white.
In this way, how can we not increase the price of the ice-strong phase equipment with the largest elimination base?
Yu Erxiu said that the secret sex will increase the price after the activity mainly considering the birth of a new profession-Avengers.
"But it seems that ice is more popular in Korea. In the long run, ice jewelry is the most cost-effective because it should be the cheapest after the gift package comes out," Tianyu explained.
Erxiu frowned and then made an analysis of Tianyu’s words in his mind and continued to say, "If you can be sure of the future, silly bear, can you ask if you know the future direction of the department staff?"
"Korea seems to be out of the 8? The country will definitely go out anyway, and adding ice after level 8 is a strong equipment that is more popular in Korea. "
Tianyu naturally doesn’t know what Korea is like, but now he is relying on himself to judge the future memory of the country. No accident is certain, so he is here to give Erxiu a lie.
"Well, let’s get all the four kinds of’ sex’ jewelry this time," said Erxiu.
"Well, there is plenty of money in hand now anyway." Tianyu nodded with a smile.
Two whew out of the room Tianyu was relieved.
"Although the price of feather-clear jewelry has at least doubled since it was listed in 8, it is not clear how much we can stock this time … After all, feather-clear jewelry is not as good as’ color’ and the huge amount of carbon in furnace rock and the competition of all kinds of businessmen." Tianyu looked at the light feather-mark ring in his experience account corner’ color’ backpack and said (physically) in his heart.
Now that they have decided on the one-step plan, Tianyu will wait for the next change and update with Erxiu.
It’s Tuesday, August 7 th, and there is an update and maintenance from 8: 00 to 4: 00 a.m.
On this day, Tianyu and Erxiu had already logged into their accounts at 8 o’clock.
Is to keep abreast of the latest market trends for the first time.
However, compared with some players who wait all night for updates, the two of them are still a lot behind.
This gift package has a special place besides those that Tianyu and Erxiu went to before.
That is, this gift package has a weapon dressing effect.
In the fashion part, there were more halo positions when the third season was updated, but the weapon dress has not yet come out independently. At present, the waist of fashion is still’ sex’
There are two kinds of weapons in this period.
One is that the gift package has just come out in summer.
Ghost swordsman is a long fishing rod’ female’ fighting is a crab glove male fighting is a crab pliers’ female’ sharpshooter is a dolphin male gunner is a shark Loli and Zhengtai is a short fishing rod, the necromancer is a claw fish decorated uncle looks like tuna.
In addition to these costumes, fairy tales have appeared in the 1 ST National Day set, and they also have weapons costumes
The advantage of weapon dressing is that it can hide the appearance of weapons, so that opponents don’t know what weapons they are using when pk.
"The price of light and fire is around 10,000, the price is around 16, and the ice is around 14." Tianyu looked at the price in the auction house and muttered.
These prices are fluctuating, and physics is millions more expensive than magic.
Tianyu sees these parts as necklaces, rings and bracelets (hp).
This time, there are four kinds of jewelry from the feather-clearing jewelry gift box.
There are three kinds of jewelry and four genera, each of which is strong in physics and magic.